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No good choice

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I woke up early showered and got dressed. Standing, looking at myself in the mirror the doubt weighed heavy on me. This is what I had to do to keep out of the work house. I stared straight into my own eyes full of fear and had to gave myself a pep talk. "Come on Silver it's your chance to change your future for the better. One maybe two years and your life isn't nonstop work in this never ending hole your in. You can do this. You will do this. Now move your ass and get going."

I left my apartment and caught the bus going into the center of town. The whole ride I felt like I would chicken out again. I had taken this trip a few times just to reach the steps of the Auction house and turn around thinking I could do this on my own. Now I was hear again. One last pep talk. "You can do this it's not so bad what's the worse that can happen. They could turn you away and that's never happened before."
I walk up the steps my feet feel heavy and my pride is yelling at me you dont need this, but I now know better. I'm so far in debt that unless I do this now I will be in the work house in side of six months. And I would never get out. I square my sholders, hold my head high and pull the door open. I walk straight to the receptionist and say " Hello my name is Silver can I please talk to a auction coordinator."

"Yes of course, if you'll have a seat. One will be with you shortly." Says a elderly woman with compassion in her eyes.

I sit down in the waiting room and all I can think is you've gone this far no turning back now. I'm scared to death that I'm making a huge mistake but at the same time I know that this is my only chance at a future. A rather large man comes in and walks right up to me being the only person the and asks, " Miss Silver?"

"Yes Sir," I reply. I stand up and go to shake his hand but he turns to walk out of the room instead of taking it.

"Follow me please," Is all he says. He leads me to a rather large room, that is a combination of an office with a desk and computer set up in one corner. Then there was what looked like a photography studio in another. But that wasn't all in a third corner there was what looked like a doctors exam room area. Holly hell what was I doing here.
He finally looked at me and he seemed to soften and asked, "Would you like some water before we get started. I know that this process can take some time and be a bit stressful."

" That would be nice. Thank you," I responded. He left and returned with a glass and a pitcher of water. Letting me pour for myself.
He stared at me for a few moments before he took a breath and said, " So let's get started my name is Mr. Vondell, I will be your auction coordinator for the Auction house. I will be taking all your information as well as taking pictures of you, three sets in fact. One set with clothes on, one set in your under garments and the third will be nude. Then a physician will come into do an examination and make sure you are free of any disease. Okay so let's get started."

He asked about my history,my parents, work, living, bills owed and my relationships. Then he has me give home my birth certificate, social security card and a state issued ID. He takes all this and sets it aside.

"Let's get the pictures done, shall we." He says and walks over to the camera. I walk over to a green back drop that I recognize as being a blue scream so that the background can be changed easily on the computer. He has me turn around and takes multiple photos in my clothes. Then has me disrobe and do more in my bra and panties. Then the last set completely nude. I felt strange almost numb.

"Okay if you will have a seat on the examination table I will get the physician for you." He says walking back to his desk. He makes one quick phone call and starts working at the computer. I felt like he was trying not to look at my exposed body. Just working away on , I would guess my file. A short time later a woman walked in and said,"Hello there I'm the physician on staff today. I will examine your body for well everything. There is a breast and pelvic exam as well but being a woman you probably have had one before so nothing new there "she said. She never even said her name. She looked over my entire body and then had me lay back checked my breasts and then had me put my feel up in the stirrups. Starting the pelvic exam she stopped short and walked over to Mr Vondell said something in hushed tones and then left after drawing some blood to have it tested.

I sit there waiting for a few minutes when Mr Vandell walks over and says that I can put my clothes back on and join him at his desk when I'm ready. He keeps looking at me with this weird look that says something is wrong. I dont know why but my head is screaming that they are going to send me packing down the road. Once I'm dressed I walk over sit in the chair and take a sip of water. I clear my throat and say, " Sir is something wrong. I'm asking because the physician left and you keep looking at me weird."

" No nothing is wrong we were both a little shocked to find out that your a virgin is all. I mean with your body you could have had men left and right but your still a virgin. How does that happen, most women by your age aren't anymore?" He said a little astounded.

" Well ...um... is it a problem? I guess I just never thought about sex, I mean with working so much I haven't had time to really fo much. Most guys dont want to be with a girl that has my kind of debt I guess. Or I don't know do i need to get rid of it. I guess I can before the auction I mean well you know I um...." Silver rattled on thinking it was a bad thing.

" No, no, no. Don't go loosing it. In fact it's a very good thing in your case we have so many options open for you now. We will be able to showcase you in the auction. As a virgin we will invite gentlemen that have true means. Plus there is an extra fee that they pay to participate in the part of the auction you will be in. So we need to go over everything again and then I will get the legal documents ready to be signed. While I'm doing that if you would like to go to lunch that would be fine it takes about an hour or so." Mr Vandell said in a rush.

"Actually I don't know if I would come back if I leave with out signing, so if it's okay with you I would rather just stay till I'm done today. I might lose my nerve otherwise. " Silver admitted.
We went over all my information and what he hoped would be a good auction. I would be last to go up. And any details he thought I should know. He also gave me paper work to get out of my rental contract for my appartment and a vaulcher for a storage / moving company to come get all my stuff and finish packing as well as clean and store my stuff for up to three years. He then started rambling like a kid on a sugar high. " If I do my job right not only will your debt be paid off but you will have enough money afterwards to start a whole new life. I mean you are so fresh and young. Men love the idea of being the only one to ever touch a beautiful woman. So you are like a fantasy brought to life. I think we have a list somewhere that would love the chance at a virgin. And just remember to stay that way. Don't loose it because that's your ticket to big bucks right there. Oh wow the Auction house hasn't had a virgin auction all year....Sorry I'm a little excited." He said.

" That's okay I'm a little scared. But I think it best if I just sit here and let you get the stuff ready. I will sign when you tell me to." Silver said.

For about an hour and a half Silver waited and actually dosed off in the chair that she hadn't realized was that comfortable. She was woken gently by Mr. Vandell. He handed her the auction contract that detailed how the money collected would pay her debts and then they would take a set amount off the top of the surplus. As well as how she would claim her money and belongings after her fulfillment of obligation to the buyer. Fancy way of saying once I did her time.
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