No good choice

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Chapter 3

I hate shots and needles in general. Now I was getting a contraceptive shot that was good for two weeks and a blood draw to check for STDS. Being a virgin I found this kinda funny but it's all part of the legal stuff. That goes along with the auction. The auction had been set for a week from today. Knowing when I would become a slave didn't help matters any. My nerves are shot. Knowing that whom ever buys me,was going to use my body like a toy. A toy that grown men found fun to play with.

In my head there was this count down. It seemed to help thinking of this as a business deal, because at the heart of it that's what it is. It's not like I will find true love at a auction. Its six days till my body and my life belong to a stranger for no less than a year.

Five days to go. I have a check list making sure that everything is packed and ready to go to storage. Except the few things that will stay with me or stay at the auction house.

Day four, I don't know why but when I let Mr. Vandell know that everything was packed and ready to go to storage he sent the car for me. He said that I could stay at the auction house. Since there was still a lot of work to do. His words not mine.

Three days to go, beautification time. Beauty is pain I now know why they say that. They waxed everything and I do mean everything. (Kinda creepy if you ask me.)I'm not ashamed to say I did scream on a few of the more sensitive areas. Hair was trimmed, nails were done. I'm talking full on manicure and pedicure, I could never afford to have it done, so I always did my own. It was wonderful. They even did a test run on makeup and hair due. I looked real good, if not a little pink from the waxing.

Two days to go. Clothes and shoes are picked. As well as the cameras are always on us. Today I met the other girls going into the same auction as me. They are all beautiful, but I'm the only virgin in the mix. One of them pointed out a camera I didn't even know was there. She said that it's to drive up the price getting to see us kinda like a sneak peak. We all have these numbered wrist bands on. That's how we are known to the auctioneer and the viewers, at least till after the auction. Then it depends on who ever buys us. She said that she did this four years ago and it's not the money she is after, but a new adventure. Talk about be careful what you wish for.

One day to go. I'm a ball of nerves. I practice walking in heels a lot. Then the walk to the platform in the heels and the slow strip down. It kinda reminds me of a old burlesque star but she never actually showed anything. Her life on stage was the art of the tease. Tomorrow I will be showing God nows how many men everything.

Zero the day has arrived. I had to have some medicine to help me sleep, thank goodness for the auction doctor she gave me two pills and sent me right to bed. I still woke early but rested. I showered like I want told to so the team could do my hair and make up. My clothes and high heeled shoes were laid out ready to go. If you could what I was to wear clothes it looked more like a Roman slave tunic if you asked me.

Butterflies were doing laps in my stomach, so I desided it was best to eat something. I put on a robe that was provided and went to eat. Next would be to brush my teeth before my make up was done. Everything had a scheduled time frame today. For me it went make up at 10am, hair at noon and everything else was already set to go nails were done shoes and clothes already laid out. It's weird I never thought of myself as a looker but when they finish my hair and make up I look beautiful. My silver eyes seem to really pop with the make up almost striking. My hair is loosely curled laying down my back giving me a look of more curves than I thought I had. I'm only 5'3", I weigh about 130lbs have auburn hair. I really thought of myself as a bit plain. Now looking, I mean really looking at myself I'm not really plain at all. The auction is at 2pm.

There are a grand total of ten girls doing the auction today. The number I was given is 10. I'm going last. I'm so nervous, but they have reasons for going last. They say having the "Virgin" go last gets rid of the buys that can't afford to pay to much. It also tends to weed out the abusive and cruel. For my sake I hope that's true.
It seems like my turn doesn't come for hours and I keep giving myself a little pep talk in my head to keep calm. It's not like I can back out now anyways. So here goes the pep talk again.

"Its business, it's just a year or so, and your debt will be gone, plus you will have money for the first tim ever.

My number is finally called and I freeze for just a moment. Take a deep breath, square my shoulders, hold my head up and walk calmly to to platform. Of course it was all a show, I was scare to death. I mindlessly took orders turn front, back, bend over, flip your hair. Take off your clothes, pose, pose, pose. Then the bids started flying, the very first one took out my debt and then some. I almost fell to the floor in relief. I couldn't see who was hiding but wow they had money.

When it was all said and done. Six hundred and fifty four thousand dollars American. I froze in place wow that was a lot of money. I actually stood there stunned to the point that Mr Vandell had to lead me off the platform before I came to my senses. He sent me back to a waiting room.

Mr Vandell come striding into the room looking, if i had to guess worried. He asks, " Are you happy with the out come. I'm sorry it wasn't more. The house has a preset limit that bidders in a virgin auction must pay to participate, so we only had four bidders today." He sighed like it wasn't enough money.

"I am truly happy with the outcome. Thanks to you, I will be able to go to collage and never work as a servant again. So please don't be sad or upset because I'm not. After I fulfill the contract I will be able to start a whole new life." Silver said with happy tears in her eyes.

Mr Vandell cleared his throat and said. "the auction house will get about a quarter of the auction fees and about five percent off the net value after your debts are paid first. And yes I think I understand why you are so happy. You are for the first time ever financially stable. And no more worrying about the work house."

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