No good choice

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Chapter 2

Silvers world seemed to be spinning faster than she imagined possible. A week ago she went to the Auction house to put herself up for sale. One year maybe two to change her future. She spent the last week only working one job instead of two and packing her belongings. Getting everything ready for being put in storage after the auction happens. It's her day off so amidst packing and cleaning her phone rings. "Hello this is Silver." She answers it.

"Hello Miss Silver, this is Mr Vandell. Can you come into the Auction house to complete the intake process. We need to still give you a temporary contraceptive, and discuss what you are willing to do." He said.

"Yes Sir I will be there in about an hour. I have to catch the bus so it may be a bit longer." Silver replied.

"Oh I forgot you dont have a car. That's okay I'll send one for you it should be there in twenty minutes. " Mr Vandell tells her and ends the call.

Silver looks around and then at herself. She was a mess. She dropped what she was doing and went straight for a fast shower. With her hair still wet and freshly clean and dressed, she stepped to the curb just ahead of the car. That actually had Auction house in bold letters on both sides of the car. It's not like she was still trying to convince herself but just the thought of the place still left her a little rattled. The driver got out and asked, "Are you Miss Silver?"

"Yes Sir thank you for coming to get me. Am I to ride up front or in the back?" Silver asked not knowing the protocol.

"Back please Miss it's not set up for a front passenger. " the driver said.

About twenty minutes later she arrived at the Auction house and was shown right to Mr. Vandell's office area. "Ah Miss Silver lovely as always, please come in and have a seat. I called you here to do your contraceptive and to well.... you do know that you will have a master that is going to want sex right. I mean that's what's going to get you the best payday. I never thought to ask once we found out that you are a virgin. So I just want to make sure that you are open to what will be asked of you. I guess I never even asked if you have any experience at all. Have you given a blow job before or a hand job even." He asked and just waited for her reply.

Silver raised her eyebrows and replied, "No... like I said before I just never had the time or the right guy to want to do anything like that." She blushed a bit and waited for the next embarrassing question.

"Are you apposed to selling your virginity as well as a year of service, and service can be anything from basic house hold work to I dont know just nothing dangerous or too physically demanding. Oh and I guarantee that whom ever you end up with will want to have sex with you on a very regular basis. Are you okay with that." He asked.

Silver shrugged her shoulders and said,"I guess, I mean it's not like I will be able to tell them no right. They will own me for a year at least."

"Okay, now there are a few things that you should be aware of. There is a pregnancy clause in all auction sales available to the buyer are you willing if he or they want a baby to conceive and carry a child. It's just that it can be a thing that has happened in the past. And you will be well compensated for your extra time. This clause basically allows for up to another year once your contract has been completed. It also outlines how the mother is to be cared for after the birth for at least six months. Oh and it also outlines the added cost of you having a baby for them." Mr Vandell tended to rattle on a bit.

Silver took a deep breath and asked, " So if they want a baby and I dont want to I can say no. But even then if I get pregnant, carry it, and then let them have it I get paid more. Not to sound greedy but how much more are we talking."

Mr Vandell smiled and said, "A quarter of a million dollars. Its spendy so we don't see it happen to often but it has happened. The cluster also covers the legitimacy of any child conceived under contract. The testing to verify the paternity and the possible benefits for the child and mother if it's an unwanted pregnancy."

"Wow, okay I'm willing to do it if that's what someone wants. I still dont have the first clue about sex other than what we learned in school. The health class kinda brushed by it a bit. But I will learn and I am a fast learner really." Silver says.

"Okay, I'm putting in your file that people can look at that you are completely untrained and inexperienced in the matters of sex. That will really wet there appetite for you." He said as he started typing.

Silver knew sh had done better than most girls in her predicament. Most would already be in the work house and had there virginity sold out as a fifty dollar trick and the abuse that they would suffer would be never ending. It makes her shiver just thinking about it.

Mr Vandell continued typing and laid out that if a pregnancy clause was activated that the contract would be rewritten to include the child and mothers care. He then went into the contraceptives at great length fro. The temporary shot she would receive today to the implants, monthly shot or pills that were available at the buyers request. As well as that the buyer had to pay for it not her. With so much information thrown at Silver her head was spinning. Mr Vandell then handed her a revised version of the Auction house contract and explained all the amendments and the extra protection clauses that had to do with pregnancy. She was just ready to get the day over with so when he handed her the new contract she took it looked through everything and signed awayat least one year of her life, possibly two if the buyer wanted a baby. She never thought about kids because she didn't want to have one grow up like she did. But now knowing that if she had one for a buyer it would always be cared for made her feel better about the possibility.
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