No good choice

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Chapter 4

I am so nervous what kind of person bought me. Is it a man or a woman. Old or young. I dont like the unknown I have delt with it all my life it seems. The worst question running around my head is was I boaght as a sex toy. I really did already know the answer. At least most likely a yes. Waiting in a room while I can hear people coming and going. I think the walls are a little to thin. I think I can hear someone having sex in the next room over. At least I hope its sex related. I try covering my ears but I can't unhear it.

Mr Vandell has been in and out constantly. Checking to make sure I'm okay if I need anything. On this check in with him there is a knock on the door. I stand up and wait while Mr. Vandell opens the door. In walks a mountain of a man. He hands paperwork and payment stub to Mr. Vandell and says, "I here for my prize." Plain and simple.

Mr. Vandell looks over the papers and says, "Everything looks to be in order here. Just remember that the contraceptive is only temporary if you dont want her getting pregnant that you will need to schedule in the next six days."

"I do know what I'm doing, after all I do have three sons. Plus I have taken many prizes home in the past." He states as a matter of fact.

Mr. Vandell repays, "Yes of course sir. Just to reiterate she is untouched therefore untrained in anything you might like. "

"Yes that is what is needed at this time. She will do nicely. Young but not to young. Could use a bit of feeding up, but we will see to that." The large man stated while Silver stood there trying not to shake in fear.

I stood there listening as they discussed my attributes and found I was getting a little sick to my stomach. With my head slightly bent down and hands clasped in front of me I asked in a small voice, " Excuse me Sir may I visit the restroom please?"

They both looked at me like I had spoken a foreign language. The mountain of a man recovered first, replying, " Yes of course, then we will be leaving shortly. "

"Thank you Sir," silver replied and walked calmly out of her waiting room. Once in the hall I ran to the nearest bathroom and proceeded to vomit. Once the contents of my stomach had been expelled, I rinsed my mouth with water, brushed my teeth and then rinsed again with mouth wash. Looking in the mirror at myself. I gave myself yet another pep talk. " You can do this, he may be a huge man, but you are a strong woman. You can do this, stand straight, shoulders back, head down hands clasped in front. Be the ideal servant. And morph into what ever he bought you for. You can do this Silver. Just remember it takes more courage and strength to bend, than to stand strong. Be the tree that bends in the wind and doesn't break." With that she took a cleansing breath and was ready to return to her waiting room.

I walked back into the waiting room with a light knock on the door. Stepping inside quietly and shutting the door as softly as possible, so not to disturb the men talking. They were finishing up there on conversation when the huge man chuckled and said, " Well look at that she doesn't have to be taught how to be quiet while waiting. Well I think we are ready to go. Thank you Mr. Vandell have a wonderful day, I know I will." He lifted his hand to jester for her to proceed him into the hall. And as if a last thought said, "She will be back to receive her compensation for her time with us."

Mr. Vandell replies, "Yes Sir. of course we look forward to that day to see Miss Silver again."

My new master walks me out to a waiting car. Has me get into the back seat and follows in the same way. The driver obviously knows where he is going, because not a single word was spoken once we got in.

I sat there trying not to fidget when my new master cleared his thought and said, "So let's get the introductions out of the way. My name is Lord Norman J. Wilson. You will either call me Master Wilson or Lord Wilson. You are never to call me Norman unless I ask you to in private. Is that understood." He asked and waited for my answer.

"Yes Master Wilson," I replied. Don't speak unless spoken to, I told myself.

"According to your file, you name is Silver. There's no last name listed. Why? "He asks.

"Master Wilson I don't have a sir name or last name, my parents never married, so I was not given one." I told him keeping my eyes down.

"Good to know, do you know there sir names by chance. I'm just making sure you are related to our family, by some odd chance." He says.

"My mothers was Slyte and I believe my fathers was Grift. Is that okay. Master Wilson." I asked making sure that I didn't have to go through this all over again. The auction house didn't ask, so I assumed that they had all my information through my identification number.

"Yes it is okay. Now I want to discuss my plans for you. I find being up front to be so much easier. So I have three sons. None have married or produced an heir for the next generation. I can not name an heir till one of them produces one. So I know that the name lives on through my heir and his. Do you understand?" Master Wilson asks me.

"I think I do. You want me to have sex with your sons, get pregnant and the baby will insure your family name lives on. Is that what you are wanting? "I ask him.

"Yes, and you don't have to worry about cooking, cleaning or anything like that. You will be what is called a concubine. No one but myself and my three sons will be allowed to touch you." He said this like it was a favor. I was to have sex with not one but four men when ever they wanted. This left a bad taste in my mouth. I was afraid. I am nothing more than a sex doll to this man. And worse I was one for a year at the very least. And I was bought to have a baby for his sons. For its sake i prayed it was a boy.
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