No good choice

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Chapter 5

We arrived at his home, which let me tell you if you can call a castle a home you had money to burn. As we walked in he was greated by staff with either Lord or master. He guided me through the castle with his massive hand gripping the back of my neck. Turning me this way and that, I felt like I was running and lost all at once. Master Wilson finally came to a stop at a pair of double doors. He pushed one side open and drew me into the room. It was massive. He finally let go of me and showed me the bathroom which had a huge tub and fancy separate shower. Then pointed out the closet, which was stacked with tons of stuff. Everything from shoes to fancy dresses. Plus teddys corsets and croch less panties. Lots of stuff you think you would were for a special someone. The main thing in the room was a bed that was so big I think a family of six could sleep comfortably on it. It sat on a razed platform. With the softest covers and pillows I had ever felt. Just as I was starting to relax in my gilded cage Master Wilson started undressing.

"My lord" I said not being able to look at him because what sprung from his trousers was not what i expected. I had seen pictures in textbooks but they were much smaller. This thing looked massive. I gulped as he stopped his actions.

"Oh sorry I forgot to tell you. You will stay in this room for the next week and I will show you how to please me and in turn my sons. I have also already done the paperwork involved for you to conceive a child if possible. So you really have never seen a naked man before. It astounds me. I think the boys would have been all over you the moment you started to blossom. Well it just means I get to pick this sweet fruit."He said.

His words were ment for a lover not a slave and in my mind that's what i was. A slave. "Um Master I..." I got out before he interrupted me.

"That wasn't a question." He stated rather coldly. "I am going to enjoy your body so much. We have a whole week together, just us before the contraceptives wear off. And then you are for the boys. But untill then tou are for me. Come lay down on the bed," he said then seemed to change his mind. He sat in a chair and said, " actually let's see if you have a gagreflex. Come kneel in front of me."

I did as told. I kneeled in front of him not sure what he was wanting. Untill he grabbed his member stroking it to wake it up a little. He then took my hand placing it on the shaft of his growing rod and gently pulled my head towards the bulbous tip. I finally understood what he was wanting. "You will stoke with your hand as you put my cock in your mouth and suck on it. Do you understand." He asked. I nodded a yes to him afraid to speak and reveal how terrified I was. "Good and at some point I will test your gagreflex for you." He stated like I even knew what he was talking about. I just prayed in my head Please God help me through this.

He held me in the position so I couldn't back away. Guiding my hand stroking him and then he started to draw my head near it. I couldn't fight him, he paid for this. He paid a lot of money for this. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth guiding the tip into my mouth. I closed my lips around it. I was amazed that I could even fit the head in my mouth let alone close my lips. I concentrated on what he was wanting me to do. I heard people talk about this and the idea was to Bob your head up and down on it to make a man 'cum'. But there was more to it. You wanted to create a suction and move your tongue around to help stimulate them to get a man to 'cum' faster. So I did all the stuff I had heard about and he seemed to enjoy it, a little to much. I had only been able to get half of him in my mouth, I wasn't trying to take anymore of him in as it was I kept hitting the back of my throat and figured out what he was talking about when it came to a gagreflex. All of a sudden he grabbed my head with both hands and stood up, pulling me from kneeling forward to just being up right on my knees. Out of reflex I put my hands up to hold my position since he seemed to be more worried about me falling away from his member than me impaling myself on it. But that was the idea I found out seconds later. With him gripping my head he pulled me forward as he thrust his hip to me at the same time. Making his erection strike past my gagreflex and into my throat. He held me there for a moment, and then started pumping in and out of my throat fast and hard. The whole time moaning and grunting. He stopped with my lips touching the base of his shaft, holding me there. For some reason he plugged my nose as his dick twitched and jerked in my throat. I dont know how long he held me like that but my lungs were crying out for air and I truthfully started panicking. I started trying to push untill he spoke, "swallow anything that spills into your mouth." It was a command. As he finally started pulling his cock out of my mouth I figured out what he ment. It was thick and salty. I swallowed as he let me go, afraid of what would happen if I didn't. He walked to the bathroom and returned with some water handing me the cup, he said "drink this it helps."

He sat down on the bed I could feel him staring at me. I turned to look over my shoulder at him and he was staring like he was trying to see something. Finally he spoke again, "You did really well. Can you still talk?"

I took a quick swallow of the water and tried to say, " I think so." It came out really scratchy and quiet.

"Sorry about that but you need to learn to do it on your own, with out the help of a guiding hand. And I expect you to learn quickly." He stated it like it would be done and fast or else.

All I could say to that was, "yes Master Wilson." I had stayed on my knees not knowing what to do next. He had sat on the bed. After a few more sips of water my throat started feeling better. Master Wilson cleared his throat to get my attention. I hadn't wanted to look at him after what he had me just do. I felt dirty from it and then he wanted my attention again. So I looked at him, he was motioning me to him. My inner voice was saying, "Okay the worst parts will all be done tonight. Just get it over with."

I stood on wobbly legs and walked to him. Just standing there with my eyes down cast, I couldn't bring myself to look him in the face. He gently lifted my chin and moved in for a kiss. At least there is one thing I know how to do. I followed his lead letting his tongue in and to play tag with mine. At some point in the kiss he had guided me into a position that was straddling him. His hands were roaming freely over my body pulling the auction tunic style dress apart. He was kissing me deep and hot and I couldn't help but want more. His hands on my body gripping my ass playing with my breasts. There was a heat rising in me that I had never felt before. I was honestly not paying much attention to what was going on. Before I knew it I was on my back and Master Wilson was breaking the kiss to trail his touch down my body. He was very meticulous going slowly from my jaw, to my throat, to my collar bone. He took his time at my breast kissing, suckling, nibbling my nipples that were so hard they could cut glass. His mouth moved on down my abdomen tickling me a little making me squirm and giggle. But he stopped at my core the one thing that everyone said would hurt when I finally had sex. He gently spread my lips with his fingers sliding his tongue along my entrance and up to my clit. I had self satisfied before so i knew what he was playing with. As his tongue played with my clit his finger didn't penetrate my pussy but teased the muscles just enough to cause my body to beg. I felt like I would explode if he didn't do something soon. I was strung so tight that when I came from his tongues mulipulations I crying out his name, actually I was crying out at the top of my lunges, "oh my Master, oh my Lord," over and over again. I grabbed his hair as my first real orgasem and hoping it wouldn't be my last. My back arched like I was a cat. I could really get used to this wow. My body was on fire from what he was doing to me. My first real orgasem ripped its way through my body. "Oh my, ... that was wow." I had to praise him with my less than articulate words. He just smirked at me.

"That's good to hear I haven't lost my touch." He said as he repositioned him self between my legs. I thought he would start kissing me again, I really liked that part. And he was a good kisser even though he was old enough to be my father I really had enjoyed parts of this learning experience. But sadly no, he was holding himself still above me. He took a breath and said, "I want you to know that this next part is going to hurt you, and feel really good to me. So I'm ok going to say "sorry" now and never again do you understand?" I shook my head yes biting my lip. Then he continued saying, " I'm hoping that by giving you an orgasem first would prime your body a bit for what is to come." Before I could respond, not that I really had anything to say, he sunk into me with no more warning. I cried out, screaming bloody murder. He felt like he was tearing me apart. I couldn't help myself I tried squirming and pushing myself out from under him. He wasn't letting me move though. So my internal prayer changed yet again, to heaven help me please. But he wasn't moving and wasn't letting me move either. It took a few for me to realize he was letting my body adjust to his girth. I couldn't believe that his huge cock had just impaled me. I finally stopped trying to get away from him and went a little limp. My breathing was returning to normal and I had regained my composure a bit.

"Okay now that that's over wrap your legs around me hold on to my arms or shoulders. Oh and remember the first time can hurt and feels more intense than anything. I am going to take my pleasure, you can scream, cry, even try to beat me up. But you aren't done till I am. Do you understand?" He asked yet again.

"Yes master," was all I could manage to say before he started grinding in and out of my body. It still hurt and I didn't know how much I could really take. It being my first time. It seemed like hours were passing. No matter how hard I tried I wasn't able to catch my breath. He walked or, should I say fucked me through a dozen different positions. His favorite seemed to be doggie style. Me on my hands and knees and him behind me. Yes it still hurt but I was finally able to take him in without feeling like I would tear apart. I can't even say how many times I came, but I know it helped. I was starting to be able to tell when he was about to cum. His rythem would change, to one that was full of stops deep inside me and starts that were hard and quick. I wanted to orgasem again but I doubted I would get to.

Master Wilson POV

This young woman felt so good with my cock buried deep inside her. I couldn't help but return to fucking her doggie style. Her ass right there for when I desided it was time to slap it and eventually take the last bit of virginity she had. I wanted every part of her before she had to be given over to my sons. She was my last hope of naming an heir. I could feel my heart racing and hurting.

I had abstained from sex for almost a year. Because my heart doctor told me the pills would kill me with the heart condition. No surgery could fix it and even with all my money and power I couldn't get a transplant. They said I wouldn't survive it. So I bought a virgin. And I plan on enjoying her till the birth control wears off. I'll teach her all I can.

Right now all I'm thinking about is, how good her pussy feels tight around my cock. And wanting to make her scream again. Either in pleasure or pain. I told her that I was going to take my pleasure and she needed to learn fast. So far she has been rather pliable. Missionary, doggie, cowgirl, backwards cowgirl, standing, sixty-nine, side straddle, and even spooning. My next lesson was going to hurt even worse than any other.

I pushed her head down to the bed and her shoulders as well so her ass in all its glory was up in the air. I planned to slip out accidentally and plow back in. But to her ass. Hearing her moans and cries were doing wonders. I had come in her half a dozen times and I was about ready to again. But I wanted her so ready to pop when I fuck her up the ass that she doesn't panic like she did before.

I was ready to slip and stick. So I smacked her ass to make her cry out and as she went to push back up on her hands I pushed her down holding her shoulders down. In doing so I slipped out and quickly slammed back into her ass. Oh my lord it was heavan. So tight and warm. She screamed again and started trying to get away. I held her still. And smacked her ass again to get her attention never lift the pressure from one of her shoulders. I want even all the way in. She stopped screaming and was breathing kinda panicked. I started moving deeper holding her hip with one hand. Then started rubbing her shoulder with the other. As soon as she relaxed a little I grabbed both hips and started really pumping in and out. With each thrust getting deeper than the last. As I went I would spank her just for good measure. This woman would be the death of me and I knew it. My chest was hurting so bad that I couldn't stop now because I knew a massive heart attack was only minutes away. I had to come one last time in her no matter what. Something primal even brutal took over me. I was being so much rougher than I had intended but I needed to cum one more time. As I let my load go in her ass the heart attack hit. My chest felt like it had exploded. I was alive but I could tell I was dying. I collapsed forward. On top of sweet Silver, her ass would be my last thought.

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