No good choice

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Chapter 6

Master Wilson ravaged my body. Every inch of me felt like it was torn apart. And now he has collapsed on top of me. His cock was still in my ass. I was afraid to move because it might start again. I layed under him for what seemed like hours. I finally had no choice I had to use the facilities and his member was still in my ass. I couldn't believe how savage he had been in the end. I dont know if he fucked my ass on purpose but he had not wanted to stop once he was in. The thought of him doing it sent a shiver down my spine. I could actually feel his cock deflate inside me and it didn't feel any better in there than it had hard. I had to get out from under him on my own. And it was starting to hurt in a new way. I finally said, "Master....", there was no answer. "Lord Wilson..." no reply came. So I began shifting my body to get off his cock first. When I freed myself from his cock I felt relief and need at the same time. Then I went to work at extracting myself from under him. Once free of his mass I ran for the bathroom, I had a need. I took my time, used the facilities and then enjoyed the longest and hottest shower of my life. I had felt so dirty that I scrubbed my body and hair twice. It helped to relax and soothe the pain my body was in. I knew I would have to face him again, but it wasn't till my stomach grumbled that I exited the restroom. I found a small robe in the bathroom and put it on.

I was surprised to see that he hadn't moved at all. I sat at the edge of the bed and said, "Master Wilson, may I get something to eat?" There wasn't even a grunt reply. "Master...", I finally touched him. I don't know a lot about medical stuff, but I did know something was very wrong. I did the only thing that came to mind I started screaming for help. I ran out of the room and yelled, screamed and bellowed, "I think Master Wilson is dying, please help." I cried untill, I think it was a butler came to me, telling me to shut up and led me back to the room. Taking one look at his Lord picked up the phone and called for a doctor. The butler sat me in a chair and told me to stay.

Before you could think what's wrong a doctor walked in and took a good look at him. Then the doctor looked at me. He shook his head and said, "I believe he had a heart attack. I will have to run some tests to make sure. But by the looks of his position and the young lady he did it to himself. And I would be surprised if he wakes up. His vitals are week and we need to move him to the hospital for his care."

The butler just nodded his head and called the masters sons to let them know what was going on. I was still sitting on a chair mortified that he had a heart attack while fucking me raw. And a little voice inside was saying it served him right for what he did to me.

The Masters three sons arrived once the doctor had there father loaded on a gurney and ready to be taken to the hospital. I assumed him to be the oldest walked in like he already owned everything and said, " What wrong with the old man and why is the prostitute still here. Pay her and send her away."

The butler looked at him with a total lack of respect and said, " Sorry Sir but there is a contract and he purchased the young lady from a auction house. "

"Wow our father does have good taste look at her. I'm not talking about her worried looks but at her she is stunning. She's a little on the thin side for my tastes." Said what I would put as the middle son.

The third just walked over to my chair leaned against the back and said, "If no one wants her I'll take her for her contract. I mean she could be my personal assistant for a year. My very personal assistant."

It was not lost on me that he was talking about sex. And even though my stomach felt like it was eating my back bone I stayed still and quiet.

The butler cleared his throat and once he had everyone's attention he said, "I believe Lord Wilson left details in his office and a lawyers office to contact in the case of his death or other. He was a very good man and his wishes should be followed. "

The oldest looking said, "Fine lest head to his office and find his decrees for this situation. And Bigslie feed his pet please and make sure she gets real clothes on. I dont want to look at a naked child all day."

"Yes Sir, I will see to they young lady. " the butler responded. And the three brothers left for the office someplace in the castle.

I stood up waiting for Bigslie, I wasn't sure but I think it was his sir name. In any case he walked over to the closet and found me a sun dress that fit very nicely and handed it to me. There were no panties or bra so I just put it on under his watchful eye. And then he motioned for me to follow him. On the way to the kitchen he started talking to me. " I know it isn't going to be very long till the boys come to the kitchen looking for me to explain the situation and call the lawyer. So let's get you fed. Do you have a name by chance?"

"Yes, my name is Silver. My father said my eyes where like shiny silver so my mom named me Silver. Sorry I tend to prattle on when I'm nervous. " I said.

"That all right try not to do so with the boys. They wont see you as a person. Just a chance to inherit all this. I am fully aware of the Masters plans and I would like to apologize for what you will go through."

"I'm the one who sold herself to get out of debt. And I plan to look at it like a business transaction. If I get pregnant then my whole contract will be fulfilled and I will be free for the rest of my life. I know I sound cold but to survive in this world I have had to be. Someone mentioned food." I said still looking ahead.

Bigslie shook his head and led me to the kitchen and said, "Anything you want to eat myself or the cook can make. I dont even know if you can cook. Are there any dishes that sound good."

"Thank you bigslie but I haven't eaten since before I was sold so I think a sandwich and I dont know tomato soup sounds amazing right now. And yes I can cook. At one time I thought I would get to go to school for culinary but there was no time once I aged out and had to pay the bill." I told him rattling on again.

"Okay sandwich and soup it is. Have a seat and we will wait for the boys together." Bigslie said. We didn't have to wait long.

The eldest walked in shouting into a cell phone that he was waiting and didn't like to wait. The other to were a few passes behind him and laughing about something. He hung up the call and walked over to the table and sat down. I felt like a piece of meat being inspected. He finally spoke to me. "Hello my name is Neil I'm the oldest of Master Wilson's sons and the rightful heir. But dear old dad wants a grand child out of one of us to secure the role. So from what I was told you are our only hope. A lawyer will be here in four days to give us all the details. One thing the lawyer did say is that you are not to be treated as staff. So you are the princess of the house untill we get to start trying to get you pregnant."

"Yes Sir." Was all I dared reply.

"Neil you have scared the hell out of her." The second one spoke up. " My name is Nigel I'm the middle son, at 22 years of age. I have the manners that these to lack. Now may I ask your name."

"Yes Sir, my name is Silver. I am nineteen years old and I will try my best not to be a bother." I said all this with my eyes down slightly. When I worked as a maid you never look the master of a house or his family in the eye.

The third started laughing and said, " She is a common servant look how she addressed you brother. She won't even look up at any of us. Man she was trained at least in one way." He slapped his older brothers on the back and laughed some more, then continued talking to me. "My name is Nathon and I'm twenty not that you really need to know our ages. But to put at ease it's a jumping off point. How was the old man, I mean did he teach you much. According to the papers we found his intention was to fuck you silly for a week. Then hand you over to us boys to impregnate. A little selfish if you ask me. Taking a virgin at auction and not letting us teach you what we like. Oh I guess we will each have a turn to brake you in. But not till after the attorney gets here. We have to be good boys." He was grinning like a devil as he said this. It gave me the creeps.

I dont know when Bigslie disappeared but he came back into the roof saying my rooms were ready for me, if I would follow him. He gave a bit of a tour on the way to as he put it my rooms. Everything from bathrooms to the library and sitting areas. He even pointed out the pool and gardens. We came to a set of double doors and I doubted that this was any different from the last double doors I stood in front of. He opened it with a key that he handed to me. We entered a large sitting room and off that was a small kitchenette that was fully stocked. He showed me a nice bedroom and then the walk in closet and large bathroom. I could have fit my appartment in this space twice over and still had room left over. He then went on to explain this was my space for as long as I was under contract the Master had arranged for me. A retreat when I wasn't with the boys. After he left me, I laid on the bed and slept.

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