No good choice

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Chapter 7

It's been four days since I was brought to, as the servants put it "Wilson Manor". Master Wilson used me for his pleasure and some of the servants say his attempted suicide. It turns out he has heart condition meds that don't go well with his penial dysfunction meds. And he did both. The family lawyer arrives today to handle the arrangements and legal stuff. My presence has been requested first before the brothers. So I have prepared myself to look decent. Most of the clothes that have been provided for me are skimpy at best, but there are a few sundresses that can be considered nice. So I choose a tan sundress and matching slip on flats. I have been waiting for the knock on the door for about an hour now. When it finally comes it is a polite knock by Bigslie.

"Come in", is my only reply to the knock.

Bigslie opens the door and grins at me. I can tell he approves of the outfit I picked for the meeting today. "Miss Silver you look lovely. Are you ready to see the lawyer?"

"Yes, but I have no idea why he wants to see me. Will you stay with me or is that not allowed. I think of you as a friend here. The only one really. I know that it's your job to help everyone but you have been so kind and patient with me." I rambled on to the point that Bigslie had to hold up a hand so I would let him speak.

"I will not be in with you. I do look on you as a niece and I do like you. And it's not just the foods you prepare for the staff to try, but it does help. You are smart, but had a rough start in life. And yes I am your friend." He said all this while leading me to the library not that I needed to be led, I have been exploring for a few days. My two favorite rooms were the the kitchen because I love to cook and the library. We entered the library and Bigslie introduced me to the the lawyer. A short roundish man with very little hair and a some what reddish hugh to his skin.

He looked at me and his eye took on a bit of a twinkle. He finally spoke, "Hello Miss Silver, my name is Jason Car. Yes Car is my last name I have herd all the jokes and puns let's move on. I asked to see you first because you have a choice at this time. You can get out of your contract and receive five percent of the original price the Master paid or complete your year and recieve the money." He stated all this with absolutely no regard for what I had already been through. Five percent wasn't enough to fully cover the debt I had. It would put a big dent in it but I would be back to working multiple jobs just to keep afloat. If I stayed I wouldn't have to work but I would have to sleep with three men for a year or untill I conceived at least. I thought about it for a few more minutes and finally decided in for a penny in for a pound. Before now I really didn't get the saying but know I really do. So I said, "Mr. Car, I lost my virginity to Master Wilson, I have let my appartment go, the five percent wouldn't even cover my debt. I'm here to do a job. I will not break my contract."

Mr. Car smiled and said, "that's good. We have some details to go over. Your birth control should wear off anytime now. So the boys will set the schedule that your life will revolve around. And to make it fair they will draw stones for the order that they will .... have sex with you. Is it okay to bring them in now we have a video to watch and the boys need to be in on a few details."

Mr. Car called in Bigslie to get the brothers. But there really wasn't any need they were all there in the hallway waiting.

The eldest Neil walked in and said, "So will she be leaving us."

Mr. Car replied with a simple " No".

"Can we just get rid of her? I mean exscort her back to her servants life." Neil asked.

"No you can not. In fact that would be a breach of contract on your part so the money would be forfeit". Said Mr. Car.

" Now sit down we have much to go over. First you know that the title of Lord Wilson is up for grabs. And will go to the first son to produce a legal heir. The contract with Miss Silver is for a legal heir. The only other choices you have is to marry and impregnate your woman and give birth first. Or another contract with another young lady. Your father recorded a video for you. I think we all should watch it." He said as he pushed play on video on his laptop and turned it for up.

Sure enough it was Master Wilson staring back at us. "If you boys are watching this I am either dead or in a coma. If I'm right I purchased Miss Silver and probably had a heart attack. I am sorry to do that to you my dear but I wanted one last virgin. I'm a man after all. You boys have not produced even a bastard child as of yet which I am proud of you for. But I have desided the first brother to produce a legitimate heir will inherit everything. This includes the holdings, the title and the positions head of the entire family." This was the part they all got mad about. The lawyer paused the video and waited while the three men argued about who deserved what. Once they regained there composure the lawyer proceeded with the video. "You may feel slightly disappointed by this but I lost my brothers do to them fighting over the title. I will not see this happen to you. So here are the rules. 1) It is your job to get the young lady pregnant. 2) The gender of the child doesn't matter. 3) the child must be conceived by good old fashioned sex. Not science. 4) There will be random draw for the order you boys can be with her. This will be over seen by Mr. Car. It's up to you boys how often the rotation happens. 5) Do not abuse the girl physically or emotionally. 6) You are not to bring any other women in to this matter unless you marry them or have a contract from a auction house. 7) She is to be well taken care of. She is not a slave. Feed, dress, and treat her well. 8) Each month when her period comes leave her be. Your time will pause then continue afterwards. So dont get mad. 9) She is untrained so be gentle, lord know I probably wasn't. 10) You have one year to create an heir or at least conceive an heir. Use your time wisely. 11) the first child born seals the deal. Plain and simple. Provided DNA testing verifys parentage. 12) Lastly she is not to be treated as a servant, no house hold chores, no punishments and no firing her. There is that contract after all."

He paused at this point. And then said. " I wish you all well. There is one more thing that you boys should be aware of. If at the end of one year you have not conceived a child. Then none of you will inherit anything. The lordship will pass to the next generation. And to make this clear one of your offspring to have a child first will inherit everything. Each of you will still receive a small stipend for the next twenty years and that's all. You would inherit. "

I came to the realization Master Wilson liked to talk.

He continued his rules and demands. "If one of you does inherit everything there will be things to be done to ensure your brothers are well taken care of but those will only be revealed once a child is born. Good luck boys."

That was the end of what he had to say the screen went blank. I sat there trying not to gape at everything I just learned. The brothers just sat there glaring at the lawyer for allowing the situation. And I needed to walk away for a minute. I went to the window looking out at the grounds and the beautiful land scaping to distract my self

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