No good choice

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Chapter 8

I choose to sit in silence as the brothers argued about the future endeavor and the lawyer tried to act as a mediator. As much as I found the whole thing atrocious. I did find the dynamic of the brothers quite interesting. The oldest seem to feel entitled because he worked for the family business and was supposed to take over naturally. The middle brother seemed indifferent, almost like he had no chance so why bother. I also got a strange vibe from him, I couldn't help but feel that his interests in women wasn't for there sexual uses. And the youngest, what I've seen of him all he wants to do is have sex and party with friends. The best way to describe them sounds like a bad joke.
'A snob, a fag, and a horn-dog walked into the bar.'
I giggled with out thinking and all four men looked to me. I froze.

Neil the oldest brother walked straight to me and said, "If I had any say in this whole thing I would have thrown you back to what ever hole you crawled out of. What is so funny about this whole thing that gives you the right to laugh about it? Our father will die, because he had to fuck some skinny little virgins tight pussy. He could have bought you for a night. No he has to saddle the rest of us with getting you pregnant to have a Title. Fuck the Title I have more interest in the business than the Title. But no dad had to have his game. It's all or nothing." He ranted at me.

I couldn't believe he was blaming all this on me. I stood up, held my head up, and looked him straight in the eye. "I am not some common house wench, I may not have a last name. I have worked my ass off since I could get a job, just to have the system screw me over. I have the rights of any other person. I was a virgin before your father Master Wilson. The contract is for no less than one year. After that if you three have failed, that is your problem not mine. I do not have to take this abuse from you Sir. I will do what I have been contracted to do. And when I have either given birth or failed to conceive at the end of the year I will be gone on my way to a better life." I said and proceeded to walk out of the room with out a single look back. I was fuming mad and needed to do something. I had never gone swimming in a pool. I could swim, it was just easier to go to the river or the lake. Not to mention cheaper. Looking out the window I was looking at the pool house and all I could think of was the water would feel good. With out telling anyone I walked out the house and straight across the beautiful gardens and into the pool house. I didn't think about it I just did it. Once there I looked at the clear, clean water and all I wanted was to be under it. I stripped down. Seeing my nude body in the mirrored glass by the pool. I didn't look to bad I thought I would have looked different. But I still looked like me. I turned from my reflection, ran straight for the water diving into its intoxicating sensation. I could live in the feeling of water. It was healing, soothing, and comforting. It's the last memory of my mother the last happy one at least. The world melted away and a quiet peace seeped into my mind. Untill I was interrupted.

I felt eyes on me, on my body. I opened my eyes and looked around. Sure enough all three brothers were standing around the pool. The youngest Nathon seemed to be drooling, the middle one Nigel was looking a little intrigued and the oldest Neil was holding a towel out for me. I wasn't in the mood to get out yet. So I told them, "I will enjoy this water for a bit longer. If you have anything to say to me, you can tell me tomorrow or from were you are. " I know I was pushing my luck. I knew that there were ways of abuse that they could get away with. I back peddled to about the center of the pool. I could turn to see each in turn.

Neil started, "I am sorry about what I said before. I know its not your fault. I was just being a asshole is all. I'm sorry again." He stepped away from the pool but put the towel were the reach wasn't hard to get to.

"Thank you for the apology and I except it. But I am not getting out just yet. The water feels amazing and I needed to decompress a little bit." I told him.

That's when the youngest Nathon jumped in, it didn't take long for me to realize he had stripped down himself. I felt very vulnerable at that moment. "Come on Silver I just want a taste it wouldn't brake any of dads rules and you never know you may like fucking all of us." He said. I had swam rather quickly to the side that a towel had been left for me, climbing out and sprinting for the towel. I was stopped by Nigel to my surprise, he held me wet and dripping against his body. A shiver ran through my body and fear blossomed. Where they going to rape me? Was the first thought to pass through my head. Thankfully he let go and said, "Sorry I didn't want you falling."

"Okay" I replied still the fear remained.

That's when Nathon spoke up again. "We wont touch you untill after the lawyer returns, but a preview of such a sweat dish would be nice. You are already naked," he said as he climbed out of the pool that had been so nice a few minutes before.

"A preview," I asked.

"Yes a preview, let us look at you and see what we will be working with in the coming months." Said Nigel.

"I must apologized for my brothers Miss Silver. They are a bit excited for the possibility of becoming the next Lord Wilson. And the way to earn that title is you." Said Neil.

"I see, so you don't want the title, just the family business is that right?" I asked.

"Yea but like them to get what I want I have to participate in my Fathers game. So since you are nude already you may as well let us all see you." Neil said.

I thought about these words Neil seemed to be the most stable of the three. He seemed to have goals and ambition. If the title was the only way he reached them so be it. Musing over the conclusions I made not sure if they were correct I finally said, " Okay I will let you see me but in the house once I am done with my swim. Alone please. Let me have some time to myself. " I asked the brothers.

They seemed to think about this for a few minutes untill Nigel spoke up first. "I don't see why we can't grant her wish but meet us in the kitchen in one hour or we will come back for you."

There was a promise in his tone or maybe even a threat. As all three left the pool house. I found it funny or even strange Nathon didn't retrieve his clothes. I guess he has no modesty to speak of. I desired the waters embrace but couldn't seem to relax again. It had been heavenly and now it held a threat to come. It was probably my paranoia, it had served me well in the past. With everything from dodging the boyfriends and husbands of the lady how had me thanks to the system. And then with bosses that wanted to get me alone. Not to mention guys from school. I prayed that this space wouldn't be taken and twisted. I sat with the towel around me keeping my feet in the water.

I had to go to the house and do a little show as it were. Let them get a good look at me. I grabbed my dress and put it back on and picked up the shoes I had worn. I knew that pep talks were going to be a big part of my life now. But how often was going to be the real question. As I walked barefoot back to the house, I told myself, 'Remember they are men. They want to see me not touch me yet they have to wait for the lawyer. You will be safe till then. And you have Bigslie on your side.' Talking to yourself makes stuff pass quickly and before I knew it I was at the manor. It still seemed so large to me. I always felt like an ant, small and unimportant when I would notice the size of the place. I almost had to force myself to walk back in. The brothers were sitting in one of the many receiving rooms this one just happened to be near the door I used to enter the manor.(Still can't call it a house.) They all turned when they heard the door open and didn't say one word but they did stare at me. I took a deep breathe and did the most brazon thing I could to get it over with. I walked right to the center of the room stepped up on the round coffee table and took my dress off again. I stood there in the middle of all three men naked as a Jay bird you might say. I held my head high. My hair hung down my back only hiding my buttocks.
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