Submission: An Erotica Short Story

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BDSM Erotica [Warning: extremely graphic!]

Erotica / Romance
Scarlett James
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Chapter 1

Lilah stepped from the scented bath and reached for the large fluffy white towel. Patting herself dry and donning her satin wrap, she padded softly to her dressing table. Once seated in front of the large mirror she scrutinized her reflection. It had been two years since she had met master and tonight was their anniversary of that meeting. Drying her hair and pinning it up, she expertly let small tendrils frame her face and trail down her neck. After applying her make-up and dabbing her favorite perfume in just the right places, she let the wrap fall to her feet as she slipped into her new dress. She had bought the dress months ago in a small shop she had stumbled across while out window shopping, but had kept it for just this occasion.

Standing in front of her full-length swivel mirror she turned and inspected herself. The dress showed every curve of her body, accenting her womanly shape. It was a simple black dress but the low-cut bodice and expert styling made it seem sexy and classy at the same time. Lilah wore no underwear, just like on the night they met. Her high heels emphasizing her long, tanned legs. Her only adornments being the simple silver stud earrings and matching silver choker around her neck.

They had arranged to meet at their favorite restaurant, Master demanded that he wanted to see her enter the room and look for him, just as she had two years ago when they first met. Catching a taxi, and arriving exactly on time, Lilah walked through the doors of the restaurant and scanned the room. It always made her nervous to be out in public without underwear and she did not like to be alone. However, knowing that her Master would be seeing her, made Lilah walk straight and tall and look around with a confidant air. She saw him across the room and smiled, he looked so handsome and relaxed, his face smiling back at her as he realized she had entered. As she crossed the room, she saw him stand and as she neared he held out his hand to her. Master’s eyes traveled up and down her body, making her blush as she read the desire in his eyes. Smiling he gave his deep throated laugh that made her go weak at the knees. Kissing her softly on her cheek, he whispered to her “I know you have no underwear on, my dear darling Lilah.” Lilah’s nipples immediately stood erect and her pussy felt the first stirrings of the night. It never took long when Master was around for her to feel aroused and tonight she knew he would have something special planned.

All through dinner, they stared into each other’s eyes and made simple small talk. They could read each other’s minds and the chemistry in the air was tangible. Lilah gazed into her Master’s eyes and marveled at how fate had brought them together. They held hands and stroked each other’s thighs under the table. All while stealing small kisses over the table as they drank their drinks.

As they got to the car, Master turned to Lilah and kissed her softly, his arms holding her tight. Lilah could feel the desire in his kiss and as she kissed him back his tongue entered her mouth and she felt the familiar stirrings deep within herself. Leaning against the car, Master pressed against her harder, kissing ardently as his hands started to caress her through the flimsy material of her dress. Lilah moaned softly and her arms went around his neck as one of his hands caressed her breasts and pinched her erect nipples. Lilah thought she would cum there and then but just as she felt her mind spiraling, Master stopped and unlocked the door for her to get in the car. He was smiling mischievously, he knew exactly what he was doing to her and Lilah sensed it was going to be a long night, but she didn’t mind one bit.

Lilah felt the car pull up and reluctantly glanced over at her Master and stared in to his seductive, yet menacing eyes as he announced they were home. Stepping out of the car and adjusting himself, Master walked around to open the door for his beloved sub. Walking up the path to the front door, Lilah smiled broadly. Walking into the home they shared, always made Lilah feel happy and content with her life. However, tonight was different. Tonight, she felt more, she felt excitement, anticipation and exhilaration.

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