Submission: An Erotica Short Story

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Chapter 2

After walking through the front door and switching on the light, Master sat down on the couch and spoke quietly to Lilah, “take your shoes off for me.” Lilah took off her black high heels and stood in front of him. Master stood and walked over to her, kissing her tenderly, his hand slid behind her back and unzipped the black dress. Peeling it slowly from her shoulders and letting it slide sensually down her body until it pooled at her feet, all the while kissing her softly. Standing in the middle of the living room kissing Master, while completely naked, gave Lilah an almost ethereal feeling, as if she could have floated.

Master pulled away from Lilah and looked at her exposed body, taking his time, looking at every curve and arch of the body of his submissive. “Position one,” Master ordered with the air of someone who knew he would be obeyed instantly. Immediately, Lilah assumed the position, her arms behind her head and her legs spread. Already her body was beginning to experience the excitement and thrill of anticipated sexual pleasure. Master stood and approached Lilah, standing directly in front of her. He looked at her breasts jutting out, her curved hips and her trimmed pussy. Walking behind her, he admired her slender neck, her naturally arched back and the curve of her luscious buttocks. Lilah felt his eyes travel over her body, it made her feel proud to be his sub, her nipples had hardened and her pussy moistened. Lilah’s body was beginning to feel acutely sensitive as she felt his body close to hers and knew he would soon touch her. It was heaven and hell at the same time, waiting and wanting his touch so badly.

Master knew that Lilah was on tender-hooks waiting for him to touch her, it pleased him that he could make herfeel this way and he knew just how long he could make her wait to enhance the experience for her. He couldnot help but notice her hardened nipples, the slight puffiness of her labia and the flushed skin. Walkinground to the front of her, he kissed her hard, his tongue delving into her willing mouth. He heard hersoft moans and felt a satisfaction in her response to him. Reaching up with his hands he cupped bothbreasts perfectly in to his palms and mauled them in his large hands before squeezing both nipples at the same time.Lilahmoaned louder and he could feel her body straining to stay in position.

Having her breasts treated so roughly by her master, was exquisite pleasure and exactly what Lilah wanted. His strong hands and his ardent kissing was draining her of strength but she fought to remain in position, her body trembling with pent up arousal. Lilah’s breasts ached for his mouth, her pussy dying to feel his attention, but she knew that she must have patience. Master enjoyed making her cum only when he desired it and he would not rush tonight.

Pulling away, Master went to his desk drawer and reached inside, he pulled out a small silver chain which had nipple clamps on either end. Walking back towards his submissive, he bent his head and licked each nipple before sucking on them, pulling the nipples to the back of his mouth and sucking hard and long. Lilah felt she would faint from the pleasure as he sucked and nibbled on each nipple, the sensation going straight to her pussy making her wet and aching. Standing once more Master attached a clamp to each nipple, tightening them just a little more than usual. The intensity of the localized pain was making Lilah hot, her pussy was working overtime, as juices starting to run down her leg.

“Position two darling girl,” Master commanded. Lilah was instantly on her knees, leaning back and gripping herankles. Master returned to the drawer once more and came back with his crop. Running it over both breasts and tugginglightly on her nipple chain he then ordered her to her hands and knees. Complying readily, Lilah was on herhands and knees in no time, her back arched and her rounded bum waving in the air. Lilah’s breasts swayedgently the chain tinkling as she moved. Master walked around to the back of Lilah and marveled at the shape ofher rounded ass. He took his crop and slapped her left buttocks, leaving a red mark on her skin. Lilahmade a small whimpering sound, it was a sound that Master knew very well and he knew that she was barely incontrol of her body, her excitement was mounting quickly and he wanted to go slow with her tonight, make it a memory she would not soon forget. Slapping her only three more times he walked around to the frontof Lilah. She was such a beautiful sight, her slightly red bottom still visible from the corner of his eyes, her eyes closed and mouth slightly opened gasping for air. A soft sheen covered her body and he felt so proud to be her masterthat his cock grew even harder in his pants.

“Lilah, I want you to service your masters cock with your mouth,” his smile broad as he saw the response to his order. Lilah opened her eyes and looked up at her master lovingly, her manner one of complete submission as she proceeded to undo his pants and expose his cock. He was hard and eager for her hot, wet mouth to surround him. Lilah licked his cock feeling it shudder involuntarily under her touch. She licked it up and down its length, kissing and holding it gently. Running her tongue around the swollen head and sucking gently up and down. She could feel the soft smooth skin on her tongue, he tasted so sweet. Moaning as she continued to suck and lick the tip, caressing it with her hands and mouth, Lilah sucked and swallowed, forcing his cock down her throat and making it throb for her. Master could not contain his delight and grabbing her by her hair he pushed in and out of her willing mouth. Pushing in harder and longer he felt his cock sliding to the back of her throat and beyond. Groaning with animalistic lust he thrust harder and longer. Lilah began to moan and squirm beneath her master, her eyes began to water as she tried to catch her breath every second she could that she wasn’t choking. Unable to control himself any longer he squirted down his subs pliant throat, watching her as she licked and sucked eagerly but gently, her own body on the edge. Her administrations on his cock kept him hard and aching for more of her charms, but before he would avail himself of her, he would have her perform for him.

Walking once more to the treasure trove in the drawer he pulled out a vibrator and gave it to Lilah. “Showme how you use your toy to cum,” he said.

Rising to fetch a few pillows from the couch and place them on the floor in front of Master, who had seated himself in front of her, Lilah then proceeded to make herself comfortable on them. Smiling, and with the nipple clamps still attached keeping her highly aroused, Lilah sensually spread her legs wide, exposing herself lewdly to her master. Closing her eyes momentarily as she pressed the vibrator to her wet, aching pussy, the sheer pleasure of touching herself at last, causing her to writhe forward slightly as her hand guided the phallic object into her pulsing eager clit. Moving her toy slowly in and out, moaning softly and rhythmically moving her hips, Lilah opened her eyes to look at her master and saw the lust and pleasure on his face. Pleased that he was enjoying her show, Lilah continued to push the vibrator in harder and harder, building her excitement and causing her to moan louder. Unable to control herself any longer, Lilah pleaded, “Please Sir, May I cum?”

Master had gazed upon his sub proudly, engrossed in her magnificent performance, his cock swelling as he watched her use the toy to bring herself to orgasm. “Yes Lilah. Cum now,” he ordered loudly and watched with immense satisfaction as she shuddered in front of him, her moans of delight just the beginning for her he thought to himself.

Giving her just a moment to recover, he helped her to her feet and kissed her roughly, his lust for her making him almost brutal as he crushed her body to his. Leading her to the back of the couch he bent her forward and rubbed his cock up and down her wet slit. Teasing them both for only a moment before plunging into her willing, eager pussy. Their mutual groans of pleasure driving them half wild as he thrust into his loving sub and she ground back onto his throbbing cock. Riding her slowly, but with long sensual strokes, Master could hear the pitch of Lilah’s moans change as her excitement quickly grew. He slowed even further, Lilah’s wonderful wet pussy felt like velvet, her pulsing muscles massaging his shaft, driving him towards the edge. Wanting to make it last longer Master stopped and just enjoyed, the feeling of Lilah’s pussy, clenching and unclenching on his cock, her body trembling in anticipation, her soft whimpers as she waited patiently. Reaching forward, Master tugged gently on the chain hanging from the nipple clamps and at the same time he slapped her bottom. Lilah moaned and squirmed beneath him, her pussy twitching involuntarily. Master groaned as he felt her grow tighter around his cock. He repeated his actions only harder, slapping her four times. Again, Lilah’s pussy contracted and the feeling was exquisite.

Lilah was on the edge, her whole body was alert for that one moment of no return. She knew she would ask permission to cum but at the moment she felt incapable of speech, her whole being in delicious torment as Master expertly kept her on the rim.

Master pulled out of Lilah’s pussy and he noted the trail of juices running down her inner thigh and felt gratification in the fact that he had the power to make her feel this way. Running his hands along her buttocks and admiring their curves he spread her cheeks with his hands. Her ass was made for his cock, they fit together perfectly and Master was ready to take advantage of her vulnerable position. Taking his cock, he rubbed it back and forth over her asshole, rubbing her juices all around her ass. Pressing his swollen head at the entrance, Master pushed in relentlessly, enjoying Lilah’s gasp as he spread her wide with his thick cock. Pushing all the way into her ass until his stomach was pressed against her warm bum and his balls against her wet pussy before slowly pulling out and thrusting deeper into her again.

Lilah was in heaven, unable to think, enjoying the feeling of having her ass invaded by her Master. His hands on her buttocks and his balls slapping her pussy was making her whole body tremble with pleasure. She felt the juices running down her inner leg and moaned loudly as she felt him stretch and fill her gaping asshole.

Feeling her trembling on his cock and hearing her moans gain momentum was taking away Master’s control. He pushed in harder and faster as Lilah pushed back on his cock, grinding and crying out in delight.

“Please Sir,” Lilah panted, “Please…cum?”

“YES, Yes Lilah, Now.”

Lilah’s whole body shook as a huge intense orgasm washed through her body, causing her to cry out and moan loudly. Sir could not contain himself at her display of uncontrollable abandon and he rammed his cock in as hard and far as he could, causing him to squirt deep inside of her, his balls tensing and his cock jerking spasmodically as he felt the most desperate need to fill her with everything he had left. Reaching forward he slipped the clamps expertly off Lilah’s nipples and squashed her breasts in his large hands, pummeling them as he sprayed the last of his cum inside of her. Lilah’s orgasm was still coming in rolling waves and he felt rather than heard them. After a few moments, he leaned forward onto her kissing her back while caressing her, and Lilah was almost silent now, the only sound, small whimpers of enjoyment as her body relaxed and contentment took over.

Master pulled out of Lilah and turned her to face him, kissing her softly on her face and lips he said, I think we need a shower dear girl. “Yes Sir,” Lilah smiled. She loved to shower with her Master.

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