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(malexmale) Because of a dare, Kyle then realized that he gets really turned on when he's wearing panties or any kind of feminine clothes. From that day on, when he's just inside his cozy room, or someplace where he knows he could be free, he would wear them, quickly getting addicted by the newfound kink. It was one of his dirtiest secrets. No one-as in, absolutely not a single person-was allowed to find out. However, what would happen when Dylan, his best friend since birth, caught him wearing his favorite aqua green, cotton dress? And to make matters worse, right on that moment, beneath the frilly dress, he had on his sexiest pair of black, lacy panties. Something Kyle knew would make Dylan bat shit crazy. Why would he, you ask? Well, after all, lacy panties were in fact his best friend's biggest fetish of all time. Warning: Smut and Swearing.

Erotica / Romance
Age Rating:

Fetish (malexmale)

Fetish (Kyle)

Black, lacy panties.

"Oh shiiit, duuuude!"

I went rigid, immediately shoving the flimsy underwear down my drawer where all my dresses, skirts and lingerie stayed effectively hidden.

After taking a deep breath, I whipped around to face my best friend who grinned in greeting.

"You should've been there, Kyle. The girl was fucking gorgeous." Dylan groaned, making me roll my eyes as nonchalantly as I could; trying to calm my hammering heart.

Okay, chill, Kyle. He didn't see anything.

"Ew," I grimaced, shuddering at the thought. "Why would I watch porn with you, man? That's revolting. I can't even believe Eric and Finn came over at your place. I mean, who watches porn with their friends anyways?"

Dylan laughed, draping an arm over my shoulder. I 'oomph'ed as he leaned half his weight to me. "It was limited edition!"

"And that's another thing. Why would your uncle give you a limited edition porn DVD? Ain't that creepy?" I pointed out, making him burst out laughing again.

"Never mind that, Kyle. You should've seen what she was wearing!" He moaned again, flapping his arms in the air and placing his head on my shoulder. "I couldn't get those lacy panties off my mind. Kept me up all night – literally!"

I shove him off, willing away the blood that rushed to tint my cheeks. "Dude, no. Please don't get into details. I don't wanna know about your fetishes."

"Dude, I've known you since birth! We're basically diaper buddies – but never. I mean, never, have ever seen you get turned on by anything." He took my shoulder, bent down a bit to get eye-level with me.

It annoyed me to be honest. Growing up, we've always been in the same height. From childhood to adolescence, he didn't have to bend a little just to be face-to-face with me. But when puberty kicked in, he suddenly shot two feet taller – now it was face-to-chest, and I was stuck craning my neck in order to have a proper conversation with him.

What sucked more was that his height wasn't the only thing that grew.

"Are you asexual or something?"

That question tugged me back to reality, and I glared at him. "No, of course not. I get aroused too! Yes, I do – "I snapped, my cheeks burning at the way he gave me one of his teasing looks. Rolling my eyes, I added. "I just don't get why ya'll needed to broadcast it to the world – unlike you, I actually have some decency." Lies. You're a big fat liar!

"Really?" He wore that annoying, mocking smirk of his. It made him look boyish and playful, with his soft, dyed blond hair swept away from his piercing green eyes. When he leaned in, the small, diamond stud on his left ear glinted against the light. I nodded, puffing my chest and raising an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah, then what's your fetish?"

I twitched, and like a bullet train, blood rushed to the tips of my ears. "You don't discuss things like that to your best friend, Dylan!"

I spun around, ignoring his childish whines as he trailed behind me. "I just want to know! I mean, it's obvious mine are lacy panties – or any kind of panties," he snickered at that, and I shook my head.

"Why do you want to know anyway?" I mumbled, turning towards the hallway. I heard my dad humming by the kitchen, so I slowly ascended down the stairs.

"Cause it's only fair!" He answered in a "as a matter of fact" tone. "I told you mine. Now you have to tell me yours."

"Dylan, you didn't even have to tell me. It was pretty obvious."

"Yeah, but still. You said you've dated a few girls before, but I never got to see them. Mika said she knows a handful of girls wanting to date you, but you never – I thought -- that maybe -- I could at least know your preference! Help you, y'know – get – uh."

This time, my face was redder than a tomato. We stood right in front of the kitchen, and dad looked utterly amused by our bantering, looking from to him with a knowing smirk. I shot him a flustered glare. He chuckled, raising both hands and turning around to face the stove.

That's right. Mind your own business, people.

Sighing, I turned to Dylan who fidgeted on his spot. "Why do I need a girlfriend, Dylan? It's our senior year. We need to focus on studies."

Dylan let out a chuckle, taking my arm and moving us to the living room.

"That's the thing. I've noticed that you've been so uptight lately – ever since our last party. And I know. I'm sorry that I kinda ditched you by the end at some point, but I honestly don't know how those College kids got in. I don't even know them! It got a little out of control, but it was a good thing uncle's a police – he took care of everything. No bad record on your name, I swear.

But even after that, you never ever hanged out to have fun with me anymore. Yeah, sure, I get to chill at your room for a while – but that was because you're too busy reviewing for an upcoming test, or studying in advance, or even doing some research thing! You're getting early wrinkles, man! You need a babe, and a night out." He explained. I grew uncomfortable as he laid out all the things he noticed over the time. Yeah, it was true that after school, I went straight home — but I didn't even noticed how bad it made Dylan feel. I thought he was off doing what basketball players do — watching porn with other dudes 'cause it seems fine to do so.

Besides, I head straight home for only about a day or three! That was because I knew dad wouldn't be home until late – and I'd have the house all to myself.

"I don't want to get a girl right now, Dylan." I replied, and watched as his shoulders sagged; emerald eyes searched my sapphire ones worriedly. I waved him off. "But your right, I should have fun."

"Alright!" He grinned, pumping a fist.

"But not today." I added, making him shrug. "I'm working on a report right now, so maybe next week, I'll hang out with you after school." The lie came rolling off my tongue before I could even stop it. It made me look down at hands afraid that he'd detect the dishonesty in my eyes.

I just need a time to myself . . . and my newfound, dirty little obsession.

"Okay, I understand." He smiled. Tilting his head, he asked. "Are you okay?"

I smiled back, "Yeah, totally."

"You sure? You know I got your back." He ruffled my hair, and I huffed.

"Yeah, I'm more than sure. Let's head back before dad starts cooking a buffet."

I felt outright gorgeous.

I was burning from head to toe as my stupidly horny self did that whole body blush. A petite, slim figure stood before me, blue eyes darkening and pink tongue darting out to wet rosy lips. Staring at the voluptuous being reflected upon me, he somewhat emit that strong confident aura, standing with a seductive smile plastered on his angelic face.

I fingered the soft cotton dress that hugged my waist perfectly. It was aqua green, dark and contrasted beautifully next to my pale skin. It flowed till the middle of my thighs, revealing naturally smooth legs. My spine tingled, and my toes curled inside my heeled ankle boots.

It's been maybe a month or weeks ago since the dare from our last party – a party that changed my cravings over night. I didn't expect to like it actually – at first, I found it really embarrassing to get a damn erection feeling these soft, light clothes against my skin — I was straight for god's sake! But as time passed by since that night, I couldn't forget the feeling of it – I just had to wear one again. Then one more time turned to another, then another – until I found myself wearing skirts and blouses whenever I could, and when no one's there to see me.

So after wearing, for two days, the same dress the College kids had given me, I finally mustered the courage to actually go to a clothing store to buy me some clothes from the Women's section.

A onetime thing turned to an every Wednesday's thing until I had to find an empty drawer to store all my new clothes with. I initially only bought dresses, skirts, and heels, before I'd wandered over to the underwear and lingerie section out of curiosity – then the rest was history.

It wasn't a bad thing, right? It wasn't as far as no one finds out – then I was absolutely okay.

I mean no one needed to know about my fixations.

To make matters worse, I actually considered being bi-curious.

I sat down on the bed, folding a leg over the other elegantly. The skirt drew up faintly showing the black half-thong, half-panties that traced the outline of my already semi-hard cock.

I remember it vividly -- how I'd first touched myself wearing these lewd clothing, while I so ashamedly imagined another man plowing me from behind.

It happened on an isolated night. I got uncontrollably hard while wearing one my pleated skirts that I couldn't help but touch myself. While I was deeply occupied with it, my imagination just went haywire. I imagined being on my knees as one calloused hand tweaked my nipples while the other gripped my hip. The dirty blond-haired stranger guided his well-endowed manhood to my already slicked up pucker, rammed it in to the hilt, sending me forward and almost slamming my head against the headboard.

"Holy," I mewled, just realizing now that my hand had roamed up to my already leaking cock. I watched through hooded eyes my reflection on the mirror. My legs were shamelessly sprawled already. The lacy panties soaked from the pre cum that dripped steadily out of the tip of my erection. My face flushed and my breath hitched, letting out ragged exhales.

I slowly pumped my fist, reaching a hand to play with a nipple. I backed up to the center of the bed, propping an elbow to glance back at the mirror. The panties hugged my hips, balls and cock so provocatively. I bit my lip, leaning down to grab my ass cheeks, parting them to expose the pink hole. It winked as the cold air tickled it, making me whimper.

I looked like I was being thoroughly ravished – a needy slut in wet panties.

Leaving my nipple alone, I popped three fingers inside my mouth, sucking deliberately. With a thin line of saliva dribbling down my chin, I thumbed my tip.

"Yes," I moaned, throwing my head up. I turned around, and got on my elbow and knees. Arching my back, I wiggled my ass up in the air as my slicked up fingers found their way to my entrance. I traced the buddle of muscles first, making my elbows tremble a bit, before I shoved a digit in.

"Mmmh!" I gasped. My shoulder hit the mattress as my other hand joined in the fun, grabbing an ass cheek to have easy access. I cursed silently as another digit entered passed the tight ring.

In and out, in and out. The slick squishing sound drifted along with my muffled cries of pleasure as I moved my fingers as deep and as hard as I could.

"Shit, why do my fingers have to be too short too?" I hissed, panting under my breath. I struggled to reach that sweet spot I was longing for. Whimpering as I twist my hips and arc my back just to get the right angle.

I was so, so damn close from abusing it. If I could just . . . "Yeeesss..!" I keened, knees shaking. My cock squirted a handful of pre-cum as my toes curled.

"God, yes! Fuck me!" I flicked my wrist, finger-banging relentlessly on the spot that made me scream wantonly. My arms were getting tired but I couldn't will myself to stop. My hips started to swing too, pushing against my fingers, adding a third to fully stretch the muscles.

"Fuck, please – please! Please – al-almost there — ah!"

When I closed my eyes blissfully, a golden haired guy appeared, flashing me a wicked, wide grin I knew I had seen before – the blonde stranger that had been visiting my late night dreams for weeks now.

I imagined him pulling my dark hair as he fucked me to oblivion, biting into my shoulder, grasping my thighs tightly so he could shove his hulking cock deeper. Every inch of him was every sense larger than me, and I absolutely loved it. I savored the feeling of myself stretching a bit as I added a fourth finger to match what was being shown by my vivid imagination.

A second later, the no face guy disappeared, and I was suddenly staring at a pair dilated emerald eyes. His toned body bulged as he manhandled me to a position where my ass was lifted to air, giving him better angle to pound my prostate.

"Dylan," I whimpered. Holy shit, there it goes. I've called out to him -- again. My mind was fuzzy, and my ears were ringing as my other hand left my ass cheek to sloppily jack my flushed cock off.

"Kyle?" I whined, trying my best to speed up, but it was difficult. Jesus, the power of the human mind was something else. Fuck, I could practically hear my best friend's raspy baritone voice. It was driving my sanity away.

"D-Dylan," I gasped, pressing particularly harsh on my sweet spot. My sapphire eyes blurred with pleasure-filled tears. I was so fucking close

"Holy hell, Kyle . . ."

I blinked. Did I just hear my best friend calling me from the doorframe?

Oh shit!

Gasping, I frantically sat up, searching for a blanket to at least cover my shameless self.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! I'd thrown them in the basket earlier. I panicked, using the skirt to cover the mess I have made, before whipping around and gaping at an equally shocked Dylan.

I sat there; the right straps of my dress down to bare a pale rosy shoulder. The skirt failed to hide the obvious erection I was sporting. My body reddened from shoulder to the tips of my ears.

Dylan stood by my room's doorframe, eyes wandering all over my state, jaw dropped. I flinched.

"I-I can explain!" I stuttered. Wincing as my voice came out broken. I was still panting from the pleasure. I could feel my hole clenching and unclenching beneath lacy panties; like it was demanding something long and hard to hammer it.

I bit my lip, and shakily tried to come up with an excuse, but I know it was useless.

"T-this is—"

"Don't talk."

"W-what?" I watched him as he slowly neared me, and I blushed even more when I noticed that I was still so fucking turned on despite the fact that I got caught in the middle of such a dirty act.

"Don't c-come near me, idiot!" I snapped, hitting him with a huggy pillow, but he only took it from me, throwing it out the way. He kneeled on the bed, and I scooted back, but he grabbed my leg.

"D-Dylan?" O my god.

"Fucking shit, Kyle." Dylan breathed in; green eyes darkened as it seemed to swallow every image it could get. My hole clenched in response, making me gulp.

Jesus Christ, are fucking serious, Kyle?!

I just couldn't help it. I've turned into a cross-dressing slut that badly craved a session of all-night fucking – an all night fucking session with my own "diaper buddy."

I was so damn gross.

I was going to hell, I just knew it.

It was the College kids fault. Damn them.

Large, rough hands travelled from my arms down to my waist to my thighs. He observed every inch of me like he really couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Dylan —"

"How long have you been doing this, Kyle?" He stopped me, reaching a hand to caress my reddened cheek — not that cheek, perverts!

"Can we just forget —?"

"Answer me."

"I don't k-know! After our last party, I guess?" I mumbled. I'm going to die. This is so fucking embarrassing.

He hummed. I shivered as he traced his thumb below my left eye, moving his hands to the side my neck, then to my bared shoulder. The rough skin rubbing against my smooth ones had me trembling with desire. When his hands found their way to the hem of my dress, he slowly lifted it.

His blown to hell green eyes widened; drinking up the newfound view.

"No, wait! Dylan —"

"Fuck, What?!" He barked, throwing ma a quick glare before going back down to admire the lacy panties. My throbbing dick throbbed at the attention; peeping through the hem, and dribbling pre-cum all over my lower stomach.

"Dylan," I whined, trying to bat his hands away, but he only growled in annoyance, shoving me down the mattress and pinning my hands above my head with one hand. I gasped, tried to cross my legs, but he quickly got in between them.

I watched him lick his lips hungrily. I tensed up at the mere action.

Seeing how Dylan reacted to my looks; to what I so embarrassingly wore, made me bit my lip. Does that mean he likes what he sees – even with the visibly, aroused penis?

"Don't move your hands." He growled, giving me a stare that said: I'm not joking. Do what I say.

"O-okay," I squeaked. Nodding in appreciation, he removed his hold, and sat back

A moment passed, and Dylan just stayed between my parted legs, hands firmly grasping my inner thighs to keep my legs in place. I couldn't take the tension. My cock throbbed painfully, and my hole begged to be fucked -- I was growing impatient.

"Dylan," I called out, catching his attention.

"What?" his voice was raspy and I gasped when he softly caressed my inner thigh. "Shh, just . . . give me a moment."

"It's killing me," I breathe, "I want to cummm . . . PleaseOh fuck!" I gasped, thrashing my head back to release a broken whimper. His calloused hands palmed my bulge roughly through the lacy fabric. I could feel his green eyes watching my every reaction; could make out his breath coming out jaggedly.

"You – You like this?" He rasped, palming me up and down, thumbing the tip then cupping my balls.

"Hmm-ah! Yes!"

This was dream. This had to be a dream.

My heart thumped violently against my chest.

Dylan wouldn't tweak my nipple like what this "Dylan" was doing right now. He wouldn't part my panties a bit to free my throbbing cock – and he definitely wouldn't bend down to lick my lace-covered hole.

"Fuck!" I hissed, moving my hips to rhythm the way his tongue flicked my already stretched entrance.

"Damn, you're so fucking sensitive." He chuckle, causing my toes to curl at the sound. One hand pumped my shaft lazily, edging me.

"Let me come," I panted; pride be dammed. I was edged too many fucking times – I want to explode.

He hummed; the vibrations had me chewing on my lip. "Depends. If you answer my questions with honesty, I'll reward you with multiple orgasms."

My cock twitched at his teasing tone.

". . . W-what is it, you jerk!"

He smiled, tilting his head; not even bothered by the insult.

"Were you thinking of me before I came in?"

O my god.

". . . Yes."

He dragged a long flattened tongue along the length on my shaft. I heaved a shaky breath.

"What was I doing?"

O my fucking god.

"Can we just get this fucking—fuck! What the hell!" I yelped. Did he just bit my knee?

"What was I doing, Kyle?" He pressed, tightening the hold on my cock now. I moaned.

Suddenly, he was jacking it off as fast as he could, giving the tip a tentative lick. I hissed, throwing my head. Holy – holy fuck! I'm gonna –

"Nuh-uh uh," he smirked, abruptly halting his assault, squeezing painfully by the base of my manhood.

"Son of a fucking pig!" I cried; tears unexpectedly dripped down the side of my head. My legs trembled violently by the sudden blockage.

"Tell me, and I'll rock your world." He grinned, those green orbs shining in amusement.

Oh, this fucking asshole.

"Fine!" I gasped, shooting him a deathly glare that he only shrugged off. He leaned in, not even bothered about the fact that my cock had smeared a thin line of semen on his clean shirt, and got into my face. His minty breath fanned my face as I struggled to maintain my annoyed look.

"C'mon, Kyle. . ."

I avoided his mischievous gaze, mumbling: "You were fucking me from behind."

He cocked his head, wicked grin widening. "Come again? Can you get into details please?"

"Dylan," I whined, my cheeks growing hotter by the second.

"C'mon! Tell me," He teased, giving my cock a pump that had me whimpering for more -- I gave in.

"You were fucking me from behind pretty damn rough, yanking on hair, and biting into my shoulder blades." I blurted, slumping on the sheets. He chuckled.

"Oh? Is that so?" He murmured, lips pressing intimately on ear, his voice came out hoarse – it made me shiver.

"What a good boy," he whispered, and before I knew it, I was on my stomach.

Dylan gripped my hips, hauled it up in the air like my ass was nothing but a pillow.

I yelped; the skirt of my favorite dress went piling down my torso to reveal the black lacy panties that clamped my fat bosom tightly.

My best friend didn't even hesitate. He quickly parted the flimsy fabric a bit to the side, then dove right in; tongue shoving deeper than I had imagine.

"Dylan!" I half-moan half-yelled, shuddering madly against the sheets; shooting thick strips of cum all over the mattress.

"Fuck," He hissed, using both hands to squeeze firmly both of my ass cheeks. "Moan my name, Kyle. Fucking scream it."

I was sobbing mess, whispering his name like a mantra. "Fuck me please, Dylan. Fuck me."

"Okay, okay. Fuck, I will." I could feel his hands shaking as they ran up my lower back. He then leaned back, letting out a loud exhale as if preparing himself internally.


I relaxed, wiggling my ass up in the air impatiently as I listen to him mumble nonsense to himself, fumbling behind me.

"You seem prepped already. . . Now, where's the condom. . . It should be here somewhere . . . Wait. Does he even have condoms . . . ? Fuck, I should've brought one with me —and lube . . . Jesus, I didn't even —"

Get set.

"Dylan! If you don't get inside me this instant – so help me, god. I will fucking cut you." I growled, leaning down on my shoulders, to reach forward and spread my ass cheeks apart. I showed him my needy hole, biting my lip.

"Condom —"

"Don't make me repeat myself."

"Fuck, alright – alright! Christ, here I come —"


With one solid thrust, he instantly slammed right to the hilt; hitting my prostate head on and making me scream to the heavens above.

"FUCKING GOD HEAVENS ABOVE!" I cried; rocking back and front as my best friend drilled his cock in and out. His shaft was bigger and longer than what I had imagined – nine – ten inches, maybe? It was pulsing, creaming pre-cum inside my clenching chute.

My hole's never been stretched like this before – I was filled to the brim that I sobbed in unadulterated pleasure.

"Fucking hot in those panties, Kyle – drove me nuts." He growled, pressing his clothed chest on my bare back as he trailed my nape with his nose. He suckled the heated skin there, licking the thin sheath of sweat, all while he pounded into me.

I keened, gasping harshly. I had to hold the headboard's metal bars to prevent Dylan from smashing my head unconscious.

"No – Ah, shit. Fuck – fuck - fuuuck—! Dylaaan . . .! I'm gonna cummm—" My broken moans mingled with his restrained ones. I couldn't even form a single word from how rough he was fucking me. His muscled arms caged the side of my head as he used his fists to keep himself up.

"Tight - so tight, Kyle." He groaned, snapping a particularly deep thrust, and I whimpered a response. I felt so good. My heart was beating as hard and as fast as my best friend's thrusts – it was overwhelming. I was going to cum – I knew it - fuck, no.

"C-can't," I whined. "G-gonn-ah! Cum-mmmmh!"

Dylan growled, soon after, I felt his large hand grasping my dark locks in a tight grip. He yanked.

"Ooh!" I came convulsing in his embrace, squirting lines after lines of cum all over the dirtied mattress for the second time.

My best friend hissed, yanking my hair back and making me moan at the feeling of it. I was semi-hard, and my ass quivered, sucking around his cock lewdly.

"Yes," He whispered, breathing hotly against my rosy ears. I bit my lip as he slowed down his movements; dragging his cock out insanely slow only to slam it in roughly. "I'm going to fucking rock your world all night."

I was moving my hips again before I knew it; fucking myself on his dick. "F-faster . . ."

He chuckled, the hand on my hair moved to my chin, grasping it and shoving two fingers in my mouth. I cried, sucking on his digits. "As you wish, my princess."

With that, he drew his hand back, grasping my shoulder with it instead, while the other gripped my hips. He slammed in. "Fuck!"

He pulled me up into his lap; made me bounce on his shaft as he thrust up with all his might; abusing my prostate in doing so. "Love that, baby?"

"Yes." I hissed, throwing my head back to rest it on his shoulder. I felt his hands snake around my waist, hugging me closer.

"Hah. . . 'M close, Kyle." He rasped out.

"M-mm— too . . ." I moaned, taking his hands and entwining our fingers.

"Together now," he told me, nibbling on the flesh of my skin. I nodded, spreading my legs a little wider before I started riding him faster; his cock pulsed with each bounce I make. He groaned, tightening his hold on me, mouthing and sucking on the side of my neck feverishly as he drilled me from below.

I couldn't hold on much longer, his thrust was growing urgent - uneven and desperate. Tingles ran up my spine to my cock, my hole clutched my best friend's pulsing cock in a tight hold and my balls drew up, ready to spill. So when he suddenly dug his teeth on my shoulder, I gasped, shuddering wildly.

"Dylan!" I cried. White spots exploded, blinding me as threw my head back and came dry.

I blacked out for a whole damn minute after that, and only gain consciousness when I felt my best friend convulsing from behind me, keening at the back of his throat.

"Holy shit, Kyle . . ." Dylan hissed, panting raggedly. I could feel him moving in and out inside me, riding out the pure euphoria; making sure that all of his cum was unloaded into my cavern.

"Haa . . ." I whimpered, flushing bright red at the raw feeling of his cock twitching. Thick lumps of hot cum painted the walls of my hole - some even dripped down my inner thigh. Jesus Christ, I need a bible.

When we both came down from the high, our strength zapped away from our bodies, and we fell absolutely exhausted on my queen-size bed.

With his arms still warmly wrapped around me, I took the only chance I could take, and snuggled deeper into his embrace, letting myself fall in a much needed sleep.

—knowing that once I wake up, Dylan would sober up and break whatever remained on our friendship apart.











Of part one ;)

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