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Lillian was born into a world where humans were no more than cattle. After many battles the werewolves rose to the top. It was their world, their rules, and their laws. Every year multiple gatherings were held to see if the wolves mates were mixed in with humans. How much would she have to give up in order to survive.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter one

She heard the scraping of the dining room chairs in the early hours of the morning along with whispers and sobs. Unlike most nights where all was silent in the house; nothing could bring the peaceful dreams she was wishing for. In only a couple of hours she and her older sister Jackie was to be prepared to pack and set out towards the bus stop where they may never be able to return. As she laid there with tears breaming within her eyes, the thought of never being able to see her family again was not something she was prepared to do. She glanced over towards her sister bed wondering whether her sister was feeling the same way. "Jackie are you awake?" She waited for only a few seconds before she heard the sound of sniffling coming from her sister direction. "What do you think Lily." "We may never come home again. Hell we may even be separated when we get there." Lily gasped not even thinking that far ahead of that frightening possibility. She turned over and threw her covers back and climbed out of her bed. Lifting her sister covers she climbed in close to her and placed her head onto her sister stomach area. She dont know when she finally drifted off to sleep but when the creaking of her bedroom door startled her awake she wished that whoever it was would just go away. "Lillian... Jackie... get up now your gonna be late. We were told to have you there on time or we would be punished." Lily sat up and yawned and begin to shake her sister. " I'm not going!" Jackie yelled out. Lily glanced towards the door where her mother stood. Her mother looked towards where her eldest daughter laid as she did, countless of times, of the past seventeen years. She sighed and walked over and sat on her side of the bed and started to rub her sister back in a comforting manner. "Jackie I know this is a scary time for you, I'm not going to fight you over this baby. But you know the laws and the punishment for disobedience from them. Look at me baby, I've cried and prayed all night for both you to return to us." Her mother stared off into space as the the last words left her lips. Lily could see the swollen dark bags underneath her mothers eyes. She took a deep breath and yanked the covers off of them. She would not put no more burden on her already stressed mother. " Im first in the shower, Jackie get up. I will not let mom and the others get punished because we were not ready. Did you hear me get up right now! " Jackie sat up slowly buried her head into her mothers bossom and hugged her mother tightly. Lily's heart couldn't bare to see no more saddness at this moment. She stood up and walked to where her things were set out the night before. She gathered her toiletries and glanced back slightly, "Hurry Jackie, and dont bring those tears down stairs where the younger ones are, they wont understand no way." Lily walked out shutting the door behind her. She took a deep breath and trudged slowly towards the hall bathroom. As she stepped within the running water everything she had held within her eyes flushed down the drain with the running shower. Her mind couldn't help but to think of her father. How strong he was and what he aspired her to be. She knew that no matter what future she may be facing she would not bow down to no creature, human nor wolf. She wished to be able to hug that old man of hers one more time before she begin this path of her now life. Within fifteen minutes she walking out of the bathroom toward her room, praying to keep her emotions in check. When she entered the already bare empty room she couldn't help but to glance around as memories begin to replay. The times where she would play pretend with her siblings or the fights over clothing with her sister. She had no more time for needless memories anymore she told herself. "Be strong Lily, you got this." she spoke to herself. After getting dressed in lightning speed she hurried down the stairs, stopping midway to glance at her wavy long midnight black locks; making sure she looked decent. What she lacked from puberty yet to come to her newly sixteen self, she would surely obtain later. She gave herself a final once over and a small smile and strolled into the kitchen where everyone eyes landed on her for a brief second. The smile from her father was one she missed dearly, his abrupt passing was all too soon for her and her family. Not even a year has it been since his presence was felt at the old family table. "Hurry Lily I want a full meal in you now before you leave." She sat in her chair beside her younger brother who was barely eating his breakfast. "Why do they both have to go mom?" Her mother glanced at her young son, biting the corner of her lips. "We already spoke about this Alex, it has been this way for years. Don't make this anymore difficult than it already is baby." "Hopefully neither is chosen this round and they can come back and return and we will live as we always have. "Jackie came barreling through the door rushing to her seat." Hurry Lily and Jackie, Uncle Anthony called and will be hear soon to drive you two, to the bus stop! " Lily swiftly begin slicing into her pancakes making sure to eat ever last bit, briefly making small chat with her two younger siblings. Before long a horn could be heard outside their house. "Make sure you two stay together for as long as you can okay, and hurry back. " Her mother tried to put on a brave face for them but it could be clearly seen the stress she was under. She walked towards the two startled girls and hugged and kissed them, smelling their hair while trying to reassure them that she would see them again. With the possibility if losing two of her children looming over mind it was unbelievable how strong she seemed. Another horn was heard and they were off through the door grabbing the prepared bags that were sitting on the porch where their mother placed them. They waved from the four door sedan, as their Uncle peeled off. "That mother of yours is trying to get you all killed!" Uncle Anthony stated. His face was scrunched up as his eyes bore down the street. "Listen here, you two watch your manners around those beast you hear me. Don't show no fear, they thrive off of it. Hurry back home when you aren't picked and call your mom. She would need to know as soon as this shit show is over. " We both replied with a yes sir. We pulled up to the stop looking out at the many nervous and scared faces, boys and girls. We stepped out of the vehicle hoping to come across some friendly faces. "Jackie, Lily" . We turned and saw Victor holding his younger sister hands strolling towards us. I looked towards Jackie and saw a sadness only I knew too well, Victor the only guy that captured my sister heart. "Hey I am sure glad to see you two; me and Mandy have caught a glimpse of others but they seem ready to fall apart any second." "Well could you blame them.", I said " I mean we may never see each other again or the worst even home. " Within a few minutes of nervously waiting we could hear the sound of buses coming down the road. Jackie grabbed my hand and squeezed it. The buses stopped and off walked a tall handsome young looking man. He had green eyes that reminded me of a fresh spring morning out in a field. He was soon accompanied by a few others equally as handsome as himself. "Listen up I will only say this one time. Females and males will get on separated buses, No Exceptions. No fucking crying either. When we arrive your items will stay on the bus. When and if you are picked you will give your name and seat number to one of us to retrieve your items. Now line up, NOW! " Mandy looked up towards her brother and started to shake her head no. I released Jackie tight grip and grabbed Mandy from Victor assuring him that I had her and will look after her. He nodded and looked at her one last time and made his way toward the bus designated for the boys.
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