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This is an expansion on the chapters Finding/Keeping Kyra in a previous book. It is short and has both POV.

Erotica / Romance
Mandy M.
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Chapter 1

Called Finding/Keeping Kyra in my short chapter book. Unedited.

"I really don't know what I'm going to do," flopping down on the couch next to my roommate Cathy.

"I fail to see how helping your parents keep their house is your responsibility."

"I know you see it differently but.."

She interrupted me, "but nothing. Your father gambled away their money. It is not your responsibility to save them."

I have to admit that she has a point, "I promised I would do what I could."

"Kyra, you're barely making it as it is."

"I'm just going to have to pick up a second job," my hours were flexible so that's a plus. I can't do any freelancing because my contract forbids it.

"Maybe I can help you," refilling her wine.

"I'm not borrowing money from you," waving my hand at her.

"I wasn't thinking that. You enjoy rough sex, right?"

Raising an eyebrow at her, "where are you going with this?"

"You know how I earn most of my money?" Shaking my head at her question, she continues, "I'm a sub, a submissive, it's part of BDMS."

"Like a hooker?"

Shaking her head, "no, not a hooker. My doms, or dominate, don't always have sex with me. There's more to it."

"What, like spanking, whips, and handcuffs?"

"Something like that," she laughs, "it's a whole different world and it is very pleasurable. Plus I make a ton of money being one. I know the perfect dom for your first one, if you're interested. Most of them are just a bunch of rich guys playing out their fantasies."

Was I? I do enjoy rough sex. Guess it wouldn't hurt to try, I could always stop. "Sure."

Pulling me off the couch, "let's pick you out an outfit for tonight," dragging me to her room.

While she's pulling dresses out of her closet, she continues to explain to me more of how it works. It really doesn't sound that bad, a couple weekends a month, a night or two a week, and at least two thousand dollars a week.

Once dressed and in the Uber, she gives me some information on Richard, my potential dom. He's in his fifties and is mainly looking for sex and someone to talk to.

"You do know how to give blow jobs, right?" her question makes the driver look at in the mirror.

"Of course. What woman doesn't suck dick?"

"I should tell you that Richard has a smaller dick and his favorite meal is pussy."

"Is any good?" wondering just how small he is.

"He's amazing."

I could see the driver readjusting himself as we got out. "I think we gave that driver a major hard on."

"I'm sure he's around the corner jacking off. Richard is going to meet us at the bar."

"So, you're the one Cathy has been telling me about," he's attractive for his age. "Why don't we go somewhere more private?" he leads me down the hall and into a room, "I understand you've never done this before."

"I have not," feeling nervous.

"I'm not into anything crazy. Two nights a week, every weekend, and you will accompany me to diner parties. Three thousand a week plus a clothing allowance. Will that work for you?"

"Yes," trying to contain my excitement at the amount of money I will be making.

"Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday I expect you to me at my house. I will be the only man you have sex with for the next year. Also, I expect you to be open minded about trying things outside your comfort zone."

That's how I go started being a sub and I've been doing it ever since. Richard taught me a lot. He was also the first one I had anal sex with, turns out, I like it. A lot along with nipple clamps, being hit with riding crops, and being tied to anything and having the daylights fucked out of me. His dick may have been small but my god, could that man eat a pussy.

Tom was my next one and he was more into the BDSM.

Andrew was my third and the reason the club changed how they do things. A contract is always signed but the club never witnessed it or kept copies. Andrew was beyond extreme, he was sadistic. Causing me immense physical pain seemed to get him off. It seemed like the only way he could get hard was to see me bleeding. Words like gentle and stop were not in his vocabulary. Normally when a safe word is used all action stops, for him, it just fueled him. My body is covered in scars from him.

I took a year off after Andrew and now the club witnesses the contract being signed, keeps a copy on file and will even mediate between dom and sub if needed. I almost stopped completely, I have helped my parents out, built a glorious savings account, paid off my student loans and moved into a nicer apartment.

It was Cathy that talked me into staying in it, assuring me that others are nothing like Andrew. It helped but I'd be lying if I said that this ordeal didn't change me, I'm more reserved now and my senses are on overdrive. I worry how I will be with my next dom.

"I'll try it one more time, then I think I'm going to quit," telling Cathy while we were out shopping.

"You're so young, you've got a lot of years left in this game."

"I know, I'm just worried. It's not like I really need the money now. I have enough saved up." My apartment is nice and most of my furnishings are the same from five years ago. I hardly buy myself anything and when I do it's usually an outfit for a dom, and that is with my clothing expense.

"I get it, I really do."

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