Better Than A Dream

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Erotica Short Story: A scene that illustrates a couple taking part in mutual masturbation that guides you through their sexual interaction. This is done through the WOMAN'S perspective. The characters are left nameless to allow (you) the reader to detach from their identity and become part of the story yourself,

Scarlett James
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Chapter 1

My eyes opened slowly. It’s still dark outside, but I’m wide awake now. My head is spiraling with nothing but the memory of a gasp as a perfectly thick cock was thrust inside me, and it slowly trickles away, leaving me buzzing. My nipples are twisted into points. I reach down and feel a slickness between my thighs.

Sigh. Turn over.

His sleeping form is a mountain next to me. The heat coming off of him protects me against the chilly night air drifting in through the open window. He doesn’t usually sleepover, but I don’t mind sharing my bed every once in a while.

My hand is still between my legs, absentmindedly stroking my pussy. My clit aches as the last waves of my dream wash over me. The imprint of the heavy, strange body on mine, the face of a man I can’t quite place as he’s driving his cock into me, the sound of my cries that went unvoiced have faded. I have never cum from my sexy dreams, but I can always finish myself off if I’m lucky enough to be awakened by them.

I take a moment, relishing the feel of the fall breeze playing across my bare breasts. It rustles my hair slightly, dragging it across my collarbone. Should I move my fingers more or try to fall back asleep? Would it be weird to touch myself next to him?

I look back at him, stroking myself with more intention now, using the other hand to tease my nipple. His chest is rising and falling steadily with every gentle breath, his perfect lips slightly parted. The moonlight illuminates his jawline, his slight scruff.

I think I can pull it off.

Anyway, by the way my fingers are working I don’t see myself stopping on his behalf.

I take my favorite pose, turning over onto my stomach, right leg hiked high so that I can use my dominant hand and grind into the mattress with my hips. I lick my fingers and start to run my highlight reel through my head—most scenes starring him—and begin drawing circles around my clit with my middle finger.

His dark brown hair between my thighs. A hot, wet tongue changing seamlessly between firm pressure and sharp strokes to soft and caressing. His teeth gently tugging on my swollen clit. His fingers are filling both my holes and I start to feel warm, I feel my pussy tightening around him. Shudders radiate up and out of my fingers and toes. He sucks me in as I moan, pushing myself into him. I grasp the sheets and arch my back, panting. He waits until I’m still and looks up at me, grinning wickedly at my flushed cheeks. The look in his dark eyes makes me laugh breathlessly and bite my lip.

My breathing, damp against the pillow, gets heavier, my hips are moving in a slow, careful circle. I think I feel his body shift against mine. I hold still for a moment, but then my mind flicks to the next scene:

I’m watching his perfect ass in the mirror as he pumps his cock into me. It’s flexing rhythmically, my legs are hooked around his, and I can see my hands clawing into his back, leaving trails of pink flesh. He’s moaning my name into the nape of my neck. I feel the juices drip down my inner thigh that allows his cock to slide deeper and deeper. I tilt myself up to him. I can feel it twitch—he’s so close. He drives into me hard as I squeeze him over and over again.

He turns over in his sleep.


I pause and glance up to see that his eyes are still closed. My hips are still working against my fingers, grinding desperately now. My pussy tightens, and I arch my back, lifting my hips so that I can reach deep inside and drag my wetness across my swollen clit.

I close my eyes again.

I see him below me, his chest heaving, my fingers wrapped around his neck, pinning him to the bed. I reach back with my other hand to caress his balls, feel them contract. His face twisted in ecstasy so, I grind into him harder, commanding him to cum. His eyes and mouth open with a gasp and, I feel him pump into me. I start to scream as I feel him squirt and fill me up.

I feel his body and warmth shift closer to my skin. His breath tickles the hair behind my ear. He groans a little, and I slow down but keep touching myself, too close to care if he catches me. I pulse with each fantasized thrust, gasping into the pillow. I bite my lip and screw my eyes shut, feeling my orgasm echo through my entire body.

I’ve lost myself completely. My hips rock in a circle and, I suddenly feel his rough hand reach over and cover my lower back. He slides it down toward my ass. I pause, surprised by his touch.

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