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Alex is a shy Wolf with a huge crush

Erotica / Fantasy
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Same old

One hand grips his belt, as the other slowly trails along his cheek, smoothing over his rough beard. She smiles at him as she reaches his lips, softly running the pad of her thumb along them before descending lower. Her finger tips caress his neck combing through his hair and gliding gently over his Adam’s apple, watching as he gulps under her touch. Next she traces his collar bone, where she finds a small scratch. she circles around it a few times before continuing on. Laying her palm flat against his warm chest, she feels the rhythm of his heart pounding beneath. Biting her lower lip, she grazes gently over his nipple with her nails. His sharp inhale prompts her to lean forward and lightly trace it with her tongue. His short pants dance across her forehead and echo in her ears. Looking up into his eyes she runs her teeth across his sensitive nipples. First his right, then his left. A low moan echos from his open mouth as she bites and then licks away the sting. His hands begin to clench and unclench on her waist possessively. Making her mouth water to taste more of him. Tugging on his belt, she reaches to cradle the back of his head. Painfully slow she angles her mouth just below his ear and whispers “What do you want baby”. His groan makes her grin as her tongue sweeps a path along his neck, pausing to suck periodically. “Stop teasing me” he grunts grabbing her arm from his head to pin against the wall. Her breath hitches in her throat as wetness pools at her core. He presses his pelvis flush with hers. “Can you feel what you do to me” he whispers. She nods looking into his eyes, blackened with desire. “Yes” she gasps. Releasing her hold on his belt to grab his head once more, she crashes her lips to his. Firm and dominant he takes control of the kiss, stroking her tongue with his. The taste of mint attacks her senses and she sinks further into him. He frees her arm briefly, only to pick her up and pin her to the wall again. His hard cock grinding against her swollen clit. She squeezes his waist with her legs and breaks off from the kiss. Her head falls back, eyes closed, mouth open, she moans his name. He leans his elbow beside her head and stops grinding, “Tell me what you want baby” he copies. “Please” she begs as she try’s to grind against him. He grabs her hips to steady her movements. “Tell me”.
“Get up Alex!” My eyes snap open suddenly, greeted by a petit rather angry looking room mate.
“Having fun” Chloe points at the twisted sheets still tightly wound between my knuckles.
“Umm it was a nightmare” I rush out throwing my sheets to the side and rubbing my eyes.
“Yeah and pigs fly” she scoffs, stomping over to the window to let the sun blind me. “ we have work in 5 minutes” Great another day looking like I’ve been dragged through a bush. “Chop chop” Chloe chuckles before exiting the room, In freshly pressed uniform, coupled with immaculate hair and makeup. Bitch. I smile before scrambling from my bed, throwing my uniform on and running a brush haphazardly through my tangled hair. I brush my teeth, taking a moment to berate myself for being late again! Finally I grab my bag and rush out the door.

Chloe drives like a maniac, she’s says it’s because we’re always late but I think she does it for fun. Living in a small town filled with werewolf’s means that everybody knows everybody, talks about everybody and unfortunately whether required or not has an opinion on everybody. We work at the pack house daycare. Which means the mothers gossip. Hence the trying to kill us both in a crash.
“You know it’s training day today” Chloe grins, turning onto the gravel track. “ yep” I mumble, willing the road to end so I can flee. “Sooo you’ll see Elijah” her grin widens as she bumps her elbow into mine. Elijah is my crush, he’s a guard at the pack house his features as dark as his attitude. I’ve never spoken to him but that doesn’t stop the constant erotic dreams. Chloe knows about them and sees fit to take the piss out of me every single day. What are best friends for.
“Fuck off” I hit her back before turning to stare out of the window intent on ignoring her. “Speak of the devil and he will appear” looking up, my heart skips a beat as Elijah jogs up the track, shirtless and glistening. I know it’s him from the large tattoo that trails up his back and hugs his right hip. My heart feels like it’s trying to escape my chest. “ Don’t!” I know what’s about to happen, I also know she won’t listen. She rolls her window down and I shift lower in my seat.
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