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Model Forced into Slavery Part-1

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Warning: The following is a sexually explicit story intended for mature audiences. If you are offended by stories of such nature, do not read it. All characters are fictional and not intended to resemble any real people. Comments welcomed (especially constructive comments that I can use to improve).

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Tricked by the Clients

Jack had always been a model. He had his first photo shoot at the age of five and had been working ever since. At the age of eight he was on the short list for the ‘Milky Bar Kid’ and at eleven he was the face of a Belgian Yoghurt. Since then he had a pretty constant stream of catalogue and promotional work. The problem was at the age of nineteen, for the first time in his life, work was a bit thin on the ground. He had no immediate financial problems, as he had decent savings put away, but Jack was concerned. He had asked at the agency and was told that his ‘innocent’ looks were well suited to the ‘sweet sixteen’ market but Marketing Departments wanted a rather more ‘edgy’ look for the eighteen to twenty-one audience. They mentioned that as he was now over eighteen he could go for the ‘glamour’ market, there was much more money in it for women then men, but it could still be lucrative. Jack was unconvinced, but did agree to at least consider offers.

Since that conversation, a couple of months had passed with absolutely no work at all. The problem was not now solely financial, boredom was beginning to be an issue. He was therefore relieved when he got a call from the agency saying they had a client who sounded interesting, the job was for a day and the fee was £5,000. The agency did not know many details but suspected that the job would involve at least partial nudity. Jack thought that for £5k he should at least meet the client. He was directed to a conventional photographer’s studio in an upmarket part if town.

Jack asked the receptionist for “Ms. Clara.” and was directed to Studio 7. He was met at the door by a youngish woman in a long sleeved black T shirt and matching tight calf length trousers. Clara was slim with beautiful, but at the same time quite hard, features, her dark hair was swept back in a pony tail.

“Jack, pleased you could make it, I am sure the agency explained the job. You will be modelling this football kit. You can change behind the curtain in the corner.

“Jack was used to more detailed negotiations, but he acquiesced. He was really only thinking of the £5k; he knew that the agency vetted potential clients so was not too worried. When he got to the ‘changing room’ he looked at the football kit. It was styled as England kit but was obviously meant to be skin tight, in fact Jack was worried that he would not manage to fit into it. Eventually he got into the outfit and came out. He felt pretty self conscious as the kit was very tight and the shorts were very short. Jack swallowed and walked to the ‘stage’ thinking, “What the Hell, let’s get it over with.”

“Jack, good, you look great.” Clara then had him posing initially with football, later without. Jack was a little worried when Clara kept taking photos of him bending over, but thought that there was no real harm done. After about twenty minutes, Clara got Jack to take his shirt off, leaving him in the very brief and tight shorts.

“Jack right now I want you to lick this dildo, put your heart into it.” Jack was not at all happy but saw Clara was not in a mood to argue so did as he was asked, licking the large pink vibrator in as provocative way as he could. On Clara’s orders he forced it way down his throat. Clara then handed Jack a micro pair of high cut swimming trunks and told him to change. Jack had real difficulty getting into them and knew they barely covered his arse, they were tiny! But despite his reservations he complied and allowed Clara to photograph him in various seductive poses.

Jack was not that surprised when Clara asked his to take his trunks off. He had known what was coming and had been debating with himself what to do when he got the inevitable request. Jack felt he could not really chicken out, the Agency had warned him that the job was likely to involve nude work, so he could not really claim he was there under false pretenses. This being so, he felt very self conscious being naked in front of a fully clothed female photographer. Clara took a number of shots as Jack gradually edged the trunks down his legs. She then took photos from the back with a smiling Jack looking over his shoulder, trunks in hand and from the front with Jack being naked ‘trying’ to retain his modesty by holding the trunks in front of his balls. She took a particularly good one from the side, with Jack forcing his bottom out and holding his trunks at knee level, as if surprised whilst changing.

Initially Clara had Jack posing naked laying down on his front or with an arm artfully hiding his cock, but soon any pretense was dropped and Clara took full frontals, then photographed him from the back, from the back bending over and kneeling hands behind his back. Clara’s tone changed ordering rather than asking Jack to take one more degrading pose after another, being sharp if Jack did not comply immediately. As she intended Jack gradually stopped thinking and simply did as she instructed. After a while she asked Jack to clutch his arse cheeks then spread them. Then she told Jack to ‘massage’ his cock, so she could get some shots with him erect. Jack was getting very embarrassed, this was not glamour it must be pretty near ‘porn’. He did not like being naked and being ordered around by a young woman, it was humiliating. This said, he continued to obey Clara’s instructions. He knew if he refused the session would come to an abrupt end and he would not get paid, Clara would also probably complain to the Agency. The last thing he needed was a reputation for been unreliable when there was so little work around.

“Jack, lube yourself up, I need the dildo shots to complete the session.”

“Clara, I knew there might be a few nude scenes, but I am not very comfortable with a dildo.”

“Jack, I thought I was pretty clear to the agency about need for anal. What the hell did you expect for £5k? It is your choice but if you pull out frankly the whole session will be a waste and there is no way I am paying your fee. Take a few minutes out, but I need an answer pronto.

“Jack, still naked, walked over to the side of the room. He knew he had probably been tricked and realized he ought to have agreed the ground rules at the beginning of the session, rather than after two hours of shooting. That was stupid. But he thought this session as probably a ‘right of passage’, something most models would do at some point of their careers, so it was probably better to have got it out of the way. He thought it was strange that he was now relaxed walking around the studio naked when he would have vigorously dismissed the idea only an hour ago. Looking back he knew Clara had already taken some pretty compromising shots, so was a dildo really the end of the world?

“OK Clara, I will do it, but on condition this is that last shoot and we pack up in twenty minutes.”

“Jack, fine by me. I don’t want to take anything explicit.” Jack was not sure that his definition of ‘explicit’ was the same as Clara’s but at least he knew that this was the final shoot. Jack had never lubed himself up, but it was pretty obvious what to do and he did not want to ask any questions in case Clara offered to help! Jack did not notice but Clara took quite a few photos of him as he lubed his arse.

Clara got Jack to sit in the center of the stage with his legs spread and took photos as he inserted the dildo. Even with the lube Jack found it hard to work the dildo in, he knew he should relax but this was not easy particularly with Clara clicking away. Eventually he managed to force the dildo into his arse, but it was painful. Jack was also instructed to get on his hands and knees and pose with him inserting the dildo in that position, then standing bending over. As Clara moved him from one position to another Jack gradually found he could push the dildo in with greater ease, she even took a couple of short video clips of him thrusting the dildo up his arse.

Eventually Clara said, “Right, I think I have everything I need, Jack thanks for your help. It is great to get the first nude photo shoot out of the way, I am sure the next one will be much easier. I think you could have a good career in gay porn if you want.” It was a thoughtful Jack who dressed and left the studio. He didn’t really like the idea of those photographs in a pornographic magazine or on a website. What would happen if one if his friends saw them? He was far from sure he had made the right call. He knew he had to think about it and he would take his time. It may be a very useful source of income or the source of perennial embarrassment, he truly did not know which. Clara, on the other hand, was happy she thought she had taken some pretty commercial photos that she could sell to various porn sites around the world, but perhaps more importantly she had discovered, as she had been instructed, that Jack could be pressured into performing degrading and humiliating sexual acts without undue difficulty.

Jack was still thinking about if he should have done the Clara session when he got an excited call from the Agency. It seemed he was being offered the chance to be the ‘face’ for the ‘Heaven and Hell’ brand. The bumf that came through the post explained that the ‘Heaven and Hell’ brand was a marketing concept that would initially involve launching two aftershaves, one in a black bottle with a white ‘skull and crossbones’ on the front whilst the Heaven scent would be in a white bottle of identical dimensions but would have a silver halo as the logo. It was explained that the company wanted to roll the concept out to other products such as a Vodka and a range of clothes. They wanted Jack to be the ‘heaven’ face. The contract was for four months and a set fee of £50,000. The shoots would be on the Continent with some trips to the Caribbean if necessary. He also had to agree not to promote any other toiletries brand for a period of five years without ‘Heaven and Hell’s’ permission. Jack immediately saw this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. A high profile job like this could lead to an avalanche of work. He immediately called the Agency to accept the job. He signed the contract the next day and was on a flight to Paris the next Wednesday.

Jack was put up in a nice hotel on the Rue Haussman. The room was sumptuous. Jack felt he was literally in Heaven! He met the crew down in the bar, and introduced himself to his two fellow models, Louise and Becky. They were both, as would be expected, terribly almost painfully beautiful. Louise was medium height with a slim boyish figure and straight dark brown hair. Her face had an almost angelic quality about it, she had a sweet, pure, smile. With her almost ethereal looks and sweet innocence Jack understood immediately why she had been chosen for the shoot.

Becky was also a beauty but perhaps less perfect, if rather sexier. Her curves were more pronounced, but even so her straight blond hair made her look terribly innocent.

The team assembled the next morning and the photographer, Alex, explained he hoped to get two shots that day. He wanted the models to wear short white silk togas, these were open at the sides, tied together with a thin gold belt. The first shot was to get Jack, Louise and Becky to look out of the window and to bend over so photographed from behind they would show just a couple of inches of their bare behinds. They were not to wear underwear but were told to keep their legs together as the photographer was hoping that the mainstream press would accept the image. The idea sounded simple but in fact it took quite a long time to get the togas to hang at the perfect length and the models to bend at exactly the right angle. Alex ended up taking a number of shots varying from the model’s bottoms being almost totally covered to almost totally exposed. This was to give the client the greatest flexibility, and allow them to run the images in even the most conservative countries.

The next photo was a group photo. The models were asked to sprawl on a large double bend covered in a white satin duvet. The idea was to get an informal shot of the three laughing. Jack was pleased they were allowed underwear for this shot. To get the spontaneity Alex played an old Monty Python CD and waited for the models to laugh at the jokes and snapped away. The plan was to use the photo to market Heaven Champagne, the bottle itself could be photoshopped in later. The models initially actually sipped actual Champagne, in part to relax them, but after two glasses they moved on to a rather foul tasting apple fizz that they were assured looked like Champagne from a distance.

Those who are not in the industry find it hard to believe how long it can take for a photographer to capture two images. It was almost 7 o’clock when Alex finally called it a day and he and his assistant left. Becky also quickly made her excuses, leaving Jack and Louise. They lounged on the bed finishing the Champagne. They chatted easily, Jack felt great. He was luxuriating in the satin bedclothes, his silk underwear felt wonderful against his skin. He wondered if life could get any better, a beautiful room, a beautiful semi naked girl and some decent champagne. When he went to the loo he found Louise’s underwear on the floor. She must have intended him to see it and it must have been one of the less subtle hints that life was looking up. When Jack returned to the room, he saw Louise was not really into hints at all she was leaning back against the pillows stark naked, “Come on Jack let’s have some fun.

“Jack took no persuading he quickly stripped off his toga and was on her in seconds. For all her forwardness, Louise would not let Jack rush things and as they kissed she started massaging his cock. She then rolled him onto his back and started giving him a slow sensual blow job, “God, she was good, how did she learn how to draw the ecstasy out for so long?” When Jack thought he could not take it any more she stopped and allowed him to mount her. She was soft and subtle lover. He had never met anyone with Louise’s sexual technique and when he finally ejaculated over her front he was almost beyond pleasure. They dozed together and somehow managed to return to their own rooms in the early hours.

At breakfast the models were told that they would be picked up later in the morning to move to their next location. The SUV was spacious and Jack quickly dropped off. He awoke sometime just before lunch when they pulled up in front of an impressive castle. Jack knew this job was going to be good, it was clearly a ‘no expense spared’ marketing budget. The models were shown to their rooms in the basement and Louise and Jack were told that they were scheduled to do a shoot at 2.30pm, an assistant would come for them.

The photographer explained they were going to do one of the ‘Hell’ shots. It would involve Louise getting dressed up as a dominatrix and whipping Jack, he stressed the shots were designed to be published in the mainstream press so would be ‘artistic’ with the minimum nudity on show. Jack went to a changing room and was told to strip and put on a leather collar and ankle and wrist cuffs. These were held in place with some small padlocks. To spare Jack’s blushes Louise was kept out of the room whilst the cuffs were attached to hooks on the PVC covered whipping table. The table was designed so that Jack was in a kneeling position. His legs were also spread leaving him quite exposed.

Louise came in wearing a black PVC corset and panties and some calf length leather boots. They had put Louise’s hair in a severe pigtail and she looked every inch a fantasy dominatrix.

“Louise, I will be taking photos from the front, can you please strike Jack with the crop. I don’t want you to hurt him but give him a fair whack, I am keen to get Jack’s expression of surprise and pain.” So Louise struck Jack about a dozen times on the buttocks with the riding crop. It did hurt but the pain was manageable.

“Louise thank you, I have got the shot I need, you can go. Damian you are on now.” As Louise went, one of the photographer’s assistants started to lube Jack’s arse, initially he though this was a cream to ease the pain of the cropping but Jack felt the girl massage the lube into the sphincter, he got a little concerned, but such was his trust he didn’t say anything.

“OK Damian, take Jack, gently and slowly to begin with. Jack remember to relax, I want you to show you are enjoying this.” This hit Jack like a shot, this was not in the contract!

“Alex, stop this, I am not happy. Get me out of here, the session is over!”

“Jack, ’fraid not we need this shot. I was told you were OK with it. If you are not take it up with Marie-Becky later. I have some tight deadlines so we go on. Please relax it will hurt a lot less if you do.” Jack was securely bound so he could not stop Damian forcing himself on him. Initially Jack started to resist but quickly realized that this was practically impossible and he had better get the shots over as soon as he could. He was sure the agency would support his right to veto their publication.

Jack surrendered to Damien’s rhythm and once Jack accepted he was been taken the pain was less than he had anticipated. The photographer snapped away. After Damian had climaxed, Jack was released and taken (naked) to his room. He was told he could see this Marie-Becky, clearly the lady in charge, at six o’clock to raise his concerns.

He dressed in a baggy T shirt and shorts and waited. He was going to be polite but firm with this Marie-Becky. He assumed there had been an administrative mess up and the photographer assumed gay sex was in his contract, he would stress it was not. He would insist on her assurance that the photos would be deleted by the close of play. He felt if he was sensible he could win this point and still retain the modelling contract for the straight photos they needed. The photographer had continually referred to the mainstream press so he reasoned that in 99% of the shots he would be decent and fully clothed. The slightly risqué togas were one thing, sex on film was another!

At the appointed time an assistant knocked on Jack’s door and asked if he would like to follow her as Marie-Becky would see him now. He was shown into a comfortable office and told she would be along shortly. The only thing on the desk was laptop. As the minutes passed Jack could not help caressing the touchpad to see if there was anything interesting on the computer.

One stroke of the touch pad brought up what looked like a webpage. Jack started to read, “Jack is one of our newest recruits. He is an ex-model and now offers himself for your enjoyment. Jack is fully bi-sexual and is very keen to satisfy your every desire. He is a sweet, sexy guy who is very friendly and loves to meet new people. He is very gentle and polite, but look a little deeper and he has a naughty side that’s waiting to get out! Jack is naturally submissive and welcomes the opportunity to serve you in one of Cartwright and Palmer’s well equipped dungeons (see BDSM tab for full details). You’ll always have a fantastic time with Jack - he’s everything a date should be. You’ll find Jack easy to get on with; let him show you how eager to please he is. Give us a call and book Jack today!

“This was pretty shocking stuff, part of Jack thought it was probably a practical joke, but he was worried, no doubt about it. He started looking at some of the other tabs. The BDSM tab merely listed a huge number of sexual acts and tortures. The photos tab included many of the images from the Clara and the Paris photo shoots along with some from his official portfolio. The video tab included embedded videos, Jack did not have a chance to watch them but it was clear he had been filmed making love to Louise the previous night, then in the dominatrix scene with Louise earlier that day and most worryingly he had been filmed being taken by Damien

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