The Twins Obsession

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Dylan Roman absolutely loathed the Blaise twins, Giovanni and Leonard. Growing up with them, he realized how the Blaise men captures the people they’re in love with, turning it into a deadly obsession. Fearing that he will end up being controlled by the twins, he sets it as his ultimate goal to never fall them. But can Dylan escape Giovanni and Leonard’s grasp considering that they are a Blaise, and they have all the power in the world to own him.

Erotica / Romance
Elle Sugi
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“Oh my god.”

I shuddered upon hearing my twin sister’s voice so close to my ear. “Jesus, I need space, Diana. Back off!”

I quickly hid my phone to conceal the new guy I was trying to seduce. If she only knew how hard it was to use the damn internet on this remote island, she’d gladly give me the privacy I needed.

“Calm down, it’s not like I don’t know what you’re trying to do when dad is busy,” she said, snickering at me.

That didn’t stop me from looking at her like I’m going to slit her throat. “Shut up!”

“Fine, I’m backing off,” she said, throwing her arms in surrender. “Where’s he from?”

I grunted. She did see, damn it.

I threw my phone on the coffee table and stood up from the hammock. I loved living in this place—there’s nothing but water surrounding us, imprisoning us in this place. Scratch that, I didn’t love living on this island when I realized how big the world was.

But this was the reality I had to accept.

My parents were wanted men and living out of this place would be considered suicide. As much as I yearned to explore and be free, I couldn’t. Not when I knew the sacrifices they made to give us this peaceful life.

How I wished they never told us about that.

I wouldn’t feel this guilty whenever I think how boring this island life was.

But at least there’s the internet.

That’s what mattered.

“Where do you think?” I asked, smirking at her.

Diana pretended to think. She’s smart but she loved to act like she’s a fool. I would have compared her to a snake, ready to fool you every time you think that they’re dead, but they’re not. But I’m sure Diana will smack me in the face if I tell her that. Not only was she smart, but she also had a deadly hook, courtesy of our dads who taught her how to defend herself.

No, not only her.

They taught their children everything they needed to know to survive the Mafia, even if they didn’t want us to get involved in anything related to their past work.

“Maybe Germany, perhaps, Berlin?”

My heart skipped a beat after hearing that place.

That’s where they were— “Wrong!” I exclaimed, grinning at her to hide my discomfort. “He’s from New York! He’s six-foot tall, and he sent me a pic and he was good looking!”

Diana narrowed her eyes at me. “And does he know you’re…?”

I scoffed. “Who cares about that?” I asked, brushing off a legitimate question. Of course, a lot of people cared. But not our parents. It’s not like daddy held back when he f*cked da—

“Who sent you his pic?”

Diana and I froze when we heard daddy’s voice coming from somewhere. We both turned to look at him and gasped out loud at the sight of him. It didn’t help that he was bigger than most men we had seen and that his aura was so intimidating that it would just make you freeze on the spot. “Mind explaining what you’ve been doing, Dylan?” he asked.

“N-nothing,” I answered, flashing him a forced grin. “I remembered I still have homework! I’ll see you at dinner!”

I ran back to the house, dashing on the stairs with Diana hot on my tail. “Why are you running too, you idiot?!”

She was dragging me back by clutching on my back. “Because I don’t want to cover up for you, you moron!”


Oh shit.

Daddy just yelled.

He never yells.

The only time he does was when he’s angry. And yeah, when f*cking dad too.

“Come back here right this instant.”

I stopped running and so did Diana. She turned to look at me, sticking her tongue out to mock me even further. “You’re going to be in so much trouble.”

I hissed at her. “How about I tell Kurt that you’ve been do—”


Diana snickered. “Good luck, brother. I’ll pray for you.”

I watched her run to her room, leaving me to face our daddy’s wrath.

I went back downstairs where daddy’s waiting for me, his arms crossed. “Give me your cellphone,” he demanded.

I pouted. “But daddy, I need this.”

His glare scared me. “No, you don’t. Give it to me, now.”

I hesitated. But I knew it was futile, daddy’s words were absolute in this house. I yanked it out of my shorts pocket and handed it to him. “Just promise me you won’t break it.”

It was too late. Dad already snapped the phone in half.

“No more phones for you. You can’t even promise to stay out of those damn apps.”

I bit my lip. I tried not to show my remorse.

Damn it.

I’m so ready to leave this place.

I need to get out.



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