Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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Mia and Oliver are living in wedded bliss, their two beautiful children and they couldn't be happier. That's until Oliver receives contact from someone in his past he would much rather forget. This is the second story of Mia and Oliver. Please read Amaretto first.

Erotica / Drama
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1. Oliver

As I walked down the stairs and heard the commotion I instantly regretted my decision. Why did I let Pedro talk me into hosting this fucking gala? I had managed to avoid it for years, never even letting these people into my house. I was already uncomfortable and wondered if I could hide in the sauna.
"Sir, Mrs Moses is looking for you". I looked over at a young guy, dark hair. I had never seen him before. Great, fucking strangers in my house now.
"Thanks, what's your name?"
"Colin," he smiled.
"Cheers Colin, also please don't call me Sir. It's Oliver". I slapped his shoulder as I walked into the garden. I scanned way too many faces in search of Mia. Where the fuck was she? Maybe I could try and persuade her to hide in the sauna with me. I finally saw Mia in the corner with the band, baby Abby on her hip. Seeing her instantly calmed me and I walked past the strangers to get to my ridiculously beautiful wife.
"Baby". I whispered in her hair as she turned around.
"You look nice. I love that suit". She smiled and I grabbed Abby off her. I pushed her head into my chest, smelling her. "But was there a reason it took you two hours to get ready?" Mia's smile was cheeky and it made my dick flinch. Oh this fucking gala needs to be finished already! I went to talk and Mia spoke again. "And before you ask, no. You can't hide in the sauna". I let out a breath, my shoulders dropping. Mia grabbed my face with both hands, moving it to look at her. I stared into her beautiful brown eyes, I could look into them for the rest of my life. I had to pinch myself most days that I actually got to do that.
"Oliver. It's one day. It will be over before you know it. I'm proud of you." My grin was huge as I tried to look down. Shyness ripping through me.
"You'll come in the sauna with me later?" I asked, cheekily.
"Of course". She kissed my lips gently, I tried to make the kiss deeper but she moved back, slapping my chest.
"Where's Daniel?" I asked, my hand on Abby's back.
"In the play house with baby Mia". I nodded, looking over. I saw them both and I felt a bit more relaxed. I would definitely just spend my time with the kids I think.
"People are going to be here soon, you need to welcome your guests". Mia failed at stifling her laugh.
"Yeah I'm not doing that. Where the fuck is Pedro?" I looked around, seriously, where was he?
"In the kitchen with Jerome". I kissed Mia’s cheek, going back into the house, thank fuck Jerome was here. Abby was asleep on my chest and I looked over at Daniel and baby Mia one last time before going into the house. Baby Mia definitely wasn't a baby anymore and she was nearly ten months older than Daniel but that's what we called her. It was easier that way.
"J!" I shouted as I walked into the kitchen. Jerome grinned at me, clearly as uncomfortable as me.
"Oliver, thank fuck". He laughed, slapping my back.
"Oliver!" Pedro shouted as if he was on the other side of the world. Abby moved slightly in my arms.
"Pedro, I'm so glad to see you. Are you going to do the welcoming?" I tried to laugh but I really hoped he was. He, in typical fashion, had a bright red tux on.
"If you want me to, we can't have it all from you." He laughed and I slapped his shoulder.
"Great, thank you." I felt relief as Pedro smiled at me, warmly.
"I'll grab Cassey". Pedro walked past us, out of the house.
"How do you do this?" Jerome asked as we walked back into the garden.
"I don't, and this is just the people who need to be here to set the fucking thing up." I let out a breath. Angel appeared out of nowhere, kissing my cheek and grabbing Abby off me.
"Oh hey baby," she whispered into her hair.
"You boys go to the bar, go on," Angel kissed Jerome's cheek. Oh thank fuck, I needed whisky as soon as possible.
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