Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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9. Mia

I was sitting on the sofa, the room dark. The TV was on but I wasn't paying any attention. The kids were in bed and I was desperate for Oliver to come home. He texted me back saying he was on the way and I was going to sit right here until he walked in. I was worried about him, he clearly had tried to put on a brave face at the weekend but he wasn't my Oliver. The door unlocked and I put my hand to my chest, thank god. I stood up as Oliver walked in. He didn't look good and my stomach dropped.
"Sorry baby," Oliver whispered, coming over to me and wrapping his arm around my waist.
"You don't look good," I said flatly.
"Wow, thanks Mia." Oliver chuckled, taking his jacket off. "The kids went down okay?" He asked me.
"Yeah they were fine. What did you need to do at work?" I wasn't pissed, Oliver had done so well on working less hours and I was proud of him.
"Let me make you a coffee," Oliver said, walking into the kitchen. I followed him, not liking that response.
"Do I need one?" I laughed, trying to lighten this awful mood.
"I want to talk to you." Oliver looked over at me, his hand on the kettle. I nodded, what the fuck had happened? I sat on the kitchen stool, watching him pour the milk into my coffee.
"I told you a white lie," he breathed out, turning to me with my coffee. Oliver sat on the stool next to me.
"Oh, you did. Did you?" I smiled cheekily, grabbing my drink. I was trying so hard not to get upset about this. It wasn't going to help the situation at all.
"I didn't work late, well I did for an hour." Oliver chuckled, moving back on the stool. "I went to the cemetery." His eyes looked sad.
"Okay, I'm not sure why you couldn't tell me that?" I shrugged. Granted we hadn't been there in a while but it was usually something we did as a family.
"I needed to go on my own," he shrugged. "I asked her what I should be doing with this Scott shit and to give me a sign." I put my foot up on Oliver's leg, he smiled at me, running his hand down the bottom of my leg.
"Did you get a sign?" I asked, in all seriousness.
"Yeah, you texted me. So she's telling me I need to ask you. What do you think I should do?" I looked into his beautiful eyes, fuck this was a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. I honestly didn't know what Oliver should do.
"You need to tell me more, why don't you want to see him?" I looked up at the clock in the kitchen, yep we weren't getting any sleep tonight. Oliver took a breath out, rolling his shoulders back.
"Because I feel like I'm betraying mum." Fucking hell. His sentence punched me in the heart, my tears already rolling. I put my head in my coffee mug, trying to compose myself.
"Why do you feel like that?" I asked, my head coming back. Oliver's face was blank, which worried me even more.
"Because he was always the bad guy, what he did to her and shit. I don't know."
"What did he do to her? You've never actually told me," I spat out, trying to calm my voice. I scanned Oliver's eyes, he looked down and I knew he was crying, my heart completely broke in two as I grabbed his hand.
"After she had me," he took a deep breath in. "She got cancer for the first time. She was in a coma or some shit I don't know."
"How old were you?" I asked, moving his hand to my thigh.
"Like two I think, no older than Daniel." He paused, rubbing his face. "He went to the hospital and told them to switch off her breathing machine." Oliver looked into my eyes and I saw all of the pain there. "They refused obviously as she was due to come out of the coma, she was due a good result. So he decided rather than killing my mother he would kidnap me."
"I'm sorry, why do I not know this?" I stood up, putting my cup in the sink. Play it cool Mia.
"Because you didn't need to. What good would it have done?" Oliver shrugged.
"You know all my shit Oliver?" I growled, clearly not playing it cool.
"Mia," he said softly, standing up. "I've never even given him a second thought. We would have lived our lives blissfully happy if it weren't for him or Grant." I shook my head, moving his hand that went to reach for me.
"No, you should have told me this. We're married Oliver, we have two children. This is shit I could have helped you with." I cut him off before he could speak again. "How am I only now knowing your mum had cancer three times? It's absolutely ridiculous." I shook my head, rubbing my forehead.
"Because she's dead Mia! She's fucking dead and she was when I met you! She never got to meet you! Never got to meet Daniel or Abby, so what's the fucking point!" Oliver dropped onto the stool, his head in his hands. I watched him, frozen on the spot as his back shook.
"You need to meet with him," I whispered.
"Okay." I finally walked over to him, my hand on his back.
"I'm sorry." I kissed the back of his head.
"You have nothing to be sorry for," he whispered, his voice trembling. "I'll call him." I pushed his head into my chest, cuddling him. I let him cry into my chest for a while, my lips on his head.
"So where did he take you?" I had to ask.
"I have no idea, when she woke up she asked for me obviously. I was the definition of a mummy's boy." I chuckled, smiling when Oliver laughed lightly.
"Not like Daniel then." I smiled.
"Oh god no, I don't think he even realises he has a mum." I pushed Oliver's head, him laughing as he looked up at me.
"My aunt called the police when he didn't answer any calls. I think, this is just stuff my mum told me." I nodded, my hand on his face now. "She had to take him to court, I came back to her when I was about five." I pulled my head back, five? He was with him for that long?
"Wait, sorry. That's such a long fucking time."
"Yeah I know, my mum was recovering from cancer and he put her through that. She got full custody of me and I never saw him again. I don't remember any of it obviously. I only ever remember being with my mum." I looked at his face, I still had no idea how to help him with this. This was heavy stuff and I totally understood his heart being so torn.
"I get it, I get you don't want to meet him because of your mum. When he got in contact with you before, your mum was alive right?" I needed to get closer to him, moving in between his legs. Oliver looked up at me, god this man's face. I wanted him to smile so I could see them beautiful dimples.
"I never told her," he said flatly.
"Oh, just not me you keep secrets from then." I pulled a face and his shoulders dropped.
"It wouldn't have helped her then and it wouldn't have helped you. I cut that off quickly, like I told you. Told him I never wanted to see him. So I'm confused why he isn't giving up this time round." I swallowed hard, watching him.
"I have something to tell you," I said quietly, my heart in danger of smashing out of my chest.
"What?" Oliver sat up straighter, his eyes moving quickly over my face.
"I got an email today. From your dad." Oliver jumped up, nearly knocking me over.
"Show me," he barked at me, his hand out. I went into the living room, picking my phone and getting my emails up. I was freaking now, it was an innocent enough email and Oliver was the most gentle, shy man I had ever met but I knew he was going to lose it. I put the phone in the palm of his hand, my own sweating. I watched him scan my phone, his face serious.
"I'm going to fucking kill Grant." He put the phone on the side, walking out of the kitchen.
"Oliver," I said firmly. I watched him put his jacket on, shoving his shoes on. "Oliver, no. Come to bed." I grabbed his arm and he shook me off.
"No fucking way, he can give him my email address fine. But yours?!" He shouted, making me jump. "No, no fucking way." Oliver pulled the door open and I tried to grab him again.
"Oliver, please don't do this. You're going to regret it. I promise, let me sort it." I was begging now, my hand on his wrist. He was half way out the door, he looked at me and my tears rolling down my cheeks.
"No, I've been taken the piss out for the last time. These dicks can do whatever they want to me but when they get you involved? No. Not happening. I love you Mia, I'll be home soon." He took my hand off his wrist, slamming the door in my face. I put my head on the door, my tears taking over. I cried against the door, my chest hurting. I was scared, I had no idea what he was going to do and I couldn't do anything about it, with two kids in the house.
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