Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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11. Mia

Oliver managed to get the rest of the week off so Daniel was skipping nursery and we were going to our happy place, the house. We were in Oliver's jeep, the bugatti really wasn't child friendly. Oliver had recently sold his old one, against my protest. It had such good memories so I was sad to see it go. Obviously he brought a brand new one the next day. Abby was asleep in the back, Daniel chatting to himself.
"So, when are you calling Scott?" I asked Oliver, my eyebrow raised. He shrugged before speaking.
"When I'm back at work probably."
"I think you should see if he wants to come to the house," I spat out, knowing his reaction.
"You do? Why do you want me to see him so much?" His voice was calm but I knew inside was the opposite.
"Because I think you need closure. The not knowing is the bit that's killing you." I kept my eyes on the side of his face, trying to gage whatever was ticking over.
"Yeah I suppose you're right. My mum told me to take your advice so what you say goes." I smiled at him, my hand on his thigh. "When I get in I'm going to do a video call with my dad, so he can see the kids. You should call yours too."
"My what?" Oliver flicked his eyes over to me, a stupid smirk on his face.
"Your dad." I sighed.
"Don't have one. I will call Scott though." Oliver smiled, his dimples finally coming out to me.
"Arghhh them dimples!" I teased, pushing his cheek.
"Don't get jealous Mia, it doesn't suit you."
"Shut up. Also can Angel and Jerome come up on Friday? For dinner?" I got my phone out of my pocket.
"Yeah of course. Jerome's cooking though yeah?" Oliver asked, his smile still there.
"Oh god yeah," I said, looking out the window. We came towards the house, Oliver putting in the code. It was still Daniel's due date, which he definitely didn't arrive on. I closed my eyes as I listened to the gravel under the tires. I didn't think a place could make me so happy as this house but it did. Even that noise calmed me. I climbed out of the ridiculously huge car, getting Abby out behind me. She had woken, her smile huge and them dimples on display.
"You awake baby?" I asked her, putting her down and letting her walk to the house.
"Dada!" She shouted, ignoring me as usual.
"Abby, baby Abby!" Oliver shouted, holding her hand. He had got Daniel out, who was running towards him.
"Do I actually exist or what?" I asked myself, opening the boot.
"I'll get the bags baby, leave it!" Oliver shouted over to me, I walked up the stairs, opening the door. We had only just got back from the house Sunday night and I knew we had all of our supplies in.
"Coffee?" I asked Oliver, walking into the kitchen.
"I'll make it, call your dad." Oliver kissed my cheek, opening the fridge. I sat at the kitchen table, Abby on my lap.
"Daniel, go and sit with mummy so you can speak to Grandad," Oliver said, boiling the kettle. Daniel sat on the chair next to me, us all huddled around my phone. I video called my dad's number, excitement running through me as his face came into view.
"Babies! My babies!" He shouted, making Daniel laugh.
"Hey papi!" I smiled, he looked good. He had put on quite a bit of weight, which was a good thing and his dark eyes looked warm.
"Hi grandad!" Daniel waved.
"Daniel, are you being good? If I ask mummy will she tell me you're being good?" I laughed, bobbing Abby on my lap.
"I'm being very good. I'm a good boy. Ask daddy," Daniel said. I rolled my eyes, obviously.
"Where is Oliver? Is he okay?" My dad asked, I turned the phone to Oliver who waved.
"Hi Rahul, you look good! You're eating now, yeah?" Oliver chuckled and my heart felt full. Even though I had seven brothers who I loved to death, my three men were here with me now.
"Oh it's too much!" My dad laughed as I turned the phone back to me.
"What do you mean?" I asked, watching his face.
"I'm fat now Mia."
"Grandad, have you got a big belly?" Daniel asked, finding his sentence hilarious.
"So big Daniel!" I looked up at Oliver as my dad and Daniel giggled with each other. He smiled at me and I returned it. He looked much better already.
"Mia," I turned to my dad's voice.
"I need you to send me your bank details, I need to send some money to you." I looked at him closely. What the hell? I still sent my dad money every month, the last couple of months were a struggle, still being on maternity leave but I had some bits saved. I turned around for Oliver but he was out of the kitchen, getting our bags most likely.
"Oliver sent me some money. I don't need it." His face was serious and I frowned.
"How much?" I asked firmly.
"Ten thousand." I put my head back, groaning.
"Okay I will talk to him."
"Mia I'm thankful, so thankful but that's too much and I've got myself a part time job." My dad beamed and I put Abby on the floor.
"You do?" I was a mixture of nerves and excitement. I didn't know if my dad was well enough to work and he was approaching seventy.
"Yeah, just a part time one, in the supermarket. I work the till!" I laughed at his happy face. "So I won't need your money either. I'm going to save to fly to the UK so I can thank you properly."
"No need dad. I mean it. You know I'm here to help you if you need it."
"What's going on?" I turned back to Oliver, a scowl on my face.
"I will talk to you later." I pointed at him.
"What have I done?" Oliver smiled, looking down. God that shyness did things to me.
"My dad got a job!" I smiled, ignoring his question.
"Rahul, congratulations. You don't have to work, you know that right?" Oliver asked, walking over.
"Oliver, I was just saying to Mia you need to take your money back, please." Oliver looked down at me and my annoyed face.
"Ahh! That's what I did wrong." Oliver nodded. "When are you coming here?" Oliver asked, ignoring my face now.
"Come at Christmas Grandad!" Daniel jumped up and down on his chair.
"Daniel, don't jump on the chair." Oliver said firmly.
"That would be nice dad. Maybe Rahul can do something at his place."
"Yes, I will ask him. I will be there. I promise, I have yet to cuddle Abby." My heart broke when he said that. My dad had seen Daniel, only twice, once after he was born. Oliver brought him to the UK and the second time when we went to Portugal but Daniel was no more than six months old. I felt myself get a bit emotional, wiping my face.
"I must go Mia, I have work," my dad said, his face friendly. I knew he could see it was upsetting me.
"Okay, bye dad. I love you."
"Love you Grandad!" Daniel screamed.
"I love you all." My dad said quietly before the screen went blank. I put my head back, wiping my face.
"Why can't he live here?" I groaned, Oliver running his hand through my hair.
"Have you asked him? Why doesn't he?" I shrugged, watching Daniel get down from the table.
"Daddy, can I get my lego?"
"Of course." Oliver turned to me.
"Wait!" I shouted, watching Daniel run out of the room. "Why the hell are you giving my dad ten grand?" I screwed my face up. Oliver put my coffee in front of me, putting Abby on his lap.
"Because you left your internet banking open on the computer and I saw you moving money to him from your savings. One I don't know why you have savings and two, rather than try and figure out money to send him, why don't I just give him money once a year?" Oliver shrugged like it was the most normal thing in the world.
"Erm, why are you looking at my bank? I'm pretty sure that's illegal." I giggled.
"Erm, why do you even have bank accounts. I've got money Mia."
"Yes I know that! You have more than a million but I'm not allowed to say the B word." I rolled my eyes.
"Alright god, last time I checked I had like twelve billion and my wife works? Sends three hundred pound to her dad every month? It's embarrassing." He tried to smile but I screwed my face up tighter.
"How is it embarrassing?" I chuckled, curious to know the answer.
"Because you don't need to do them things." He tutted.
"Don't you think it's good for Abby and Daniel to see me going to work?" Oliver moved Abby to face him, kissing her forehead.
"Daniel!" He shouted.
"I'm coming daddy!" Daniel replied.
"I agree, it shows work ethic. It's just still weird to me, I'm not used to a woman working."
"Ewww don't put me in the same bracket as Tracy and Claire. Please." I put a face of fake disgust on, before turning my head to Daniel. He was struggling in the kitchen with his box of legos.
"Who? I don't know them women. Do what you want Mia but there is no way my wife is struggling to give her dad money. Not happening." Oliver stood up, going over to Daniel on the floor at the end of the room.
"What are we making?" Oliver asked.
"A spaceship daddy!" I smiled as I picked up my now lukewarm coffee, taking a gulp.
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