Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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12. Oliver

Both kids were tucked up in bed as me and Mia sat on the sofa, the dark green material made her hair look amazing and I wanted to fuck her on the sofa so much. Probably too much.
"Go on, call Scott." Mia turned to me, throwing cold water over me.
"Fine, I get to fuck you after," I said firmly, watching her roll her eyes. I got my phone out, searching for his email with his number. As it rang I put it on loudspeaker, Mia staring at me. I was shitting it for some reason, my heart in my throat.
"Hello." His voice sounded frail and it made me shiver.
"Scott, it's Oliver," I spat out, hoping he only knew one Oliver.
"Oliver! Oh my god. I'm so happy you called." I closed my eyes, not sure if I could do this. I felt Mia's hand on my thigh and opened my eyes again.
"I've had a think about it and I thought you could come to our place. Saturday night," I said firmly. I wanted this meeting as far away as possible.
"Really?" His voice went up.
"I would prefer it when the kids are in bed. If you don't mind." I don't know why I said the last bit, they were my fucking kids after all.
"That's fine, whatever you want. Will your wife be there? I thought you were married to a Claire but Grant told me,"
"Me and Claire divorced. Years ago." I cut over him. "While we are on that subject, my wife's name is Mia. I don't fucking appreciate you emailing her and I would prefer it if you didn't speak to Grant anymore." My chest was beating and I put my hand to it.
"I'm sorry Oliver. I was desperate, please apologise to Mia for me." His voice sounded sad and I felt sorry for him, for a minute.
"Okay, erm you know where my house is. Maybe eight?" Mia came closer to me, leaning her head on my shoulder.
"That will be fantastic Oliver. Thank you."
"No worries. See you then." I pressed the red button quickly, looking down at Mia.
"I'm proud of you. Like, so proud." She grinned at me, not helping my heart rate.
"I don't know what I'm going to say to him on Saturday. You know I hate small talk." I looked down, running my hand through my hair.
"I will be here. You will be fine, then after Saturday if you never see him again that's fine too." I looked up at Mia, I was so unbelievably lucky to have her.
"Thanks baby," I whispered. I kissed her lips gently and as I went to move away she pushed her body towards me. Oh, we were doing that. "Mia," I purred, my hands on her face. She opened her mouth and I pushed my tongue in, exploring her sweet mouth. I could feel my dick pushing against my trousers and I needed her. Mia moved against me, her chest on mine. I needed to see her breasts and grabbed the bottom of her top, our tongues still together. I pulled away as I pulled her top off, groaning as I saw her purple bra, pushed against her breasts.
"You're perfect," I whispered on her chest, kissing down to her bra cup.
"Oliver," she moaned, grabbing the back of my head. I slid my hands down her stomach, undoing her jean buttons. She sat up as I pushed her jeans down, attempting to get them over that arse of hers. I had a wicked thought as I slapped her, making her jump. I looked up, kissing her neck.
"Let me fuck you in the arse tonight," I said quietly.
"That won't give you what you're after," she said but with a giggle.
"No, but we have tomorrow for that." My lips were still on her neck, nibbling her.
"Okay," Mia breathed out. My dick at maximum length. I stood up, we needed lube and fast. "Shall we go upstairs?" Mia asked.
"No, stay there. I'm getting lube." I practically ran out of the living room, taking the stairs two at a time. I burst into our bedroom, going for our top draw. I grabbed what I was after, coming back downstairs and into the living room. Mia was just in her underwear set and I could eat her alive. Her knickers were black, lacy and tiny. I threw the lube on the sofa, throwing my t-shirt over my head, dropping my trousers.
"Oliver, okay!" Mia giggled, moving up for me to sit next to her.
"Sorry, I just want you bad." I put my arm around her lower back, dropping her onto the sofa. I came in-between her legs, kissing her stomach and up to her bra. I pushed the cups down, taking one of her nipples into my mouth. I heard Mia moan, my dick flinching. She never normally came from anal so she needed to now. My hand stroked her stomach, going into her knickers.
"Mia, fucking hell," I gasped. Her pussy soaking wet. I ran my thumb over her clit, watching her jerk underneath me.
"Oliver," she groaned, her eyes closed. I twirled my thumb around her clit, chuckling as her hand grabbed my wrist. Mia's eyes were still closed as I kissed her lips, flicking her clit quicker.
"Oh my god!" Mia called out, her eyes opening. I was smiling at her as I pulled down her knickers, putting two fingers in her wet pussy, it tightening immediately. I sat up so I could watch her cum, slamming my fingers into her, my thumb on her clit.
"Cum on my hand Mia," I said firmly, Mia bit her bottom lip, her back arching towards me. Her pussy was going crazy, twitching and I was tempted to get in there quickly.
"You want me in here first?" I asked her.
"Please," she moaned. I prayed I didn't blow in her pussy, ruining my treat. I removed my hand, slowly pushing inside her. I threw my head back, her tightness grabbing me. I grabbed both of her thighs, pulling her closer to me.
"Oliver! Fuck!" Mia shouted, through gritted teeth. I slammed into her hard, watching her breasts bounce. I tried to concentrate on my breathing, still slamming into Mia roughly. I don't think she particularly liked rough sex before she met me, but I think I converted her. Her pussy throbbed around me, her leg shaking and I knew she was about to cum. I watched her as it took her breath away, her mouth wide open, that angry cumming face.
"Oh my god." Mia closed her eyes, I pulled out of her quickly, sitting back. Mia sat up, her eyes nearly closing.
"Hold onto here." I slapped the back of the sofa, Mia put her chest against it, her perfect arse staring at me. I got behind her, running my hand down her spine.
"Are you sure you want this?" I asked, kissing her back.
"Yeah," she whispered. "Don't be rough please." She put her head down, as I grabbed her hips, pushing her back onto me.
"I won't, I promise," I whispered into her back. I wasn't a complete animal. I grabbed the lube from beside me, covering myself and her.
"It cold!" She moved forward slightly, giggling.
"Sorry." I smiled, moving closer to her, one hand on her waist. "Stop me okay." I said firmly.
"Okay," Mia whispered. I could tell by her voice she was nervous, so I ran my hand up and down her spine while I pushed into her back entrance, ever so slowly.
"Oliver." Her jaw was tight. "Sorry, it's okay now." I smiled, kissing her back. The tightness of her took my breath away and anal always forced me to go slower. Which wasn't a bad thing, I stroked Mia's neck, massaging her shoulder as I slowly pumped into her, my whole dick wasn't in but it was perfect.
"You feel amazing," Mia whispered, making my balls rise. I moved my head back, my eyes slamming shut as my dick throbbed, I was already nighty percent there in her pussy so this wasn't going to last long. I moved my head back down as she slowly backed up onto me, making me gasp.
"Mia!" I laughed, "you're going to destroy me." She moaned out, making me join her. One of my feet was on the floor, next to the sofa and my whole leg was spasming. My stomach got tight as I moaned out.
"I'm done." I moved my hand from Mia's shoulder to her neck, my grip tight as my dick pulsed, I pulled out of her quickly, hearing her gasp as cum landed on her lower back.
"Let me clean you up," I said quietly, gently slapping her arse.
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