Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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13. Mia

Angel grinned at me, her whole face lighting up. My hand was on her huge stomach, the baby attempting to kick my hand away.
"She doesn't mess about, does she?" I laughed with Angel, the kids running around the living room. Jerome and Oliver were cleaning up the dinner things, after Jerome bought dinner to us.
"How are you feeling?" I asked, tucking my legs under me on the sofa. Angel blew out a breath, shrugging.
"Not bad, but worse than when I was pregnant with Mia. Still feel sick this far along. How are you and Oliver? Any luck?" I shook my head, my stomach dropping.
"Nope, but I'm not stressing about it."
"No, don't you fucking dare. It will happen, you've had no trouble twice before." Angel smiled, grabbing my hand. I nodded, she was right, as usual.
"Kids, did you want to play in the garden?" We turned around to Jerome. His beautiful smile across his face.
"Yes please daddy!" Baby Mia shouted, jumping up and down. She was the most beautiful little girl, her black hair in plaits and Angel's shining eyes.
"Come on then," Jerome said, picking up Abby.
"Are you alright with them?" Angel asked, looking up at Jerome.
"Yeah, me and Oliver will take them outside. Let you two gossip." He rolled his eyes and Angel attempted to slap him, groaning as he moved back. Angel kept her eyes at the door, turning to me once the garden door closed.
"So, Oliver's dad?" I threw my head back laughing, she wasn't waiting a second.
"He's coming here tomorrow night." Angel pulled a worried face, moving her own plaits out of her face.
"That's big. How do you feel about it?"
"I don't know," I sighed. "I would be a hypocrite if I told him he had to see him because he is his dad." I shrugged.
"Erm maybe, I think your mum is different though, like Roger is always there so I think it's different." I hadn't told Angel the full story of why Oliver didn't want to meet Scott. "When did you last speak to your mum?" Angel grabbed her drink off the coffee table. I racked my brain, trying to remember.
"She called me once Daniel was born but I didn't see her." I shrugged, watching Angel's face.
"I can't believe she's never met Daniel and Abby." Angel shook her head.
"I can, the woman is an idiot." I rolled my eyes, Angel laughed, putting her head back.
"Hopefully Oliver will think better of his dad." Angel was still chuckling.
"I doubt it. He hates him." I let out a breath, I was starting to panic about tomorrow now.
"What if it goes completely wrong Angel? What if Oliver just fucking loses it?" I put my head in my hands.
"Babe, he isn't going to do that, and if he does you just remove his dad from the house. This is your fucking house, okay?" She chuckled lightly. "Oliver is in charge, not him." I nodded, she was right but I knew I would have to deal with Oliver later.
"He just gets so down with it all, I don't want him to be upset." Angel looked back at the door and then to me.
"Of course you don't. But he clearly needs to do this, to get some satisfaction, even if it's just asking why he was a complete waste of space as a dad and chuck him out." Angel gave me a soft smile and I nodded.
"I know, I'm panicking now because I told him to see him."
"He isn't going to get angry at you, this is Oliver we're talking about." She laughed then, making me smile.
"Babe." we turned to Jerome's voice. "Mia is being fussy, shall we get going?" Angel nodded, standing up. I got up, helping her off the deep sofa.
"Love you Mia," Angel brought me in for a cuddle. "Now put the kids to bed so Oliver can give you a baby," she cackled. I laughed, going over to baby Mia and giving her a cuddle."
"I love you, be good." I said to her.
"I will auntie Mia," she whispered, the cutest voice.
"Ring me Sunday?" Angel asked me as we looked up at Oliver who appeared at the door, Abby in his arms.
"Of course."

Me and Oliver were sitting in bed, his nose in his phone. I knew it was work but I wasn't going to say anything. I watched the side of his face, he looked deep in thought and as I cleared my throat he looked over at me.
"Sorry, I'm trying to sort out a new PA." His face was scrunched up.
"It's okay, any luck so far?" I asked.
"Not really, but I don't know why I'm being picky, the job has nothing to do with accounting and Grant had no experience." Oliver chuckled, his face back in his phone.
"Just don't get a blonde twenty year old please." I laughed.
"I don't like blondes," Oliver answered, rubbing his forehead. I nearly burst out laughing, yeah we all know that Oliver.
"Sorry, that was a douche answer." He put his phone on the bedside table. "I'm just going to get Pedro to sort it out, I think." He looked at me, his hand in my lap.
"How are you feeling about tomorrow?" I asked, my heart in my throat. Oliver shrugged, yawning.
"I feel indifferent. Can we go to the cemetery during the day though?" I nodded. "Thanks. I want to take Daniel there." I moved closer to him, my head on his shoulder.
"Remember you are in charge tomorrow. If you want him to leave then tell him to leave."
"I will, I don't even know what I'm going to say to him, part of me feels he wants to see me so badly, it's up to him." I nodded, it was a fair point. Something told me that Scott had something he wanted to discuss with Oliver. Why he was so desperate. I just prayed it was something good. I closed my eyes, feeling his warm skin against my cheek.
"I checked my calendar," I whispered. I felt Oliver move, his head coming down.
"Can we try tomorrow?" Oliver asked and I felt my stomach drop. For some reason I felt a tear creep into my eye. I sniffed, trying to get rid of it.
"Yeah," I said quietly. Oliver put his arm around my shoulders, pulling me closer.
"Sorry Mia, I'm shattered." I nodded, not wanting to talk. "Mia," Oliver said softly. I looked up at him, his concerned face. "Tomorrow, I promise. I will put a baby in you tomorrow." I slapped his chest, trying to move away from him, Oliver grabbed my shoulder, pulling me back.
"Don't say it like that for god sake." I rolled my eyes. "Sorry, you just never say no to sex, like ever." I tried to smile.
"Don't take it personally. I'm just fucked Mia, I'm stressed, I'm tired. I can't just have a cuddle?" I chuckled at his words, wanting this Scott thing to be over already. I wanted my Oliver back.
"I can do cuddles," I whispered, wrapping my arm around his waist.
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