Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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14. Oliver

I walked out of Abby's room, checking the time. It was twenty to eight and my stomach was in my mouth. I don't think I wanted to do this, but it was far too late to back down now. I walked down the stairs, hearing Mia in the kitchen. The minute this guy left my fucking house I was going to make it up to her. She had been pushed away and at the worst possible timing. Most people would think we were insane that we wanted three kids under five but it seemed perfect right now, to have our third and last baby. Problem was for some reason I couldn't fucking get Mia pregnant. Both times had been pretty much straight away but we were going into our fifth month with no luck now. Abby was about to turn one next week and we had hoped Mia would already be pregnant.
"Hey," I breathed out as I walked into the kitchen. Mia looked up at me, handing me most likely a whisky. "Thank you." I kissed her forehead. "This is going to be quick, I promise," I muttered on her skin.
"It's on you Oliver. Whatever you want to do." She really had put up with some shit.
"I love you." I grabbed her by her lower back, pushing her closer to me.
"I love you too," she laughed. "What's wrong, other than the obvious." She rolled her eyes.
"I'm panicking, I've been ignoring you." She moved her head back.
"Stop Oliver, you haven't. Is this because I'm not pregnant?" Mia raised her eyebrow. She could be a fucking mind reader at times.
"Maybe, I want to say no but it probably is, in the back of my head." I took a gulp of whisky, my eyes still on Mia.
"Don't stress. It's not even been a year since I had a baby, maybe it's just my body not being ready yet." I nodded, it made sense but I was being inpatient.
"We have enough sex right?" I asked, my glass to my lips. Mia giggled, her arm around my neck.
"Yes, we do. Apart from last night obviously." She pulled a face and I felt like a dick. I really didn't have it in me last night and she was right, it wasn't like me at all. "I'm not stressing about it Oliver. I refuse to, we have two amazing, beautiful children."
"I thought you wanted another," I spat out, interrupting her. Her hand went to my chest.
"I do Oliver, you know that. I'm just saying not to put pressure on ourselves when we are already blessed." She kissed my lips gently, taking my empty glass and refilling it. She did know me well.
"You're right. Let me deal with dickhead and then we get on with the important shit." Mia handed me my full glass, a smirk on her face.
"Don't call him a dickhead to his face please." She went back to the sink, washing our dinner things. I sat at the kitchen table, staring at her and drinking. I didn't even want to check the time. I closed my eyes and thought about my mum, I knew she would tell me to be polite, make an effort as he was my dad and in my home. Growing up she still tried to get in contact with him, for me. That's how amazing she was. The guy tried to kill her basically and she still thought about me. The gate buzzing brought me back, opening my eyes and looking at Mia.
"You ready?" She asked, drying her hands.

My chest was pounding as I opened the front door, watching the car drive into the gravel. There wasn't much space for another car, thanks to my collection and I chuckled at his attempt to park.
"You okay?" Mia asked me, tucked up next to me.
"I think so." I shrugged. I let out a breath as Scott got out of his car, a smile on his face. He really didn't look much like me, but I was all mum. He looked old, but I wasn't sure how old he actually was.
"Oliver," he breathed out, his smile large.
"Scott, hi. This is my wife Mia." I pointed to her, hoping she was going to take over here. "Hi, nice to meet you. Come in, would you like a drink?" Mia put her hand on his shoulder, walking him into the house. I blew out a breath as I shut the door. Oh she was going to get treated tonight.
"It's a beautiful home you have here." Scott said, as he and Mia walked into the kitchen. I took a second outside the room. My chest was starting to hurt and I tried to slow my breathing.
"Oliver, did you want another whisky?" Mia asked me, aka get the hell in here. I walked in, Scott was at the table, drink in hand.
"Yes please," I whispered, feeling like a child.
"How long have you guys lived here?" Scott asked and Mia looked over at me.
"Erm, I bought this house about seven years ago, Mia moved in with me after," I said, my head pounding.
"How long have you two been together?" I nearly rolled my eyes, interested in my life now? I honestly didn't know the answer and luckily Mia answered.
"About four years, we've been married for just over three." She smiled, handing me my whisky.
"Wow, you two managed a lot in that time." I chuckled then, he was right.
"Yeah well, when you know, you know right?" I smiled at Mia as she leaned against the kitchen side.
"Shame I couldn't be at your wedding," Scott whispered. If he was trying to make me feel guilty then he was failing. I didn't give a shit.
"Well, we only got married in a registry office, there were only three other people there," Mia stuttered out and I put my hand out.
"That and you didn't deserve to be there." Mia shot me a look but I was right and she knew it.
"You're right. So Oliver tell me, what have you been up to?" Scott asked.
"What in forty one years?" I scoffed. Mia walked over to me, pinching the side of my stomach. "Sorry, erm. What have I been up to? I started my business, then my second one." I shrugged. "I got married, mum died and then I got divorced." I looked over at Mia, I fucking hated even acknowledging Mia wasn't my first and only wife but her smile told me she didn't care. "Fucked about for a while and then met Mia. I bought and sold a bank during that time as well. Got married and had two kids." I shrugged again, that was pretty much it. "What about you?" I asked, not actually giving a shit. Scott took a gulp of his drink, keeping the glass in his hand.
"After your mum I met someone, we had two kids." I nodded, not sure how I felt about that.
"So Oliver has siblings?" Mia asked, looking at Scott.
"Yes, two sisters." I scoffed and Mia looked at me.
"I don't but okay."
"Oliver," Mia growled. "Fucking stop," she whispered, her eyes angry.
"Sorry, half sisters. That's good to know, if I ever need a kidney or anything." I was trying so hard not to be awkward but it was just coming out of me.
"You know what?" Mia turned to me. "Why don't you go in the sauna or something to relax. I will talk to your dad." Her eyes were still pissed and my stomach fell. I didn't want to upset Mia.
"I'm sorry baby, cut me some slack," I whispered.
"You're being rude." Her voice was firm and she was right. Maybe we needed to hurry this along.
"Scott, I'm sorry but I'm sure you can kind of understand?" I put my empty glass on the kitchen side, staring at him.
"Of course I do. I wasn't good to you, or your mother." I slammed my jaw shut, shut up Oliver. Don't say anything. "I wanted to see you for multiple reasons actually." He rubbed his hands together looking nervous.
"Oliver, please sit with me." He pointed to the chair opposite and Mia pushed my back, helping me walk towards it.
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