Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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15. Mia

My heart was in my throat as I watched Oliver sit opposite Scott. This wasn't going well and Oliver’s tight jaw told me he wasn't in a good place. Scott didn't look great either, he was much more frail than I imagined.
"I want to first apologise for harassing you both. I should have never come here uninvited." Scott spoke but I was watching Oliver. He nodded, looking at the floor. I had no idea what was going on in his head and it scared me. "I need to talk to you about some matters." Oliver looked up at Scott's words.
"Okay, that's fine." Oliver responded, his voice broke slightly and it took everything not to pull him out of the situation.
"Firstly, I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I have about six months," Scott spat out. I put my hand to my chest, fuck. I watched Oliver breathe out, his head going back.
"Let's hope nobody tries to turn off your breathing machine."
"Oliver!" I shouted, him looking up at me. "Living room, now!" I walked out of the kitchen, my blood was about to explode out of my body, my hand shaking. I turned around in the living room, facing Oliver.
"Stop it. Now. I fucking mean it. This isn't helping anyone and I know you are angry, you deserve to be angry." I took a deep breath in. "But I don't know why you get so dirty when you're angry." He was looking at the floor, giving me nothing. "Let him finish what he has to say." I grabbed his chin, pushing his head up. His eyes looked sad and it broke my heart. "Either you listen to what he has to say or you fucking kick him out. What do you want to do?" My foot was tapping on the floor, my temperature still rising.
"I want to hear him out," he whispered.
"I know this is hard, I know Oliver. I'm sorry." Oliver put some hair behind my ear, kissing my cheek.
"Thank you, I needed that." He chuckled sadly and I walked past him, back into the kitchen. "Scott, sorry this is fucking with me if you couldn't tell. I didn't mean that." Oliver sat back on the chair and Scott threw his hand out.
"I was expecting worse, it's fine. This is where it gets a bit complicated." I moved closer, my arms crossed.
"Go on," Oliver said softly. He was looking at Scott now, his hands together. "After my diagnosis I decided to get my affairs in order." He paused, swallowing. "I went to my bank, tried to withdraw the money and then close it, you know how it works," Scott chuckled at Oliver. Oliver's face was serious, his brow low. "They informed me I had another bank account. Sorry Mia, can I grab some water?" I nodded, getting him some water from the tap, passing it to him. Oliver slapped his knee and I sat on it, his arms around me. Scott took a sip and looked at us. "The other bank account I had was a joint account with your mother." I nodded, looking down at Oliver.
"You didn't know?" Oliver asked.
"I knew we had one, I just assumed it had been closed. I obviously never got letters or anything."
"Were you and Izzie married?" I had never even thought to ask Oliver that.
"No, we never did." I looked down at Oliver.
"Moses is your mum's name?" I asked him.
"Yeah. She changed my name when I was about ten," Oliver said firmly, looking back at Scott. For some reason that filled me with relief, that we all had the same name as her. "I told the bank any money that was in it was yours Oliver." Scott took another sip. "It turns out, erm, it had money in it. A lot actually," he chuckled.
"How much?" Oliver spat out, his grip tighter on me.
"Once upon a time it had three million." I looked at Oliver again, confused.
"Did she not spend anything?" I asked him.
"Obviously not, she still worked but I always gave her money. She must have just put it in an account." Oliver shrugged. "Wait, you said once upon a time." Oliver looked at Scott.
"This is what I want to ask Oliver. Did your mother have a will?" I was so confused by the question, what the hell was he talking about? Where was this going?
"No," Oliver replied.
"I thought so. Around the time she died the account had three million in as I said. The bank was completely unaware she had died. When I went there, there was nothing in it. Zero pound." Scott said sadly, Oliver rubbed his face with his hand.
"So you spent it?" He asked him.
"What? No, Oliver, I had no idea. Because I was an account holder they showed me the transactions. Money was being moved to another account up until three months ago." I looked at Oliver, he was as confused as me.
"A fraudster?" Oliver asked, his eyes heavy.
"I'm afraid not. I have a bank statement." Scott pulled into his jacket pocket, giving Oliver a folded piece of paper. As Oliver unfolded it, Scott spoke. "It was the only account the money went into, no money ever came in." I watched Oliver scan the paper, my heart smashing into my chest. I flew off Oliver's lap, grabbing the top of the chair as he stood.
"My fucking god!" He screamed, Scott helped me up as my tears splashed the kitchen floor. "Oliver?" I whispered, I was terrified, fear through my whole body. What had he just seen? Oliver turned to me, he was crying his eyes out and my whole body was shaking.
"It's fucking Grant. Grant had been robbing my dead mother. That fucking prick!" Oliver screamed, punching the kitchen wall. I jumped out of my skin, feeling Scott's hand on my shoulder. It was strangely comforting.
"He's okay," Scott whispered to me. "Let him get it out." I nodded, not sure really what to do here. My heart has broken, I don't think Oliver could recover from this. Oliver ripped his hand back out of the wall, blood splashing over the floor.
"Baby," I walked towards him, trying to grab his hand. "You're bleeding Oliver. Let me see it please." He let me grab his hand, staring at the wall. "She never got that money. The money I gave her. That fucking cunt got paid by me and then stole three million off me!" Oliver was screaming, his voice a mess. "Do you know how fucking hard it is to spend three million?!" He looked at me now, his eyes bloodshot and they looked lost. His hand was in pretty bad shape, as was my kitchen wall. I'm sure he had broken something. I went and got a tea towel, wrapping it around his hand.
"I think you have to go to hospital Oliver," Scott said softly. Oliver shook his head, his eyes glazed.
"No, I'm fucking killing him!" I tried to grab him as he marched for the kitchen door.
"Oliver please don't!" I cried, my own voice a mess.
"Daddy what's wrong?" I heard Daniel's baby voice and my heart broke again. I sobbed into my hand, turning from Daniel.
"Nothing, I'm fine. Go back up to sleep for me okay?"
"No daddy, you're crying." Scott pulled me towards him, his arm around my shoulders. I stayed there, my eyes slammed shut but tears burning my cheeks.
"I'm fine, sorry to wake you Daniel. Let's put you back to bed." I heard silence for a minute and then Oliver's voice. "Mia, I can't pick him up." I turned towards them, nodding. I probably looked worse then Oliver but I picked Daniel up, walking towards the stairs.
"Night Daniel, I love you. Mummy loves you," Oliver called after us as I took him up the stairs. As I put him back into bed he whispered.
"Is daddy okay?" My heart broke for a third time, these two were actual best friends.
"He is okay, just a little bit upset about work. You know what daddy's like," I giggled. Daniel nodded, his eyes already dropping.
"I'll tell him to be quiet," I whispered, kissing his forehead.
"Love you mummy."
"Love you baby." I shut the door, walking down the stairs slowly. I had no idea what I was about to walk into. I knew we needed coffee urgently.
"Is he okay?" Oliver asked me as I walked in. I nodded, exhausted. The scene surprised me, Oliver sitting at the kitchen table, Scott with our first aid kit out, working on his hand. Oliver saw my confusion and spoke.
"Used to be a doctor." He smiled. I nodded, turning the kettle on.
"Coffee anyone?" I breathed out.
"Please Mia, dad did you want one?" I don't know if it was the addrelaine, the stress or everything in between but I nearly squealed as Oliver said dad for the first time.
"Please, black, no sugars," Scott chuckled.
"Oh you're easy." I laughed, pouring the boiling water in.
"You need to go to the hospital tomorrow, you've broken at least three knuckles and probably a finger," Scott said, sitting down. I passed them their coffee, leaning against the kitchen side.
"You've calmed down," I said to Oliver.
"I haven't but Daniel gave me a punch in the face." Oliver shrugged. "I'll fix the wall. I'm so sorry Mia."
"I know, it's fine." My head was a complete muddle, hatred for Grant was bubbling over me. Someone who had cared for someone when they died would do something like that?
"What if your mum wanted Grant to have that money?" I asked, playing devil's advocate.
"I can't see it, if I'm honest. And if that's the case why would he still use her bank account?" Oliver asked, taking a sip of coffee. I nodded, that was a good point. "She never had a will, so everything should have gone to me." Oliver rubbed his hand over his face. "I didn't even know she had this bank account, I thought she only had her main one." He shrugged.
"Did you see that account when she died?" Scott asked.
"Yeah, it had about twenty five thousand in it, I gave it to Grant." Oliver blew out, raising his eyebrows. "Wait." Oliver turned to Scott. "If you knew this, why were you in cahoots with Grant?" I took a gulp of my coffee. Another good point. Scott ran his hand over his grey hair, his eyes looked just as bad.
"I needed to see you, you are completely uncontactable Oliver." The room chuckled then. "I searched online for hours, even my daughter tried to help but no contact information for you. So I managed to go up the ranks to Grant. When he responded to an email I sent, I thought jackpot." Scott leaned against his chair. "I set up a meeting with him, like I had a complaint. I told him straight off the bat I knew what he had done." Scott shrugged. "He tried to bullshit me, but I had the bank statements. I told him if he got me to you and my grandchildren I would never tell you." I looked at Oliver, his eyes were firmly on Scott.
"That was a lie right, you were always going to tell me?" His voice broke again and I sighed, this was so very bad.
"Of course. He is very easy to manipulate. He knew he had to cover his arse, which was why he was so forward with it. He gave me your email. I didn't ask, he told me he would bring me here, I didn't ask. Finally, he gave me Mia's email. Again, something I didn't ask for." Oliver looked over at me, pulling the chair next to him out. I nodded, going to sit next to him, my heart hurting.
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