Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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16. Oliver

I felt instantly better with Mia next to me. I had never lost my temper like that and my hand was fucking killing me. I had no right to complain, so I was going to keep shut about it. If I didn't have documents as proof I never would believe Grant would do that. To me or to my mum. It was the ultimate betrayal and he would get his. It was like he had come to my house and spat in my face. To speak to me, crack a joke and spend time in my house and my company while he was robbing my mum blew my mind. How wrong could I be about someone?
"I know it may be hard for you to believe Oliver," Scott said gently. "But I loved your mother, a lot. All I wanted was to remove you from any pain and hurt. You are a father, you must understand that." I nodded, I did. But I would never have done what he did.
"So tell me, why did you think it was a good idea to switch off her machines?" I had to ask, it was the elephant in the room and something I don't think I could ever get past.
"Who told you that?" He looked confused and I shrugged.
"Auntie May," I whispered. My mum's sister. "Well she told mum and when I was about fifteen they told me." I scanned his face, it looked painfully sad and I quickly looked at Mia. She was as confused as me.
"It never happened Oliver." Scott wiped his cheek quickly and I noticed he was crying. Fucking hell. "Your mother was ill, very ill and I won't lie and say the conversation never happened between me and the doctors. It did. However, they told me she would be likely to make a recovery. I didn't march in and demand her breathing machine to be switched off." He scoffed, annoyed. "I took you away because I didn't want you to see it. I didn't want a two year old to see their mother in a hospital bed. I thought what I was doing was the right thing." He shrugged. I looked over at Mia, chewing her bottom lip. I knew she was as torn as me and this was fucking with my head.
"Why did I not come back to mum though? When she was released from the hospital?" Scott sighed, looking into his cup.
"That's on me. Me and your mother's relationship had been destroyed. She felt I wasn't there for her when she was sick. Which I accept." He put his hands up. "The simple answer is, I didn't want to give you back." I put my head in my hands, I couldn't argue with honesty.
"But, sorry Scott. Why couldn't you continue to see Oliver. When he came back?" Mia asked the question now and my hand went into hers, under the table.
"Izzie got full custody. So I threw my toys out the pram. I don't have an excuse for that. Other than being difficult. I was angry at Izzie so I cut off contact." I looked into his face, he looked like he was telling the truth but who was I? Grant has been lying to my face for nearly twenty years. I shook my head, annoyed at myself I was going to say this.
"I'm angry that you waited until you were dying to see me," I spat out. I looked over at Mia who had a cheeky smile on her face. It seemed like the wrong time to smile but luckily Scott chuckled.
"I know, Oliver. I don't want to cause you any pain so you don't ever need to speak to me again." Scott stood up and I looked at my watch.
"It's late, why don't you stay?" I couldn't even believe this was coming out of my mouth.
"Thank you Oliver, but I will go. I think you need Mia right now." I nodded, standing up.
"Maybe I could come another time?"
"We are here every weekend, I don't know how Oliver feels but maybe you could invite your daughters too?" Mia asked, standing up with me. She was taking the piss now but I knew what she was trying to achieve. Scott's eyes lit up, making me smile.
"That would be great." Scott smiled, walking towards the door. We followed, into the hallway.
"What are their names? Sorry, your daughters?" I asked, curious. It had always just been me and my mum, I didn't know what it felt like to have siblings.
"Olive is my oldest and then Emily." Scott's face had a huge smile, clearly he had been a better dad to his daughters then me. "I'm sorry I had to give you such bad news Oliver. I will email you the full bank details and who I spoke to at the bank, when you go to the police." I nodded, yes I needed to do that. I was going to get that money back, regardless of how.
"I appreciate it. I'm sorry I was being so difficult." I put my arm around Mia, pushing her towards me.
"Don't be ridiculous. Mia it was a delight to meet you. Look after her Oliver." Scott walked out the door, we watched him get into the car. I turned and shut the door, Mia in front of me.
"Are you okay?" She asked, her face looked panicked and it made me sad.
"No, not at all. Go to bed baby, I'll clean up here and join you." She nodded, her bottom lip trembling. I kissed her forehead, walking into the kitchen. As I washed up our mugs I let my tears drop into the sink. This had destroyed me, my lack of trust for people just tripled. One of the people I thought I could trust had done such evil things to me. I was so angry my mum never used that money. Granted, I had bought her a house, car and the rest of it. She probably didn't even need the money but she should have decided who it went to. Not Grant. I was trying to rack my brain to think of when I should have noticed that she didn't spend any of it. Clearly I was too busy with work and making the money rather than spending it with her. I felt like a complete fucking idiot. I dried my hands, walking out of the kitchen. I looked around this beautiful house, a house that even now we didn't spend enough time in. Trying to fit in having sex with my wife around fifty hours a week. Promising her I would leave work at five, but not telling her I worked through lunch and checked my emails when she fell asleep. I'm surprised I was even able to get her pregnant twice before, with the stress of work. I walked up the stairs, looking at Daniel and Abby's closed bedroom doors. I spent weekends with them and a maximum of two hours a night with them. I was also guilty of work calls on Saturdays and Sundays. I groaned as I opened our bedroom door. The bedside light was on and Mia was laying down, she was awake and I stripped, getting into bed. Her hand went straight for my chest, kissing my shoulder.
"I don't know what to say," she whispered. I put my arm around her, pulling her tight.
"I'm sorry I lost my temper. I'm sorry Daniel saw me like that."
"It's okay. How's your hand?" I looked down at her, stretching to kiss her forehead.
"It's really fucking hurting," I laughed. Mia sat up, putting my hand in hers.
"I'm so sorry," tears dropped down her cheeks, her back shaking.
"Don't. Mia, please don't cry." I moved my hand to her face, staring at her beauty.
"I can't believe this has happened to you. I'm so sorry this happened to you. You don't deserve this." Mia sobbed, her face in her hand. I grabbed her head, pushing it to my chest. I shushed her gently, running my hand through her hair. I think this was hurting me even more.
"I'll sort it Mia. It will be sorted." She looked up at me, fear in her eyes. "I'm not going to touch him, I'm going to sue the shit out of him and I'll call the police tomorrow." She nodded, putting her head back. "Thank you for tonight. You are my superwoman, do you know that?" I spoke into her hair, feeling her giggle. It made me feel better and I was so glad I got a laugh from her.
"You're not bad yourself." She giggled again, moving closer to me, her leg wrapped around me.
"Am I putting this baby into you now?" I laughed as Mia moved her head back, rolling her eyes.
"You weren't in the mood last night, but tonight?" She chuckled.
"Yeah, basically," I said honestly. Mia ran her hands up my chest, making me jump as she kissed me there, biting me gently. My dick was growing, my hands up Mia's back.
"I want to make love to you," I whispered, feeling her wiggle.
"Are you sure?" Mia asked me, her hand just above my dick. I really needed her, I knew she would make me feel better and maybe tonight was the night.
"Please," I smiled against her lips. Mia rolled her hand over my dick, my eyes closing. I reached down her knickers, rubbing the back of my thumb over her clit.
"Oliver," Mia half giggled, half moaned. I kept my pace quick, kissing her neck. Mia's body was tight and as she rolled her hand all the way down my shaft, I bit into her skin. My dick was throbbing and I couldn't wait to get inside her. I slowly pushed a finger into her, she was already wet and I was getting excited as her pussy tightened, her hand tight on me. I promised myself I wouldn't be rough, I wanted to enjoy every minute and every part of her. As I watched her half open mouth and her dark hair all over her pillow I nearly came in her hand.
"You're so perfect. My perfect fucking wife." I kissed her cheek, closing my eyes as she groaned out. "I can't get over that you're my wife." I whispered, putting a second finger inside her.
"Oliver!" Her pussy was twitching around my fingers and I pulled them out, getting in between her legs. I dropped her knickers, pushing my rock hard dick into her as I lowered my face, inches from hers. Her mouth was already open and I shoved my tongue in, her body coming closer to me. I was leaning above her, slowly pushing my dick deeper. Grabbing her wrists, putting them over my shoulders. I kept my hands on hers, pumping into her. My stomach was already tight, my body feeling like it was on fire.
"My god," Mia purred, her pussy was throbbing and I put my tongue in her mouth again. She tasted so sweet and her tongue swirling around my mouth turned me on even more. She needed to cum and quickly. "I love it when you go slow." Her voice was quiet and I chuckled, biting her bottom lip.
"I love it when your pussy goes crazy for me like this." I buried my head in her neck."Cum for me baby," I whispered. I was cheating, I could already feel she was cumming. Her nails dug into my shoulders, her whole body coming forward.
"Arghhh!" Mia shouted, moving her leg above me. Oh this was a big one. I bit into her neck as my body became alight, her tightness pulling me closer. My own orgasm was arriving and I grabbed the side of her face, pushing it towards me as her pussy pulled the cum out of me.
"Fuck," I whispered, I was fucking exhausted now. Our faces were so close, our limbs entwined together. I didn't want to move and Mia's smile told me she didn't want me to either.
"Do you want me to get out?" I asked, scanning her face.
"No, don't let your cum out," she laughed and I kissed her cheek. "Do you think maybe tonight has worked?" She sounded a bit upset as I looked back at her face.
"Maybe, I hope so. If not we can always try again," I said cheekily.
"Tonight has made me realise how important we are, like me, you, Daniel and Abby." Mia shrugged. "Don't get me wrong, my brothers, my dad and Angel. But you definitely need to look after the people in your house." She smiled, "I don't know what I'm saying sorry." She rolled her eyes. My dick slipped out of her, completely soft. It allowed me to move up, my hand on Mia's cheek.
"You're saying you love us." I replied.
"I'm saying I miss you," she whispered. I nodded, getting it.
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