Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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17. Mia

I was getting Abby ready, nausea waving over me. I was nervous, for a million reasons. I didn't know how Oliver was going to take this, firstly, strangers in his house and for someone who had just been with one parent the majority of his life two sisters might be an overkill. Oliver told me that his sister Olive had a husband and two kids but only she would be here today. Baby steps that we both appreciated. I hoped in time they all could come and visit us. I was also excited for him, I didn't know a life without a busy home, that's what seven brothers would do to you. I put on Abby's socks, kissing her smiling face.
"Mummy!" She giggled.
"Yes I'm mummy!" I smiled, finally. I put her on my hip, turning as the door opened.
"They are here." It was Oliver, his face screwed up. Yeah he was struggling already. I put my hand on his cheek, to try and calm him.
"Okay, let's get them in then." I smiled trying to get one in return.
"What if they hate me?" Oliver asked as we walked towards the stairs.
"Nobody hates you, I'm pretty sure they have been trying to find you too." He nodded, walking down the stairs, Daniel was at the door, jumping up and down.
"Daddy, look at me!" He shouted, doing a particularly large jump.
"Wow! Daniel! You can jump so high!" Oliver returned his loudness. Oliver put his hand on the door knob, turning to me. "I'm sorry this has happened the weekend before you go back to work." His eyes looked sad and I fluffed his hair.
"Don't be stupid. I'm part time now so I can bring the kids here on Thursday." I winked at him, finally getting a smile. Oliver took a deep breath turning to the door and opening it wide. I moved Daniel to my side as we stood behind Oliver. I couldn't see much, but my stomach felt like it was going to explode.
"Oliver," it was Scott and my nausea came over me again, I swear he sounded worse.
"You alright dad, come in." I couldn't shake the grin on my face, holding Daniel's hand. Oliver stepped back. Scott gave me a kiss, yeah he looked worse as well.
"Nice to see you again Mia."
"You too Scott," I said, my eyes to the two women next to him. They both roughly looked Oliver's age, but the oldest definitely had Oliver's eyes. Not the colour, hers were deep brown but the shape was exactly the same.
"Oliver this is Olive." Scott pointed to the older looking woman. "And this is Emily." Scott pointed to the tall blonde, she definitely had Oliver's height.
"Nice to meet you," Oliver said quietly. I knew this was so difficult for him so I moved forward.
"I'm Mia, Oliver's wife." I smiled. Both women grinned at me, Olive speaking.
"Nice to meet you Mia, and who are these lovely two?"
"Sorry, this is Daniel and Abby," Oliver said, his hands in his pockets.
"Hi!" Daniel shouted, reducing the awkwardness.
"Why don't you head into the garden, does anybody want drinks?" I asked, walking to the kitchen. "Scott, coffee?"
"Yes please Mia, you know how I like it." I laughed, looking at Olive and Emily.
"I have mine like dad, thank you Mia." Emily said softly. Her voice was exactly like Oliver's, shyness ripping through her.
"I'll just have water if you don't mind." Olive said, smiling. I nodded, attempting to give Abby to Oliver.
"Can I have a cuddle?" Emily asked and I smiled, passing Abby to her.
"Daniel, go with daddy." I told him, walking into the kitchen. I half expected Oliver to be behind me but let out a sigh of relief as I heard the garden door open. I made the drinks, putting them on a tray and walking into the garden. They were all sat on the grey sofas, I heard laughter as I approached, easing my nausea. I put the tray on the small table, sitting next to Oliver. Emily had Abby on her lap, Daniel tucked into Oliver's side. Scott was in the middle, Olive next to him.
"You have an amazing house Oliver, what do you do?" Olive asked, picking up her water.
"I'm an accountant, what about you guys?" Oliver asked.
"I'm a doctor," Olive answered. "And Emily is a teacher," She beamed.
"Oh so is Mia," Oliver said excitedly.
"What age do you teach Mia?" Emily asked me, her voice went up and she seemed a bit more relaxed.
"I do primary school, like seven year olds."
I watched Emily drop Abby on Scott's lap, Oliver noticed too and watched him. I had no idea what was going on in that head on his.
"Oh I do secondary school, up to sixteen," Emily replied. Taking her coffee.
"Oh god, you're brave." I laughed. Abby giggled at something Scott did, our heads going to him.
"Oliver, thank you for letting us in your home. I know your relationship with dad isn't the greatest, so we really appreciate it. I know for you it might be a bit strange," Olive chuckled.
"Did you know you had a brother?" I asked, jumping in before Oliver could talk.
"Yeah, dad told us when we were children." Emily shrugged.
"It's no problem, I want you here." Oliver looked over at me and I rubbed his shoulder, trying to get another smile.
"I'm glad Oliver, very glad. I hope we can make some sort of relationship." Scott spoke now, making me have a lump in my throat. God this was painfully sad, especially as I had a gut feeling Scott wouldn't be around for very long.
"Yeah, definitely," Oliver said softly. I thought he had finished and moved my head to him as he spoke again. "It's weird, I'll be very honest." Oliver took a breath in and so did I. What was he about to say? "I find this difficult, I'm not great with new people." I chuckled, moving my head to his shoulder. "And I'm trying to fight the feeling that I'm doing my mum a disservice. I don't know." Oliver shrugged. He didn't say it in a bitchy way, it was very honest and I sniffed a tear back. Oliver looked at me, his eyes low.
"Don't or you'll get me going." He smiled, his dimples out.
"Sorry," I whispered.
"Don't say sorry, I just wished I knew what she would say." He was talking to me and I nodded, my eyes on his.
"I think she would want you to be happy," Scott spoke and I moved my head to him.
"Yeah, you're right. That was always her thing," Oliver said. Running his hand over his face. "I forget you knew her too," Oliver laughed.
"I did, for a long time. We were together since we were teenagers." Scott spoke, lifting Abby to her feet.
"Really?" Oliver asked.
"Yeah, sorry girls but if she never got sick we probably would have stayed together until she died." I watched Scott's face, he looked devastated and I realised he had to grieve for her too.
"Let's talk about something less depressing." Oliver laughed standing. Daniel got up, obviously and Oliver kissed his head. "Did you want to play?" Oliver asked him. Daniel nodded, grabbing Oliver's hand. They walked back into the house, probably to get one of Daniel's million toys.
"Mia, I'm sorry. We can leave," Olive said to me. I turned to her, trying to paint a smile.
"No, it's fine. He will be okay, it's just a lot of stuff at once for Oliver. He tends to shut down." I nodded, hoping he would be okay.
"We don't understand obviously because our mum is still here and I can't imagine if it was just me and my mum and she died. I have Olive." Emily smiled gently. "What do you think dad?" She turned to Scott. Abby was half asleep in his arms now and he let out a breath.
"I think Oliver is a complicated man." I nearly laughed, yes he definitely was that. "Let him do what he needs to do, in time he will be fine."
"I hope so, Mia. We want to have a relationship with him, but only if he wants it," Olive said softly. I heard footsteps and turned around.
"Daniel said he wants Grandad to play with him." It was Oliver and he had a small smile on his face. Scott passed me Abby and I put her on the floor, to let her walk.
"I better get to it then," Scott smiled, walking into the house with Oliver. I turned to the women, my mouth half open.
"He is going to a hospice on Monday." Olive answered my question I didn't even know I had.
"Right, okay. Do you know if he has told Oliver?" I asked.
"I don't think he has, no," Emily said quietly.
"Fuck," I mumbled.
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