Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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18. Oliver

I had my head in my hands at the kitchen table. We were due to go back to the flat tomorrow and me back at work and I had so much shit to do. I tried to email my solicitor this morning without Mia realising. She didn't say anything but that didn't mean she didn't know.
"For you," she whispered. I looked up, a glass of whisky in one of her hands, a slab of chocolate in the other.
"Have I ever told you I love you?" I smirked.
"A few times, our wedding being one of them." Mia smiled.
"Sit with me please." I pointed to the chair next to me and Mia sat down, turning her face to me. "Question," I spat out. She nodded, her brow crossed. "Do you think my dad is going to die, like quite soon?" Mia put her head back, rubbing the bridge of her nose.
"Yes, he is going to a hospice on Monday." Her voice was low and I nodded, trying to ignore that awful lump in my throat.
"Yeah, he told me. When we went upstairs." I was trying to pretend it didn't mean what I obviously knew it would mean. I couldn't quite believe the minute I had some type of parent again, they were going to die too.
"How do you feel about that?" Mia asked me, her hand on my knee.
"I feel shit. I feel guilty I didn't let him in before and now even before I get him, I lose him." I rubbed my eye, trying to push back the tear.
"Oliver!" Mia cried, standing up and grabbing my head towards her.
"I'm okay," I chuckled.
"We'll go and see him, Monday evening if you don't have to work late?" Mia looked down at me. Monday wasn't great, I had all that shit to sort.
"Maybe Tuesday. I have a lot of stuff to do on Monday." I tried to make my voice seem normal but my heart was smashing against my chest. I needed Monday to be over already. "Speaking of Monday, do you think Angel can have the kids? I want to meet you from work. Take you out." Mia moved her head back, she was confused and it made me chuckle.
"You do?" I nodded. "It's a bit short notice but I can ask her." Mia shrugged. "Let me call her now, where are you taking me?" Her eyebrows went up.
"It's a surprise." I stood up, kissing her forehead. "I have to make a call myself. Okay?" Mia nodded, her eyes low. She was suspicious but she would have to wait. I ran up the stairs, wishing my office was soundproof.

I was pacing the meeting room, I don't know why I was so worried. If I couldn't trust Pedro then I really was screwed. My papers were on the desk and I was getting inpatient. I was here early and I knew Pedro would be too, clearly l was stupid early. The door opened and I looked up, Pedro smiling at me and his PA Amelia behind. I still didn't have one and Amelia had been a godsend helping me too.
"Oliver? The sudden meeting?" Pedro said, frowning.
"Sorry, sit for me please. I want to discuss some stuff." I sat down as Pedro sat opposite me. Amelia got her notepad out, always on the job this one. Pedro loved her and you could see why. She was roughly my age, pretty I suppose. She was blonde so I didn't give it much thought. "Pedro, I've been talking to my solicitor and some stuff has gone on over the last couple of weeks. As you know." I was looking through my papers, for the specific one.
"Any news from the police?" Pedro asked, crossing his legs. I nodded.
"Yeah Grant has been charged, he's on bail though." I swallowed, less talking about that the better. I doubt I would ever get my money back, but Grant in prison helped the wound.
"I would like to offer you something, ah!" I grabbed the paper, looking up at Pedro.
"Oliver, what? You don't seem yourself." He tipped his head to the side. I probably wasn't, hadn't been for some time.
"I want to give you forty five percent of Moses' accounting," I spat out, staring into his face.
"What?" Pedro's voice was loud, his eyes going from me to Amelia.
"I don't want to do this anymore Pedro. I have enough money in the bank to last me a million lives. I don't need the stress, I don't want the stress. I want you to have it."
"What the stress?" Pedro chuckled and I joined him.
"Well, yeah. Of course because I created this company I want to be the main owner but if you want more percentage, I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement." I pushed the legal document over to him. Pedro grabbed it, scanning it quickly. He looked up to me, confused.
"You're giving this to me?" I nodded. "Oliver. You are giving me forty five percent of a million pound company?" Pedro looked shell shocked and it was making me chuckle.
"But you deal with everything. I will be a silent partner. I trust you to keep it going." I sat back on my chair, watching him.
"So I will be the boss?" He asked.
"Yeah, CEO. I've offered Aaron the same at Izzie accounting. He bit my arm off," I laughed.
"What's going on Oliver? Are you dying?" The question made me burst out laughing, fluffing my hair.
"No, I'm not dying. I realised I wasn't spending enough time with the people who I love. What's the point of having billions in the bank if you don't spend them or spend time with your family." I shrugged. "Take it Pedro. You deserve it." And he did, Pedro was my right hand man and I knew the business would continue to grow under him.
"Thank you Oliver, you've changed my life. Again, because it was pretty good thanks to you before." Pedro looked up, tears down his cheeks. "I can't believe this." He stared at the document.
"Did you want to sign it now? You can read it over with your solicitor?" Pedro shook his head.
"No, it's simple enough. Amelia! Do you have a pen?" Pedro asked, wiping his face.
"I do, sir." She laughed, handing him a pen. Pedro signed the document quickly, standing up. I followed, doing my suit jacket up. I could hardly breathe as he grabbed me for a bear hug, slapping my back.
"Enjoy your life Oliver. Will we still be friends?" He had tears in his eyes as we pulled away.
"Of course. I'm still coming to the galas, if I'm invited?"
"Yes, and they will permanently be at my house!" Pedro shouted, wiping his face.
"I'm going to go if you don't mind. I'm picking Mia up from work." I nodded as I spoke.
"Yes, we will get together tomorrow? For a hand over?" Pedro asked, opening the door. I collected my papers, shoving them in my briefcase.
"Yes, see you tomorrow." I ran out the room and into the lift.
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