Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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2. Mia

The kids were in bed and I was in the kitchen, putting the last of the glasses into the dishwasher. It had been a successful afternoon and I was proud of Oliver. It really wasn't his bag at all and I could see his shyness ripping through him, everytime he spoke to someone. But he managed it, I doubt we would host the gala next year but at least he achieved it once. I heard his footsteps into the kitchen and before I could turn around his arms were around my waist, his face in my hair.
"Are you going to come into the sauna with me now?" He asked, his voice low. I felt his semi in my backside and I grabbed one of his arms around me.
"You want me to?" I asked, flirty.
"More than anything Mia, I need to fuck you from behind in there." My pussy clenched at his words. Yes please. I walked away, grabbing his arm as we went down the spiral staircase.
"You have your phone?" I asked him as we went into the pool area, walking to the sauna. Oliver had the kids monitors on his phone which would send an alert if anything happened in their rooms. This house was too fucking big not to have it, I wasn't a massive fan of being this far away from them but Oliver deserved this after today.
"Yeah, don't turn into me Mia." He chuckled, pushing me into the sauna. With my dress on it was unbearably hot and I ripped it off over my head as quickly as I could. I took my underwear off, watching Oliver take off his suit, he looked amazing in it and I was a little sad to see it go.
"Sit with me." Oliver whispered, sitting down on the bench, pulling me on top of his lap.
"I could not wait for them guests to leave." He spoke, kissing the top of my chest. I ran my hand down his beautiful face, rubbing his ear.
"I know. I'm very proud of you though." I was sweating already, I had no idea how Oliver thought we could have sex in here.
"Tomorrow, just us four?" Oliver asked me, his eyes on mine.
"Yeah, what did you want to do?" His hands ran up my thighs, pushing me closer to him.
"Let Daniel choose, but laying in bed eating chocolate could be good." I smiled, my hand still on his face.
"Sounds like a plan. I need to go into work on Monday to discuss my return." Oliver nodded, he wanted to say something and just as I thought he had given up he found his voice.
"Don't go back to work." His voice was quiet as he kissed my chest again.
"I want to go back to work."
"Hmmm." He sounded pissed, biting my neck gently. Baby Abby was born eleven months ago, a complete blessing and very much more planned then Daniel. She was the spitting image of Oliver, dark hair, grey eyes and dimples. I was pissed I was the only person in this house without dimples.
"Mia you don't have to work, you know that, I know that, your work probably knows that." His face was still in my chest and I took a deep breath in.
"You also know I love my job. I want my own wage, not one off you."
"I would give you anything you asked for." He paused leaning up to kiss my lips gently. "Do part time, for me please." I looked into his beautiful eyes, they nearly took my breath away every time. Part time would be the best of both worlds, I still get to teach, my true love and be at home more than I was.
"Coming from the man that works like fifty hours a week." I laughed. "Okay, I'll request part time." Oliver's eyes lit up, a smile creeping over his face.
"And I'll only do forty hours," Oliver whispered, his mouth back on my neck. I rolled my eyes, bullshit.
"Hmmm, I doubt that but okay." I ran my hand through his hair. Oliver pushed me closer to him again, our bodies tight together. "Mia," he moaned, wrapping his arms around my back. Our bodies were sweating and we were both breathing heavily.
"It's too hot in here Oliver." I giggled, kissing his lips softly. I tried to pull away and he grabbed me back by my head, plunging his tongue into my mouth. I grinded on him slowly, letting my mouth take his tongue. His semi turned into a full blown erection and it made my pussy tighten as it throbbed against my clit. Oliver broke our kiss, lifting his head up. "Mia, I love you so much. I can't get enough of you." His voice was low and his hand moved from my back and came around to my front, gently stroking my whole chest. It made me want to scream as I threw my head back.
"Oliver fuck," I groaned, wanting him in me now. He got my message and lifted me up slightly by my backside, pushing his tip inside of me. My mouth was wide open as he pulled me down by my hip, his dick filling me.
"Fuck". I whispered, barely able to talk. The heat was now turning me on and our bodies were soaking, adding to my throbbing clit. Oliver's hands went to my backside, helping me bounce on him.
"Mia, your fucking arse is amazing." He licked my nipple after he spoke, making me grab his head. I let out a groan as I grinded on him, his dick effortlessly slipping in and out of me. I knew I should enjoy this slow wave, the look in his eyes made me know it was about to get rough.
"I need to fuck you hard," he spat out, lifting me off his dick and to the seat next to him. I missed him already, but giggled as he spun me around, standing up behind me.
"God," he moaned, slapping my backside. It made me jump like always, even though I should be used to this shit now.
"Oliver!" I shouted, grabbing his thigh behind me as he slammed his dick into me, making me nearly pass out. Oliver grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my head back as he pushed into me at record pace. My nipples rock hard and my clit feeling like it was about to explode. My whole body was being pushed forward with Oliver’s rough strokes, the heat making sweat drip off my body onto the wooden bench.
"Oh my god," I stuttered out, Oliver's hand moving from my hair to my throat. I fucking loved it when he did that and as my pussy tightened around him he let out a groan, his grip around my throat tighter.
"You cuming baby?" He asked, his voice strained.
"Yeah." I barely heard myself, our wet bodies slamming into each other, the noise echoing around the tiny space.
"Oliver!" I screamed, my jaw tight as my orgasm flew over me. I tried to drop my head with no success as Oliver's hand was still firmly around my throat.
"Oh fuck yes," he moaned, making my eyes close. Oliver's pace never slowed and I felt his breath in my ear as he pulled me up by my throat.
"I'm going to cum in you now."
"Oliver fuck!" I screamed, my second orgasm hitting me.
"I get two? Lucky me." He laughed, biting my ear. I couldn't help but laugh at his words, his last two slams into me caught me off guard and I felt his dick in my stomach as his body came loose, his hand off my throat.
"I'm sweating balls, let's get in the shower please." Oliver laughed, spinning me around.
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