Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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19. Mia

Oliver was quiet as we drove, I looked over at him, anxious about where we were going.
"Can you tell me yet?" I asked.
"Why do you never understand surprises?" He smiled. "No, I can't." I rolled my eyes, putting my head back. I was shattered, this two kids and work stuff was making me tired and I rested my eyes for a minute, my hand on Oliver's knee.
"Here we are," he said softly and I opened my eyes. I smiled, butterflies in my stomach.
"Phillips place?" I turned to him.
"Yep, it's not midnight but he still closed it for us. So we can talk, just the two of us." I put my hand on Oliver's face, grinning.
"This is so sweet, I would say nobody has ever done something so nice for me, but that would be a lie." Oliver smiled at me, his beautiful face inches from mine. God I was so fucking lucky.
"Let's go." Oliver got out of the car, opening the passenger door for me. As Oliver opened the door to Phillips pizzeria the smell of coffee hit me, bringing me back to all them years ago. How our lives have changed since then. For the better.
"Mr and Mrs Moses!" Phillip appeared. He looked exactly the same. It made me smile as Oliver put his hand on my lower back, sending electricity through me.
"Your booth," Phillip said sweetly, pointing to the booth at the back of the restaurant. Oliver guided me there, getting in first as I sat next to him.
"You like pizza?" Oliver asked and I giggled, kissing his cheek.
"I do," I breathed out. This was so incredibly romantic and my heart grew at the gesture.
"Thanks Phillip," Oliver said quietly as he dropped a pizza and two bottles in front of us.
"Let me know if you need anything else." Phillip beamed at us, disappearing.
"What's this all in aid of?" I asked, watching Oliver pick up a slice of pizza, shoving it in his mouth.
"I want to talk to you about something." He swallowed, turning to me. My heart started beating faster, I was panicking now and grabbed his hand.
"Okay," I whispered.
"I probably should have spoken to you first but I made some decisions over the weekend." I nodded, staring into his eyes. "I had a meeting at both Moses and Izzie's today. I've offered both of my chief officers forty five percent of the business." Oliver stared at me. I scanned his face, this meant nothing to me.
"Okay, what does that mean?" My hand still in his.
"It means I'm going to quit work," he spat out and I put my hand to my chest.
"I'm sorry?" I asked, moving forward. Oliver was going to quit work? He was the definition of a workaholic, always had been. I imagined him working way past retirement and never slowing down.
"Yeah, I'm done. I'm over it." His face was firm and it confused me even more.
"I'm confused, you're Oliver Moses. The man who works fifty hours a week, through lunch and late night emails. What are you going to do now?" My brow was low, this was messing with my head and I didn't know what to think.
"Oh you know about that," he laughed. "I'm going to spend time with my two children, hopefully three and my amazing, put up with all of my shit wife." He let out a breath and I saw tears in his eyes. "This Grant thing had made me realise I didn't spend enough time with my mum. I threw money at her, I didn't even realise she never spent three million. I walk through our house and know we don't spend enough time there. That my kids see me as a workaholic, that my wife is so gobsmacked by this decision." He grabbed my face with his hands, the pair of us staring into each other's eyes. "I have money, which we hardly spend. We don't go on holidays because I'm working, we can never take a long weekend somewhere because I can't take a Friday off. It's bullshit. Even if we go on three holidays a year and I buy a new car every month we won't spend the money I have." I put my hand over his on my face, I was crying now, gently and he wiped my cheek with his thumb. "When I kept telling you that you didn't need to work because I had money, you brought to my attention that the same goes for me. Why waste my life, our lives in that office to add to money I can't even spend now. My mum wanted me to be happy, not rich. I do now have a chance to be both." I slammed my head on his chest, sobbing into his suit. Oliver wrapped his arms around my shoulders, his chin on my head. He let me cry, probably fucking up his whole suit. I couldn't believe this was coming out of his mouth and I was so proud of him. He was right, he had achieved all he could career wise. It was our time now. "I do have a cheeky favour though," he whispered and I looked up. "I know you don't want to quit work. That's fine, but maybe you can. If you want"
"Oliver!" I cried, wiping my face.
"Sorry, maybe look for a school in Surrey? Daniel is due to start school next September and we can get him somewhere near the house. I will stay with Abby until she goes to school and we can."
"Live at the house?" I interrupted him. Oliver nodded, his thumb rubbing my cheek.
"Yeah, shock horror, we can live in our house." I giggled, nodding.
"I would love that. I will look tonight, I've seen so many primary schools near the house. Hopefully they have some jobs going." I shrugged, my smile not going anywhere. I was always happy to move work to Surrey, I just assumed it was something Oliver would never be able to do. I pushed a long breath out, moving my hair from my eyes.
"I can't believe it." I giggled, kissing his lips gently.
"You don't mind?" Oliver looked nervous all of a sudden.
"No! I think you will get bored but maybe you can take up golf or something." I moved closer to him, tucking up under his arm.
"Eww no, that's a rich man's sport. Maybe me and Abby can get a hobby," he chuckled quietly, my heart about to burst.

We had picked the kids up from Angel and Jerome's not too late and they were only in bed about an hour after they normally would be.
"I expect you to do all the housework while I'm at work," I giggled, wrapping my arms around Oliver's waist. We were in the flat, in the kitchen. Oliver was leaning against the kitchen side, a coffee in his hand.
"Yes, I promise. The house will be spotless. Kids fed, bathed the rest of it." I laughed at him, kissing his jaw.
"What did Pedro say?" I asked, stealing his coffee for a quick gulp.
"Oh he was proper made up. Crying and everything. I think it's because I gifted it to him. If he bought the forty five percent he might not be so happy." I moved closer to him, my neck hurting from looking up.
"How much would it be worth?" I don't know why I asked that, I knew the figure was about to blow me away.
"God, forty five percent at Moses would be about four hundred." I stepped back, he always did this shit with me.
"Say it properly, we're not all billionaires." I teased. Oliver put his hand against my back.
"I've got news for you. If you googled your net worth it would be in the billions." Oliver gave me a smirk, kissing my forehead.
"Would it?" I didn't even think, Oliver's money was always his money. He bought me things, stuff the kids needed but other than our beautiful homes and the cars I didn't see all that money. The only expensive things were my watch and my car. Oliver lived quite a normal life, a dishwasher was the most fancy thing in our kitchen. Okay he did have two pools so maybe I was talking shit.
"Yeah, my net worth is your net worth. We're married. Anyway, yes, four hundred million."
"And you're happy to give that as a gift?" I asked, out of curiosity.
"Yeah I am. Especially to Pedro and Aaron. Do you think I shouldn't have?" His eyes scanned my face.
"It's a generous gift," I whispered.
"I knew I should have spoken to you first." Oliver's head went down and I grabbed him by the chin, moving him up.
"No, you didn't need to. It was the right decision. I'm happy for you." I kissed his neck, feeling him jump.
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