Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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20. Oliver

I felt my whole body relaxing as I went into our bedroom, Mia was happy and really that's all I wanted. I was so incredibly lucky she understood and she always supported me in work shit. I wanted to stop as soon as I could, it wouldn't take too long to hand over to Pedro and Aaron. They had basically been doing the job when I had the bank so they were more than capable. The light in our ensuite was on and I gently knocked on the door.
"Baby?" I asked.
"Come in, I'm in the bath," Mia responded. I grinned as I walked in, her hands moving the water. She looked fucking amazing and without asking I stripped, getting into the bath in front of her.
"Oh hello," she laughed. I moved her closer to me, pushing her onto my lap. The water splashed against the side of the bath, some escaping onto the floor. Her legs went either side of me, her lips on mine.
"I love you," I whispered, holding the back of her neck.
"I love you too." She kissed me gently, opening her mouth. I took my chance and pushed my tongue in, massaging her own. I felt her move closer to me, my dick coming to life.
"Thank you," I said on her lips.
"For what?" Her voice was flirty and I moved one of my hands to her arse, pushing her up.
"For everything, for making me realise what it's like to truly love someone. For giving me two beautiful children. For just being Mia Moses." Mia laughed, tears in her eyes.
"Stop, you're going to make me cry." Her voice was shaky and I kissed her neck, my hand going up and down her back.
"Maybe we can make tonight the night," I said on her neck. Mia breathed out, grabbing the back of my head.
"No pressure, I want you to stop saying that." Her voice was firm and I looked in her face. Her tears had escaped, sitting on her cheeks.
"I'm sorry, I'll stop." My stomach had dropped, I did need to stop saying that. It just made us more disappointed when it clearly wasn't the night.
"Just fuck me, the way you like it," she purred, my dick flinching.
"That I can do Mrs Moses." Mia giggled and I relaxed again. That's the sound I wanted to hear. I ran my hands up her stomach, cupping her breasts. I watched as she put her head back, pushing her breasts into my hands. The feeling of her hard nipples on my skin wanted me in her urgently and I lifted her up, Mia held the base of my dick, slowly pushing down on it. I threw my head back against the bath, she was so fucking tight and it made me grab her waist, pushing her down further.
"Oliver!" She cried, her face in my neck. I took control, slamming my hips up as Mia kissed my neck, coming up to my ear. She groaned in my ear, making me go faster, slamming her down as my hips went up.
"Mia, fucking hell, you feel so fucking good." I watched her face as she took my dick like a pro, her mouth wide open. I moved one of my hands to her throat and she smiled.
"There you go," she purred. "How you like it." My eyes rolled back as her tightness gripped me, making me want to scream. I tried to concentrate on breathing, Mia's perfect breasts in my face. I took one or her nipples in my mouth, her grip around my head tighter. Her pussy was throbbing and she closed her eyes.
"You're close baby, cum for me." My voice was low, my head in her cleveage. I could stay here forever. I tightened the grip around her throat as I felt her cumming. Mia grinded on me, taking what her body needed.
"Fuck!" Her body trembled, dropping her head on my shoulder. I slammed my hips into her again, the water splashing on the floor. I was seconds from blowing inside of her, both of my hands went around her waist, grabbing her painfully tight and putting my head in her chest.
"Mia fuck!" I shouted, my jaw tight. My whole body shuddered, cum pulsing inside of her. I looked up and her tired face.
"Sorry, you can enjoy your bath now," I chuckled.
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