Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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22. Oliver

As me and Mia went into the house we both went up the stairs, an unsaid obvious. I was nervous, my emotions a complete mess. I wasn't going to get excited. Mia had done about five tests by now, all negative. But her saying she needed to do one changed my thinking slightly. She had to be feeling something different to need to do a test right? I sat on the bed as she went through her drawers, getting a new test out.
"Why did you say need?" I asked, my chin on my hand.
"I'm late and I've been feeling sickly." She turned to me, her face looked panicked and I hated it.
"What's late?"
"About a week. But I'm thinking it's the stress of everything, probably." Mia shrugged.
"Yeah probably." I agreed, unsure what to say. As she went into the bathroom, I found my voice. "Mia," I whispered. She turned around as I stood up. "Whatever it says, whatever happens you know it doesn't matter right?" I watched her as she wiped her cheeks, she had cried too much recently for my liking. "Don't cry baby, remember what you said to me. We have two beautiful children." She nodded, looking down.
"I think if this one is negative we should take a break," she spat out. I moved closer to her, my hand out. I felt relief as she grabbed it.
"What do you mean break?" My face screwed up.
"I mean take a break from trying, I'm not going to look at my calendar, not think about it. Just do us and if it happens, it happens." She looked up at me, more tears in her eyes. "Whatever you want," I said firmly. "Maybe we are thinking about it too much, I know that's all you and Angel talk about," I chuckled. Mia smiled, making my heart race.
"I know, we shouldn't really. I feel stupid." She took a breath, biting her bottom lip.
"Why? Why do you feel stupid?" I moved closer, my arm around her shoulder. Her head went into my chest and I closed my eyes as I heard her sob.
"Because we're already so lucky, there are women out there that don't have two kids. Am I just being greedy?" She looked up at me and I kissed her nose.
"No, don't think like that."
"I think it's hit us because we were being ignorant before. I fell pregnant so easy with Daniel and with Abby, we just assumed it would be the same this time." She sighed, putting her head back in my chest. She was right, I thought the same thing.
"Yeah you're right. Remember I'm old," I laughed and grabbed her tighter as I felt her chuckle.
"You've always been old." She let out a laugh.
"True. Mia," I said, pushing her head up. "It will happen, when I have no idea. But it will."
"What if doesn't?" She asked. I wasn't sure if I had the answer to that.
"Then we make a decision, we love our two children to fucking death or we love our two children and see what we can do, doctors, whatever." I watched her face, it was twisted and I put my hand on the back of her head.
"What's wrong?" I kissed her forehead.
"I feel sick," she laughed. Mia turned back into the bathroom, shutting the door. I stared at the door, my feet frozen. I rubbed my forehead, it felt like she had been in there for fucking ages. I looked up as the door opened, her face gave nothing away.
"What does it say?" I asked, nearly tripping up on my words.
"I haven't looked at it, tell me please. I just can't," Mia whispered, handing me the test face down.
"Are you sure?" I took it off her. She nodded. I stared at her for a few moments, my heart was beating so fucking fast and my stomach was in knots. I was trying to figure out what to say to her, to make her feel better when this was negative.
"Oliver hurry up." I shook my head, getting back in the game as I turned the test over. I stared at it, my heart beating even faster.
"What does it say?" Mia asked, her voice breaking. I looked up at her, blinking my tears away. "I fucking knew it," she breathed out, sitting on the bed. She put her head in her hands as I sat in front of her.
"Ermm, you didn't know shit." I laughed, her head went up as I showed her the test.
"What?!" She jumped up, nearly knocking me over. "I'm pregnant?!" Her face was complete shock and it made me laugh harder.
"You are, so get ready for the over protective Oliver!" I picked her up, nearly throwing her over my head.
"Oh my god!" Mia cried, wrapping her arms around my neck. "I'm pregnant? I'm actually pregnant?!" I laughed again, moving her down to face me.
"Yep. Are you ready?" I asked, my smile wasn't going anywhere. Finally, we had finally got there and Mia's face gave me even more satisfaction.
"No, I have a job interview on Monday!" Her voice was high, her eyes moving all over my face.
"You know what my thoughts are about that. Oh my god!" I realised. "When you go on maternity leave I have you home for a whole fucking year!" My cheeks were hurting, my heart feeling like it was going to explode. Mia burst into tears, her arm over her eyes.
"Why are you crying?" I asked, her still in my arms.
"Because I'm so fucking happy." She laughed letting out a sob. "I get to have another of your babies!"
"Daniel is going to be so pissed." I joked.
"Oh god yeah, one more person to share daddy with." Mia smiled at me before kissing my lips, her hand on my face. "I love you Oliver. Thank you for being the best husband in the world. I don't know what I would do without you." Okay, that was when my heart exploded. I dropped her down on the floor, my hands on each side of her head.
"I love you Mia, thank fuck that dick stood you up."
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