Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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3. Oliver

I rubbed my eyes with my hand, my vision going blurry. Mia told me a hundred times I needed glasses but I refused to do anything about it, ignoring me being over forty now. There was a knock on my office door and I was too tired to even respond. Abby was being fussy last night and for some reason kept waking up, I took it as my job to try and re-settle her, seeing as Mia would have her all day. I bet they were both asleep now.
"Oliver?" It was Grant.
"Yeah!" I shouted, leaning back on my chair. Grant opened my door and stepped in, moving closer to my desk.
"You look fucked." He laughed.
"Yeah, Abby was being awkward last night." I looked in my empty coffee mug, fuck sake.
"Oh did Mia keep waking you?" Grant laughed, sitting opposite me.
"Erm no, I got up with my daughter." I tried to laugh it off but I wasn't that successful. Me and Grant’s relationship had really taken a nosedive since, well he told Mia incorrectly that I can't have children. I knew I should let it go, it had been nearly four years but I just couldn't for some reason. I know my mum would be pissed, she loved Grant and it was only for her that he was still here.
"Can I help you anyway?" I asked, needing to get myself another coffee.
"Yeah I wanted to let you know he called again." I groaned, putting my head back. I really didn't need this right now.
"For what?" I asked, my eyes closed.
"He wants to see you Oliver." I scoffed, shaking my head.
"He doesn't, can you give him like ten or something?" I finally looked down at Grant, he looked nervous.
"Oliver, I don't think you should do that. I think he either genuinely wants to see you or he is going to keep receiving money until the end of fucking time." Grant breathed out, moving back on the chair. "You can't keep giving him money, it's not fair on you. Have you spoken to Mia about it?" I watched Grant as he talked. Poking his nose in again, I swear this fucking guy.
"No I haven't."
"Why? She would be able to help you. Why are you keeping this secret?" That pissed me off now, he really did need to mind his own business. Assuming I'm keeping secrets from my wife.
"She doesn't need to know Grant, nothings going to change."
"But you're giving him money, I think Mia would have something to say about that." Oh my god this prick!
"I'll worry about my wife, don't worry Grant." I said firmly. "Thank you for the message, I'll deal with him."
"Oh, okay." He stood up and walked towards the door. "See you later then."
"Yeah bye." I turned back to my computer. Dick.

It was nearing five o clock as I went back into my emails again. I made a promise to Mia I would come home at five everyday, she didn't need to know I worked through lunch though. My eyes flickered through my emails for anything urgent as I saw it. How did this dick get my email address? I opened the email and groaned.


I've spoken to your PA today who kindly gave me your email address.

I looked up from the computer, fucking Grant! I hated firing people, it was the worst part of my job and I always felt like a prick about it, feeling guilty for weeks after. But Grant had really over stepped here. I bet the arsehole called Mia while he was at it. My eyes went back to the email.

I really think we should try and get together at one point, your PA tells me you have children now, I would really love to meet them. Call me as soon as you can.


I smashed my head on my desk. This guy really wasn't giving up and I was definitely out of ideas and options. I thought throwing money at him would get him to fuck off but that wasn't happening. He managed to get through to Moses accounting a few months ago, working his way up my colleagues until he got to Grant. I hadn't spoken to him in over fifteen years and I had no clue as to why he wanted to meet me now. The first time he bothered to reach out was when I was in forbes. I had definitely calmed down now and enjoyed being in the shadows. I groaned as I turned my computer off. I was going to have to tell Mia wasn't I?
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