Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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4. Mia

I looked up at the clock in the kitchen at the flat as I heard the front door open. Hmmm five forty, not bad Oliver.
"Daddy!" Daniel screamed and I walked into the living area, Oliver on the floor, the pair of them over him.
"Come on, dinner's ready." I laughed, watching Oliver somehow carry both of them, one in each arm. I went over to give him a kiss and my face dropped when I saw his. He looked so sad.
"What's wrong?" I asked, scanning him.
"Nothing," he replied, yeah bullshit.
"You look really sad Oliver."
"Do I? Oh I'm just tired. I'm okay." He kissed my lips gently. "Have I got time to get out of this suit?" He asked, half in the bedroom.
"Oh boo." I giggled. "Yeah you do." He nodded and took the kids into our bedroom, I dished up, listening to Daniel's laughter. He had no volume button at the minute and I knew it hurt Oliver's head.
"Dinner!" I shouted, not even sure where they were. I put the food on the living room table, getting Abby's chair out. They appeared from Daniel's room, only Abby in his arms now.
"Wow mummy, this looks so nice." Daniel said and I burst out laughing.
"You will eat it all then won't you." Oliver told him and I rolled my eyes. He did love to pretend he was the strict one.
"Daniel sit. Oliver sit." I said firmly as Oliver clipped Abby into her chair, she went straight into her spaghetti.
"How was work?" I asked Oliver as he sat next to me.
"I'm going to fire Grant," he said, before shoving food in his mouth. I put my hand to my chest, Grant? Grant, Grant? That's why he was pissed off.
"Erm why?" I asked, watching Daniel.
"He oversteps the mark, always talking about you. I think if I died he would take over my life." Oliver rubbed his face. I laughed, my hand on his neck.
"Don't be stupid. That's not a reason to fire someone and I wouldn't have him." He smiled quickly then.
"It's a long story," Oliver replied. I nodded, I sometimes knew not to even ask about this shit. I didn't understand accounting one, nor did I understand what it was like to run and own two businesses. But I did know Grant was his friend.
"You like Grant." I started.
"I liked him. He gave someone my email address today when I told him they shouldn't contact me directly." Oliver looked over at me, his face looked really troubled and it was panicking me. I quickly glanced at Abby, stuffing her face.
"Who?" Who the fuck was it?
"My dad." I pulled my hand from Oliver's face, going to my chest.
"Are you serious?"
"Yeah. I'm pissed." I dropped my shoulders, looking at the kids. This probably was a conversation we needed to have when they were in bed but my mind was racing.
"No, I mean, are you serious that your dad has tried to contact you?" Oliver just nodded, pushing his plate across the table.
"Daniel, finish your pasta please." Oliver said firmly, putting his head back. He looked so upset and it was making my head hurt.
"When the kids are in bed we're going to talk about this, yeah?" I asked, cleaning Abby's face.
"Okay," Oliver said, picking up our plates. "You finished Daniel?" He asked.
"Yes daddy, thank you." Daniel got down from the table and went straight for Oliver. I might have pushed him out of my body but when daddy was here? I didn't exist. I got Abby out of her chair, letting her attempt to walk around the living room. My stomach was in twists, I hated when Oliver felt like this and he could dip so much.
"Let me put the kids in the bath." Oliver came over to me, his arms around my waist. "I'm fine Mia, don't worry." He kissed my forehead, grabbing Abby as he and Daniel went into the bathroom.

I was sitting up in bed, watching Oliver at the end of the bed, he threw his top off, his beautiful body making my mouth water. I knew we needed to talk but I hoped I could cheer him up too. He got into bed next to me, grabbing my hand and kissing my palm.
"I didn't ask, did you have a good day?" He looked over at me.
"I did thank you, are you okay?" I chewed on my bottom lip.
"No, I'm pissed off. Grant has really irritated me, I don't know why I let it bother me so much." He shrugged, closing his eyes.
"Maybe you need to hash it out with him? Or let it go?" I tried to chuckle.
"Hmm, maybe. If it wasn't for my mum I would have got him a different job or just fired him, but she's in the back of my head." I looked at his face, his eyes closed. I could see the stress over it.
"Go on, your dad please." I was gobsmacked he had tried to contact Oliver. It had been so long and he didn't seem to give a fuck before.
"He called Moses accounting, saying he needed his accounts done obviously." I nodded, having no idea. "He then said he wanted to make a complaint, it went up the chain until he finally spoke to Grant." Oliver opened his eyes, staring at me.
"What was the complaint about?" I asked, rubbing my thumb against his.
"God knows, I've not seen it. Then he told Grant who he was, whatever. Grant told me." He breathed out.
"And then?" I asked, I knew there was something. I could see it in his eyes.
"I gave him some money." Oliver rolled his eyes at himself. I took a breath in, I was torn. He was Oliver's dad ultimately and Oliver could do whatever he wanted with his money.
"How much?" I asked, trying to keep my voice sweet.
"Thirty." Was the response I got.
"Pound?" I tried to laugh, knowing that wasn't the answer.
"Thousand." Oliver smashed his head on the headboard. "I did it because I thought that's all he wanted. That's what he wanted before," he shrugged. "I thought he would go away but he hasn't." He chuckled sadly. I moved closer to him, pulling his hand to my chest.
"What do you want to do about it?" Oliver made me jump as he kissed my cheek, his other hand going onto my neck.
"I want him to fuck off," he whispered.
"Have you not told him that?" I wiggled as Oliver kissed my neck, he clearly was over this conversation.
"I haven't spoken to him. He sent me an email today." He kissed me again, my hand going around his shoulders.
"Oliver, we're talking." I giggled.
"I don't want to talk." He bit my neck then, making me squirm underneath him. As his hand went up my top I grabbed it. Moving back.
"Oliver!" I tried to speak as firmly as possible.
"Mia!" He laughed, kissing my nose. "I'll email him tomorrow. I promise."
"You sure you don't want to see him?" I asked, my hand still on his.
"I'm sure."
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