Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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5. Oliver

I was over thinking and talking about that sperm donor. I was tired as hell but I needed Mia.
"Have some fun with me," I whispered in her ear, feeling her squirm underneath me.
"I'll cheer you up." She spoke before lifting my face to her. She had a cheeky look on her face and I nearly crumbled. I held onto the back of Mia's head as she slowly moved down my body, the closer she got to my dick the more it throbbed. I put my head back on the headboard, I cannot wait for this fucking blow job.
"Mia," I breathed out as she pulled my boxers down. I moved my head to watch her as she attempted to put my whole dick in her mouth. The feeling of her warm mouth made me want to cum instantly and I tightened the grip on her head. My eyes were closed as she sucked all the way up, the wetness of her mouth made my leg twitch. I could feel Mia's warm breath on my shaft and it was driving me crazy.
"Mia, fuck." I put my hand on her back, stroking her. She moaned quietly and my dick pulsed in her mouth. God, I could lay here forever. As her hand went to my balls I jumped slightly, a smirk on my face. They rose up as her thumb went against my inner thigh. As Mia pushed her mouth down, taking my whole dick in her mouth, I grabbed her tighter. I let out a groan as I heard her gag slightly. My body tightened as I was about to explode in her mouth, sparks going through my whole body. "Mia, I'm going to cum. Fuck," I moaned, opening my eyes. She was looking up at me and as I looked into her eyes I was done. My leg trembling as my dick pulsed cum into her mouth. "Fuck!" I slammed my head back, letting my hand go from her back. I watched her as she sat back up, my arm going around her.
"I love you,' I whispered, kissing her temple.

I looked over and Mia was soundo. Her beautiful brown hair all over her pillow, her hand over her face. I quickly kissed the top of her head, getting out of the bed. I moved as quiet as a mouse as I went into my office. I slumped on the chair, turning my computer on. As it loaded I looked at the ceiling. I was pissed off he had managed to get in contact with me and that he had even fucking bothered. My life was beyond perfect right now, my sexy as hell wife, two kids and I didn't need this trauma coming back to me. I had never told Mia the true reason why I refused to speak to him, or why he was nowhere near my mum. I closed my eyes, wondering what my mum would tell me to do. I really wished she was here, she would guide me in the direction I needed. My heart pulled at the absence of her. Why did she die and this dickhead live? I clicked open my emails, getting his email up. As I hit reply I heard a noise behind me.
"I thought you promised not to work at home." I turned around to Mia, she was completely naked and I could have done without it to be honest. She was a bit more plump after Daniel and Abby, her perfect arse was still a work of art and the plumpness suited her. It made her even sexier.
"I'm replying to him, go to sleep baby." I told her. She walked towards me, her hair had gotten longer and was draped over her amazing breasts. She really was destroying me here, my dick pushing against the fabric of my boxers. I could tell she really didn't want to go back to bed without me. "Come and sit with me." I said to her, my eyes following her and she sat on my knee.
"Show me the email." Mia looked at my computer, one of my arms around her waist. I scrolled down, watching her read it.
"You don't want the kids to meet him?" Her face turned back to me.
"No." I said honestly, I really wanted him to just go away.
"What would your mum say?" The question was like a stab to my heart and I tightened my arm around her.
"That's what I was trying to sit here and figure out." I shrugged.
"Did they break up amicably?" Mia asked me, her face looked worried, adding to my irritation. Now he was upsetting my wife.
"No." I answered and she dropped her shoulders. "I was a baby I don't know, but we never saw him. So that gives me my answer." I lied. I don't know why I was lying, but I didn't want to get into it. It technically wasn't a lie, they certainly didn't split up amicably.
"Go on then draft your reply. Only if you're sure Oliver." Her eyes were directly on mine and made me take a deep breath in.
"Can I have you after?" I smiled cheekily at her.
"Really?" Mia giggled and rolled her eyes. Before I could say anything she pointed at the computer, better get to it then. I looked at the email and then my keyboard. I had no idea what to say.
"What do I say?" I asked Mia.
"What do you want from this?" Her arm went round my neck.
"I want him to leave me alone." I whispered.
"Then say that." She shrugged. "I don't know if I like this Oliver. I don't get why you are refusing everything. Even coffee or lunch. You don't have to see him every Sunday, but with your mum gone."
"No, don't say it." I was really trying not to get irritated with Mia here. I hardly ever did generally, we never argued.
"Oliver." She took a deep breath, her breasts coming close to my face. She watched my face carefully then shrugged. "I just thought you might want a parent."
"You never speak to your mum." I shrugged, really fighting back this irritation.
"That's different and you fucking know it." Her eyes were angry. I felt like a prick, I don't know why I said that. I ran my hand along her thigh.
"Sorry, you're right. A million percent right. To be honest." I put my head back. I felt her wiggle closer to me. "I do want a parent, you're right. But I want my fucking mum." I looked at Mia and the tears in her eyes. This woman, I swear she made me love her more and more every day. "Don't get upset, baby." I whispered.
"I think that was the saddest thing I've ever heard." Her voice was equally quiet. I looked at her, unsure how to respond to that. I looked down, at her thighs sitting on my knee.
"I'm okay, let me deal with this." I put my hands on the keyboard again, quickly typing a response.
"Read it aloud to me." Mia said, sitting up straighter.
"Hi Scott."
"That's his name?" Mia asked me.
"I believe so." I shrugged.
"What? You know what? Go on." She chuckled slightly.
"I would like to make it clear that I do not want any contact with you." I stopped and looked and Mia, she nodded, her eyes on mine. "Oliver."
"Wow. That's all you're going to say?" She laughed, her beautiful smile taking over her face.
"What else is there to say?"
"Give me my money back?" Her eyes went wide.
"That money is gone." I shrugged. Mia leaned onto me, her arm around my neck tighter.
"Okay send that then." She kissed my cheek, her warmness making me cheer up straight away. I clicked send and quickly turned off my computer so I couldn't see anything else. I pulled her closer to me, kissing her shoulder.
"You smell nice." I whispered on her skin.
"Oliver, we need to go to sleep." Mia said, but it sounded flirty. I held onto her legs as I stood, dropping her to the edge of my desk. Mia stared at me as I dropped to my knees, pulling her thighs apart.
"Oliver," she said firmly.
"You don't want me to lick you?" I asked, knowing the answer. I pulled her closer to the edge by her thighs. I felt her jump as I pushed her legs apart further, putting my tongue over her clit.
"You want to be tired tomorrow?" She breathed out, her hand on my head. I ignored her question, flicking her clit with my tongue, my hand going up her stomach. Mia's legs crossed behind my shoulders, pushing me further to her. My dick was throbbing as she groaned out, this was really turning me on. We had never had sex in this office for some reason and I couldn't wait to christen it.
"Oliver! Oh my god!" I heard her moan. I could feel her wetness on my tongue as I put it inside of her, grabbing the side of her stomach. "Fuck." I could feel her pussy tightening around me. I really wanted to fuck her stupid but she needed hers first. With my free hand I ran a finger over her clit, making her jerk forward. "Hmmmm." Mia whispered, she was close and she brought her other hand to my head, her legs tightening around me.
"Oliver!" Mia cried, her leg shaking around me. She grabbed my chin, pushing me up. I nearly came at the sight of her face. Mia had the world's best orgasm face and I could completely wank to it. Her chest was rising and falling quickly, her mouth half open and her eyes nearly closed. She always looked angry after she had came and it made me smile. "Oliver, oh my god. How are you so good at that?" I chuckled shyly. I pulled my boxers down, standing up and moving her closer to me. My erection was sitting on her clit and I thanked the lord I was tall. Perfect access.
"Fucking look at you." I mumbled into her neck, her arms going around my neck.
"Stop." She said shyly.
"I'm going to fuck you on this desk now." I felt her take a deep breath in. "It's gonna be rough, sorry." Mia laughed, making me smile.
"You rough? Never."
"You fucking love it." I kissed her lips gently, moving my hand to the back of her neck.
With my other hand I grabbed my painfully hard dick, pushing into her slowly. I felt her body tighten already, her deep breaths in my ear. It was crazy turning me on and this was definitely going to be rough. I moved my head back, picking up one of her legs by the knee, forcing it bent, her foot on the desk. The movement made my dick ridiculously deep and my balls rose.
"Oliver, fucking hell," Mia whispered, throwing her head back. I grabbed her neck, moving her head forward to look at me.
"I want to see you." I said softly before pulling back and smashing into her. I had the perfect view of my dick pushing into her and I didn't know if I wanted to look at that or her face. I chose her face, staring into her eyes as I kept my pace quick, the noise of her wetness filled the room and it made me bite her bottom lip, as I slowly moved my head back I spoke. "Can you hear how wet you are?" Mia grabbed my neck, her grip was tight as she stared into my eyes, her body moving slightly at the force of me.
"Fuck me harder," she said and I nearly passed out. Where was this coming from? I was going to question it but thought better of it. I definitely wasn't going to argue with that direction.
"Mia, fucking hell." I chuckled, I put one of my hands around her throat, her mouth slightly opened and I closed my eyes to concentrate on how hard I was going to fuck her. I wasn't young any more and my breathing was erratic as I smashed into her, my dick was so deep inside of her and she screamed as I pulled nearly all the way out and ploughed into her.
"Oliver!" Mia shouted, I opened my eyes and hers were firmly shut. That pussy going crazy, the harder I fucked her the tighter she got, her pussy throbbing around me. "Oliver, I'm going to cum." Mia's voice was low and it made me nearly cum. Her hand was over my wrist that was around her throat and I watched her as she came. She produced a groan from her chest and I kept myself deep inside her, our foreheads together.
"Fuck, Mia." I shut my eyes, her pussy pulling the cum out of me. We stayed together for a few moments, the pair of us panting.
"I love you." I whispered onto her forehead.
"I love you too."
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