Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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6. Oliver

I hadn't heard from dickhead sperm donor after my email and I was pleased that Grant seemed to have dropped the subject as well. Mia was out tonight with Angel, so I was taking the kids to the house myself. I gave her some money for a black cab home but she probably would get the train knowing Mia. I managed to get away from work earlier and was so looking forward to my Friday night with two of my favourite people.
"Let's go!" I said to Daniel as he jumped out the car onto the gravel. Abby was in my arms and Daniel ran to the door. I fiddled with my keys and finally got the thing open, Daniel running in.
"Can we have chips for dinner daddy?" Daniel asked as I put Abby down. I chuckled as I watched her wobble around the hallway.
"Of course. Mummy's out so anything goes." I took Abby's shoes off.
"Yay!" Daniel jumped, before taking his own shoes off. I was definitely going to order dinner and followed Daniel towards the living room.
"Come on baby Abby!" I teased, watching her walk towards me, a huge smile on her face.
"Abby's too slow, daddy," Daniel cried, his face screwed up.
"Because she's a baby Daniel. You did the same." We walked into the living room, my eyes on Daniel.
"I wasn't a baby!" He shouted and I rolled my eyes.
"Oliver." I looked up at my name, panic hitting my gut. The minute I saw Grant it reduced but who the fuck was this other guy? Grant stood with an older man, white hair and nearly as tall as me. He looked frail and realisation set in. This wasn't who I think it was?
"Grant, what are you doing here?" I asked, picking Abby up from next to me. Now that we came to the house every weekend Grant wasn't required to check in. Before I met Mia I was here once a month at best.
"Daddy, who's that man?" Daniel asked me. Yeah I would love to know that answer too.
"I don't know Daniel. Maybe uncle Grant can tell us?" My blood was close to boiling but I wasn't showing my hand here, especially in front of my children. "Grant, what are you doing here?" I asked him again. He looked awkward as fuck but I didn't care. I really needed to get that key off him.
"Oliver sorry, I didn't know what to do for the best but this is Scott. Your dad." Scott smiled at me and I flicked my eyes back to Grant.
"Get the fuck out of my house. Both of you." My voice was firm but I was milliseconds from losing it.
"Oliver, please can we discuss this. I want to meet my grandchildren." Scott spoke now, I ignored him, my eyes burning into Grant.
"Get out of my house or I'm calling the police." I felt Daniel next to me, grabbing my trouser leg. "You're making my son uncomfortable so I'm not going to ask you again."
"Oliver please, Scott wants to see you. I didn't mean to do it like this. Let me call Mia." He grabbed his phone out of his pocket and I stupidly moved forward, slapping it out of his hand.
"Fuck off. How are you going to stand there and tell me you're going to call Mia like she's your wife?" The balls on this guy was outstanding. "You have five seconds to get out of my house. Grant give me your key." I put my hand out and he dropped the key in it. I looked at his face and it was a mix of sadness and fear. "Also you're fucking fired Grant." I walked towards the front door, opening it.
"Son, come on. I've gone to a lot of effort to see you."
"I'm not your son and if you went to a lot of effort you would have seen me for forty one years but you haven't. Also, I want my money back. I will get my new PA to contact you."
"Oliver!" Grant shouted.
"Grant don't make me put my kids upstairs and fucking murder you." My breathing was heavy and I felt a pang in my stomach that I was swearing in front of Daniel and Abby. She was fine, it was Daniel's worried face I didn't like. As if right on cue he spoke. "Daddy, I'm scared." I closed my eyes, this was when I was going to lose it. I put Abby on the floor, looking at Daniel.
"It's fine, they are leaving now and Daddy will order them chips yeah?" He smiled at me and I turned back round to Grant. I was going to regret this and Mia was going to go crazy but I was backed into a corner. I grabbed Grant’s collar, pulling him towards the door.
"Oliver. Don't do this," he cried, being dragged. Grant wasn't that much different in height than me but he felt like a bag of feathers. I nearly threw him out he door, turning to shit head.
"Please. Let me see my grandchildren." I looked at his face, thanking God I looked like mum. Guy was the definition of a dickhead and I didn't need that negative energy in my home.
"Never." I grabbed him by the shoulder, pushing him probably too roughly out the door.
"Oliver," Grant said as I slammed the door in their faces.
"Right chips!" I said to the crowd.
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