Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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7. Mia

I attempted to quietly put my key in the door, me and Angel had only gone to dinner but I did have a couple of glasses of wine and was feeling merry at best. As I opened the door the house was dark, silent. Oliver did come here right? It wasn't crazy late, not even midnight. I took my shoes off, walking into the living room.
"Oliver," I whispered.
"I'm here baby." I turned around and Oliver was in his dark blue chair by the door. It didn't match any of the other furniture or sofa in the room but he loved it for some reason. My stomach dropped when I saw his face and his glass half full of whisky.
"What happened?" I asked.
"I fired Grant." He sniffed before taking another sip. As I walked over to him, he stood. Getting another glass out of the bar behind him, filling it with my drink.
"Amaretto baby." He handed me the glass.
"Thank you. What happened?" I took a sip, glad to be back to my usual but not sure it would sit well with wine. Oliver sat back on his chair, slapping his knee. I took the hint and sat on it, my free hand rubbing his ear.
"I don't want you to be angry."
"Why would I be angry?" My face screwed up. What fuck had happened?
"It was in front of the kids." He paused and I moved closer to him, my heart racing.
"We got here, ready for fun, the rest of it and Grant was here." I groaned, yeah he had over stepped it. "With my dad." My eyes scanned Oliver's face, he was distraught. I could see it and my anger started to grow but not towards Oliver, to Grant. He had broken Oliver's trust and he trusted pretty much no one already.
"What did you do?" I asked, moving closer to him, leaning my body against him.
"I asked them to leave nicely, but they didn't. Then I got the key off Grant, fired him and kicked them out." Oliver took a way too big gulp of whisky, somehow with a straight face.
"What's kicked them out?" I nearly giggled, knowing there was more to this story.
"I grabbed them, nothing major but Daniel was scared so I'm worried now." My heart hurt for my husband and my son. Annoyed that I wasn't here.
"We'll speak to Daniel tomorrow, it's okay. How are you?" I kept rubbing the side of his face until he finally looked up at me. His eyes looked tired and it pissed me off even more.
"I don't know." He shrugged.
"Why now? Doesn't it interest you why he wants to know you now?" I put my drink on the small table next to Oliver's chair, yeah I wasn't drinking that. He shrugged again.
"I don't know. I don't care." I don't think I had ever seen Oliver this low and I grabbed his drink from his hand, pulling him up. My hands on his face.
"Why is this upsetting you so much? The Grant thing I get, he took the piss and needs to be sacked. You just seem so fucking sad." I stared at his eyes that dropped to the floor.
"It's just making me miss my mum, that's all. I'm okay Mia I promise."
"How can you promise something that you clearly aren't?" Oliver started to walk away from me, my hands dropping from his face. He walked into the hallway as I followed him.
"Oliver!" I shouted, getting pissed off. How dare he walk away from me. As he walked up the stairs I grabbed his T-shirt, forcing him to turn around. "Don't walk away from me," I said firmly, feeling the tears behind my eyes.
"Can I just go to sleep please?" He shrugged me off, walking up the stairs. I stood at the bottom of the stairs, watching him walk up. I was completely flabbergasted that he had walked away from me. This was not Oliver at all and it was scaring me. I checked the front door was locked and went up the stairs, poking into Daniel and Abby's rooms. They were both asleep and I went into our bedroom. Oliver was on the bed, boxers on and arm over his face. I couldn't tell if he was asleep or not but he surely couldn't be after two seconds?
"Oliver," I whispered, silence. "Oliver, talk to me." I stood at the door, watching his body. His eyes opened and then closed. "Fine," I said louder, turning back into the hallway and into the spare room. There was no way I was going to sleep in the same bed as him with that attitude. I get he was upset and this situation was obviously bringing up shit he didn't want but how could I help him if he didn't tell me? I stripped, getting into the bed. I stared at the ceiling. I didn't know how to help him through this and it was irritating me. I was starting to hate Grant now, why on god's earth did he think bringing Oliver's dad here was a good idea? I also hated the thought of somebody being in our home without our permission. Things had definitely changed for Oliver. Before he met me, this house was deserted ninety percent of the time. Now it was our family home, the home we spent as much time in as we possibly could. If both me and Oliver didn't work in London we would live here permanently. I sat up as the door opened. Oliver walked in, closing the door behind him. He didn't say anything, instead he got into the bed next to me, pulling me closer to him. I was tempted to pull away but instead I put my head on his chest, both of his arms around me.
"I'm sorry," he whispered in my hair.
"I'm taking this out on you and I'm sorry. This is clearly bringing back shit I don't want." I sighed, I had no idea what could possibly be the shit. To my knowledge his dad left when he was a baby, never to be seen again. Tonight wasn't the night to ask and instead I buried my head deeper into his chest.
"Okay," I whispered.
"Mia, I'm sorry."
"I heard you," I said quietly. Oliver moved his hands from around me and pulled me up. I was sitting up, looking at his face.
"Please don't be angry with me. I feel like a prick."
"I'm not angry. I'm trying to understand and clearly failing," I chuckled sadly. Oliver ran his hand through his hair, his shoulders dropping.
"I can't even explain why it's upsetting me so much because I don't know myself." I wiped a tear away quickly, Oliver noticed, sitting up and cupping my face.
"Please don't do that. You know I hate it when you cry." His words did nothing for me and achieved the opposite effect, tears dropping onto the duvet between us.
"Mia." Oliver's eyes were scanning my face and I smiled into his worried face.
"I'm okay. I just worry about you." I shrugged.
"Don't. I'll be okay. We're going to have an amazing weekend. No Grant talk, no Scott talk. Nothing, okay?" I nodded.
"I'm sad for you," I whispered. Oliver's head dropped, his hands still on my face.
"Don't, I'm sorry Mia. I'm sorry for being miserable."
"I don't want you to be sorry for having sad emotions Oliver." I tried to chuckle. "I know you miss your mum and I'm sure you think it's unfair that he is around and she isn't." His face came up to mine, kissing my forehead.
"Exactly. That's exactly what I've been thinking. I'm gutted about Grant too. We've been together for far too long. I thought I could trust him." My heart broke for Oliver. Grant had been a big part of his life, from caring for his mum to being his PA.
"I don't know why he did that to you." And I didn't. It was odd, for Grant to risk everything and ultimately betray Oliver made no sense to me. "I think you should talk to him." I suggested, my hand rubbing his chest.
"Maybe, let me calm down first." I nodded, that was probably a good idea. "Go to sleep baby, I'll get up with the kids in the morning." Oliver whispered, kissing my head again.
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