Dark Chocolate - Mia and Oliver 2

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8. Oliver

The weekend flashed by and I was annoyingly back at my desk again. I was already struggling without Grant and I was flicking through some CV's I had been sent by our recruitment team, desperate to get anyone on board.
"Yeah," I called out after hearing the knock on my door. I looked up to Pedro, a concerned look on his face. He sat down in the chair opposite me, running his hands through his dark hair.
"Oliver, I've just spoken to recruitment, you fired Grant?" Pedro asked, rubbing his cheek. I put my head back, I couldn't even be bothered with this conversation.
"Yeah I did," I said bluntly.
"Why?" Pedro asked. I took a sip of my cold coffee, my head moving back to him.
"Because I don't trust him anymore. I can't work that closely with someone I don't trust." I shrugged, clicking print on a pretty decent CV. Pedro let out a breath, crossing his arms.
"But why? What happened between you two? You can't not have a PA Oliver." I chuckled, standing up to the printer.
"Yeah I know, trust me." I chuckled again, getting the paper off the printer and returning to my seat. "He gave someone my email address when I told him not to." I shrugged, over this already. It was none of Pedro's business and I was starting to get sick of this. Normally this wouldn't bother me but this dad business was really fucking with me.
"He breached security?" Pedro asked, panic over his face. Pedro was an amazing chief officer, the best in our business and he took shit like that seriously.
"Yeah, gave a customer my email address." I shook my head, maybe putting this on too thick.
"So did we end up doing your father's accounts?" I looked up at Pedro, a cheeky look on his face. I slammed the CV in my hand on my desk, groaning.
"If you fucking knew Pedro why are we doing this dance?" He chuckled, leaning back.
"I spoke to Grant, he failed to mention his security breach. To be honest Oliver, he just told me you were being difficult." Pedro shrugged. "That all he wanted was you to see your father."
"Why doesn't he just fucking mind his business? If I don't want to see him, I don't want to see him." I felt like I was talking to a brick wall here. Pedro nodded, undoing his jacket.
"You are right. Hundred percent." I let out a breath, finally! "What does Mia say?" My heart burst at the thought of Mia, knowing I had really fucking upset her Friday night. I put my head in my hands.
"I don't know Ped, she is supporting me on whatever I choose to do."
"Then that's the end of it. Grant's gone, your father's gone. We can crack on right?" I chuckled, looking up at Pedro's smiling face. He knew me too well.
"You know who you need to talk to," he said firmly, standing up. I nodded, letting out a breath. "I will ask Amelia if she is happy for the time being to take care of us both." Pedro laughed.
"Thanks," I whispered.
"Just don't fire my PA please." He smiled, leaving my office. I picked up my phone, texting Mia.

O: 'Don't hate me but I have to work late tonight. I'll give the kids a kiss when I come in.'

I pressed send, my heart in my throat. This wasn't the best timing, we weren't great at the minute and I knew Mia was upset with how I walked away from her on Friday. I don't even know why I did it. I should have just talked to her, I was always terrified that Mia would get upset, ruining what we had. I groaned, I was clearly doing that already. I brought my phone to life as I heard it beep.

M: 'Okay'.

I groaned, staring at the message from Mia. Okay was even worse, I think I would have preferred her to tear me a new one. I threw my phone to the side, I had a long day ahead of me and I picked up the CV in front of me. Fuck it, they would have to do.

I had left work at six, pulling up at the side of the road. It had been a couple of months since I had been here and I already felt guilty. I locked the door as I got out, walking to where I needed to be. I wiped the top of the stone quickly, bending down.
"Hey mum," I whispered. "Sorry it's been a couple of months. You know what my life is like." I chuckled, sitting on the floor next to her grave. "Daniel asked about you the other day so I'll bring him at the weekend." I stared at the small photo on her headstone, fucking hell I missed her and I wiped my face, trying to push back my tears. "I need your help," I chuckled sadly. "Scott wants to see me. I don't know why." I shrugged, wiping some dust off her picture. "I don't want to see him because I don't want to betray you. But at the same time I know you would want me to see him. For my kids to see him." I put my head in my hands, my tears were coming and there was nothing I could do about it. "I really wish you could fucking give me a sign on what to do." My voice was a fucking mess and I was glad I was the only person in the cemetery. My phone beeped in my pocket and I quickly grabbed it out, opening my messages. I looked over at my mums picture, tears rolling down my cheeks. "Okay mum, I get the sign." I chuckled, looking down at the message.

M: 'Come home Oliver, I miss you.'

I stood up, putting my phone in my pocket. I blew mum a kiss as I got back into my car, rubbing my face. Mia would absolutely freak if she saw I had clearly been crying. I got my phone back out, quickly texting her back.

O: 'On my way baby, sorry.'

I threw my phone on the passenger chair.
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