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Slow Wine and Bass Line

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Chapter 2

So mesmerizing chocolate skin and brown hair goddess eyes were enough to piece any man’s soul. Her dark-brown hair falling over her shoulders, while skin so smooth and chocolate made you want to savor every single touch upon your fingertips. She wore a Lavender v-neck shirt I could see the material and slightly underneath her scars looked so elegant and surreal. The blue jeans so tightly form-fitting makes me wonder. How would her body feel so in sync with mine?

The spanks and smacks made my breathing become more ragged just thinking about it. How her moaning against my hard eight-inch pulsating cock. Blood began to rush towards my cock as my body started to shift from one side to the other.
Could this even be possible to have someone so flustered, and completely taken aback by one’s beauty all within a bus ride?
​​​​​​​​​​​​Straightening my tie while witnessing Raynella calmly walking from the back of the bus towards the front as the bus driver came to a halt. Beating myself up mentally as a curse word escaped my lips, growling in frustration as within another hour and thirty minutes I finally arrived home.

I knew this feeling wouldn’t cease right away and I hoped it would. Kicking off my shoes and pulling off my tie then made my way to the local bakery, this wouldn’t be considered your average bakery, the owner with whom I had no other affiliations until my eyes had been transfixed upon that sight once more. A Macho Man, yes that I am however when this glorious woman came into my view everything around ceased to exist.

“Hello, Welcome to Raye’s Bakery.” My mouth suddenly felt dry, my hands clammy, and my forehead beaming with sweat. All while fidgeting my fingers behind my back. “Sorry, excuse me for such poor manners I’m Pedro. Pedro Fuentes. You?” Extending her hand to shake as her sweet soft-spoken voice eluded him. “Raynella Sanchez. It’s nice to pleasure to meet you.”

I kindly shook her hand likewise. “Pleasure is all mine.” Something had taken me by surprise for I noticed a wedding ring upon her finger. This would make most men flee with caution, however, I decided to stay, simply fascinated by this woman’s gaze. Her scent would send my mind running on overdrive.

Blood boiled having a complete list as I pointed to the Funfetti cupcake and selected the one I wanted to order.

Dimples in full view as Raynella squealed with excitement, her lips looked so luscious and sweet as if they had been dipped in honey and kissed by the angels from heaven above. I knew I had to risk this chance and opportunity within my grasp. Raynelle felt as if something had sparked her mentally even physically. She grabbed my cupcake then placed it upon a napkin located on a table facing next to the window.
Raynella sat across from the promise and joy within her eyes soon faded as she told me the most painful secret of all. Her husband Ralph Jimenez had been abusing her for the past six years of their marriage. Something within me wanted to be somewhat of a comfort to her but however, I knew I didn’t want to seem like a burden as I reassured her.
Between these emotions of sadness and vulnerability. I could understand why she somehow doesn’t always want to keep it together and hold a smile as if stability were present.

“You can always talk to me about anything know that I’m there for you Raynella through anything even though we’ve just been acquainted and may have doubts. Realize that you can trust me.”

She held her head up and looked at me as held my hand as kissed it slightly. Just before she got up and placed her apron down as she contemplates what to do while pacing back and forth. Tears began to fall from her face as she walked out of the bakery and started to feel the panic and pain seep within her heart. I didn’t know what else to do other than reassure her however her husband Ralph wasn’t the one to mess around with.

Ralph Jimenez knew only one thing and one thing only that Loyalty came first then everything else is considered secondary. He is a part of the largest Greek Mafia gangs in Athens. Known as the “Montevic Gang.”

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