My Fiancé’s Dad

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Chapter 7


We drove to Hessy Fields in my truck, with Kiki in between us. She’s excited, whipping her head back and forth, slapping her lips together as Alison whispers soothing words in her ear.
It’s hot in the cabin, and I flick on the AC, hoping it will cool us down.
“I've not been here in years,” I find myself saying, pulling into a parking space.
Hessy Fields is beautiful; acres of fields that lead to spectacular views by the lake. From memory, you can grab a coffee there too, and this seems like the best way to spend a Saturday morning.
“Come on, Kiki!” Alison calls, and I watch as Kiki bounds after her. “I’m trying to get her used to her name.”
“Ah, okay. How do you do that?” I cock my head at Alison, who is crouched on the floor, her arms thrown open wide.
“Kiki? Kiki! Kiki!”
Kiki runs toward Alison, knocking her over as she licks her face. Alison laughs, and I watch the two of them with a strange feeling in my stomach.
Alison nuzzles Kiki, bowing her head as the dog licks her face. It’s clear to all and sundry that Kiki adores Alison.
I can see why.
Alison flashes me a grin and puts Kiki on her leash.
“I can’t trust her off her leash yet,” Alison explains, extending the lead slightly. The diamond on her ring finger glints in the sunlight, and for a moment, it’s dazzling.
I hate it.
“I think you’re doing great.”
Alison rewards me with a beaming smile, her cheeks blushing once more.
“So, where’s the house you’re looking at on Monday?” I kick at the grass as we walk, inhaling the fresh air.
“It’s a little further from town; you know Bentley Road?” Alison checks to see if I’m nodding before continuing. “It’s super cute. I know Kurt will want something bigger, though, but it’s got two bedrooms and plenty of space for Kiki out back.”
Two bedrooms?
Fuck. My son will have her up the duff in no time.
We take it in turns holding Kiki, who is chomping at the bit to dash off. The trees darken the closer we get to the lake, and I lead the way, or rather, Kiki does.
“Are you going to that party tonight?” I ask, knowing she’s not.
It’s not my business; I know this. But the way she looks at me, her eyes filling with confusion and sadness, makes me want to punch Kurt in the face.
“He’s out with his friends tonight,” Alison says with a shrug. “But I was going to ask you if I could drop the cake over later?”
“Cake?” I ask, unable to hide my excitement. “I fucking love cake.”
“Especially birthday cake!”
“Chocolate or vanilla?”
“Chocolate. I’m making a Nutella frosting.” Alison giggles at my reaction, her hair escaping her ponytail.
Kiki barks, looking up at us both curiously.
“None for you, my love,” Alison tells her, catching my eye. “If Timea is around tomorrow, I could save her some.”
I’m not sure if she’s being polite, but I’m secretly hoping Timea isn’t at mine tomorrow because it means I’ll be running around after her hungover ass.
The woman drinks like a tank, then spends the night throwing up.
Alison purses her lips together and points into the distance.
“There’s a coffee house by the lake. Shall we get one and sit?”
“Sounds great.”
This time Alison walks in front of me, and I’m trying not to stare at her shapely ass as she strides ahead, glancing back at me shyly.
God, she’s stunning.
The first time I met her, I remember being blown away by her looks, but she was just a kid who’d left school then.
Now though?
She’s a woman and my son's fiancé. Even if he doesn’t treat her the way she deserves, it doesn’t give me the right to eye fuck her.
The trees open up to the lodge by the lake, the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans igniting my senses.
“I’ll get this; what do you want?” I follow her to a table beside the lake, the sound of the water lapping against the wood relaxing me already.
“Skinny latte, please.”
What’s all this skinny bullshit?
“Are you intolerant or something?” I ask with amusement, leaning on the table.
“No, why?” Alison frowns, but I hold my hands up, leaving it there.
I’m getting too involved with Alison.
“Skinny latte. Coming up.”
As usual, I get carried away in the little shop. Along with coffees, I buy muffins and french toast, my stomach growling despite the pancakes.
Alison gasps when I set the tray down, and a warmth spreads in my stomach.
“Are you a feeder?!” Alison teases, reaching for a blueberry muffin. Her eyes roll back, a moan leaving her lips as she licks her fingers.
I’m staring at her, but her eyes are closed.
“I love food,” I confess, pouring cream into my coffee.
Alison watches me as she demolishes her muffin, and I take the opportunity to find out more about her.
“Inside or outside?”
“Oh, it depends!” Alison sips her latte, leaning down to stroke Kiki, who’s curled up at her feet. “I like being curled up on the sofa when it’s cold outside, but then I love walking or swimming when it’s a hot day. We’re lucky we live near a beach.”
I’m lucky I’m sitting here with her, but I don’t say that. She’d run a mile.
“Parties or nights in?” Alison asks, leaning forward to wrap her hands around her coffee.
I hook Kiki’s leash onto the table and pretend to think about it.
“Nights in, but you knew that. I’m an old man.”
“You’re not old.”
“Am too!” I protest, glancing out at the lake. “I used to come here when I was seventeen. Usually at night, and usually with girls.”
Alison snorts, and I continue.
“Then Merida got pregnant with Kurt, and you know the rest.”
Alison watches me, and I meet her gaze, holding it boldly.
“I know the rest.”
“So tell me about you and Kurt. How’s it going?”
I try to appear disinterested, but Alison answers without looking at me.
“It’s okay. I mean, he’s still your regular alpha male, but what can you do? I bet you were the same.”
Not if I had someone like you.
“Not exactly.”
Alison’s eyes cloud over, and she goes to say something, but she’s interrupted by my phone beeping.
Hey baby. Party starts at 10 pm; I’ll come to yours around nine xx

“Urgh. Looks like I’m at that crappy party. Sorry, were you going to say something?”
“Huh? No. I’m just enjoying the view.”
I grin, gesturing at the lake.
“That view?”
Alison laughs, and it’s the sort of laugh that makes my dick hard.
“What other view is there?”
“Well, you know, I am sitting across from you….” I flex my muscles and make a posing face.
“Yes, you’re lovely.”
Not exactly what I want to hear, but I’ll take it.
“So are you,” I say, leaning forward. “This may be forward of me, so I’m sorry if it’s not my place to say, but you are perfect as you are. You don’t need to watch your weight or anything.”
Alison’s cheeks are crimson, and she’s sinking her teeth into her lip so hard I wonder if they’re going to bleed.
“Sorry,” I add hastily, wishing I didn’t say anything at all.
“No, it’s okay. My friends tell me the same thing.” Alison admits, tugging her ponytail loose.
I purposely stare at the lake, but in my peripheral vision; I can see her. Her lips are killing me, and the soft curve of her neck is begging to have my lips all over it. I wouldn’t stop there, though. I’d move her top down, exposing her breasts—
“Kiki likes you. You’ll come to visit when we move, won’t you?” Alison asks, drinking her latte.
I feel like a fool.
I’m sat there perving over my daughter-in-law to be while she’s being fucking polite.
“Yup. Whenever you want me.”
There it is again, though, the zap of electricity between us.
“If you make pancakes for me like you did this morning, I’d say every day.”
“They’re better served in bed.”
Wait. Are we flirting again?
Alison sucks in a breath, and I move my foot closer to hers, daring to touch her skin with mine.
Alison says nothing, but her eyes are showing her true emotions, and she looks scared.
I jolt my foot back, but Alison says nothing. She smiles politely and strokes Kiki, her hair falling in front of her face.
I’ve got to stop this.
Before it’s too late.

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