My Fiancé’s Dad

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Chapter 11


It might be the whiskey and beer smashing through my veins like a rampant river, or it might be the incredibly hot, caring guy in front of me.
Either way, I’ve asked him to kiss me.
And he’s staring at me in horror.
“Alison,” he stammers, his beautiful eyes swirling with confusion. “You don’t mean that. You’re hurting.”
I want to cry, but I don’t think I’ve got any tears left.
“Oh my god, I’m such an idiot,” I whisper, pouring more whiskey.
Fuck it.
This will be something they laugh about at a family party in the future, where Lincoln tells the funny story about how Kurts scorned fiancé tried it on with him.
“No, you’re not, it’s not that I don’t want to….” Lincoln says, grabbing my hand in both of his. “But if you really mean it, and it’s not the alcohol talking, then come here.”
Now I’m terrified.
The thought of kissing Lincoln is enough to send me off the edge, and my earlier bravado has vanished.
“I meant it, but I can’t—”
Lincoln sighs, his fingers and thumb holding the bottom of my chin as he studies me.
“Then I’ll do it.”
Before I can think about what’s going on, his lips are on mine.
It’s like he’s sucked the air out of me, and his strong arms wrapping around my waist as I melt against him is too much to bear. His stubble rubs against my skin, but I don’t care.
I make the first move with my tongue, and Lincoln makes a sound that sets something off deep within my core. Unlike Kurt, he’s not fumbling around my underwear. His hand is stroking my back, the other cupping the back of my neck as he inhales me.
I’m kissing Kurt’s dad.
Oh. My. God.
I love it.
My hand trails over his body, the width and soft skin surprising me. I feel like I never want to stop, and from the way he’s kissing me, he feels the same.
But I need more.
I can’t help my hand moving south, nor can I stop stroking his dick through his shorts.
His hand grips mine, stopping me in my tracks. Our mouths break apart, and we rest against one another, our eyes sharing a silent conversation.
I’m his son's fiancé.
He’s my fiancé’s dad.
Well, ex.
His lips slam against mine again, and this time he tugs me onto his lap, allowing me to straddle him. I’m rocking my hips against him, breaking the kiss to moan. Lincoln almost rips my top off, his mouth attacking my collarbone as I cry out.
I need this.
“You’re so beautiful, Alison.”
I stare down at the vision that is Lincoln Derby devouring my body, and I realize I don’t care what he is to me.
Right now, he’s everything.
His dick presses against me through the fabric, and he groans, his fingers brushing my nipple as he stares up at me.
“Please…” I whine, shivering beneath his touch. “Please.”
Lincoln looks like he’s in pain, the confusion in his eyes disappearing which every moan I let out.
“There?” He asks gently, cupping his hand around my pussy.
I gasp, biting my lip as I nod.
“Take these off.” Lincoln doesn’t ask; he commands, and I’m here to fucking obey.
I waste no time in stripping off, watching as Lincoln swallows hard.
“Fuck. Are you sure…”
I watch as he hesitates, his thumbs ready to tug his shorts down.
“I’m sure, Lincoln.”
“Fuck.” He hisses, pushing his shorts down to the floor. “Come here.”
He extends a hand, his eyes locked on mine. So far, he hasn’t checked my body out, and I’m nervous.
Does he not like me?
But then his rock-hard dick tells me he does. Jesus that won’t fit inside of me.
Like he reads my thoughts, he smiles.
“We can do other things.”
Holy fuck balls.
I’m nervous until he grips my hips, his head craning back so he can kiss me. His hand travels up my thigh, and I suck in a breath when it edges closer to my clit.
“Just kiss me,” Lincoln murmurs, his finger slipping inside of me as his thumb strokes my clit. “Move how you want. However, feels right.”
I lace my hands together around the back of his neck and relax my body, enjoying the sensation that spreads within me as I ride his hand.
“That feels…so good….”
His tongue strokes mine expertly, and he stretches me out with another finger.
My core is in a hypersensitive state, but my mind is blown. Everywhere he touches me sends me to different levels of consciousness, and when I think I can’t take anymore, he introduces another finger.
My orgasm is dancing with excitement, teetering on the edge as he moans into my neck.
“You feel so good.”
His thumb brushes against my clit, his tongue stroking the length of my neck as I stiffen, short gasps leaving me as he finger fucks me to oblivion.
I see colors, stars, and maybe even the fucking sun. It’s like I’m on a rollercoaster, except I’m not scared.
Not at all.
I kiss him, still moaning as he slows his movements.
“I want to fuck you so bad,” he mutters, biting my bottom lip. “Can I?”
Is he serious?
I’d pay him.
“Please.” Is all I can get out, my heart soaring through my chest when he lines himself up with my soaking hole.
He’s big, bigger than Kurt, but he’s wider too. My arousal helps him enter me, though, and we kiss like we’re on stage.
“Alison…” he growls, gripping my hips as I lower myself onto him. “Fuck!”
I have to stop because he’s stretching me so much. I can’t get any wetter, so I panic he’s not going to fit.
“This position is deep; let’s try another.”
He holds me to him as he turns us, my back flat on the sofa.
When he re-enters me, there’s no stopping us. His hands hold mine above my head, his hips thrusting hard into me.
His eyes hold mine captive, and I try to remember every moment, just in case this is the first and last time we do this.
“I’ve wanted this for so long,” he groans, and I throw my head back with delight.
I’m breathless, and I’m not even doing anything.
“Damn fucking straight. You’re beautiful.”
His thrusts increase in tempo, and I lose my fingers in his hair, crying out his name as he fills me with his seed.
He lets out a guttural moan, and I swear it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.
I’ve just fucked Lincoln Derby, and it’s the best sex I’ve ever had.

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