My Fiancé’s Dad

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Chapter 14


This is messy.
I can’t imagine how Alison is feeling, with my dick of a son currently pinning her to the fucking counter.
Why is he back?
I told him a few fucking days, and here he is the day after.
Typical Kurt. Never listens.
Alison’s eyes meet mine, her expression unreadable.
I haven’t smoked in months, and now I’m half a pack deep. Sucking on the smoke, I inhale to the point of capacity, fighting the urge to exhale for as long as I can.
When I do, the grey cloud that leaves my lips blocks my vision of the broken couple, and I close my eyes.
I’m playing a dangerous game with Alison, but seeing her with Kurt makes my blood boil. I had her in my bed hours earlier, and dammit, I want her back in it.
Maybe it’s the fact she’s young and beautiful, with a kind heart, as pure and honest as can be. Or maybe it’s the way she gasps out my name, her nails digging into my back as I fuck her.
It’s deeper than that, and that’s what scares me.
I fucked her bare, no care in the world for a condom. Because it felt right.
I must be mad because there’s no way she’s going to choose me over him.
He’s begging her, from what I can see.
Shit, is he crying?
Little fucker got himself into this, banging two chicks when he had a beautiful girl like Alison planning their future.
What the fuck was he thinking?
Kiki is by my feet, looking up at me as though to say, sort it out, Linc.
“I’m not making decisions for her, Kik.”
Reaching down to stroke her ear, I hear the kitchen door slam.
I’m so sick of this drama, man.
Kurt shouts, and Kiki bolts toward the house like it’s on fire, searching for Alison.
“So you did it to pay me back, huh? You’re not like that, Ali! You’re my fucking girl!”
Uh oh.
Pushing the back door open to let Kiki through, I find Alison striding to the front door, meeting my gaze as she turns back.
“So what? It happened; deal with it.”
Her eyes are blazing with anger as she stares at Kurt.
“Deal with it? It’s our relationship, Ali! We can’t do this to each other; it’s not right.”
Kurt sounds like shit.
His hands tremble by his sides, his shoulder deflated as he reaches out to slam his hand against the door, preventing Ali from leaving.
“Who was it, Ali? You have to tell me.”
My eyes widen at his words, and I brace myself for the disgust headed my way.
There isn’t going to be much I can say in my defense, but he can fuck off.
He doesn’t treat her right, and I can.
Alison holds her chin high, her eyes narrowing.
“I went to a bar. I don’t know who it was.”
Kurt’s fists ball at his sides, and my stomach twists with envy. Then I realize she’s lying.
The sweet mouth I’d kissed the fuck out of last night was hiding our secret.
“It’s a small town, Ali,” Kurt warns, placing his hands on either side of her. “I’ll find out who it was, and I’ll beat the crap out of him.”
A wolfish smile plays on my lips, but I step forward, clearing my throat.
“Everything okay?”
Kurt glares at me before making a face.
“Private conversation, Dad.”
“I wasn’t talking to you.”
The air is thick with tension, but Alison nods, giving me a beautiful smile.
“I should probably go….”
“Ali, you can’t go.” Kurt is practically weeping.
Is he still fucking drunk?
He’s got his hand on her neck, cupping it softly as he kisses her face, whispering how much he loves her.
It’s more than I can bear.
Alison pushes him away gently, and my heart soars.
“I can’t do this. I’m sorry.”
“Let her go, son.”
Kurt ignores me, opening the door so she can leave.
“I’ll walk you to your car.”
“Bye, Lincoln,” Alison calls over her shoulder, whistling for Kiki.
“Bye, Alison.”
As she leaves, I watch as Kurt walks beside her, his head bowed.
He’s young, he’s going to make mistakes, and I get that.
But losing Alison is more than a mistake; it’s a mammoth fuck up.
It’s a colossal fuck up.
My fingers twitch to touch her, to kiss her goodbye, or drag her to my bed. But instead, I focus on making coffee.
Simple shit.
Is she kissing him goodbye?
Should I check?
Walking into the lounge, I stare through the slatted blinds, sucking in a breath when I see my son holding her face in his hands, his lips pressed against hers.
Rage rips through me, but then I see Alison turn her head away, her hands hanging limply by her side as she moves back.
I’m euphoric that she’s turned him down, and as she drives away, I swear she looks for me.
Kurt watches her leave, then turns to see me standing at the window.
There’s a moment where we stare at each other, and I wonder if he knows.
I’m not going to deny it if he asks.
Damn. I hope he asks.
“Dad?” Kurt croaks out from the doorway, his voice sounding much like it did at ten years old when he’d hurt himself.
Helpless and sad.
I find him leaning against the door, his eyes swollen and puffy.
Kurt looks lost.
“I really fucked up.”
I press my lips together, shrugging softly.
“Maybe you guys should call it a day.”
Kurt lifts his eyes to mine, shaking his head slowly.
“I need her, Dad. I should never have treated her like that. I should’ve cared more, you know?”
I say nothing.
“What can I do, pops? She slept with someone else last night.” Kurt is beyond bitter, and I wonder how he’d react if I told him I’d nearly put her through the wall this morning and last night. “I’ll kill him.”
You’d need to kill Daddy, son.
“She did it to hurt me. She’s not like that; she doesn’t sleep around.”
This only makes me want her more. He’s not doing himself any favors here.
“Go and get some rest, Kid.”
Kurt moves to the stairs, giving me a small smile.
“I’ll get showered and come down. Maybe we can watch the game together later.”
Unless I had plans.
“Sounds good, son.”

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