My Fiancé’s Dad

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Chapter 16


I know where the house is, and I’m worried about its isolated location. It’s not far from the shitty part of our town, but it’s hopefully far enough away from it.

The question is, why does Alison want to be so far out?

The city suburbs disappear as I near the address, and I see why.

It’s in a bad state; the roof needs repairing and the shutters on the windows are broken, but the land it comes with is ridiculous.

Lush, green grass scattered with all kinds of flowers, a pathway that is hidden by weeds that leads to a murky pond, and I’m sure there’s a disused well.

But more importantly, there she is.


My grin stretches my cheeks to a painful point, the sight of her in the yellow sundress clinging to her curves makes me want to weep.

Her blonde hair is piled on top of her head, and large sunglasses hide the eyes that fascinate me so much.

Cutting the engine I hop out, hoping I’m not appearing as eager as I am.

Alison lifts her hands up to shield her eyes from the low sun, and I notice the guy beside her eyeballing me curiously.

I didn’t even fucking see him, where did he come from?

He’s suited and booted, keys dangling from his hands as I approach.

“Ah, you must be Alison’s fiance. I’m Sean, the property agent.”

Alison gasps at his words, and Sean frowns.

“Lincoln.” I shake his hand, and gesture for him to give me the keys.

“I’ll have a scout around, if that’s okay. You good to wait out here?” I arch a brow at Sean who nods meekly.

“I am supposed to give you a tour.”

“Son, I don’t need a tour of a house. I’ve spent the last twenty-two years making ’em.”

Alison is staring at me through her sunglasses, and I can’t help but send her a wink.

“Showing my age now,” I joke, taking the offered keys. “Shall we?”

“I’ll be in my car,” Sean says grumpily, probably annoyed he doesn’t get to give his practiced speech.

I didn’t have time for property agents, but then again, I didn’t have time for many people.

Except for this little fucking angel.

She walks before me, stepping over the vines that line the pathway, her eyes drinking it all in.

“What do you think of its location?” Alison asks, turning to look at me over her shoulder.

“A bit close to Carrington, but I see why you like it.”

Alison removes her sunglasses, skipping up the porch as she lovingly strokes the broken rails.

“It just needs some attention.”

Like you.

The lock is stiff, but after a few shoulder slams, I get it open, the hinges screaming as it swings to the side.

It’s like someone left in a hurry, the place frozen in time.

A sofa is pushed up against the wood-paneled wall, layer upon layer of dust cloaking it like a thick grey blanket. There’s a coffee table that’s missing a leg, haphazardly balancing on a thick book.

The windows are smashed, for the most part, broken glass litters the floor and I instinctively pull Alison away from it, my hand sitting on the small of her back.

“Glass,” I mutter, nodding at the floor beneath the windows. “Wait here.”

I stride forward, assessing the house which is on two levels. The kitchen is bare; it needs new wiring and gas by the looks of it.

Not cheap.

But other than that, it’s pretty sturdy.

“It’s safe enough to look around, but this isn’t going to be cheap to do up, Alison.”

Alison follows my gaze, blowing her hair out of her eyes as she hugs herself. This is a moment she envisioned sharing with my son.

“I know, but isn’t it beautiful?”

“It sure could be,” I agree, stroking my jaw thoughtfully. “But can you afford to get it done? It won’t be cheap, it needs rewiring in the kitchen, new windows—”

“I’ll have to pay someone to do all of those things, but I think I’ve saved enough. Do you have any idea how much it would be?”

She’s been saving?

Kurt fucking hasn’t.

Another prickle of annoyance nudges my gut, and I sigh heavily.

“Thousands, to be honest,” I say, watching her face fall. “But I’ll see what I can do. Let’s check out upstairs. Tread carefully, okay?”

Alison grins, biting her lip as she leads the way.

I follow her upstairs, remembering the last time we tried this, fucking halfway up.

Fucks sake.

“Oh wow, it’s got beams!” Alison squeals, twirling around in the master bedroom. I glance down, clocking the other two bedrooms.

“Three bedrooms?” I question, leaning against the doorframe.

Alison looks up, the wide smile fading at my words.

“Oh, yeah. Well, one can be Kiki’s, and the other can be for whatever dog I get next.”

My heart skips a beat when her eyes mist over, and I know what she’d been thinking about when she saw this house.

“You wanted kids?” I say softly, trying to resist the urge to drag her into my arms.

“I did,” Alison confesses, shaking her head. “Kurt said he did...but, erm...somehow I didn’t quite believe him.”

Alison forces a smile, moving over to the window and sighing happily.

“So you think I’ll be safe here?”

I cross the room so I’m standing behind her, inhaling the scent of her shampoo until I can taste it.

“Of course you will,” I say gruffly, unable to stop myself from moving her hair from her neck, exposing the skin I’d battered with my tongue and teeth hours earlier. “I’ll only be a phone call away.”

“Still too far if someone broke in,” Alison whispers back, tilting her head so I can see her side profile.

My son had spent most of the morning staring into the bottom of a whiskey bottle, and I’d sat there watching him, knowing I was the cause of his despair.

Alison is so close I can taste her, but the distance between us is still too fucking far.

I swallow, dropping my head so my hair falls onto her shoulder, knowing this is wrong.

So wrong.

The closeness is too much, and our bodies can’t help but gravitate toward one another, and we’re powerless to try to resist.


“I’d get here, trust me,” I vow, my eyes taking in the curve of her back, her ass...her long legs.

I’m fucking doomed.

“I believe you,” Alison whispers. “Is it bad I’d call you first?”

“First?” I place my hands on her waist and move her so she’s against the wall.

“Before I called anyone.”

Alison makes the mistake of licking her lips, and I’m out of my head.

“You kill me, Alison.”

“I don’t want to kill you.”

“I know,” I try to move back, but she reaches for me, her hand on my chest. “But Kurt loves you.”

Alison drops her hand but I capture it in mine, dragging it to my lips.

“He loves you so fucking much.”

Even though he’s got a funny way of showing it.

“He’s not for me, Lincoln.”

I study her, and without thinking, I make the first move, pressing my lips against hers.

Alison returns the kiss, but I pull back, unsure of how much control I’ve got with her.

We stare at one another, our eyes searching for the answers we’re silently asking.

Then she reaches up, her hand tugging me back to her mouth.

My mind is fucking blown.

Her tongue is dominating mine, her sweet whimpers begging for me to take her there and then. Her mouth leaves mine, her fingers tugging at my belt as she smirks, showing me the side to her that I swear belongs to me.

“Please,” Alison gasps against my lips, thrusting herself against me.

Here? Now?

Who the fuck am I kidding?

I throw her dress up around her waist, moving her underwear to the side as I curse myself.

But she’s ready for me, arching her back and grinding her hips as she lifts one leg around my waist. Lifting her other leg with ease, I enter her roughly. She hisses in my ear, her eyes rolling with delight.


I don’t trust myself to speak, so instead, I let my body do the talking. We fuck silently, and it's deadly, the only sound is the creaking of the floorboards beneath us.

My mouth muffles her cries, and when she cums, it sets me off, soaking her core, filling her with my seed.

I know this is wrong.

I know I shouldn’t.

But stopping isn’t an option.

I have to have her, at all costs.

But Kurt can’t find out.

Not yet.

“He wants to kill me,” I confess with a laugh.

God. I’m a cunt.

“I won’t let him.” Alison stares at me, her fingers lost in my hair as her swollen lips smash against mine, owning me.

A throat clears behind us.

“I take it you’re buying the house?”

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