My Fiancé’s Dad

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Chapter 17


Sean, the property guy, leers at me briefly, taking in my flushed face and panting breath.

But Lincoln isn’t okay with that.

“Can you fuck off?” Lincoln rasps, jutting his head toward the stairs.

Sean looks like he’s been slapped, almost toppling over his own feet in an attempt to get out.

“Oh my god,” I giggle, adjusting my underwear as Lincoln smiles. “You’re so bad.”

“Me? That was all you, Alison, you beautiful fucking woman.”

He presses me to the wall, gazing at me like he’s not sure I’m real.

“I can’t keep away from you. What sort of father am I?”

“You can’t help who you’re attracted to,” I mumble, my fingers playing with his shirt collar. “We’re both single; we don’t owe shit to anyone.”

I sound braver than I feel, but there’s no way I want to let go of Lincoln.

“Yeah, I know that, but I’ve still got to consider Kurt,” Lincoln presses a kiss to my forehead, stepping back to glance around the room.

A well of disappointment grows within me, but I bite my tongue.

“If he finds out that we’ve been…” he looks at me, cringing slightly. “Sleeping together, I don’t trust him not to do something stupid.”

“I don’t follow.” I push myself from the wall, picking up my bag from the floor.

Kurt isn’t like that; nothing fazes him.

“Kurt said he couldn’t live without you, Alison.” Lincoln studies me with a sad smile. “I can see why.”

“You think he’d harm himself without me?” I ask, my eyes bulging.

I won’t be held responsible for that.

“I’m just saying; we need to decide what we’re doing, love.” Lincoln guides me out of the room, following me down the creaky stairs.

Sean is waiting out front, still red-faced from our earlier encounter.

“I’ll call the office,” I say, handing the keys to him.

Sean nods and gives us a tight smile.

“No problem. I’ll, uh, see you around.”

Within seconds he’s leaving a cloud of dust behind him, and I wave at my car.

“I don’t know what to say, Lincoln,” I say softly, the wind whipping my hair around my face.

Out here, he’s even more handsome than usual.

His shirt sleeves pushed up past his elbows, the inked forearms crossing over his chest, creating a myriad of entrancing images.

“You tell me to fuck off and get a grip, or you let an old man indulge in his fantasies a little while longer.”


“That’s what I am to you, a fantasy?” I frown, my chest aching.

Lincoln blinks, shaking his head as he strides over to me.

His fingers encircle my arms, and his intense stare burns into my soul.

“You are a fantasy come to life, sure, but don’t misunderstand me. You make me feel shit I’ve not felt in years.”

“Yeah?” I whisper, stroking his stubble with my nails.

He closes his eyes, gripping my wrist and dragging it to his mouth.

“Yes.” He plants a soft kiss on the center of my wrist, and I shiver.

“But my son is in love with you,” Lincoln continues, turning his attention to my hand that is now bare of the engagement ring I’d worn so proudly in the past.

Our eyes meet, and he shakes his head.

“He hasn’t behaved well nor treated you right. But he’s my son, and I can’t fuck him over when he’s struggling.”

My heart demands answers, pounding against the wall of my chest with all its might.

But I know Lincoln is right— what can we do?

If Kurt is in a fragile state, we don’t want to pile any more stress his way, that’s for sure.

“So what, is this it?” My eyes flicker to the house in its dilapidated state, falling apart to the tune of ruin. “Quick fucks when he’s not looking? Or are you done with me?”

Lincoln glares at me, tugging me flush against him as he speaks in a low tone.

“Don’t be like that with me, Alison. We’ve both got to do what we’ve got to do; this is a unique situation. But don’t ever refer to my feelings for you as mere fucks.”

I struggle against him, but he kisses me hard on the mouth, and before I can stop it, I’m crying.

“I can’t sneak around, Lincoln! I know it’s hard, but maybe we need space until Kurt has gotten over me.”

Lincoln rubs my tears away, lifting my chin so he can speak to my soul.

“I have to see you.”

“The alternative is telling Kurt! I can’t even see you, Lincoln.”

I know I sound bratty, but I don’t care.

“What if I take some time off work, and we get out of here, just the two of us? Oh, and Kiki.”

I stare at him, my sobs hiccuping in my throat.

“You’re serious.”

Lincoln laughs, and it’s the sexiest sight I’ve ever seen.

“You know what, we can hire a campervan and fuck off on an adventure. Just us. Go to a beach, the mountains, wherever you want.”

“Talk all night, drink wine….” I smile, excitement flowing through my veins.

“Play ball with Kiki, go for walks, fuck on the sand after watching the sunrise….” Lincoln adds, his hands dropping to my butt, which he squeezes softly. “Kurt is supposed to be away in a few months on some NFL can come to stay with me if you want.”

I’m so happy I could burst, and I kiss him with everything I’ve got, his hands roaming over my body as I moan against him.

“Alison…” he warns, backing me against my car. But the fever has set in; we’re both dying for each other again.

He opens my car door, pushing me roughly onto the backseat as he falls between my legs, his tongue thrusting into my mouth.

My core throbs as he loosens his buckle, and I buck against him like a wild animal, not caring a jot about the fact we’re parked by the road, and anyone can see us.

“I swear, you’ll kill me,” Lincoln repeats, thrusting into me with such might I bang my head on the door. “Shit, are you alright?!”

“Fuck me, Lincoln!” I moan, not giving a shit about my head. Hairpins are digging into my scalp, but I’m beyond caring, my legs in the air as Lincoln ruins me with every thrust.

“We need to talk about birth control,” he mutters, biting my ear lobe softly. “Because I like fucking you bare.”

“I’m on the pill,” I gasp, feeling stupid for not telling him this.

Kurt and I didn’t use anything either, but I won’t tell him they share the same tastes.

“Mmm, so I can flood you now?”

My eyes are rolling back in my head, his fingers digging into my ass as he moans my name, his lips slanting over mine.

We moan into one another’s mouth as he reaches his point, and I watch as his face contorts into one of pure passion; the sounds leaving his mouth send me over the edge.

“Fuck, Alison!”

I don’t want to let him go, so I don’t.

Dragging his face back to mine, I kiss him roughly, and he moves inside of me again.

“I swear I’m not on Viagra. This is all you,” Lincoln declares, kneeling so he can stare down at my soaked hole as he moves in and out of me. His fingers stroke the length of his dick, and his thumb brushes my clit, sending spasms through my body. “Shit, you’re something else.”

I reach down, wrapping my hand around his shaft as he fucks me, and this only sends him further over the edge.

“This is about you,” Lincoln mutters, wiping our arousal over my clit as he thrusts into me repeatedly.

When I cum, I’m fucking delirious, and he watches as I moan his name over and over.

“You know when we go away,” Lincoln whispers, kissing me in between the words. “Don’t bring any clothes. You won’t need them.”

“Yes. sir.”

Lincoln stares at me, and darkness swirls in his eyes.

“Oh, I like that.”

“What, 'Sir'?” I reply sweetly, scooting up so I can retrieve my underwear. Lincoln buckles his pants, making a face at me.

“You could call me Jesus, and I’d find it sexy.”

I snigger as he leaves the back seat, holding out a hand to help me join him.

“I already miss you,” I whisper, allowing him to wrap his arms around me. “How is that possible? You’re right here….”

“It’s possible, Alison because I miss you too. So fucking much.”

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