My Fiancé’s Dad

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Chapter 21


Kurt staggers back, his eyes wild with fury.
Natalya wrings her hands helplessly, avoiding my gaze.
“You hated him,” I breathe, still unable to believe my friend would do this to me.
I mean, we were colleagues first, but really?
Natalya stares at the floor, her cheeks flushing crimson.
“I didn’t…I didn’t sleep with him or anything….”
Oh, well, that’s okay then.
I can’t help but wonder what they did and when.
Lincoln and Kurt are glaring at one another, and I feel immense guilt for putting father and son against one another.
“We kissed once. Tonight, because you were ignoring me as fucking usual,” Kurt snaps at me. “I've been trying, Ali, so fucking hard, and what have you done about it?”
His eyes move to Lincoln, who remains silent, his eyes locked on Kurt like a predator with their prey.
“Fucked my dad, right?”
“It’s not like that!” I whisper as Kurt steps forward, glaring at me.
“No? Then how is it, Alison? Have I somehow got this wrong?” His voice is high pitched, his eyes bulging from his head. “Enlighten me.”
“I’m not doing this here.” I blink angry tears down my cheeks, moving away from Kurt. “I never cheated on you, and that’s all you need to know.”
Kurt has the decency to look away, tears filling his eyes.
“And now? You want him?”
We stare at one another for what feels like an eternity, and he reaches out to stroke my face, bringing back memories I thought I’d locked away.
Feelings rip through me like a lightning bolt, and the realisation of what I’ve done hits me.
Lincoln follows me as I stumble away, his strong arms encircling me as he whispers my name.
“Alison, baby, it’s okay.”
But it’s not okay.
His voice seems far away, and nausea rising in my throat drowns out the sound of his voice.
I didn’t think I’d care about Kurt knowing.
Part of me wanted to hurt him as much as he hurt me, but I hadn't expected to feel like this for Lincoln.
“Alison, for fucks sake!” Lincoln pulls me into his arms, his eyes searching mine as he props me up against a wall. “Listen to me!”
“I’m awful,” I sob, waving a hand in the direction of the bar.
“You’re not.”
“I am! And he kissed Natalya and…I hate him for that! I hate him for everything!”
Lincoln is silent; his only acknowledgement of my words is the pain in his eyes as I continue.
“But he doesn’t deserve this.”
I’m sobbing harder now, and when footsteps approach, I refuse to open my eyes.
I’ve seen enough judgement for one day.
“I think she needs to go home, away from both of you.” The voice belongs to my friend, the one who kissed my ex while I sat out in the bar, reaching oblivion. “And me.”
“She’s not going anywhere on her own, and you’ve done enough damage for one night.” Kurt snaps, and Natalya gasps.
I’m taking her home.” Lincoln declares, lifting me into his arms. “You two can do what the fuck you like.”
Kurt refuses to stay behind, and as Lincoln puts me in the truck, Kurt climbs in beside me.
“We need to talk, Ali.”
Lincoln gets in beside me, starting the engine with a furious snarl.
“Leave her alone. Let me get her home, not another fucking word from you.”
Even I clamp my lips together at his authority, and Kurt stares out of the window, tears rolling down his cheeks.
The rhythmic lull of the truck sends me into a sleepy state, but no sooner have I nodded off have we pulled up at their house.
At Lincoln’s house.
Lincoln and Kurt get out of the truck, and I can hear them arguing from here.
“She was my fiancé! How could you do this to me?”
“She wasn’t your fiancé when I fucked her, so watch your fucking mouth.”
There’s a scuffle and a thud as the men throw punches, and I force myself to get out of the truck, whiskey fuelled and sick of the bullshit.
“Stop!” I command, shaking my head at them. “This is ridiculous.”
Lincoln has Kurt by the scruff of the neck as blood pours from Kurt’s nose.
“Go inside, Alison,” Lincoln mutters, turning back to Kurt. “You had her. She was yours. I respected that until you fucked other women behind her back repeatedly.”
“But I love her! You don’t know shit about that.” Kurt roars, attempting to shove Lincoln away.
It’s pointless; Lincoln is either too strong, or too angry, or both.
He slams Kurt against the truck.
“If you love her, why did you kiss that fucking blonde back at the bar? Do you have any idea how much your actions destroy her?”
Kurt isn’t ever going to change.
“I don’t care; she’s not with you. You’ve taken advantage of a young girl in a vulnerable state, you sick fuck!”
Lincoln pulls his arm back, and I watch, horrified, as his fist slams into Kurt's jaw.
I’d fantasised about someone knocking Kurt the fuck out, but I didn’t think it would be Lincoln.
Kurt cries out in pain, his head slamming onto the bonnet as I move in between them, covering Kurt with my body to protect him from the rage in Lincoln’s eyes.
“Son or not, you don’t get to speak to me like that about her.”
“Please, Lincoln, let me talk to him. I’ll convince him to go; just let me talk to him,” I’m babbling because I’m fucking terrified.
I’m scared Lincoln is going to kill Kurt.
Lincoln stares at me through maddened eyes, his lips curling up in disgust.
“You’re lucky she cares for you so fucking much, you useless prick.”
Lincoln doesn’t say another word, his chest heaving as he shakes his head, storming into the house.
“Fuck,” Kurt sits up, then slides to the floor, his eyes filling with hatred. “My dad, Alison?”
I kneel in the dirt, glaring at him.
“I never would’ve if you wouldn’t have cheated on me. Never.”
Kurt gives a sad smile.
“So you did it to pay me back?” He smirks, and I shake my head.
“No. Not at all.”
“You won’t give me another chance, will you?”
I gape at him, unsure what planet he’s living on.
“You want to be with me after finding out I’m….” I don’t finish the words, but Kurt lifts his hand to cup my chin, his thumb stroking the skin softly.
“I’ll always want to be with you, Alison Slater. I guess I just wasn’t ready. I get that you need more. I can’t give that to you.”
It’s the most honest statement I will ever get from Kurt, but I’m not ready for his following words.
“Anyone but him.”

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