My Fiancé’s Dad

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Chapter 22


Alison rises to her feet, and Kurt watches her walk away with agony on his bloodied face.
She walks towards the door, her knees dirty and scuffed beneath the dress she’s owning like a fucking film star.
The door opens, and I hold my breath, wondering what she’s going to say to me now.
She stands in the doorway, her tear streaked face staring down at the floor until she clocks me standing in the dark kitchen.
Time halts as she studies me, wiping her nose on the back of her hand.
“Hey,” I say gruffly, gripping the counter top behind me.
Her voice, small and fragile, is still music to my ears. She’s afraid to come to me, and I hate that.
I step toward her, my heart skipping a beat when she looks up at me.
“Anyone but you.”
Her eyes search mine as I let her words sink in.
Alison swallows.
“He said, ‘anyone but you.’”
“Did he?” It’s a statement more than a question, but Alison nods.
“He’ll never accept us.”
She said us.
I can’t think of the right words to say, so instead, I brush her lips with mine, the taste of whiskey and salty tears greeting me.
My hand glides down her soft skin, my fingers pulling her closer so I can inhale her like the drug she is.
Burying my face in her hair, I lift her into my arms and carry her to the kitchen island.
Words won’t convey my feelings, nothing will.
But I need her to know that she’s the reason I breathe.
My lips traverse over her shoulder, my finger pushing down the strap of her dress as she sighs, her body relaxing beneath my touch.
Her perfume is no match for her natural scent, an alluring fusion of vanilla and candy.
She’s sweet enough to eat, it makes sense that she should smell it.
My mouth moves back to her slender throat, my hand cupping it so I can drag my nose across her cheek, my lips aiming for her hers.
Her lips part immediately, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. I slow it down, taking time to enjoy her, every fucking second of her.
The door opens, and I stop, resting my forehead on hers.
“I’m going to bed. I can’t deal with this tonight.”
My son sounds defeated, but he can’t see us in the dark. If he could, he wouldn’t be so fucking calm, I’m sure.
Alison finds my mouth again, and as Kurt slams the door upstairs, I grip her hands, pinning them to the counter.
“We need to go to bed. You can sleep in my room, and I’ll sleep down here,” I mutter, hating every word I’m saying.
But tomorrow is going to be a clusterfuck for all involved, and if I start it with Kurt finding me and Alison in bed, we’ll probably kill each other.
“I’m sleeping with you,” Alison says, sliding off the counter so I’m staring down at her again. “He can’t choose what I do, Lincoln.”
“Ali, we can’t,” I swallow, as Alison stops me, her finger on my lips.
“I didn’t say I’d be swinging from the chandelier, Lincoln. I want to sleep with you beside me.”
“Every fucking night.”
Alison laughs, tilting her head to gaze at me.
“I want you to sleep next to me every night,” I admit.
“Maybe we should take that break sooner rather than later.” Alison yawns, resting her head on my chest.
She leads the way to my room, and we slip beneath the sheets quietly, both of us fully clothed.
I wrap my arms around her as she shuffles her ass against my stomach, my lips grazing against her shoulder as we lace our fingers together.
“I fucking adore you,” I whisper, staring over her shoulder at the door to my bedroom. “I want you like I’ve never wanted anyone else.”
“Promise?” Alison whispers back sleepily.
“Cross my heart.”
Her lips kiss my callous fingers and I realise I’m falling in love with her.
Even more so with every second that does by, and if Kurt thinks he can keep us apart he’s got another thing coming.
But first, I want to take her away from everything.


Waking up the next day in Lincoln’s arms feels good.
Better than good.
“Hey, beautiful,” he mumbles into my hair, his inked forearm wrapping around my stomach.
My fingers trail the letters he has inked on his arm for Kurt, guilt gnawing at me.
“You have his name on you.”
Lincoln stiffens, then lifts his arm to examine it.
“I do, yeah.”
“I think it’s cute.”
“Did you just call me cute, woman?” Lincoln nibbles my ear, pressing his arousal against my ass.
Rolling onto my back I watch as Lincoln sits up on his elbow, his hand pushing my dress up. His fingers circle selective areas, before brushing against the lace of my panties.
Our eyes meet, and he smirks, glancing at the door.
“Can you be quiet?”
My heart slams in my chest as I move so he’s between my legs, nodding my head.
“I’ll try.”
“Maybe I’ll have to keep you quiet.” Lincoln glances down, stroking his hardness against my panties.
“Promises, promises,” I tease, bucking my hips against him.
Lincoln tears my underwear in two with a loud rip, allowing his dick to reacquaint with my pussy.
Tugging the duvet around us, I lace my arms around his neck, meeting his mouth like he’s oxygen, and I need to breathe. Lincoln moves away to position himself perfectly at my entrance, taking me in one thrust as I cry out.
“Jesus, baby, I said quiet,” Lincoln scolds playfully, his teeth grazing my shoulder. A muffled moan escapes my lips, and Lincoln clamps his hand over my mouth with a smirk.
“I did warn you,” he whispers, lifting my legs onto his shoulders as he drives into me.
My tongue attacks the barrier that is his hand, the sight of my legs resting on his broad shoulders is too much to bear.
He cages me beneath him, allowing my legs to slide to his waist as he thrusts into me.
He releases his hand so his mouth can replace it, and we kiss like it’s the first time. Our teeth clash as we moan against one another, and Lincoln curses.
“Fuck, baby.”
“Do you like fucking me?” I lick his face, and he takes a fistful of my hair, dragging it back as he delivers violent thrusts.
The speed increases, and I swear he’s kissing my womb with his dick.
“What do you think?” Lincoln pants, staring down at me as he pounds into me.
“Are you gonna cum, baby?” Lincoln presses his groin against my clit, the slow movements of his hips sending me into oblivion.
My body is on fire, and I forget his warning about the noise.
“Harder!” I cry out, and Lincoln obeys, slamming into me so hard the headboard crashes against the wall.
I’m not thinking of anything right now other than reaching my euphoria, something only Lincoln can provide.
“I can’t deal with you speaking to me like that.” Lincoln grips onto my shoulders, tugging me down as he thrusts up, the sound of our bodies slapping filling the room.
“So…close…” I whisper, as Lincoln slams into me mercilessly, owning every strand of insanity that flickers against my core.
“Yes! Oh, Lincoln…” I’m wailing now, and I don’t give a shit who hears me.
“Fuck, Alison!” Lincoln growls, his teeth sinking into my lip as he empties into me.
I can’t see, and the room is spinning.
“Ha,” Lincoln smirks, dropping a soft kiss on my lips. “How was that for you?”
I’m unable to move, my legs still spread when he gets up, crossing the room to open the curtains.
“Looks like a great day for an adventure. Get dressed, let’s go get Kiki.”
This fucking man.

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