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My Fiancé’s Dad

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T E M P T A T I O N | S E R I E S B O O K | 2 Alison Slater has it all. Kurt Derby, her hunky dream fiancé—all abs and stunning good looks—seems too good to be true, not to mention the glittering future of a luxury lifestyle by his side. Throw in Kiki the dog, and Alison should be clicking her heels together to check it’s not all just a dream… Until he dumps her. Blaming herself for not being enough, Alison retreats away from the world to lick her wounds. She never wants to see another man as long as she lives. Especially not anyone related to Kurt. But one drunken night changes everything…forever.

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Chapter 1

Scanning the beach, or more so the flawless bodies on the beach, I chew on my inner cheek.
Drop a dress size with the amazing svelte suit! The ad had screamed, modeled by a girl that looked like she didn’t need to worry about dropping a dress size at all.
Being the hopeful soul that I am, I bought it without a second thought.
The svelte suit digs into my hips, reminding me that if I really want to drop a dress size, I need to get my ass to the gym.
“Babe, can you oil my back?” A god-like creature purrs, flicking his highlighted blonde hair back from his deep blue eyes.
He turns, crouching before me on the sun lounger, so I massage oil into his broad, already tanned back.
My fiancé, Kurt Derby.
Clutching my sarong around my chest, I wedge it under my arm so I can spray his back.
The women stare at him as they walk by, their eyes flickering to me with surprise.
Blatant surprise.
My fingers sweep over his back, a smug smile on my lips.
A guy like Kurt Derby doesn’t look like he belongs with me. We are complete opposites in so many ways; I like lazing in bed in the morning, but Kurt prefers going for a jog; I like Friday night pizzas, whereas Kurt frowns at me over his tuna salad.
“All done,” I declare, pulling my hair back so he can return the favor.
The wind blows against my bare back, and I turn to see Kurt chatting to Amber and Leila, two girls we used to go to school with.
They’re mid-run, their perky white visors protecting their stunning features from the rays, bottles of water in their hands, and sweat dripping over their tanned, toned bodies.
“I reckon you can do it in under twenty minutes,” Kurt teases, crossing his arms across his body.
Has he forgotten I’m here?
Dropping my sarong, I rub sunscreen into my arms and legs, inwardly cursing the fact that Kurt is a girl magnet.
I massage sunscreen into my face, trying to ignore the fake laughter I can hear from Amber and Leila.
Probably laughing at another lame-ass joke.
Opening my eyes, I see Kurt jogging to the water, his back muscles rippling as he goes.
He looks like a lifeguard in those stupid red shorts.
A hot, ripped, sexy lifeguard.
That I’m marrying.
A stupid grin stretches across my face until I hear the fake laughter again.
Amber and Leila are watching Kurt hungrily, their gaze moving back to me before they snort once more.
“Can I help you?” I demand, enjoying the embarrassment on their faces.
Amber turns away, but Leila's eyes slide down my body, and I know she’s staring at my wide hips and stomach.
Snatching up my sarong, I blink back angry tears.
“Ali! Come in!” Kurt yells, waving at me. “Come on!”
Leila watches me with delight as I shed the sarong once more, striding over to Kurt, who is watching me with a smirk.
“Your fans are staring at me,” I say grumpily, dipping my toes into the water.
Living near the beach is something I’m eternally grateful for. The sun dances on the waves, creating glittery foam that disappears when you touch it.
“That’s because you’re beautiful.” Kurt pulls me close to him, wrapping my legs around his waist.
I pout, and Kurt kisses me hard on the mouth with salty lips.
“If you’re not happy about the way you look, do something about it, babe.”
I know he means well, but that fucking hurts.
Not all of us like exercise, and whenever we have this conversation, we end up arguing.
“I’m fine how I am; I just don’t appreciate the pitiful looks you get for being with me.”
Kurt groans, rolling his eyes in exasperation.
But I’m on a roll.
“You know what I mean. Why aren’t you with someone more like you? We probably look ridiculous together.”
Kurt shakes his head, the water dripping over his exquisite jawline.
“Because I love you, Ali.”
His voice softens, and I feel bad.
It’s not his fault I’m insecure; it’s mine.
“Still?” I ask, leaning forward to kiss him. His tongue darts into my mouth, and his hardness pressed against me.
“Does that answer your question?” Kurt growls, slipping his fingers beneath my suit.
“Mmm, kinda…” I drop my head back, so my hair is in the water, the waves lapping around my body as Kurt drinks me in.
I’m proud of my boobs, and the svelte-suit does push them together to enhance their size.
Kurt seems to approve because he’s pressing against my entrance with his dick.
“Let’s fuck.”
Why does he always have to announce it? Just fucking do it!
Gripping my thighs, he slams me against him, moving my suit to the side. Without warning, he’s inside of me, and his mouth locks onto mine.
To the other onlookers, we’re just another couple making out in the sea.
But the way he’s rubbing my clit and biting my tongue has me in all kinds of a fluster, my fingers digging into his back as we fuck.
“Do you have any idea how good you feel around my dick?”
I rock my hips in response, a whimper leaving my mouth as I squeeze his waist.
I’m putty in his hands.
Just a little more…
“Nearly there.”
I close my eyes, trying to focus on my orgasm, which seems to be slipping away.
He’s rubbing me raw now, and I feel myself sliding back down the orgasm valley, landing with a bump and a groan in my ear.
“Fuck, that was good.”
He slides out of me, glancing around us with a smirk.
“I don’t think anyone saw us.”
I smile back as he splashes me with water, swimming away from me.
“Come on, babe, race me.”
Are you fucking kidding me? I’m still throbbing. My entire body is screaming for release, and you’re asking me to race you?
Kurts off, his hands slicing through the waves effortlessly. Rolling onto my back, I adjust my underwear, the innocent action sending shivers through my body.
Maybe I’ll finish this first.

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