My Fiancé’s Dad

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Chapter 5


“Yes, oh my god, yes!”
My favourite part of any date is the sex. Sex is fucking wonderful, and it’s only gotten better the older I’ve become. At forty two, I’m thoroughly enjoying slamming my full length into the hotness that is my girlfriend, Timea.
At twenty six she’s keeping me young, but truth be told, I’m getting a little bored.
“I’m gonna…I’m gonna cum!”
Of course she is.
I’ve got her hair wrapped around my hand and her cunt is pulsating around my dick. She likes it hard and rough, which is fine by me. She’s so wet I keep slipping out, which earns me a groan of frustration from her. The sight of her with her dress around her waist is enough to make any guy explode in their pants, but for some reason, I’m not there.
“Fuck!” I hiss, scrunching my eyes shut as I thrust into her with everything I’ve got.
Chocolate brown eyes push into my mind, the swell of the lips that accompany them making me groan.
The thought of her throwing her head back, teasing me with that look she’s got, begging me to fuck her has me shooting my load in seconds.
It's been my go to fantasy lately, and I’m a horrible fucker for it.
Alison is so fucking off limits it’s absurd.
“Baby, you’re so good.”
Gripping the condom, I slide out of Timea, chucking it in the trash.
Timea rolls onto her back, easing herself up onto her elbows.
“Seriously, Daddy—”
I grimace, and she stops mid sentence.
I fucking hate being called that.
“It’s alright,” I grumble, knowing that it really isn’t.
This is the thing with Timea—she likes to do what everyone else is doing. So, when her bestie gets a sugar daddy, Timea is calling me Daddy and begging for money.
What the fuck?
“But you are such a Daddy,” Timea purrs, crawling toward me. “Your body is so sexy.”
She trails her tongue over my inked stomach, and I wonder for the millionth time why I’m not feeling on top of the world. Moments later, my cock is in her mouth and she’s going at it like she’s being paid—and try as I might, nothing is happening.
“Sorry babe, I’m spent,” I mutter, tugging my jeans up. “Did you want to stay over at mine tonight?”
I stroke her face, kissing her lips softly.
She tastes of dick.
Mine, but still.
Timea makes a face, and a prickle of annoyance runs through me.
“Not with that dog.”
I gaze at her, wondering what the actual fuck I’m doing with someone who doesn’t like animals. She must detect my disgust, because she blinks innocently.
“My allergies flare up, remember?”
Yeah. The non-existent ones.
“Whatever. I’m going home.”
Timea pouts and reminds me of a party she wants to go to tomorrow.
“I think Kurt will be there.”
This gets my attention.
Timea nods. “Yeah, we’ve got a few mutual friends. It’s a huge party.”
“Right,” I echo, taking a hand through my hair. “Parties aren’t my scene, babe.”
Timea sighs, rolling her eyes.
“I know, but could you go for me?”
The idea of partying with a load of young kids, my son included, doesn’t exactly float my boat. If it’s important to Timea, I’d better look lively.

The drive home from Timea’s is relatively quick at midnight, and my heart quickens when I see Alison’s beat up Jeep outside my house.
She’s staying over.
Dirty, perverted thoughts run through my mind as I imagine her in the shower, then in my stupid fucking sons bed, trying to please her like he does at any opportunity.
Kurt is just like his mother, and I can’t stand her.
Selfish, conceited and obsessed with looks and material things.
I shudder, then wonder for the millionth time how I ended up marrying someone like that.
Now Alison is marrying someone like that.
Poor girl.
I hate the fact that I know he’s cheated on her in the past, but it’s not my place to tell her.
Disrespectful little prick.
But then he’d proposed; told me he changed and shit.
Yeah, right.
Pushing open the front door, a loud bark greets me, along with a wet tongue and a bear hug.
Well, a dog hug, but you get me.
“Hey, girl.”
Kiki is beyond excited to see me, and I can’t help but fuss over her.
“I’ll get you some treats for next time, I promise,” I coo, stroking her behind her ears.
The stairs creak, and footsteps approach in the darkness.
“Hey, sorry, she must be unsettled.” The voice of a fucking angel says, and I glance up to see Alison tiptoeing down the stairs.
Fuck me.
She’s wearing one of my shirts, and I can’t stop staring at her nipples that are rock hard.
“It’s alright,” I swallow, averting my eyes. “Why isn’t she up with you?”
Alison yawns, padding over to her dog.
“Kurt didn’t want her in his room.”
Alison grins, her eyes sparkling with delight when Kiki leaps up on me.
“She really likes you.”
Kiki is gorgeous, and grin down at her.
“Ditto. You can sleep with me if you want?”
Kiki looks excited, but Alison looks stunned.
“Kiki,” I say slowly. “I said Kiki can sleep with me.”
She pales before flushing violently, and I realise she thought I was asking her.
Don’t joke, Lincoln. It’s not appropriate.
“Oh! I was going to sleep down here with her actually.” Alison waves at the sofa, and I’m pissed with Kurt.
“Sleep in my bed,” I say without thinking, mentally slapping myself. “I’ll sleep downstairs.”
Alison shakes her head, but I’m growing keener on the idea as time goes on.
If she’s sleeping in my bed, she’s not fucking my son.
I’m a sad fuck.
“Honestly, she’ll sleep better with you. Just take my room.”
Our eyes lock, and I can’t help but step closer to her, consequences be damned. She watches me, her eyes widening and her mouth parting, her tongue flickering over her lips.
“Thank you,” Alison whispers, reaching down to pat Kiki. “Kiki, come on girl.”
“Goodnight, beautiful girls.”
Alison turns, a sexy smile on her lips.
“Goodnight, Mr Derby.”
For fucks sake!

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