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The Governess

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Explicit, Exciting, and Inventive Adult play. Every Chapter is a new adventure into both Male and Female Sexuality. Join a married couple as they explore a new world of Sex and Bondage. When a young married couple delve into the underbelly of the BDSM world, do they find more than they bargained for? Or is this beginning of a new way of life for them? Enjoy the ride as The Governess opens up new desires and leads them into depravity.

Erotica / Adventure
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Ch. 1 The Governess

Steam rose, carrying the fruity scent of her bubble bath to her nose; she sniffed, sighed, and lay back. The day’s stress melted away in seconds. Kate hummed as she poured peppermint bath oil onto the sponge. She raised her left foot up and scrubbed it first, and then onto the right. It felt so good to massage away the ache of standing on her feet all day in the department store.

Water slid around her body as she moved, and she felt a familiar stirring in her loins. Laying back she raised her left leg out over the side of the tub; the cooler air was just as refreshing as the heat, a perfect balance. Letting the sponge float she moved her hands over her soapy breasts, they were so soft. She tweaked her nipple between her fingers, testing the reaction. Her pussy released a slippery stream of lubrication. Smiling, she then tugged her right breast as high as she could, flicking her tongue over the erect nipple, that was the closest she could get with 34Bs. It was times like this she wished she was well endowed.

“Need help with that?” a deep voice said.

“Jeez!” Kate flipped her leg back into the tub, splashing water and suds onto the floor. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” she berated her husband, who stood in the open doorway grinning at her. Red faced, she flicked water at him, laughing when he pulled the door shut so as not to get his suit wet. “Get in here and fuck me, you pervert.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said, undressing in the hallway. He returned with a raging hard-on that bounced up and down with each step. “So,” he tested the water with his toe before lowering himself into the tub, “is this what you do every time you bathe?”

“Maybe,” she replied saucily, as she leaned forward grabbing his cock. She smiled as he sucked in a breath, and lifted his pelvis to receive her hand. She squeezed the head of his cock watching it enlarge, and juice drip from the tip.

“Okay, but remember you just asked for it.” Grinning, he pulled himself forward, moving over her silky skin, trailing his cock over her legs until it rested between her fleshy pussy lips on top of her hard clit.

She moaned in pleasure, wrapping her arms around his muscled back as his head dipped down, taking a jutting nipple between his lips. He sucked hard, drawing it into his hot mouth, and then gently nibbled it with his teeth, every so often licking at it. He knew the different sensations drove her wild. She moaned again, rolling her hips, feeling the head of his cock gliding over, and around her clit as she moved, but he kept it pulled back just enough so she couldn’t slip it into her pussy where she wanted it.

“Ohhhh, Yes! Please fuck me now! Ram your cock into me baby, fuck me.”

“Unh-uh,” he mumbled with her breast still in his mouth, “I warned you.”

“OH! You’re driving me crazy, my pussy’s on fire, fuck me!” Kate cried out as he smoothly switched breasts, he grabbed her hands, holding them tightly in his own as she writhed beneath him trying desperately to get his hardness into her pulsing pussy.

Jason watched her face, as she moaned and squirmed, and begged him to fuck her. He loved to see the joy he brought to her, and now it was time to have fun. “Do you want me to put my hard cock in you, love?” he teased.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me with your hard cock!”

As soon as he released her hands, they immediately flew down between their wet bodies; she rubbed his cock harder against her open pussy lips. Jason moved back so his cock slipped out of her grasp, and thumped up against his ribbed stomach. He couldn’t remember the last time he was this horny, and he loved every second of it. “Okay, if you want this…” He had his meat in his own hands now, squeezing and sliding along the shaft. “You have to lean over the side of the tub, and spread your legs wide.”

Kate wrinkled her lip at him, this was different, usually they had great sex, but never anything kinky, or out of the ordinary, this was moving out of the ordinary for sure. Smiling, she moved onto her knees, and carefully lay over the edge of the tub. The coldness was a shock at first, but she found the sensation arousing, as goosebumps broke out all over her body. Her already hard, teased nipples hardened to a slightly painful, but enjoyable state. She carefully braced her elbows on the thick mat, thankful now that the backing was rubberized, and tried to spread her legs without flopping onto the floor. She felt unbelievably exposed, like never before, as her ass jutted high into the air, her pussy wide open and her clit now against the cold enamel.

Behind her Jason moved in, grabbing a hand full of ass cheek in each palm, he then pulled them apart, watching her tight anus pucker against the pressure. Her pussy lips spread apart, and the moistness that dripped from her was amazing. The thick clear juice flowed from within, as her pussy squeezed, and released, begging for him. He was going to make her wait. Keeping his grip firm, he ran his tongue up the back of her leg. She squealed, and he had to pull her back towards him in order to keep her in place. He let his tongue follow the natural curve of her ass, and it moved down into her tightest crevasse.

“Ah…what are you doing?” She tried to pull herself out of his hands, as his tongue pushed and probed at her anus. “That’s gross, don’t do that.”

“No,” he said, only stopping for the second, “you want me to fuck you, right?”

“Yeah, but…”

“Butt is right, I want to eat every inch of you, and only when I’m done am I going to give you the rock, and there is nothing you can do about it.”

He didn’t wait for her reply; he dove back in, ramming his tongue into her sopping pussy. He rolled it in and out of her tasty cunt. Kate bucked her ass into his face, pushing back against him, needing to be fucked fast and hard. Jason cupped his tongue, gathering as much of her juices as he could, then moving quickly, lifted his face higher and pushed his tongue against her puckered bum hole until it slid in. It didn’t penetrate far but it was enough to drive her crazy. She moaned, and more juice flowed from her pussy, over her clit, and down the side of the tub. Jason slid his tongue in and out of her ass, tasting the new possibilities. His cock throbbed in anticipation for the day he could fuck it. Below him, Kate wiggled her clit in her own juices on the side of the tub, and she screamed, as she began to cum. Jason didn’t hesitate. He sat back on his haunches, dragging her writhing body back, and her pussy drew in his cock. He rammed her so hard the water was sloshing up over the side of the tub.

Kate cried out at the sudden hardness inside her heaving pussy; using the edge of the tub for leverage she rode his cock deep. Jason’s member expanded inside of her, and without warning, spewed hot cum into her. He gritted his teeth with the intensity. Kate’s movements slowed, his cock was still hard, and her hot pussy slid up and down sucking the juices from it.

“That was amazing,” Kate said, while still trembling.

Jason leaned his arms over her heaving shoulders, cupping her hardened breasts in his hands. “We should do this more often,” he said letting his hand trail over her soft skin, until it reached her wet clit. She shuddered at the touch, still slowly riding his hardening cock. Jason leaned in, sliding his fingers into her cunt, and around his own throbbing member. She was so wet that his two fingers easily slid into her pussy. He moved his left arm underneath her armpit, and along the bottom of her breasts, so they were pushed up and together. Then he proceeded to fuck her hard.

Kate gasped as his hard cock rammed into her hungry pussy. She could feel the roughness of his fingers inside her, and it sucked it all in wanting more. Looking down she saw how her breasts jutted out, she couldn’t resist but cupped them in her hands and tweaked her own nipples. Biting her lip, she moaned, “What are you doing to me? Ah baby, fuck my pussy. Make me feel it, yeah!”

Jason pumped harder, his cock swelled, and he felt cum welling up ready to spew again. “I’m coming baby, ride that cock, fuck it good ! Ahhh!” He cried out, pounding her up and down, as his cock veins bulged. She was screaming, and coming, and it took the last of his strength to hold her pussy on his cock, until she was finally spent.

Kate leaned forward resting on the cool tub, while behind her Jason wriggled free, and lay back in the now cold bath water. She turned and lay supine on top of his hard body, and kissed his lips. “I love you.”

Jason brushed aside a lanky wet hair from her forehead. “I love you too, baby.”

The next couple of weeks passed uneventfully for them. They had made love a few times in that period, but it was more like what they were both used to, lights off and in bed. It was good that they still made love, but after what had happened that day in the tub, it had awoken something in Kate. Now she found that all she did was think about sex. She walked around work with a wet pussy, her clit hard and rubbing against her cotton panties. It was all she could do to keep herself from running off and masturbating.

She decided that she was going to have to talk to Jason about it, or go insane. She needed to be fucked, and the raunchier the better. So, thinking that today was going to be the day that she would tell her husband she was a sex fiend, she had worn a loose fitting summer dress with nothing on underneath, and she tip-toed into his office.

“Hey baby, whatcha doing?” she asked.

Jason spun around. “Now who is trying to give whom the heart attack?” he asked, clutching his heart in jest. He whistled. “Nice dress.” He dipped his head down, peering at her legs. “Did you know I can see right through that thing?”

“But of course! How can I seduce you if I’m in jogging pants?” she teased back, twirling for him, so her dress would lift and show her nakedness.

Patting his lap Jason said, “Why don’t you come and sit over here. I have something I want to talk to you about.”

Oh-oh, she didn’t like the way that sounded. Her heart started thudding in her chest, and it wasn’t in a good way. She moved in and perched on his knee wrapping her arms around his neck, anticipating the worst.

He swiveled them both towards the humming computer screen.

“After our special day together, I think we both opened up to something different,” he began slowly and her heart stopped pounding as hard, as he spoke. “I got to thinking, I’m sure we both have fantasies,” she nodded her ascent, so he kept going, “I was looking on the Internet at some porn sights, and came across a swingers group.”

Kate raised an eyebrow but said nothing, not wanting to break the mood.

When she didn’t say anything, Jason continued, not sure if she was quiet because she was interested or disgusted, but there was only one way to find out. “Look at this couple.” He clicked on an icon, and a picture popped up on the screen. It showed a man, in pink satin ladies’ lingerie with his hands and feet bound to a chair, a sleep mask covering his eyes, and a pair of what appeared to be stockings in his mouth. Behind him stood a voluptuous woman in a leather cat suit holding a whip. Her head wasn’t in the picture at all.

Kate squinted at the picture trying to take it all in at once. She didn’t know that people actually did that kind of stuff in real life, she thought it was all for show in the porn flicks.

“So? What do you think?” Jason asked.

“Of what? Them? What, do you want us to do that?” She inquired skeptically. She didn’t think she’d be able to have Jason dress up in her undies while she whipped him.

“No, no. They have an ad here, on their site, listen.” He scrolled down and read:

Bi sexual couple seeking same, good clean fun, to be had by all. She loves taking charge and he loves obeying. Other couples welcome to join the fun. Send pics.”

Kate was intrigued to say the least, she liked the way the woman looked in the skin-tight leather, and was curious to see what the woman’s face looked like. But she didn’t want to seem too eager either. “I’m not sure. We’ve never even talked about things like this, and now we’re going to go and…” she waved her hand at the screen, “get funky with strangers?’

“Yes,” Jason said matter of factually, “I love you with all my heart, but we only live once. Let’s do it right.”

Kate giggled; she couldn’t believe she was even contemplating this. “Let’s email them and see what happens.”

Over the next couple of weeks Kate and Jason chatted on the Internet with the other couple, and when they were comfortable, moved to the telephone. They set up a face to face meeting in the following week, and both Kate and Jason were anxious to meet them. The husband’s name was Richard; the wife called herself the Governess, and would not reveal her real name.

As they got to know each other, the Governess requested they prove their sexual desire, and had them play out sexual favors to each other, while she listened. She had Kate suck Jason’s cock until he came in her mouth, as he described every move her tongue and lips made. Then it was Jason’s turn to eat Kate’s pussy, as she described his efforts. They fucked and sucked, and listened, as the Governess whipped her husband’s ass until he cried and came, and they were ready to get more intimate still. They set a date to meet, and the Governess gave them a specific dress code.

Kate had butterflies in her stomach, as she got ready to go and meet the couple. Turning in the mirror, she rubbed her hands over her small ass. It looked fabulous in the short white skirt but she wasn’t too sure about the visibility of her ass cheeks.

Jason walked in and whistled, “WOW! You look great.” He sprawled across the bed, resting his chin in his hands, and looked up her skirt at her bare pussy. “Oh baby, I got a hard on already,” he commented, reaching under his belly to adjust his cock.

Kate wriggled her hips, watching the spandex move slightly higher up her thighs and her breasts bounce under the thin white tube top. She frowned, “I can’t go out in public like this, Jason.”

“Why not? You look un-frigging-believable.” He stood up, ran his hands up her bare back then under the front of her top, squeezed her nipples into hard points. His tongue flicked out, taking her earlobe into his hot mouth. His hardness pressed into her ass crack.

Kate swatted his hands away, even though she could feel her pussy getting moist. “I’m serious,” she stepped away from his groping hands, “do you want me to go outside, where other men are going to see all this?”

“Do you want to get together with the Richard and his wife, or not?” He still had a hard time calling the woman the Governess.

Biting her lip Kate nodded. She knew that they had to follow her instructions to the letter, or the rendezvous would be called off. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that either. Why did they allow this woman to take charge? Granted, she found it very arousing, but at the same time a little apprehensive. “But you don’t have to wear anything revealing” she complained. He also had to wear white. They had both had to shop for these new outfits; he still got to wear pants and a button shirt at least.

Jason shrugged, “You can kinda see skin through these.” He didn’t know what to expect either, but he was thrilled by the prospect of his hot wife, in her white miniskirt, with her legs spread wide for another woman to bury her face in the wet pussy. He squeezed her hand reassuringly. “If you get uncomfortable, just give the word and we’ll leave. Okay?”

“I guess so,” she replied, “but I’m wearing my trench coat until we get there.”

“Sounds good. Let’s go.”

Jason opened the car door, and held out his hand to help Kate out of the low sports car. She was grateful for the cover of darkness; she slid off the trench coat, scrambling out of the car. When she tried to stand up, she found the skirt halfway up her ass, revealing her entire pussy to the warm night air. She quickly pulled the material down as far as it would go. Jason tucked her hand over his arm, gave her a peck on the cheek, and together they entered the crowded bar.

Kate knew the couple as soon as they walked in. Standing at the bar was a woman dressed entirely in black latex. She wore boots that stopped mid-thigh, a black micro skirt, fishnet stockings, and a top that barely held her enormous breasts. Her hair was loose, and hung down the middle of her back; it too was jet black. Kate’s breath held; the woman was beautiful. She wasn’t sure who Richard was, until they got closer. To the Governess’s right, she saw a leather leash attached to a man’s neck, and that would be him. He was also wearing leather clothes, and as they approached, what she first thought was pants and a top turned out to be a latex jumpsuit. Her butterflies worsened with each step, until she was right next to the couple. Richard smiled at them. He too was extremely handsome; she hadn’t expected a man that enjoyed being dominated to look so rugged. He brought Tom Selleck to her mind, and she felt her pussy moisten.

“Hi,” Kate said, holding out her hand, intending to shake theirs in greeting.

Richard’s head jerked forward, as the Governess yanked on the leash. Her deep red lips pouted; she pointed at his drink sternly saying nothing. Richards’ eyes averted as he picked up his beer, and took a swallow. The Governess stepped forward. Her emerald eyes scrutinized Kate, her tongue darting out between her lips as she looked over Kate’s taut body. Reaching out she put her hand behind Kate’s neck, drew her forward and kissed her full on the lips, then stepped back to look over Jason.

“I see you followed my orders.” the Governess stated in her husky voice, which caused a shiver down Kate’s back. “Now if you are ready?” It was a question, but she did not wait for a reply, instead she picked up a brown box from the bar and pushed it into Jason’s hands. “You will go into the lavatory install this, then return.”

“Wh…” Jason began to ask, only to find a hand over his mouth.

“You are not allowed to ask, if you want to do this, then you will do as I tell you.”

Jason looked to Kate. She dipped her head; everything was okay so far. So without a word, Jason headed to the washrooms to see what was in the package. He did notice as he went that all heads were focused on the two scantily-clad women at the bar. He was proud to be with a woman as sexy as Kate. Entering the bathroom he went to the counter and tore open the box, inside was a piece of paper, and something wrapped in tissue. Lifting an edge of the tissue he saw a black dildo. Wondering what he was to do with this thing, he opened the paper, written on it were instructions that read:

Your first lesson is acceptance. Use the cream on the plug and insert it into your anus. The strap will help keep it in place. You will remove this only when you are told. If you do not follow this instruction you are free to leave. The Governess.

Looking around self-consciously, Jason put the letter in the box, and took the whole thing into a stall for privacy. Removing the tissue, he saw that it wasn’t after all a dildo, but in fact a Butt Plug. It had a skinny top, increasing with girth, to the base where it widened enough so it wouldn’t slip in too far. There was also a harness, and a small tube of lubrication. He wasn’t sure how he felt about doing this, he had never placed anything in his ass before, and he hadn’t thought that anything strange was going to involve himself. But his desire for the tall, demanding woman was enough. Dropping his pants he squirted the cream over the length of the plug, thankful that it was only about four inches long, he bent forward placed a hand for support on the toilet tank, and rubbed the lubed plug against his virgin rectum. The tip slipped in easily, and his cock began to harden with the new sensation. As he pushed it further and encountered the widening part, he had to stop and hold it, allowing his ass to get used to the strange and painful feeling. His ass felt open, and exposed. Gritting his teeth he gave it one last push, and the plug filled his ass up to the stopper. Standing up Jason wiggled his thighs, the plug moved inside him with each motion. It was kind of weird; it felt like he had to take a huge crap, but at the same time it rubbed something inside that made pre come drip from his still hard cock. Knowing that he’d taken too long already Jason hurried to slip into the harness. Pulling it on, it nestled the plug tight against his ass cheeks, and it came up under his balls, lifting them against the underside of his cock. As he pulled up his pants he realized that he had two problems, one, that his cock was hard, and two, his pants were white. The black harness straps, and possibly even the black base of the butt plug, would be very visible. The embarrassment alone was enough to cause most of his hardness to go away, but with the unusual feeling in his ass every time he moved, his cock remained semi-hard. With little choice left, he pulled up his pants, tucked his penis inside and walked out into the crowded bar.

Jason felt his face flushed with sexual excitement, and embarrassment at the same time. He felt as if everyone in the bar knew that he had a plug in his ass, and they were all staring at him. But as he looked around, he saw that no one was paying any attention to him at all; in fact most eyes where still up towards the bar. He smiled, knowing what was drawing their attention, but as he got closer he didn’t see his wife anywhere. Worried, he quickly glanced around the room. She wasn’t on the dance floor either. As his heart raced with worry, he noticed that the Governess had two white shoes tucked between her black boots. It looked as though she had four legs, and bad fashion sense, but it was her towering height about 5’8 that hid his shorter wife. Jason approached them from the left, and Kate came into view. She was standing directly in front of the amazon woman, her arms flat on the bar, her head gently resting between two mammoth breasts, while the Governess brought a bottle to Kate’s lips for her to drink from. Both of their heads turned as Jason moved the barstool to stand beside them.

Kate smiled at him and raised her eyebrows in question, wondering what he had to do in the bathroom that took so long. He shook his head, still embarrassed, but turned on by the sight of his wife’s whiteness pressed into the black clad woman. Now he understood the costumes; it was all a part of the show.

“I see you did what you were told. Now sit,” the Governess demanded, pulling the barstool back over.

Jason’s eyes widened, it was one thing to have the plug in his ass, but something entirely different to have to sit on it. He knew this woman wasn’t messing around, and that if he didn’t do as he was told the game would end, along with their fantasy. So holding his breath, he pulled the stool close and sat down. The plug pressed hard into his prostate gland, and his cock immediately hardened again.

Kate’s eyes widened when she saw the head of his cock pressing into the thin white cotton, and watched as it became even more see-through when his pre-come soaked the tip of his cock. Jason moaned.

The Governess smiled, “Good boy.” Turning back to the petite creature in front of her, she lifted the beer bottle, signaling it was time to resume drinking. Kate had to tip her head back so the Governess could see where her mouth was. As the bottle got closer she had to stretch out her lips to try and reach it. She had learned to do this quickly because if she didn’t get the bottle to her lips, the woman would pour the beer out and already her white tube top was wet, and her nipples jutted hard against the cold material. The rim touched her lips, and she made a sucking noise to indicate that the bottle was close and that she wanted a drink. The Governess obliged, up ending the bottle giving her a good swallow, before pulling it away again. Kate didn’t even like beer, but she was given the same options as her husband, and she found herself thrilled by the woman and was having fun so far.

Jason watched the Governess feed his wife the beer like she was a baby doe, putting the bottle to her pouty lips, having her suckle the liquid from it, and then pulling it from her with a wet popping sound. His cock strained at his pants with the desire for her to milk his manhood the same way.

The Governess saw Jason rocking and moaning in the stool beside her, knowing that his cock was going to burst soon. “I think it is time to go. Jason, you pay the tab. Kate, come with me.” She turned holding Kate’s hand, and tugged on the leash for Richard. They had no choice but to go with her. Kate couldn’t help but stare at the woman’s’ sleek legs as she walked slightly ahead.

They waited just outside the doorway. Men hooted, whistled, and called out comments as they stood there. The Governess said not a word but continued to hold Kate’s hand. Surprisingly Kate felt comforted by the woman, and the men’s comments didn’t affect her. Finally Jason stumbled outside. He didn’t appear to be so calm, his face was red, and sweat beaded his brow. The Governess turned to Jason. “You’ll be driving us.”

“Bu…” he began, this time there was no hand over his mouth. Quicker than anyone saw, the Governess hand shot out and slapped the tip of Jason’s cock. “Ahh!” he groaned, leaning forward.

“Your car?”

Straightening up, Jason wondered if it was worth all this, and then led them to their two seat sports car, a MGB.

“Very nice. Kate, you will sit in the middle,” the Governess said, opening the passenger door.

Jason went around and gingerly got into the driver’s seat, he realized it was all a set-up. She knew what kind of car they had, they had talked about it. Now he would really feel the butt plug. He had to use both feet to drive the standard, and Kate’s pussy would push up against his hand, and the ball of the gearshift. He smiled; this lady knew her game.

Kate squeezed into the middle, trying to adjust her bare ass against the cold plastic between the seats, and she had to wrap her left leg up and in front of the gearshift, so it wouldn’t interfere with the gas pedal.

Richard sat in the passenger seat, and as the Governess moved to get in she seemed to change her mind, then said, “Richard, take your cock out and make it hard.” He did so without question, or embarrassment. He unzipped his jumpsuit all the way down the front, took his cock out and began rubbing it. They all watched as his hand squeezed and stroke his meat. His cock was average length but was rather thick with a bulbous head. Kate and Jason both stared as his wife placed one leg over his lap, and rather awkwardly climbed in facing Richard. She spread her pussy wide enough to slip his cock inside her, then with a sigh sat down fully in his lap, her huge tits in his face smothering him, and said. “Richard, you’ll have to give them directions to our house.”

It was a very tight fit; Jason had never had four people in his car before. All he could think about was the glimpse of the Governess’ pussy. It was shaved bald, and for the briefest moment he saw a tattoo, but he wasn’t close enough to see what it was. His wife’s pussy however was showing completely, and it too, for the first time ever, was bald. There was no way with the short skirt could she cover it up, only with her hands as she was trying to do. But once the Governess was positioned comfortably, she told Kate to remove her hands, which she did in spite of her embarrassment. Jason started the car, and the vibrating rumble from the fast engine thrilled everyone. Grasping the gearshift he was about to start into first when he was told to wait.

“Richard, help him change gears,” the Governess said, taking Richard’s left hand and placing it over the ball. “Cup it in the palm of your hand, fingers straight. There, go ahead, Jason,” she finished, smiling.

Jason couldn’t help but watch as he put his hand over Richard’s, and when he pulled the gearshift down the hard cold ball slapped Kate’s clit and Richard’s fingers slipped into her dripping pussy. Kate moaned, lifting her pelvis towards the probing fingers.

The only thing he could see in the rear-view mirror was the look of pleasure on Kate’s face as he down-shifted, and the man and machine combination thrilled her dripping hole. He too was getting his own pleasure. As his legs moved, the plug bobbed, and his cock dripped. They both needed relief, and soon.

When they finally reached the house the Governess led them inside, locked the front door, and took them directly to what could only be an adult playroom. The walls were painted to look like red satin, and when she flicked the light switch, strategically placed lamps illuminated with a soft pink glow. The large room held a king size bed at its center, red and black silk body pillows were thrown about, and billowing curtains hung in the corners. Near the door sat two black dining room style chairs, facing towards the bed.

Taking Richard’s leash the Governess pulled him over to one of the chairs, pushing on his shoulder with her fingers; he sat down. Then she walked over to Jason. He wanted to take a step back as she approached for fear that she was going to hurt his penis again, but he knew that to show her fear would be a mistake. So he kept his hands at his sides, his chin up, watching her muscular body ripple as she moved. She reached out taking his wrist, and pulled him towards the other chair. Once there, she gently pushed down on his shoulder for him to sit. Sitting down he noticed, for the first time, a set of chains looped at the base of the arms.

The Governess watched him with her emerald eyes, as she took his left hand and closed the cold steel handcuff securely to his wrist. Her blood red lips parted with anticipation. Moving swiftly now, knowing her game, she chained Richards’s right hand to his chair. Jason swallowed nervously when he saw her unzip Richard’s latex suit all the way down between his legs. Her long fingers dipped inside the suit, and came out holding his flaccid penis and balls. Richard closed his eyes, and moaned. She rolled them tenderly in her hand, squeezing, and his penis began to rise. Her tongue darted out wetting her lips, but she made no move to put his cock into her mouth. Instead, she leaned in, kissing him on the lips, and when he tried to return the kiss pulled away, letting his cock thump against his hairy thigh.

Jason gulped - he was next. He actually heard her growl as she slid over to him. Her lips were still moist from Richard’s kiss, and he longed to taste them. She bent down onto her haunches slowly. As her legs spread open he could see her pussy lips part like a hungry mouth, waiting to feed. His cock didn’t need any coaxing; it was hard, and ready for her touch. She obliged him by lifting the wet see-through material away from his belly, popped the button open, and slowly unzipped his pants one link at a time. His head lolled from side to side, and he gripped the arms of the chair, wanting so bad to tear his cock out and shove it down her throat. When she got the zipper past the head of his cock it sprung out dripping with pre-come. He too moaned when her hand slid under his balls, and she let them hang out into the cooler air. She did not however pleasure him with a kiss; instead she smiled, winked, and reaching behind him pulled another chain out. This one he saw had a length of rubber tubing hanging off it, instead of a handcuff.

Jason’s eyes widened, and he tried to pull back, as Richard’s un-cuffed left hand came under the armrest on his right, and across his body, the large hand enveloped his hard cock. The Governess then took the rubber tube, tied it to Richard’s wrist, then deftly slid another length of the tubing under Jason’s balls, and tied it up around the base of his cock. She was harnessing them together.

When she took Jason’s right hand and went to put it under the armrest he pulled away. “No,” he said defiantly, “I never said I was into men.” He wanted out now - he didn’t want to do this anymore.

The Governess leaned in, her deep cleavage swaying in his face. “Do you want to tell her that?” she asked, motioning to his wife, who was standing near the door this whole time watching, her fingers moving furiously under her short skirt, thrilled by what she was seeing.

Jason wasn’t sure what to think, how bad could it be? They were tied to the chairs; it was obviously going to turn out to be more of a show for them once she had them positioned correctly. He did want to see the two women together, for that was his fantasy, and so far Kate didn’t seem to mind. “Okay,” he replied quietly, as he passed his hand under the arm. He didn’t voluntarily take the other man’s cock into his hand. The Governess had first to tie the tube around his wrist, then open his fingers, and push the now hard cock into his palm, then she squeezed his fingers closed before moving to tie the tube around Richard’s balls and cock.

Jason panted. He was nervous and excited, never before had he felt another man’s cock in his hands. It was so hot and hard, yet smooth and pliable at the same time; he had to admit it felt good. Of course it helped that Richard had been slowly manipulating his cock the whole time. Every time Richard’s hand pulled upwards, it lifted his balls higher, tugging them gently. The sensation was new and welcoming as his cock dripped.

The Governess grasped the hand that Jason had around Richard’s cock, and slowly stroked it up and down, keeping her eyes locked on his. “Don’t just hold it, boy,” she berated, “pump his meat. I want you both to have rock hard cocks ready to fuck at a moment’s notice.” Her eyes flashed hungrily. “And you better not come, or you’ll have to pay!” Her hand squeezed harder as she said this, and Jason winced at the pressure their hands were putting on Richard’s cock. Richard only nodded, not seeming to care about how hard they were pumping him. Jason wasn’t sure if he could keep from cuming, the way Richard’s sweaty palm was sliding over his shaft, and the flapping of his balls. It was all becoming too much already. But he would try, so he nodded his assent also.

The Governess stood; she knew Jason wasn’t going to be able to hold back his cum, especially once she got started with the wife. She had special plans for him anyway, and hoped she was right, just so she could play it out. Licking her lips she moved away from the men.

Kate took her hand away from her pussy as the other woman turned towards her; she still wasn’t comfortable being watched so intensely.

“Remove your top and skirt,” the Governess demanded.

Kate moved slowly, her eyes downcast as she hooked her thumbs under her tube top; she rolled it down her stomach, over her hips, and carefully stepped out of it. Breasts bared, she remained bent forward, wondering if they would be disappointed by the size. She pulled her skirt down the same way, over her hips, careful not to unhook her garter belt that held on her white stockings, and gingerly stepped through the skirt. Standing up, her shoulders slouched forward, her eyes still downcast.

The Governess snapped her fingers, “Look at me and stand up straight!”

Kate did so immediately, watching as the woman moved over to a dresser, and drew out a few items. “Here - put your arms up,” she said, coming around behind Kate. Lifting her arms up like a child being dressed, she felt a tight rubbery material being forced over her arms. It clung tightly to her skin as the Governess tugged it down.

“Ugh,” Kate grunted as the women roughly pulled the rubbery top over her chest.

“Arms down,” the Governess said as she adjusted the rubber top so that two holes fitted directly over her hard nipples. “Now, when I widen the holes you squeeze your tit out as far as you can. Do you understand what I mean?”

“I…yes,” Kate stammered.

The Governess’s hands probed the rubber around Kate’s nipple until her fingers slid inside the hole, and then she forced the tight rubber open wider. Kate reached up; taking her breast in her hand she firmly compressed it, pulling it out, drawing it through the small opening in the vinyl. When she had it stretched as far as it would go the governess released the rubber material and it snapped around the base of Kate’s breast causing her to wince. Letting go she saw, much to her embarrassment, her perky little breast bulging out, like a balloon over filled with water. The pressure was slightly painful. As they moved onto the other breast she wanted to say no but was too excited to stop.

The Governess stepped back checking out her work, the slim woman stood before her, her eyes glazed with passion, her breast engorged, and her bald pussy shining above tanned legs and stark white stockings. Reaching out, she rubbed one of Kate’s pink nipples with the soft side of her fingernail.

Kate gasped at the sensation, as both her nipples hardened, and shivers’ of pleasure raced through her chest across her stomach, and straight down into her pussy. “Ahh,” she moaned leaning into the finger, want more pleasure.

“Greedy little thing, aren’t we?” The Governess cupped Kate’s chin. “Not so fast, if you want to cum.” Her eyes flicked over to the men who were still slowly stroking each other’s cocks. “First you must beg.” Turning, she moved to the bed and sat on the edge facing the men. “Come here.”

When Kate approached, the Governess pointed to the floor. “Get down on your knees.” Kate did as she was told, kneeling in front of the beautiful woman, her ass facing the men.

“Take my tits out of my top, you are going to caress them, kiss them, and suck them until I tell you to stop. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Kate replied quietly.

“You will always respond by saying, Yes Miss or No Miss, Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Good. You may begin.”

Kate felt self-conscious as she reached out to lower the other woman’s top; she had never touched a woman in such a way before, and she wanted to please her without looking stupid. She slid her fingers along the shoulder straps of the latex shirt, sliding it down over the Governess’ well-built shoulders. Tugging gently, the latex rolled across her breasts indenting the smooth pale flesh, Kate held her breath as the wide pink aureoles came into view. The Governess leaned back and her large breasts bulged outward, her nipples erect from the tight latex rubbing against them. She grasped Kate’s hands, stopping her when the top rested on the underside of her breasts so the tightness of the latex would keep her breasts raised high into the air. Spreading her legs she wrapped one hand around the back of Kate’s head, the other clamped around her tit, pulling Kate’s face in she rubbed the hard nipple against her lips.

“Go on, suck it.”

Kate opened her lips taking the woman’s nipple into her mouth. She was surprised by how large they were, as she sucked her mouth filled with soft skin, her tongue flicked at the hardened nipple, and as the Governess moaned in pleasure, she found herself sucking harder and nibbling at the flesh. Kate reached out and began rolling the other nipple between her fingertips; her own hips rocked back and forth as her pussy dripped moisture down her legs.

“That’s it, you little slut, you like sucking my big tits, don’t you? Oh yeah, bite them harder. Do the other one too, suck it!” The Governess pushed Kate’s face from one tit to the other, pinching and caressing her own nipples.

Kate sucked, bit, licked, and petted the woman’s breasts, needing the same attention to be done to her own, and hoping that if she pleased the demanding woman she would be next. From behind them the men were panting and moaning too. When suddenly Jason shouted out, “Uhhh…”

Looking around, they saw Jason’s head rolled back and a spurt of white cum shooting from his cock, running over Richard’s still stroking hand.

The Governess stood up quickly, her breasts bouncing with the motion; she grabbed Kate by the hair, yanking her to her feet. Kate winced but had no choice but to follow the woman as she pulled her over to the men. “Look at what you did,” the Governess said pushing Kate’s face down over Jason’s cock.

Richard’s hand was still pumping on Jason’s cock, even though it was semi-erect; his fingers rolled in small circles along the shaft keeping it up. Kate saw that her husband was also still moving his hand on the other man’s hard cock, its bulbous head banging against his fist with each motion. The sight of it turned her on; making her want to spread her legs and sit on the hand and purple cock together.

The Governess tugged her hair. “Focus you slut! I said - do you see what you did?”

Jason watched the woman handling his wife brutally, and his cock began to react. “But I…” he began.

The Governess reached out, and pinched his nipple between her long fingernails. “Was I talking to you, boy?”

“No, miss” he replied quietly.

The Governess shook Kate’s head, still waiting for her reply.

“Yes, I see, Miss,” Kate answered.

“Good, then clean up the mess you made.” She pushed Kate into a kneeling position in front of Jason, holding her face closer to his swelling member. Then the Governess sat down on Kate’s lower back, keeping a hold of her hair.

Kate leaned forward between Jason’s legs. A heady male sex smell arose from his groin. Her tongue darted out, licking the underside of his shaved balls where the cum had dripped. He tasted hot, sweet, and slightly salty as she cleaned his smooth balls. Jason moaned, lifting his pelvis towards her mouth. Kate’s tongue moved upwards across his leg, then onto Richard’s fingers, making sure not to miss a drop of the cum. Keeping her eyes open, she watched Jason’s head rocking from side to side as the man manipulated his cock, and her tongue bathed him. When she reached the head she slipped the tip of her tongue into his slit, and felt his cock jolt and swell more. She was about to take the head of his cock into her mouth when the Governess pulled her head back again.

“No,” she said sternly, and stood up, taking the pressure off Kate’s back. Leaning into Jason’s face she warned him “Do not cum again.”

“Yes, Miss,” he replied, gritting his teeth. He had no idea how he was supposed to not cum, when Richard would not stop rubbing his cock. The other man seemed to have no troubles holding it in. He groaned when the Governess put one of her high-heeled boots up against his shoulder, spreading her legs wide open, close to his face. He could finally see the tattoo on her pussy; also shaved bald, she had a set of red lips painted just above and below her clit, so it looked as though her pussy was panting, and her clit was a tongue. Seeing it, he wanted to lean in and French-kiss her pussy.

She was smiling down at him as he stared at her tattoo. “Do you like what you see?”

“Yes miss.”

“Good, now watch this.” She pulled Kate up by her hair, keeping one foot raised on Jason’s shoulder; her legs spread wide open. Kate, being forced into position, had to maneuver herself between Jason and the Governess, sitting on her haunches, her back pressing into Jason’s leg; she raised her face to the open pussy. “Eat me, slut!”

Kate looked at the red lips, and the long clit between them. Darting out her tongue she tentatively touched the clit, finding it soft and slippery; she lifted her body higher to get closer. The Governess still had a hold of her hair, and as Kate brought her tongue out to lick again, she found her face shoved roughly into the moist flesh.

“I said eat me bitch, now do a good job.” The Governess rammed Kate’s face into her pussy, rotating her hips, and rubbing her juices on the woman’s cheeks. Leaning forward she rubbed her breast against Jason’s face, growling low in her throat.

Kate rammed her tongue in and out of the dripping pussy, trying to keep up with the motions as the Governess’s hips rocked and the woman’s clit rubbed against her nose. Kate had to run her tongue upwards, flicking her clit just so she could take a breath.

The Governess pressed her firm long nipple against Jason’s lips, and he automatically opened up, sucking between his teeth. She purred like a kitten, watching his expressions below her large breast. Baring her teeth at him, she said, “I think your slutty wife loves eating pussy. Oh, she is slurping up every drop of my cunt juice so quickly, oh yeah,” she moaned, rolling her hips harder into Kate’s wet face, her boot heel putting more pressure on Jason’s shoulder. “That’s it, slut, fuck my cunt with your tongue. Oooo Jason, her tongue is so long and hard.” She bounced up and down, as though she had a cock inside her pussy. “Fuck my cunt, slut, fuck it.” All the while she squeezed, and poked, and slapped Jason with her tit.

Jason couldn’t take it anymore, the sight of Kate lapping at the bald pussy was too much for him, and jizz shot from his cock again. This time some of it landed in Kate’s hair.

The Governess pulled her tit away from Jason’s hungry lips; as she did so he saw that he had been biting her nipple hard, for it was an angry red color. But she seemed to have enjoyed it, for she never stopped him. Then she took her leg down from his shoulder, her foot landing beside Kate; she now had the woman in a headlock, with Kate’s face trapped against her pussy. “What have you done?” she asked Jason.

“I…I’m sorry, I…” he began, but again was cut short.

Taking his face by the hand, the Governess pressed his cheeks hard. “I told you not to cum again, didn’t I?”

“Yes, miss.”

“Now you have to be punished.” That said she stepped back, letting Kate fall forward, and gasp for air. Kate stayed on her knees, expecting to be told to go over and clean them up again, but that didn’t happen. The Governess bent down in front of Jason’s flaccid cock. He winced, waiting for her to do something painful. Instead, she untied the strap that bound Richard’s hand to his cock and balls. Then she moved over and removed the strap that held his hand to Richard. He gladly flexed his fingers when she released his hand, but he didn’t have long to enjoy the freedom. Grabbing his free hand she tied it to the arm of his chair. Standing up before them, her long black hair hung over her plush breasts, her legs spread slightly allowing them to see how wet her pussy and legs were. Jason felt slight stirrings in his groin again, but it was only slight; it was going to take a while before his cock could grow hard again. “Okay, Richard, you know what to do.”

“Yes, miss” Richard said, surprising the couple by standing up from his chair. They watched silently as he stripped bare before them. Kate flushed as his muscular body came into full view. He walked around behind Jason, and without warning tipped the chair back onto its hind legs, and dragged it towards the bed.

Jason’s head snapped left and right. “Hey, what are you doing?” he asked.

“Be silent, or your punishment will be worse!” the Governess said, reaching down and grabbing Kate by the hair again.

Richard stopped in front of the bed. He turned. Standing in front of Jason, bending at the knees he put both his arms under the chair. Richard’s face was so close to his cock that Jason cringed. Richard lifted the chair, flipping it up onto the bed. Jason gasped as that happened, for fear that he would fall and hit the floor. Now he rested on his back, tied to the chair, his knees up in the air. His cock flopped up onto his belly, and he stared at the star studded ceiling. Before he could register what was happening, Richard had climbed on the bed, and was spreading his legs right above Jason’s face. His bulbous cock-head engorged, and aimed directly at his mouth. Jason turned his head to the side. “Hey, what is going on here?”

The Governess pushed Kate up onto the bed, getting up beside her, still holding her by the hair. “It is time for your punishment because you did not listen. Now open wide and say ahhh.” She smiled cruelly.

Jason shook his head, keeping his mouth shut tight, and his eyes away from the large cock that was now dripping on his cheek.

“Okay, if that’s how you want to play.” She pushed Kate closer to Jason’s face. “You will close his nose so he can’t breathe. Richard!” She slapped him on the bare ass. “Use your knees to hold his head still.”

“Yes Miss,” they both said in unison, and Richard maneuvered his knees around Jason’s head, pulling it straight so now his swollen cock head was pressed against Jason’s tight lips. Kate leaned in, shrugging her shoulders as if to say why not, if I have to so should you, then she pinched his nostrils between her fingers.

Jason closed his eyes, vowing to hold his breath until he passed out. He could feel the man’s hot cock against his lips, and some of the sweet liquid was seeping into his mouth. He had to admit that he wanted to dart his tongue out and taste more of it, to suck on the mushroom head, and taste a man’s member. But he could not actually bring himself to open his mouth, until he could no longer hold his breath. As soon as he parted his lips to gasp for air, the huge cock was shoved roughly between his teeth, and to the back of his throat. His eyes flew open as he gagged.

Richard pulled back slightly, not wanting to hurt Jason. He rocked his hips back, and forth, letting his cock slide at his own rhythm, in and out of the other man’s hot mouth. He moaned with pleasure; after being teased for the last forty-five minutes he was finally allowed to have his release, and he anticipated it greatly, for he loved to cum in a man’s mouth.

Jason had no choice but to apply suction to the ramming cock, for fear that if he didn’t Richard would force it down his throat again. The large head filled his mouth, and as he sucked his lips tightened around the shaft, and he found that his tongue automatically pressed against the pee slit. The pre-cum was flowing heavily, and he was surprised by how sweet it was, it was a lot like his wife’s lubrication. He found that he enjoyed the sensation of the smooth, hard member on his tongue. Richard’s balls slapped him under the chin each time he pushed in, and Jason also found this arousing. Keeping his eyes open now, he watched the man above him swaying, and fucking his mouth. Richard’s head was thrown back in ecstasy, and Jason began to suck harder, wanting to make Richard’s cock spew in his mouth, so he could taste the cum.

The Governess knelt behind Kate, stroking her engorged breasts. With every feathery touch her nipples hardened more, and Kate was rocking her hips frantically, needing to be fucked. “Look at your husband suck that cock,” she whispered in Kate’s ear. “I think he was made to suck cock. Do you like watching?”

“Yes miss, very much.” Kate moaned. She was so horny she felt as if she could fuck anything right then, just to have some release.

Richard pulled his cock from Jason’s mouth with a wet pop, and forced three fingers in between his teeth holding his mouth open. Grasping the tip of his cock he tugged it, and cum spurted out shooting into Jason’s open mouth, landing on his lips and tongue. Richard shivered, groaning as his cum lessened. Once he was finished he moved off to Jason’s side, then leaned in and licked his own cum off Jason’s lips.

Jason kept his eyes open as the other man’s tongue slid between his lips, and into his mouth. It felt weird to be kissing a guy, but so different that he gave the kiss back, and they pressed their faces into each other, rolling tongues together, sucking face. Richard backed off. “Thank you,” he said, moving over to the side of Jason to await further instructions.

The Governess left Kate’s breasts momentarily, to move in on Jason. Smiling, her eyes flashed her passion, and she gently kissed his moist lips. “So now you know,” she said quietly, kneeling back again. Turning to Richard, she motioned for him to assist Jason out of his predicament.

Kate squirmed and wiggled in the Governess’ grasp. She could no longer stand waiting. Throwing her body forward, she rubbed her aching nipples on the satin bedspread, her ass jutting in the air. “Please, Miss! Fuck me! Let any cock fuck me, I need it so bad! Please, please!” Kate begged, trying to grind her sopping pussy into the bed, but being held back by the Governess’ strong grasp around her waist. She cried out in ecstasy and surprise when a sharp slap rang across her bottom.

“Control yourself, you horny little bitch!” the Governess said, bringing her stinging hand across Kate’s molested ass cheek. Another slap, the crack resounded through the room and Kate jumped forward in pain. “Now what do you have to say for yourself?”

Kate sobbed, the burning pain in her behind made the throbbing in her pussy deepen, and she could feel her vaginal muscles pulsing causing her juices to flow more. Lifting herself up on to her arms she said, “I’m sorry, miss.”

Another slap rang out. “Not good enough.”

Kate rocked forward, craving the hand that was pounding her ass to be aimed slightly more to the middle so it would hit her aching clit. “I’m sorry that I’m such a horny slut, miss.” she said, hoping that it was what the Governess wanted to hear.

“Mm? I think that was sincere. What do you think, boys?’ she asked, turning to the men, who were standing at the foot of the bed watching.

Richard had untied Jason, and he too had removed his clothes. They nodded silently, not wanting to cause Kate any more distress. The Governess turned back to her captive. The smooth tanned ass before her looked divine; large red blotches had formed where her hands had landed. She rubbed her fingers over the tender area. Kate automatically swayed her hips towards the touching hands. “Look at how wet this cunt is, boys,” she said, letting her fingers slide down Kate’s thigh, and over her bulging pussy lips. Kate cried out at the touch. The Governess slid three fingers quickly into Kate’s open pussy. “Oh my, I think I could fist-fuck this tight cunt, it’s so wet!’ she said, laughing as her probing fingers rammed into Kate.

Kate’s mouth hung open, and a line of drool fell from her lips, as she grunted, pushing her aching pussy back into the fingers to fuck her harder. “Uuggh!” she cried. The next thing she knew she was falling forward, her hard breasts pressing painfully into the bed.

“You dirty slut, look at what you did to my fingers!” The Governess flipped Kate onto her back. Throwing her long legs over the supine body, she straddled her capture. Leaning over the shocked young woman, she brought her wet fingers to Kate’s lips. “Lick up your dirty cunt juice, slut!”

Kate didn’t say a word. The larger woman had her pinned down, with her sopping pussy exposed to two men. Now craving the attention, Kate spread her legs farther, allowing her pussy to open up. Her tongue flicked out, as she slowly licked her own sticky juices off the woman’s thin fingers. Kate was having a hard time breathing, with the weight of the Governess on her chest, but she found it exciting also, with the soft pussy nestled between her swollen breasts. Looking down she could see the Governess’ pussy, slick with juice, and knew that she was having the same arousing effect on the other woman.

Moving her weight to her left leg, the Governess covered Kate’s’ hard breast with her own hot pussy. Using her well trained muscles, she opened her inner vaginal walls, then sucked the small tit inside her cunt, and milked Kate’s tit, making her cry out at the sensation. She then began rotating her hips, so her long clit brushed the tender mound below. “Mmmm,” she moaned. Squeezing her pussy muscles tighter, the Governess began to cum.

Kate bucked her open pussy in the air, her juices flowing down her ass crack and soaking the bed. The Governess fucking her tit was too much for her to handle, and she too came without anyone touching her pussy at all. Digging her fingers in the Governess’ hips, she pulled the woman down harder onto her breast, while trying to push her nipple deeper into the hungry cunt. “Ohh, yeah, that feels so good! Fuck my tit with your pussy!” she cried out, as the hot cum spread over the black latex that covered her chest.

Finishing with a sigh, the Governess slid backwards, trailing cum along Kate’s soft body, until her dripping cunt was hovering just above Kate’s. The Governess leaned in and kissed Kate’s hungry mouth.

Kate’s eyes were glazed in ecstasy, “Please fuck me,” she moaned into the Governess mouth.

Biting a plump wet lip between her teeth, the Governess said, “Yes, now you have earned a good fuck.” Snapping her fingers she called out to the men, who were still standing at the end of the bed with their cocks in their hands. “Richard, get my tools. Jason, get up here on the bed.”

They both obeyed immediately. Jason climbed up onto the large bed. The Governess got off Kate, and told Jason to turn around and bend over. When he did, Kate saw the plug in his ass for the first time. The Governess reached around his waist, undid the harness, and slowly slid the slim member out of his tender ass. It came out with a sucking sound, and she unceremoniously tossed it away. Jason’s sphincter puckered back but remained slightly open, from having the plug in for such a long time. He stayed in position, as Richard climbed onto the bed with them, passing the Governess a handful of items. Jason swiveled his head; as he tried to see what she was doing, he felt more cool lubrication being spread over his sore bum. The Governess rubbed it along the crack, and he pulled forward when one of her long fingers slid deftly inside.

“Here,” the Governess passed some items to Richard, “you put these on the two of you and I’ll get her.”

Jason’s cock hardened further when he felt Richard’s large hand grasp his balls and cock, and wrap a leather strap around them. Richard then told him to turn around, and Jason watched as he did the same to his own swollen cock and balls.

The two men sat back watching, as the Governess climbed into a harness that sported a two-headed cock. She slid the long thick member between her tattooed red lips, so they nestled over the thick shaft, then the other cock head slipped through a hole in her harness to keep it tight against her body, and hung from between her legs. She looked amazing, with the fat cock hanging down in front of her. Getting Kate to sit up, next she pulled out another thinner cock, which was fastened to straps. This she slid up over Kate’s thighs, until the base of the cock rested high on her pelvic bone, and a pair of rubber balls hung against her swollen clit. Kate’s throbbing pussy was still exposed, as the straps sat on either side of her spongy lips, and up over her ass cheeks. The force of the straps against her pussy pushed her lips together so they touched, and she shivered with pleasure.

The Governess tugged on the cock in front of her, in anticipation. “Richard, lie on your back and hold your legs up.”

He did this quickly, throwing his arms under his knees so his puckered ass was spread wide, and his cock bounced on his hard stomach. The Governess moved in with the tube of lubrication, and rubbed it over his crack, and into his anus. He smiled, watching her work. Then she turned to Jason. “Climb on boy!” She said pointing to Richard.

“What?” Jason was shocked again; he hadn’t learned yet, that anything and everything was going to happen here tonight.

“Don’t question, just do it!” the Governess said, ready to punish him again if he didn’t listen, almost hoping that he wouldn’t so she could have more fun. But reluctantly, he moved in on Richard. The Governess grabbed his cock roughly, and as he got closer to Richard’s ass crack she placed it against the closed bung hole, and gave his ass a push.

Jason felt the head of his cock against the tight hole, and then it began to open up to him. He gasped as his cock was squeezed slowly into the hot opening. He stopped when the shaft was all the way in, and his hard balls rested against Richards’s ass cheeks. Looking down he saw Richard smiling at him, and he shifted his body so he was hovering over the other man’s muscular body.

“Now stay still,” she said to Jason, patting his behind.

Motioning to Kate, the Governess brought her onto her knees. “Now you are going to put this pretty little cock of yours, into his ass,” she said yanking on the cock hanging from Kate. Jason gasped, and tried to move, but Richard grabbed his upper arms and shook his head - no. Kate was shocked too, but she needed to get fucked so badly that she would do whatever the Governess said. Moving in behind her husband, she let the Governess rub lubrication over the rubber cock, and watched Jason’s’ sphincter open as she spread his ass cheeks apart. Kate grasped the cock near its head and placed it against her husband’s wet hole. The Governess nodded her encouragement, as Kate pushed the cock-head into his asshole. Kate watched, amazed by the sight as her six inch cock disappeared inside her own husband.

Jason gave a grunt, and pushed his own cock further into Richard. When he felt the rubber balls touch his skin, he knew the cock was all the way inside his body.

“Now stay,” the Governess said to Kate this time.

Kate felt the Governess’ hand on her back pushing her forward. She leaned her engorged breasts down to rest on Jason’s back, moving in further against his ass. She had to put her weight on him, so he lay down directly on top of Richard in order for Kate’s hands to reach the bed.

They now lay in a pile, Richard on the bottom, his legs in the air above them.

Kate closed her eyes groaning, she felt the large head of a cock pressed against her aching pussy lips. The cock slid in painfully slow, it was bigger than anything she had ever had inside her before, and the straps from the harness she wore caused her spreading pussy lips to hug the shaft tighter.

“Oh YES!” she said, automatically rocking her hips back and forth, not even thinking that as she did so, the rubber cock she wore was now bucking inside her husband’s near virgin ass. He groaned beneath her moving weight, as the cock inside his ass was now rubbing on his prostate, causing his own cock to swell further inside of Richard.

They moved together in an odd symphony of grunts, groans, pleas, and screams, as the foursome fucked each other, and essentially themselves. The Governess hovered over all three of her slaves, fucking them all. Kate pushed back hard on the large cock filling her pussy, fucking the cock with all her might, crying out in rapture as she came over and over again.

As her rubber cock slid in and out of Jason’s worked in anus, he enjoyed the sensation of his wife’s wild bucking motions. Lying on Richard’s muscular body, he could feel the other man’s cock against his own stomach, and he had the urge to suck the large cock-head again. That not being an option at the moment, he turned his face towards Richard’s, placing his mouth over the other man’s gasping lips; he rammed his tongue into Richard’s mouth. Kissing passionately, Jason’s cock began to throb inside Richard’s tight ass hole. He moaned, sucking Richard’s tongue hard, pumping faster cuming hard.

Richard returned Jason’s kisses, flicking his tongue over his soft wet lips, and letting him suck on his tongue. Feeling Jason’s cock swell deep inside his hole, he squeezed his sphincter tight, his balls rubbing and pulling under Jason’s smooth belly, and he too began to cum, spurting hot liquid between their sweaty bodies.

Watching her husband’s face the Governess knew the men had cum, and it was time for her to pull out, even though the hot woman under her cock was still cuming. Without warning the Governess pulled back quickly, leaving Kate’s dripping cunt wide open, her ass still ramming back and forth, fucking Jason’s behind.

Kate felt the large cock pull out from her pussy; she squeezed her hungry canal tighter, trying to hold it deep inside, but the Governess took her pleasure away. Giving a few last automatic thrusts Kate slowed to stop, now out of breath. Closing her eyes, she rested her tired arms by laying her weight onto Jason. He moaned, rolling his shoulders back. Now that she had stopped, the fatigue began to settle into Kate’s body, and she moved into upright position. Reaching down, Kate cupped the base of her rubber cock, and slowly withdrew it from her husband’s wet ass. As it slid out he moaned at the release. Kate rested on her haunches, watching as Jason maneuvered his cock out of Richard’s ass. Her pussy still throbbed, leaking juices onto the already wet bedspread.

The Governess was behind Kate so she ran her hands up under the latex top, which was now glued to Kates’ sweaty skin. Her fingers spread around Kate’s tender breasts, and she yanked the material off Kate and over her head.

Looking down Kate saw that her breasts were red, and misshapen, almost as though they were being sucked by an invisible vacuum. She gently massaged her sore breasts.

The Governess roamed around the room, gathering the couple’s clothes off the floor. “Go home now, don’t call us, we’ll call you,” she said rather roughly.

Jason lifted his head from the bed where he’d been resting, his flaccid cock dripping on his own leg. “Huh?”

Clearing her throat the Governess said, “You heard me. If you’re a good boy I’ll be calling with assignments,” she shook her head, “but if you can’t follow simple instructions then you’re wasting my time. Now hurry up.”

Not wanting to lose out on more sexual adventures, Jason and Kate got their clothes on as quickly as they could, and left the house. They never said goodbye, and Richard hadn’t moved at all. It was a strange but exciting experience for the both of them, and they were looking forward to the Governess’ phone calls.


Two quiet weeks had passed by for Kate and Jason, and they had not heard from the Governess. Every time Kate thought about that night together, her pussy began to get wet, and she had to race off to the bathroom to rub her throbbing clit into unsatisfactory orgasms. Jason and Kate had discussed that night, and how they both felt about what transpired. They admitted to enjoying every aspect of it, and looked forward to doing it again, yet they hadn’t had sex with each other since.

Kate waved to Jason as he left for his Saturday morning run; she decided to change things today. As soon as he was out of sight she spun around picking up the phone in the kitchen, and dialed the Governess’ number. Slipping her hand under her short nighty, she dipped a finger in and out of her moist pussy, rubbing the juices around her still bald lips. She enjoyed the sensations a hairless pussy brought her, and had decided to keep it that way forever.


“Oh,” Kate started at the sudden sound of the woman’s voice; she had been so lost in her own pussy that she hadn’t been paying attention to the number of rings. “Hi it’s -”

“Yes, I know who it is,” the Governess said sternly, “the question is what do you want?”

Kate was taken aback by the shortness in the other woman’s tone; hadn’t they just spent a wonderful night together? Was this a mistake? She felt as if she was going crazy all of the sudden and she withdrew the finger from her pussy, feeling foolish. “I’m sorry…” she stammered, near tears, “I… it’s just that I was hoping I could see you.” She quickly finished holding her breath for a rebuke.

The Governess sighed audibly. “You were told that I would call you, right?” She didn’t wait for a reply. “Well if you’re that desperate, meet me today at 11:00. Wear a school girl uniform, and don’t be late.”

Kate agreed, writing down the exact location, and running through her head the clothes she had available that would suit the purpose. Excited, she hung up the phone and ran to her room to get ready.

Two hours later, Kate parked her car as close as she could to the warehouse entrance, feeling foolish in a short plaid skirt with knee-high white socks, and nearly flat soled black shoes. Here she was a woman in her twenties trying to be younger, and it didn’t feel right. But she would endure it to be with the Governess again, and she was hoping that this time she would tell Kate her name.

Glancing around, she didn’t see anyone, so she quickly walked up the three cement steps, pulling open the gray metal door. Peering inside she saw a large empty room. Sunlight streamed in from high skylights, and every move she made echoed throughout the space.

“Up here!” a faceless voice called out, causing her to jump. The door slammed shut behind her and she jumped again. Her heart hammered in her chest. Looking up she saw a loft on the far side of the room, and she walked towards it. Her small heels clicked across the cold cement floor, sounding extraordinarily loud in the space. She climbed up the steel stairs. At the top a door opened, and the Governess stepped out.

She didn’t disappoint Kate. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting black pants with suspenders that sat on either side of her large breasts, bra-less in a white tee shirt. Her nipples jutted fiercely against the material. Her hair was rolled up in a bun, and she had black cat-eye glasses resting on her nose.

“Just where have you been, young lady?” the Governess questioned. Reaching out, she grasped one of Kate’s ponytails, hauling her through the doorway.

Kate stumbled, trying to follow along. “I w…”

“Do not speak! You are late for class, and now you’ll have to face the principal. You know we don’t tolerate truancy here!”

The Governess yanked Kate through the door, and into the large open room. Kate saw two armless padded chairs facing an old wooden desk. Behind the desk sat a handsome man in his early fifties. He had a soft face with round green eyes, and salt and pepper hair. He was silent as Kate was forced into a chair, spreading his hands out as if to question her.

The Governess spoke first. “I caught this one trying to sneak in, Sir,” she said prodding Kate’s shoulder.

The man behind the desk sighed, shaking his head. “Whatever are we going to do with these girls?” Standing up he slid open the long drawer in front of him, taking something out that Kate could not see. He nodded to the Governess, and she stepped back into the shadows, giving up her position.

Kate turned her head. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen now, but she knew this wasn’t what she wanted. She had come here to be with the Governess, not some strange man. She started to protest, but was quickly shut down. When she opened her mouth to speak, a loud smack rang through the room. Kate jumped in her chair; she saw the man’s white knuckled hand on the wooden ruler that he had slammed on the desk.

Stepping forward quickly, he grabbed the back of her chair; the principal spun Kate around to face him. His round eyes narrowed in slits. “Stand up, turn around, grab your ankles, and accept your punishment!”

Not knowing what other choice she had, Kate did as she was told. Standing up, she spread her legs shoulder width apart, and bent over at the waist. As she did so her short skirt rose up her behind so her full white cotton panties where showing. Wrapping her hands around her sock-clad ankles, she felt her pussy beginning to moisten. Knowing that she was exposing her tight derriere to a complete stranger was turning her on. Before she had a chance to enjoy that thought, the ruler came down hard on her bottom. Crying out, she rocked forward as the principal began to talk.

“Your skirt is not even of regulation length, you filthy girl. I can see your little white panties.” Whack! He smacked her left ass cheek. Whack! He moved to the right. “Do you tease the boys like this, bending over and showing them your panties?” Whack! He hit her left cheek. Whack! Again, on the right cheek. He moved swiftly, belting her. After five good smacks on each cheek he stopped. His hand next gently rubbed the edge of her ass, where the redness ended and her white panties began. “I bet you like to tease all the boys, don’t you? You l. Oh, and look at this,” he said, rubbing the left cheek. “I think your little girly pussy is all swollen.”

He caressed the sides of her thighs, causing her to moan with the gentleness of his touch after the pain he had just created. Her pussy was hot and throbbing, and she had no doubt that her lips were swelling, hungry for some attention. Kate bit her lip, to keep herself from begging him to fuck her, for fear of invoking more punishment if she did speak. Not knowing his game, she kept her mouth shut, and hoped that he would stick his hot cock into her soon.

The principal ran his thumb right up the center of her pussy. “Oh my, it feels wet too. How is it possible for such a pretty thing as you to have such a nasty pussy? We’ll just have to get you cleaned up.” Moving in behind her, he slipped his fingers under the edge of her panties, and pulled the wet material over the side. Kate felt the cold air as it caressed her exposed flesh. “Oh yes, look at all the dirty pussy juice coming out of you,” he said, getting a closer look at her bald pussy. Kneeling down directly behind Kate he unzipped his pants, taking his erect cock out, and shuffled in closer. Wagging his cock back and forth, he continued, “Now don’t be scared. You can lick my lollipop to distract you while I gently clean your dirty pussy.”

He Stabbed his cock towards her upside-down mouth. Kate let go of her ankles. With, one hand she grasped his turgid member, guiding it into her hot mouth, while her other hand braced herself on the floor. She gurgled happily around his cock when his warm tongue finally touched her aching pussy. She sucked hard on his cock-head, bobbing it in and out of her hungry mouth.

He was agonizingly slow on her pussy; he didn’t so much as eat her, but ever so gently licked. His tongue started at her clit, and drew straight up over her moist opening, and then he withdrew, and started at the clit again, drawing upwards. It was frustrating for her, as her pussy produced more lubrication, and the swelling of her pudendum grew to unbearable proportions. She sucked his cock harder, pulling herself farther between her own legs then she thought possible. Reaching back, she grasped his swinging balls, rolling them in her hand, and she rocked her hips up and down, trying to fuck his wide tongue.

“Ohhh, oh you’re such a dirty girl, look at you…oh!”

Not being able to hold back any longer, the principal ripped his cock from Kate’s sucking mouth, stood up, and without warning, tore her white panties across her burning ass cheek. He plunged his cock to the hilt inside her pussy.

Throwing her hands out to catch the weight, she cried out, as his rock-hard member pounded into her. His fingers dug painfully into her soft hips, and spit ran down her chin. Behind her, the man grunted, pushing his cock in as hard and fast as he could, and came without warning. His motions slowed to a stop, and Kate groaned; it was what she wanted, but she didn’t have time enough to come. Her pussy still ached, and throbbed around his diminishing cock. She pushed back, her pulsing pussy trying to suck his cock back to life.

“You are a filthy girl.” He slapped her ass. “I just knew it.” He pulled his cock out completely, tucking it quickly away. “Get out of my office, you filthy beast.”

Kate had to kneel down for a minute to get the feeling back in her legs, and when she moved to stand up her pussy let out a great fart, splattering his cum onto the concrete floor. He scowled down at her.

Angry now, Kate became defiant; she stood up and put the toe of her cute little shoe into the mess, smearing it further across the floor. She felt the urge to stick out her tongue, but thought that might be going a bit too far and turned her back to the man.

The Governess came out of the shadows. Taking Kate’s arm, she led her quietly back down the stairs. When they finally stepped out of the building, Kate reached up under her skirt and ripped off what was left of her white panties. Only then did she turn to the woman who brought her here. Before she could demand answers, the Governess took Kate’s hand, and gently placed it over her large breast, then leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips.

“You did well.” When Kate went to speak the Governess shook her head. “That was the first part of your punishment for calling me after I told you not to. The second part will come tonight. Now you must go home and rest.” She smiled at Kate, taking her chin into her strong fingers. “You will also have to explain to your husband why he was punished today also.”

Kate gasped, withdrawing from the Governess. “You mean…”

The Governess laughed. “Oh yes, I’m sure he’ll fill you in.” She looked at her watch. “I say you will be arriving at home around the same time. TaTa.” She turned, leaving Kate standing by her car, her clothes in disarray, and stalked away.

When Kate got home, Jason was already there, and he looked disheveled himself. He told her all that had happened to him that morning. Only he hadn’t been expecting anything but a peaceful run.

Arriving nice and early to his favorite running place, Jason parked, stretched, and set off for his morning jog. This time of the morning the air was crisp and clean, before the summer heat would take over. The birds were singing and he was enjoying the alone time. He took off his top as he ran, tucking it into the band of his shorts. As he rounded a bend, he almost tripped over two policemen standing in the middle of the trail. Startled, he stopped, and that’s when he noticed that one of the men was Richard.

“Richard?” he said, looking over the rugged man in uniform. He was shocked that this could be the same person who allowed his wife to taunt and torture as she did.

The policemen stopped their conversation, turning to the slender, shirtless man in bicycle shorts that addressed them so casually. The other officer was even larger then Richard, with a barrel of a chest and a thick neck. He had dark, smooth skin. He thumped his nightstick on his palm. “Do you know this man?” he asked his partner, whose name badge clearly read, ‘Lou Buckner’, even though he had no doubt it was Richard.

Lou/ Richard shook his head. “No, I don’t think so.” He squinted at Jason. “I think the kid is on something. What do you think, Joe?”

Joe thumped his nightstick up and down, looking over Jason from head to toe. “Yep, I defiantly think he’s on something.”

Jason held up his hands confused, “Sorry if I’ve mistaken you for somebody else, but I’m just out here for fresh air.” He stepped back, “I’m really not… like… into drugs or anything.”

Joe stepped closer to Jason. “So why are you scared if you’re not into anything?’ he questioned; looking down, he stopped pounding the nightstick on his fist. “What have you got in there?” he asked, prodding Jason’s penis with the blunt end of the stick.

Lou/Richard joined in the fun. “Yeah, buddy? What do you have concealed in your pants?” He turned to Joe, “I think we need to search this guy.”

Jason shook his head. “Hey! No, no, come on, man, that’s just my…you know?” he said shyly, hoping to make light of the situation, and then the cops would let him off the hook.

“Hum…” Joe tapped his stick on his hand again. “That’s a mighty big dick for such a little man. Don’t you think?’

Lou/Richard nodded his agreement. “Come on, take it out then, and let us be the judge.”

“Are you serious?’ Jason asked, not believing what was happening here. He had never seen cops out here before, and he was ninety-eight percent sure that the cop named Lou was really Richard.

Joe stepped closer to Jason, his large chest rubbing on his shoulder. “Would you prefer to be handcuffed, and we’ll check it out ourselves?” he questioned with a gleam in his eye.

Jason gulped, shaking his head. “No, it’s okay, I’ll show you.” Keeping his eyes focused on the large man standing in front of him, Jason reached down, lowered his tight spandex shorts, and lifted his flaccid penis out to the fresh air.

Joe moved back to get a better view. “Hum, well, what do you know, the boy does have a pretty decent sized cock.” Then he rubbed the cold hard baton over the head of Jason’s cock, laughing when he jumped. “I think the boy wants someone to rub it, look at it growing.” Joe continued to rub the swelling cock with his stick.

Lou/Richard laughed too. “Yeah I think he likes that, Joe. Why don’t you go ahead and help a fellow out?” He taunted the large man. “Get down on your knees and suck his cock for him.”

Joe retorted. “What the hell, do you think I’m gay or something? Just because pervert over here likes me rubbing his rod don’t mean I’m gonna get on my knees.” Then his face lightened into a grin. “I got an idea! I think pervert boy here should suck our cocks.” He turned to his partner. “What do you think about that?”

Lou/Richard nodded. “Yeah, Joe, now that’s a good idea.” He slapped Jason on the bare back. “Come on buddy; let’s take us a little walk over into the bushes.”

The two men led Jason a few feet into the dense bushes, where anyone running by wouldn’t spot them easily. Joe walked ahead, and Lou followed behind. They had not let Jason pull his shorts up; his cock swung in front of him, exposed to whips from the branches. He tried to block them as much as possible but still leaves and twigs snapped at his cock, and he wasn’t happy about his prospects.

Stopping, Joe turned around, his baton still in his hand. “Okay, pervert boy, let me see what your piece looks like hard.” He prodded under Jason’s cock, lifting it up.

Seeing no alternate way to get out of his situation, Jason began to stroke his cock.

Joe motioned at his own groin. “You want to see what you’re going to be swallowing, pervert? Go on, pull it out.”

Still stroking his own meat, Jason reached out and unzipped Joe’s fly. The big man wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and his large black cock unfolded through the gaping material.

“Suck it!” Joe said, pushing Jason down onto his knees in front of him.

Jason was shocked by the size of the man’s cock. He had never seen one so big before, other than in movies, perhaps. Moving in, he grasped its base, and the soft cock began to grow larger in his fist. Joe wrapped his hands around the back of Jason’s head, and pushed his cock between the reluctant lips. Jason’s eyes widened, as the sheer girth of the cock filled his mouth. He took the head in all the way, but not much more would fit. His tongue pressed hard against the dark slit, as pre-cum squirted down his throat. He felt his own cock throb, and get wet as Joe fucked his face.

From behind Jason, Lou/Richard moved in on his knees, his cock out and ready for action. Leaning against Jason’s back he pressed his bulbous cock into Jason’s ass crack. Reaching an arm around his waist, Lou/Richard’s hand caressed Jason’s balls, and he began whispering in his ear. “You like sucking on that big black cock don’t you? Hum, it tastes good and juicy, and you want him to spurt his cum down your throat. Go on, suck it good, you perverted little fuck.”

Jason’s eyes couldn’t help but be trapped on the large set of balls that hung down between the man’s legs. Letting Lou/Richard stroke his cock for him, he reached out and grasped Joe’s nads. Both of them together were too large to fit into his hand and as he sucked the long shaft, he squeezed and rolled them in his palm. His own cock felt as if it was going to burst already, with Lou/Richard manipulating it. Also the way that Lou/Richard rubbed the hilt of his cock between Jason’s sweaty ass cheeks was driving him crazy. He could feel the head of Lou’s cock pressing against his own balls, every time he pushed in; he couldn’t help but groan around the meat in his mouth.

Joe rocked his hips. “See! I told you this boy was a pervert, Lou. Look at him eating my cock, Uh…oh yes, now he’s squeezing my nuts! Oh man, I’m gonna fill your pretty little mouth with fuck-juice, boy.”

Lou/Richard rubbed his own cock fast in Jason’s tight behind, stroking Jason’s hard cock faster with his hand; he wanted them all to cum at the same time. “That’s it, suck it, mmm, taste that big man’s meat. You love the cock, oh yeah; you want to get fucked in the ass by my cock, don’t you!”

Looking up at Joe’s face, with his eyes shut tight, and a grimace on his lips, Lou/Richard knew the man was going to cum. He squeezed Jason’s cock harder, and pulled faster. Joe cried out, ramming his cock as far as he could into Jason’s mouth so he had no choice but to take it down his throat and swallow. Jason’s seed began to spill on the ground, as the big cock in his mouth choked off his air, and Lou/Richard expertly wanked him empty. Before Jason had a second to breathe Joe’s cock was wrenched from his mouth, and he was being forced forward. Ass up in the air, Lou/Richard pressed his piss slit up to Jason’s tight bunghole, and shot his load into the spasminghole. His cum dribbled into Jason’s anus, down his crack, and over his balls. Lou/Richard groaned as his load emptied. Laughing, Lou/Richard slapped Jason’s ass and stood up. “That was fun, thanks, pal.” The two policemen re-adjusted their uniforms, and walked off, leaving Jason stunned, still half-naked, with his ass in the wind.

Kate couldn’t believe what they had done to Jason. As she was about to throw herself at his mercy, for the trouble she caused, she heard him laugh. Shocked, she lifted her eyes from her lap and saw a big smile on his face.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon,” he said rubbing his chin.

“You liked being treated that way?” Kate asked, incredulous. “But…I mean…”She was at a loss for words; her husband had enjoyed being abused by two men. Was that normal?

Jason placed a comforting hand on her knee. “Honey?” He spoke softly, getting her to really look at him for the first time. “Didn’t you like it when the Governess forced you to do things for her, or to her? And isn’t that why you called her again today?”

She nodded, and he nodded with her. “So do I, babe, so do I.”

Both heads turned as the phone on the wall rang. Kate moved to pick it up.


Laughter reached her ears. “How was your day, darling?” the Governess taunted. “Come to the house in one hour. Bathe, shave, and wear nothing but your coat. I’ll be dressing you when you arrive.”

The phone clicked in Kate’s hand. The Governess had hung up without waiting for a response, not needing one. They both knew she would be there.

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