The Governess

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Ch 2 The Punishment

Two quiet weeks had passed by for Kate and Jason, and they had not heard from the Governess. Every time Kate thought about that night together, her pussy began to get wet, and she had to race off to the bathroom to rub her throbbing clit into unsatisfactory orgasms. Jason and Kate had discussed that night, and how they both felt about what transpired. They admitted to enjoying every aspect of it, and looked forward to doing it again, yet they hadn’t had sex with each other since.

Kate waved to Jason as he left for his Saturday morning run; she decided to change things today. As soon as he was out of sight she spun around picking up the phone in the kitchen, and dialed the Governess’ number. Slipping her hand under her short nighty, she dipped a finger in and out of her moist pussy, rubbing the juices around her still bald lips. She enjoyed the sensations a hairless pussy brought her, and had decided to keep it that way forever.


“Oh,” Kate started at the sudden sound of the woman’s voice; she had been so lost in her own pussy that she hadn’t been paying attention to the number of rings. “Hi it’s -”

“Yes, I know who it is,” the Governess said sternly, “the question is what do you want?”

Kate was taken aback by the shortness in the other woman’s tone; hadn’t they just spent a wonderful night together? Was this a mistake? She felt as if she was going crazy all of the sudden and she withdrew the finger from her pussy, feeling foolish. “I’m sorry…” she stammered, near tears, “I… it’s just that I was hoping I could see you.” She quickly finished holding her breath for a rebuke.

The Governess sighed audibly. “You were told that I would call you, right?” She didn’t wait for a reply. “Well if you’re that desperate, meet me today at 11:00. Wear a school girl uniform, and don’t be late.”

Kate agreed, writing down the exact location, and running through her head the clothes she had available that would suit the purpose. Excited, she hung up the phone and ran to her room to get ready.

Two hours later, Kate parked her car as close as she could to the warehouse entrance, feeling foolish in a short plaid skirt with knee-high white socks, and nearly flat soled black shoes. Here she was a woman in her twenties trying to be younger, and it didn’t feel right. But she would endure it to be with the Governess again, and she was hoping that this time she would tell Kate her name.

Glancing around, she didn’t see anyone, so she quickly walked up the three cement steps, pulling open the gray metal door. Peering inside she saw a large empty room. Sunlight streamed in from high skylights, and every move she made echoed throughout the space.

“Up here!” a faceless voice called out, causing her to jump. The door slammed shut behind her and she jumped again. Her heart hammered in her chest. Looking up she saw a loft on the far side of the room, and she walked towards it. Her small heels clicked across the cold cement floor, sounding extraordinarily loud in the space. She climbed up the steel stairs. At the top a door opened, and the Governess stepped out.

She didn’t disappoint Kate. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting black pants with suspenders that sat on either side of her large breasts, bra-less in a white tee shirt. Her nipples jutted fiercely against the material. Her hair was rolled up in a bun, and she had black cat-eye glasses resting on her nose.

“Just where have you been, young lady?” the Governess questioned. Reaching out, she grasped one of Kate’s ponytails, hauling her through the doorway.

Kate stumbled, trying to follow along. “I w…”

“Do not speak! You are late for class, and now you’ll have to face the principal. You know we don’t tolerate truancy here!”

The Governess yanked Kate through the door, and into the large open room. Kate saw two armless padded chairs facing an old wooden desk. Behind the desk sat a handsome man in his early fifties. He had a soft face with round green eyes, and salt and pepper hair. He was silent as Kate was forced into a chair, spreading his hands out as if to question her.

The Governess spoke first. “I caught this one trying to sneak in, Sir,” she said prodding Kate’s shoulder.

The man behind the desk sighed, shaking his head. “Whatever are we going to do with these girls?” Standing up he slid open the long drawer in front of him, taking something out that Kate could not see. He nodded to the Governess, and she stepped back into the shadows, giving up her position.

Kate turned her head. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen now, but she knew this wasn’t what she wanted. She had come here to be with the Governess, not some strange man. She started to protest, but was quickly shut down. When she opened her mouth to speak, a loud smack rang through the room. Kate jumped in her chair; she saw the man’s white knuckled hand on the wooden ruler that he had slammed on the desk.

Stepping forward quickly, he grabbed the back of her chair; the principal spun Kate around to face him. His round eyes narrowed in slits. “Stand up, turn around, grab your ankles, and accept your punishment!”

Not knowing what other choice she had, Kate did as she was told. Standing up, she spread her legs shoulder width apart, and bent over at the waist. As she did so her short skirt rose up her behind so her full white cotton panties where showing. Wrapping her hands around her sock-clad ankles, she felt her pussy beginning to moisten. Knowing that she was exposing her tight derriere to a complete stranger was turning her on. Before she had a chance to enjoy that thought, the ruler came down hard on her bottom. Crying out, she rocked forward as the principal began to talk.

“Your skirt is not even of regulation length, you filthy girl. I can see your little white panties.” Whack! He smacked her left ass cheek. Whack! He moved to the right. “Do you tease the boys like this, bending over and showing them your panties?” Whack! He hit her left cheek. Whack! Again, on the right cheek. He moved swiftly, belting her. After five good smacks on each cheek he stopped. His hand next gently rubbed the edge of her ass, where the redness ended and her white panties began. “I bet you like to tease all the boys, don’t you? You l. Oh, and look at this,” he said, rubbing the left cheek. “I think your little girly pussy is all swollen.”

He caressed the sides of her thighs, causing her to moan with the gentleness of his touch after the pain he had just created. Her pussy was hot and throbbing, and she had no doubt that her lips were swelling, hungry for some attention. Kate bit her lip, to keep herself from begging him to fuck her, for fear of invoking more punishment if she did speak. Not knowing his game, she kept her mouth shut, and hoped that he would stick his hot cock into her soon.

The principal ran his thumb right up the center of her pussy. “Oh my, it feels wet too. How is it possible for such a pretty thing as you to have such a nasty pussy? We’ll just have to get you cleaned up.” Moving in behind her, he slipped his fingers under the edge of her panties, and pulled the wet material over the side. Kate felt the cold air as it caressed her exposed flesh. “Oh yes, look at all the dirty pussy juice coming out of you,” he said, getting a closer look at her bald pussy. Kneeling down directly behind Kate he unzipped his pants, taking his erect cock out, and shuffled in closer. Wagging his cock back and forth, he continued, “Now don’t be scared. You can lick my lollipop to distract you while I gently clean your dirty pussy.”

He Stabbed his cock towards her upside-down mouth. Kate let go of her ankles. With, one hand she grasped his turgid member, guiding it into her hot mouth, while her other hand braced herself on the floor. She gurgled happily around his cock when his warm tongue finally touched her aching pussy. She sucked hard on his cock-head, bobbing it in and out of her hungry mouth.

He was agonizingly slow on her pussy; he didn’t so much as eat her, but ever so gently licked. His tongue started at her clit, and drew straight up over her moist opening, and then he withdrew, and started at the clit again, drawing upwards. It was frustrating for her, as her pussy produced more lubrication, and the swelling of her pudendum grew to unbearable proportions. She sucked his cock harder, pulling herself farther between her own legs then she thought possible. Reaching back, she grasped his swinging balls, rolling them in her hand, and she rocked her hips up and down, trying to fuck his wide tongue.

“Ohhh, oh you’re such a dirty girl, look at you…oh!”

Not being able to hold back any longer, the principal ripped his cock from Kate’s sucking mouth, stood up, and without warning, tore her white panties across her burning ass cheek. He plunged his cock to the hilt inside her pussy.

Throwing her hands out to catch the weight, she cried out, as his rock-hard member pounded into her. His fingers dug painfully into her soft hips, and spit ran down her chin. Behind her, the man grunted, pushing his cock in as hard and fast as he could, and came without warning. His motions slowed to a stop, and Kate groaned; it was what she wanted, but she didn’t have time enough to come. Her pussy still ached, and throbbed around his diminishing cock. She pushed back, her pulsing pussy trying to suck his cock back to life.

“You are a filthy girl.” He slapped her ass. “I just knew it.” He pulled his cock out completely, tucking it quickly away. “Get out of my office, you filthy beast.”

Kate had to kneel down for a minute to get the feeling back in her legs, and when she moved to stand up her pussy let out a great fart, splattering his cum onto the concrete floor. He scowled down at her.

Angry now, Kate became defiant; she stood up and put the toe of her cute little shoe into the mess, smearing it further across the floor. She felt the urge to stick out her tongue, but thought that might be going a bit too far and turned her back to the man.

The Governess came out of the shadows. Taking Kate’s arm, she led her quietly back down the stairs. When they finally stepped out of the building, Kate reached up under her skirt and ripped off what was left of her white panties. Only then did she turn to the woman who brought her here. Before she could demand answers, the Governess took Kate’s hand, and gently placed it over her large breast, then leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips.

“You did well.” When Kate went to speak the Governess shook her head. “That was the first part of your punishment for calling me after I told you not to. The second part will come tonight. Now you must go home and rest.” She smiled at Kate, taking her chin into her strong fingers. “You will also have to explain to your husband why he was punished today also.”

Kate gasped, withdrawing from the Governess. “You mean…”

The Governess laughed. “Oh yes, I’m sure he’ll fill you in.” She looked at her watch. “I say you will be arriving at home around the same time. TaTa.” She turned, leaving Kate standing by her car, her clothes in disarray, and stalked away.

When Kate got home, Jason was already there, and he looked disheveled himself. He told her all that had happened to him that morning. Only he hadn’t been expecting anything but a peaceful run.

Arriving nice and early to his favorite running place, Jason parked, stretched, and set off for his morning jog. This time of the morning the air was crisp and clean, before the summer heat would take over. The birds were singing and he was enjoying the alone time. He took off his top as he ran, tucking it into the band of his shorts. As he rounded a bend, he almost tripped over two policemen standing in the middle of the trail. Startled, he stopped, and that’s when he noticed that one of the men was Richard.

“Richard?” he said, looking over the rugged man in uniform. He was shocked that this could be the same person who allowed his wife to taunt and torture as she did.

The policemen stopped their conversation, turning to the slender, shirtless man in bicycle shorts that addressed them so casually. The other officer was even larger then Richard, with a barrel of a chest and a thick neck. He had dark, smooth skin. He thumped his nightstick on his palm. “Do you know this man?” he asked his partner, whose name badge clearly read, ‘Lou Buckner’, even though he had no doubt it was Richard.

Lou/ Richard shook his head. “No, I don’t think so.” He squinted at Jason. “I think the kid is on something. What do you think, Joe?”

Joe thumped his nightstick up and down, looking over Jason from head to toe. “Yep, I defiantly think he’s on something.”

Jason held up his hands confused, “Sorry if I’ve mistaken you for somebody else, but I’m just out here for fresh air.” He stepped back, “I’m really not… like… into drugs or anything.”

Joe stepped closer to Jason. “So why are you scared if you’re not into anything?’ he questioned; looking down, he stopped pounding the nightstick on his fist. “What have you got in there?” he asked, prodding Jason’s penis with the blunt end of the stick.

Lou/Richard joined in the fun. “Yeah, buddy? What do you have concealed in your pants?” He turned to Joe, “I think we need to search this guy.”

Jason shook his head. “Hey! No, no, come on, man, that’s just my…you know?” he said shyly, hoping to make light of the situation, and then the cops would let him off the hook.

“Hum…” Joe tapped his stick on his hand again. “That’s a mighty big dick for such a little man. Don’t you think?’

Lou/Richard nodded his agreement. “Come on, take it out then, and let us be the judge.”

“Are you serious?’ Jason asked, not believing what was happening here. He had never seen cops out here before, and he was ninety-eight percent sure that the cop named Lou was really Richard.

Joe stepped closer to Jason, his large chest rubbing on his shoulder. “Would you prefer to be handcuffed, and we’ll check it out ourselves?” he questioned with a gleam in his eye.

Jason gulped, shaking his head. “No, it’s okay, I’ll show you.” Keeping his eyes focused on the large man standing in front of him, Jason reached down, lowered his tight spandex shorts, and lifted his flaccid penis out to the fresh air.

Joe moved back to get a better view. “Hum, well, what do you know, the boy does have a pretty decent sized cock.” Then he rubbed the cold hard baton over the head of Jason’s cock, laughing when he jumped. “I think the boy wants someone to rub it, look at it growing.” Joe continued to rub the swelling cock with his stick.

Lou/Richard laughed too. “Yeah I think he likes that, Joe. Why don’t you go ahead and help a fellow out?” He taunted the large man. “Get down on your knees and suck his cock for him.”

Joe retorted. “What the hell, do you think I’m gay or something? Just because pervert over here likes me rubbing his rod don’t mean I’m gonna get on my knees.” Then his face lightened into a grin. “I got an idea! I think pervert boy here should suck our cocks.” He turned to his partner. “What do you think about that?”

Lou/Richard nodded. “Yeah, Joe, now that’s a good idea.” He slapped Jason on the bare back. “Come on buddy; let’s take us a little walk over into the bushes.”

The two men led Jason a few feet into the dense bushes, where anyone running by wouldn’t spot them easily. Joe walked ahead, and Lou followed behind. They had not let Jason pull his shorts up; his cock swung in front of him, exposed to whips from the branches. He tried to block them as much as possible but still leaves and twigs snapped at his cock, and he wasn’t happy about his prospects.

Stopping, Joe turned around, his baton still in his hand. “Okay, pervert boy, let me see what your piece looks like hard.” He prodded under Jason’s cock, lifting it up.

Seeing no alternate way to get out of his situation, Jason began to stroke his cock.

Joe motioned at his own groin. “You want to see what you’re going to be swallowing, pervert? Go on, pull it out.”

Still stroking his own meat, Jason reached out and unzipped Joe’s fly. The big man wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and his large black cock unfolded through the gaping material.

“Suck it!” Joe said, pushing Jason down onto his knees in front of him.

Jason was shocked by the size of the man’s cock. He had never seen one so big before, other than in movies, perhaps. Moving in, he grasped its base, and the soft cock began to grow larger in his fist. Joe wrapped his hands around the back of Jason’s head, and pushed his cock between the reluctant lips. Jason’s eyes widened, as the sheer girth of the cock filled his mouth. He took the head in all the way, but not much more would fit. His tongue pressed hard against the dark slit, as pre-cum squirted down his throat. He felt his own cock throb, and get wet as Joe fucked his face.

From behind Jason, Lou/Richard moved in on his knees, his cock out and ready for action. Leaning against Jason’s back he pressed his bulbous cock into Jason’s ass crack. Reaching an arm around his waist, Lou/Richard’s hand caressed Jason’s balls, and he began whispering in his ear. “You like sucking on that big black cock don’t you? Hum, it tastes good and juicy, and you want him to spurt his cum down your throat. Go on, suck it good, you perverted little fuck.”

Jason’s eyes couldn’t help but be trapped on the large set of balls that hung down between the man’s legs. Letting Lou/Richard stroke his cock for him, he reached out and grasped Joe’s nads. Both of them together were too large to fit into his hand and as he sucked the long shaft, he squeezed and rolled them in his palm. His own cock felt as if it was going to burst already, with Lou/Richard manipulating it. Also the way that Lou/Richard rubbed the hilt of his cock between Jason’s sweaty ass cheeks was driving him crazy. He could feel the head of Lou’s cock pressing against his own balls, every time he pushed in; he couldn’t help but groan around the meat in his mouth.

Joe rocked his hips. “See! I told you this boy was a pervert, Lou. Look at him eating my cock, Uh…oh yes, now he’s squeezing my nuts! Oh man, I’m gonna fill your pretty little mouth with fuck-juice, boy.”

Lou/Richard rubbed his own cock fast in Jason’s tight behind, stroking Jason’s hard cock faster with his hand; he wanted them all to cum at the same time. “That’s it, suck it, mmm, taste that big man’s meat. You love the cock, oh yeah; you want to get fucked in the ass by my cock, don’t you!”

Looking up at Joe’s face, with his eyes shut tight, and a grimace on his lips, Lou/Richard knew the man was going to cum. He squeezed Jason’s cock harder, and pulled faster. Joe cried out, ramming his cock as far as he could into Jason’s mouth so he had no choice but to take it down his throat and swallow. Jason’s seed began to spill on the ground, as the big cock in his mouth choked off his air, and Lou/Richard expertly wanked him empty. Before Jason had a second to breathe Joe’s cock was wrenched from his mouth, and he was being forced forward. Ass up in the air, Lou/Richard pressed his piss slit up to Jason’s tight bunghole, and shot his load into the spasming hole. His cum dribbled into Jason’s anus, down his crack, and over his balls. Lou/Richard groaned as his load emptied. Laughing, Lou/Richard slapped Jason’s ass and stood up. “That was fun, thanks, pal.” The two policemen re-adjusted their uniforms, and walked off, leaving Jason stunned, still half-naked, with his ass in the wind.

Kate couldn’t believe what they had done to Jason. As she was about to throw herself at his mercy, for the trouble she caused, she heard him laugh. Shocked, she lifted her eyes from her lap and saw a big smile on his face.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon,” he said rubbing his chin.

“You liked being treated that way?” Kate asked, incredulous. “But…I mean…”She was at a loss for words; her husband had enjoyed being abused by two men. Was that normal?

Jason placed a comforting hand on her knee. “Honey?” He spoke softly, getting her to really look at him for the first time. “Didn’t you like it when the Governess forced you to do things for her, or to her? And isn’t that why you called her again today?”

She nodded, and he nodded with her. “So do I, babe, so do I.”

Both heads turned as the phone on the wall rang. Kate moved to pick it up.


Laughter reached her ears. “How was your day, darling?” the Governess taunted. “Come to the house in one hour. Bathe, shave, and wear nothing but your coat. I’ll be dressing you when you arrive.”

The phone clicked in Kate’s hand. The Governess had hung up without waiting for a response, not needing one. They both knew she would be there.

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