The Governess

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Ch. 3 The Party

The Governess had not said that Jason could come along, but she had not said he could not, either. So he was at the door behind Kate when she rang the doorbell, nervously bouncing on the balls of his feet. Kate elbowed him to stay still, when the door opened. This time the Governess was dressed in an elegant evening gown of oxblood satin, which clung to her naked body like a second skin. Already Kate wanted to reach out and touch the woman, but held back for fear of punishment.

“Well, I see we have a party crasher already tonight.” She nodded to Jason. “Hello.”

He cleared his throat, taken aback by the tall, beautiful woman, his eyes roving over her massive cleavage. “Hi,” was all he could manage.

“Well, don’t just stand there; we have a party to get ready for.” That said she turned into the house, showing them the back of her dress that plunged all the way down to the cleft of her round bottom. They moved wordlessly into the house, closing the door tight.

“Richard,” she yelled, “we have an unexpected guest that I need you to prepare. Get out here.”

They heard shuffling and banging from the kitchen, and then Richard came rushing into the room wearing nothing but a white cooking apron, and a chef’s hat. “Sorry, Miss, I couldn’t hear you. Did you say…” He stopped, seeing Jason and Kate standing behind his wife. “Oh…yes, I see now. Okay, I’ll take care of it, Miss, right away.”

“Good.” The Governess turned to Kate. “Come with me,” and to Jason, “You stay here.” She took Kate’s hand, leading her towards the bedrooms.

Richard appeared flustered, definitely not the same confident man that he had been earlier that morning with Jason and Joe in the park. Jason stood and watched him as he moved around the room, changing the position of chairs, and gathering items from a chest of drawers.

“Take off all your clothes, and sit over here,” he told Jason, motioning to the chair he placed in the corner of the room, facing the dining room table that had nine place settings.

Jason did as he was told, removed all his clothing, and sat down. He didn’t protest at all this time when Richard moved in and tied his hands to the arms of the chair. He did raise his eyebrows when suddenly a ball gag was shoved into his mouth.

Richard smiled at him. “You weren’t invited, buddy, that means no participating.” He patted Jason’s naked thigh. “But don’t worry about it. By the end of the night everyone is so horny that someone will venture over to suck or fuck you.”

Jason’s eyes widened, by the end of the night? So now he was going to be stuck here all alone, and not even get to join in. Now he wished he hadn’t come at all, but it was too late to back out. He watched silently, as Richard rushed back into the kitchen leaving him alone and slightly chilled.

Jason sat listening to the sounds emanating from the kitchen; he squirmed uncomfortably in his seat when the doorbell rang. Richard rushed out from the kitchen to answer it; the Governess sauntered in slowly, giving Richard time to greet the couples as they entered the house. Jason watched in shock, as the Governess stood near the open doorway. She slowly lifted her shimmering dress until her bald pussy was completely exposed. Spreading her thighs wide, she waited patiently for the last couple to enter the house, and for Richard to close the door. He then quickly moved in behind her, taking the folds of her dress from her, allowing her hands to hang free. Smiling wickedly, she reached out and grasped the shoulders of the shorter blonde woman standing closest to her. She visibly pressed down on the woman’s shoulders, and the woman moved silently to her knees. Jason wished he could see the expression on her face, but from where he sat all he saw was the back of the woman’s head, as she pressed her face into the Governess’ exposed crotch. After planting a wet kiss on her Mistress’ pussy, she stepped aside and the next person moved in to do the same. One after another the couples each bowed before the Governess giving alms to her, as she stood silently receiving their devotion. When the last man in line finished his kiss, the Governess motioned towards the set table with a single sweep of her arm.

Gathering in couples around the table they stood beside their chairs. Their hands rested on the backs, at their sides, or as with one of the younger-looking women, fidgeting at the short hem of her slinky black dress.

From the head of the table the Governess addressed the group. “Thank you all for coming. I hope you’re hungry. Tonight, plans have changed.” Groans and murmurs arose in the room; she would not tolerate it, clapping her hands together loudly. They fell silent. “Due to unforeseen events today,” here her gaze traveled over the groups’ heads falling heavily on Jason, “we are not having dinner as usual, and instead we are having only dessert.”

As if on cue, Richard appeared from the kitchen. He entered the room back first, and was pulling something along. From Jason’s vantage point he couldn’t see what Richard was pulling until he came around the table. All eyes were glued to the feast brought before them, and Jason was flabbergasted by what he saw.

His wife was laid out on a large stainless steel trolley. Her hair hung down over the edge, swaying with the motions of the cart; she was buried beneath an elaborate assortment of fruit and desserts. The only portion of her skin that he could visibly see was her face, and even that was contorted with a thin slice of watermelon held between her teeth.

Clearing her throat to draw all eyes back to her, the Governess said, “As usual, there are a few rules to follow. Break them, and you will be punished accordingly. One - you are not allowed to use your hands for any reason. Two - you will be naked - not including of course whatever specialties you may have on under your present clothing. Three - choose your spot wisely, once you have cleared an area of food, you will have to fuck it. Now turn to the person on your right, and start removing their clothes.” She then stepped away from the group to watch the progression of nudity transpire.

Kate watched as the group of people surrounding her began to strip each other. Breasts bared, hands roamed freely caressing, tweaking, and massaging. She couldn’t help but wonder how long these people had been doing this, to be so comfortable with each other. For she was nervous, and feeling jittery underneath the cold food, and wished for a stiff drink right about now. However, seeing the hard cocks springing to life around her, she knew that she’d be getting something stiff, and it wasn’t going to be booze. She jolted when the first slightest touch came. She had been so busy watching the couple on her right that she didn’t notice when some of the others were already naked, and ready to eat.

There was a couple at her feet, a couple at her groin, a couple at her breasts, and the last couple at her head. Kate was dizzy with the thought of eight people touching her body. She bit hard into the watermelon rind in her mouth, when all the different sensations from the food being licked and nibbled off her body began. She couldn’t see everyone around her individually, only hair tumbling into the whipped cream, or a shoulder, or a breast, but she could imagine what it must look like being devoured as she was. The people were either ravenous for food, or sex because it wasn’t long before the whipped cream was gone, and the tongues were lapping at her flesh. She giggled, trying not to kick out when a tongue flickered between her toes. The cherries were plucked from between her breasts, and she watched as a man and women leaned over each side of her to meet in the middle, twirling their tongues together, then each cleared her nipples to suckle.

She moaned, crying out when finally the empty rind was torn from between her lips, and a spiky haired brunette slid her mouth over Kate’s. Kate tasted the sweetness from the dessert on the woman’s breath, and leaned up into the kiss. The man on the other side of her head pushed in, not wanting to be left out, and she found two mouths fighting for a place. She let her tongue roam back and forth as they pecked, slobbered, and nipped at hers. She gasped when someone broke through the layer of fruit that nestled over her pussy, and a probing hot tongue lashed between her lips. Her hips rose to meet it with her clitoris leading. She wanted to cry out, to be fucked, but couldn’t do so with the others in the way. Grunting, Kate dared to move her hands, and began rubbing the closest thing to her. One hand found the crevice of a cunt, and the other a set of swinging balls. She let her hands speak for her as she massaged the two different aroused genitals.

Kate wasn’t sure what she was feeling, but something hot and wet enveloped the big toe on her left foot. Wiggling it back and forth she realized that it was a pussy - someone was fucking their cunt with her toes. Looking between the two people that were hovering around her face she saw a petite blonde woman, with huge tits, straddling her calf. She was the one riding her foot, so Kate made a point to wiggle faster, and assist the woman in getting off. Then she felt a hard silky cock rubbing against the bottom of her other foot. The two sensations alone were enough to drive her crazy, and she felt her pussy gushing juice out over the table. It wasn’t lost, though, for there were now two sets of tongues that were lapping at her, and they gobbled the juice up as quickly as it flowed. Kate moaned and bucked, as one tongue lashed her clit, and the other probed her hole. She started cuming when two fat fingers entered her cunt and began fingering her. The other two that had her breasts were quietly fighting amongst themselves as to who was going to climb onto the table to fuck her tits. Kate didn’t get a chance to hear who was going to win the fight. Her head was roughly pulled to the right, and the man that she had been dueling lips with shoved his fat cock into her mouth. Left with no choice but to suck or choke, Kate swallowed the cock as it rammed in and out of her mouth. The spiky haired brunette, not wanting to be left out, climbed awkwardly up beside Kate’s head, careful not to kneel on her hair, and pushed her naked cunt forward. With every thrust of the man’s cock, the brunette’s pussy lips would mash into the side of Kate’s face. Kate let her eyes roll sideways, to see the hairy black pussy brushing up against her lips. Hungry to taste pussy now, after having the experience with the Governess, Kate tore her mouth away from the hot cock, and stretched her tongue out to meet the dripping muff. It felt different covered with fur, and she leaned further into the woman’s grinding cunt, and found her tongue pressing firmly into a tight wet hole. Looking up, she saw that the woman’s eyes were closed in ecstasy, Excited, Kate flicked her tongue faster, hoping the woman would lather her face with cum. The man, meanwhile, continued to ram his cock up over Kate’s lips and spread the other woman’s pussy lips open slightly with his head.

The other people began climbing on the table too. The man at her breasts had won the fight, and he furiously beat his cock between Kate’s small breasts, while the woman could do nothing but lick and suck at her nipples, and get rammed in the face with the guy’s cock. The other two between her legs managed to both fit on the table. The woman had gotten on first, and spreading her own legs over Kate’s, mashed her clit into Kate’s clit, cuming at an alarming rate, every few minutes. The man then climbed behind the women, and jabbed the head of his cock aimlessly; sometimes it would penetrate Kate’s cunt, but other times it bounced from her thigh to her anus, and up under the other woman.

The last two were still having a heyday fucking her feet.

Kate longed to throw the two off her legs altogether, to spread her thighs wide, and allow room for the cock to fuck to her to the hilt. She moaned, and gurgled, between pussy and cock, and even with all the weight pressing down on her, she pounded her hips up and down. She wanted desperately to be fucked hard. Her arms now crushed beneath heaving bodies gripped the edges of the table in frustration.

Hearing a loud crack, Kate tried unsuccessfully to peer around the thrashing bodies as the Governess yelled something.

“You aren’t fucking her!” The Governess cracked her whip in the air. The woman nibbling on Kate’s left breast cringed.

“But… I…”

“NO buts! You know the rules, get over here!” The Governess pointed to her black stiletto feet.

“Yes Miss,” the woman said, moving towards the Governess.

The whip cracked again, but this time it was followed with a scream as it caressed the naked white flesh of the woman’s tender ass. “On your hands and knees!”

“Yes Miss!” The woman slid quickly onto her hands and knees, to crawl before her mistress.

When the woman on her knees reached the Governess, she moved her flowing dress to the side, spreading her long legs, she straddled the supine woman’s’ back, pressing her pussy lips into the hot skin. Then the Governess bent her legs back, tucked her feet into the woman’s ass crack. “Now ride donkey,” the Governess commanded tapping her side with the whip. Grasping the woman’s long black hair, she tugged left and right to signify direction, pulling back roughly when she wanted her to stop. This just happened to be right in front of Jason and his raging hard-on.

Jason’s’ cock throbbed against his belly, as he watched the couples clambering all over his wife; he wished he wasn’t tied up so he could get in on the action. He had jumped when the Governess cracked her whip, and it crashed down on the one woman’s white ass, hard enough to leave a red welt that Jason saw clearly from the other side of the room. His legs jittered nervously when he first realized that the Governess was making the woman carry her over in his direction. He was embarrassed by his plight, but also so horny that he prayed he was going to be the Governess’ outlet of punishment on the naughty lady.

He tried to keep the excitement out of his eyes as they stopped before him, although there was nothing he could do to stifle his hard dick. When the Governess pulled the woman’s head back by the length of her hair, and her big, brown eyes looked at him, his cock let out a large tear of clear jism, and he longed for her engorged lips to circle his manhood.

“Whoa Kendra,” the Governess pulled back on her hair, forcing her head to come up and see the man before her. “Hello, Jason.” The Governess’s sultry smile dripped with evil sexual plans. It was enough to make Jason cringe. “Are you enjoying the show?”

Jason tried to speak, but with the ball gag in his mouth it was impossible.

“Hum? Oh, silly me.” The Governess feigned forgetfulness. “You can’t talk with that thing in your mouth, can you? No, of course not.” She turned away from him, and reached back, stroking the woman underneath her. Her black silk glove was a stark contrast to the woman’s ultra-pale flesh. “There is no need of pointless chatter, anyway. You see, right now, we have a dilemma, don’t we, my darling little donkey?” She pulled Kendra’s hair back further, so her head was cranked painfully up towards the ceiling. The Governess leaned back to be able to slap her hand against Kendra’s ass cheek. “You see,” the Governess continued, facing forward again, and releasing her grip somewhat on Kendra’s hair. Kendra showed no signs of emotion during the ordeal. “I have a woman here who doesn’t seem to want to get her precious little cunt fucked. Isn’t that right, my dear?”

Kendra kept her eyes down and said nothing, knowing that the question was rhetorical, and she would most likely receive a slap on the ass if she tried to reason with the Governess. That was why they were here after all; the game continued and they all knew the rules.

Leaning over, so her large breasts pressed into Kendra’s back, the Governess whispered in the woman’s ear. Jason couldn’t hear what was being said, but he knew it was in relation to him, because both women were glaring at his throbbing cock. He wished his hands were untied so he could stroke it, and relieve some of the pressure. But all he could do for the moment was sit and wait for one of the girls to reach out, and do that very thing for him. He watched as the Governess stood up from Kendra’s back. The Governess’ pussy lips spread open; her tattooed red lips were moist with her juices. Her dress fell naturally closed as she moved off the other woman, and Jason kept his eyes on her as she came closer. He sighed around the ball gag when she untied both his hands, and he flexed feeling back into his numb fingers. Leaning her large breasts into his face, she next reached around his head and removed the ball gag, with a warning not to speak.

Not wanting to risk losing his turn for pleasure, he said nothing at all, just opened and closed his mouth to un-kink his jaw. Kendra stayed unmoving at Jason’s feet, and he tried to sit still as the governess moved out of his line of sight for a minute. He heard rustling behind him but dared not to look. His eyes wandered over to the table where his wife was. The bodies on top of her had changed positions, and now her legs were pulled up high by a woman sitting on her face, while two men tried to get inside her wide open cunt. He hoped she was having fun, because he had no way of telling. His gaze was torn away from his wife when the Governess came back into view. Her dress was replaced with leather straps that wrapped underneath her breasts and up over her shoulders, down her back, around her waist, and then between her legs. They buckled somewhere in the back, where Jason could not see. She had a large rubber cock braced against her pelvic bone, held firmly by the straps.

Moving over to Kendra, the Governess fitted her with a harness, which slipped underneath her armpits, above her pert breasts, around her neck and into her mouth. Two long reins hung down her back. Once again standing over her, the Governess reached down, picking up the reins. Now she had a different kind of control on the woman. Pulling back the reins forced Kendra to lift her head.

“Up,” the Governess clicked the leather reins against Kendra’s creamy skin.

She stood naked before Jason. He finally got to see all of the woman’s exotic beauty; her unmarred white flesh gleamed, her sloping breasts curved outward from each other, and were topped off with the sweetest pink nipples he had ever seen, while her black hair hung midway down her back. He knew the color could not be natural for someone so pale, but it worked - she was stunning. It didn’t look as though she had a speck of hair anywhere else on her body.

“Spread your cunt open, whore, and show the man your sex!”

Doing as she was told, without a sound, Kendra reached down; keeping her eyes locked on Jason’s face, and spread her pussy lips apart to show him her tender pink center. She was wet and her labia glistened between her fingers.

The Governess addressed Jason, “Do you like what you see?” she asked, as Kendra stood motionless, holding herself open.

Jason’s eyes flicked away from the wet pussy to the Governess’ face, afraid to say the wrong thing and not get to sample the wares displayed before him. “Yes miss,” he replied quietly.

The reins snapped quickly against Kendra’s back. She flinched involuntarily at the unexpected pain. “You heard the man, whore, he wants to fuck you. Are you ready to be fucked?”

“Yes, miss.” Kendra answered simply, her pussy now dripping a line of juice across her spread fingers.

“Climb on, my little precious fuck cunt,” the Governess said, shoving against Kendra’s back.

Kendra moved towards Jason, not letting go of her pussy lips as she approached the chair, her stance widened to accommodate the arms of the chair, and soon enough she was positioned above Jason’s aching cock. He groaned in anticipation, still staring at her pink insides, waiting for them to envelop him.

The Governess pulled on the reins, stopping Kendra from lowering herself; she moved around the side of the chair, and knelt down. From that angle she could see Kendra’s open cunt and Jason’s waiting member. “Tell me what you want, bitch?”

“I want to fuck his hard cock, miss.” Kendra fought to keep the plea out of her voice; it cracked a bit, and the Governess grinned.

“Why do you want your precious cunt fucked now and not before?”

“Because I’m a whore and my cunt loves cock, miss.”

“What else does the whore want? Tell me,” the Governess stood up and pulled on the large rubber dildo attached to her. “Tell me, bitch!”

Kendra bit her lip; her emotion was starting to break through as the Governess taunted her. Her pussy was dripping freely now, and the clear juice spread from her fingers down her thighs. “I want you to fuck me too, miss!” Her fingers trembled at her pussy lips, aching to rub her clit.

The Governess crouched down again. “Now you may sit.”

Keeping her pussy held open, Kendra positioned her tight hole above Jason’s dripping rod, and slowly took in his head. He gasped in relief at the tender pressure her velvet opening offered. She sighed heavily too as she slowly lowered herself all the way down his length, a smile reached the corner of her lips as she sat down fully, her legs lifted against the arms on the chair, and her full weight was now resting on Jason’s cock.

The Governess watched until Kendra was in place, then stood up, and moved behind her. “Kendra, grab onto the back of the chair. Jason, take each of her tits in your hands and make fists around them,” she instructed them.

Doing as he was told, Jason reached up and lifted her tits into his hands. When he touched her flesh he couldn’t believe how soft her skin was. He didn’t want to hurt her so he carefully closed his hands around her pale breasts, watching the pink nipples growing from the pressure he applied.

Reaching from behind Kendra, the Governess grabbed Jason’s hands and squeezed tighter. “Don’t be such a pussy, they’re not water balloons! They won’t burst! Now squeeze!”

He squeezed his fists tighter, with the Governess’s hands forcing his, and he was amazed that his hands closed so far around her tender flesh. Her nipples engorged with blood, turning from petal pink to passionate red. He licked his lips, wanting to suckle them, but waited for more instructions first.

Kendra closed her eyes, and quietly moaned, when the Governess slid her fingers round the base of Jason’s cock, and between her lips, to pick up lubrication. The Governess prodded the rubber cock under Kendra’s body, and against Jason’s cock.

Jason was already having a hard time not coming, and feeling the other cock rubbing at his gave him a start. He fought the urge to come. He couldn’t see what the Governess was doing, but expected to feel the rubber cock trying to fit into the tight hole with his, and was surprised when it moved away instead.

The Governess’s hand appeared on Kendra’s pale shoulder. “Neither of you are to move. Jason, you can suck her tits if you want, but do not try to fuck her. If you do, I stop. Is that clear?”

“Yes miss,” they both answered in unison.

“Good,” she said. Bracing her rubber cock against Kendra’s spread open bottom, she pushed her false member into the other woman’s virgin asshole.

Kendra cried out, tightening her hands against the back of the chair.

Jason knew immediately what was happening; he could feel the large cock pushing against his from inside Kendra’s sopping pussy. The feeling for him was fabulous, his dick enveloped in a soft wet glove, as the back of her velvet canal pushed hard against him. Hoping to help her feel better, as well as to nip his craving, Jason leaned forward, causing her pussy to dip enough for her clit to rub against his muscular abs, and flicked his tongue over one of her cherry nipples.

Kendra’s body pressed forward with the force from behind, allowing easier access to her aching breasts, the gentle licks that Jason applied were an exciting contrast to all the pain she was receiving. She huffed in a breath, as the large rubber dildo slid all the way up her ass channel opening her backside wide. Thanks to Jason’s deft movement forward, her wet clit pressed firmly into his muscular stomach, and it was all she could do to hold herself back from rocking back and forth and rubbing it on him. “Ohhh…” she cried out, as the cock finally reached its zenith inside her rear.

The Governess showed no mercy. She didn’t stop pushing the long cock into Kendra’s ass until her gel-like balls rested against Jason’s real ones. Removing her hand from the woman’s shoulder, she again took up the reins, wrapping them around her hands to take up slack. She now had control. “Don’t move, my lovelies,” she said wickedly. Bracing her legs on either side of Jason’s, the Governess pulled back on the reins. She slowly drew the rubber cock out of Kendra’s sucking asshole. Kendra moaned at the sensation, and then grunted when the Governess pushed up with her pelvis, forcing the cock back into the well-lubed hole. Catching her rhythm, the Governess picked up the pace; drawing out, and pushing in, using her well-toned ass muscles. She fucked the virgin ass, her nipples hardening against Kendra’s supple back; she growled, fucking faster, as the base of the rubber cock slithered along her own clit. “Yes! I love fucking your virgin ass! Do you want it harder, bitch!?” she cried out passionately.

Kendra couldn’t stop from bucking against Jason as the Governess pushed hard into her tender ass. Her cunt was on fire from the two cocks rubbing through the thin layer of skin that separated her ass, and cunt, and her clit was finally being mashed harder into Jason’s stomach. Tears rolled down her cheeks from the unbelievable heights of passion which the pleasure, and pain brought to her. Jason’s’ hands continued to manipulate her breasts, along with his mouth and teeth. “Ahhh! YES FUCK IT! FUCK MY ASS MISS DOITDOITDOIT! YEAH…” A line of spittle hung from her gasping lips.

Jason watched in amazement as Kendra took the huge cock in her ass, and loved it; his own cock was ready to burst with the constant pressure that the other cock applied. Her pussy was soaking his stomach and balls, and he could feel the Governess’ gelled balls banging against his. It was all too much for him to take; he bit his lip to keep from cuming, but when Kendra began yelling to be fucked harder, he couldn’t hold on any more. Sucking one of her swollen tits into his mouth, he looked upwards at her tear-stained face, and drew in as much flesh as he could. Watching her leaning into him, and crying out, he came deep into her cunt.

Banging her fake cock hard into Kendra’s tight ass, and rubbing her tingling hard nipples over her back, the Governess came, too. Her own cunt was sopping juices on the harness and over her big black balls. The Governess pulled down hard on the reins, ramming her clit into the base of the cock as she came. Satisfied, her motions slowed, and she released the tension on the reins, letting them fall. The Governess slid the large rubber cock out of Kendra’s ass with a wet pop. Kendra had slumped forward with exhaustion, so the Governess helped the woman remove her aching legs from off the arms of the chair.

Jason sat quietly, watching the two women interact. The Governess helped Kendra stretch out on the floor, and gently massaged her inner thighs. Kendra sighed with relief. Watching them was making Jason’s cock grow again. The large rubber cock was still hanging between the Governess’ legs, but neither woman seemed to take any notice of this fact. After a couple of minutes of gentle cooing and caressing, the Governess walked off, leaving the two of them alone. Kendra had her eyes closed, and Jason, not knowing what to do, sat in the same chair and looked over to his wife again.

Kate lost track of how many times she had come; all she knew was that she was having the time of her life. Right now she had a woman sitting on her face, with her legs open wide enough to allow a man’s cock to ram into her, as Kate licked at his balls and the base of the pistoning cock. Her own legs were being pushed into her shoulders, as a man plunged his cock deep into her pussy, while someone else, she didn’t know if it was a man or a woman, and she really didn’t care, was lapping up their combined juices. She had no idea where the other three people were, but, as she gasped through another overpowering orgasm, she wasn’t concerned about them.

She knew when the man that was fucking the pussy above her mouth began coming, as his hot cum dripped out of the sopping pussy and onto her tongue. Kate greedily slurped it up, rolling her tongue into the woman’s wet canal, as the cock began to shrink and give her more room. His cock popped out of the woman, and suddenly the spasming-wet hole was pressing hard into Kate’s lips. She shoved her tongue up, as the hot juices flowed into her mouth, and pulled her lips back so her teeth could stimulate the woman’s hard little clit. The woman riding her face reached down, grasping the sides of Kate’s face, and ground her pussy down harder, closing off her air. Finally finishing, the woman lifted herself off Kate, and leaned down to plant a kiss on her juice-covered lips.

“You’re wonderful,” the woman said to Kate. She then moved back as the man that was fucking Kate’s pussy pulled his hard cock out of her, and wanked his load over Kate’s breasts. The woman that had just been kissing her moved in to lick the cum off her tender nipples.

Kate moaned at the new soft sensation of the woman’s tongue on her sweaty skin, and her own pussy throbbed against the man’s sagging balls. She sighed with relief at the reprieve. That’s when she noticed Jason standing nearby, also naked, watching her. She smiled, raising her hand to wave her fingers in his direction.

“I see everyone is spent,” the Governess said, moving into the room once more. She was completely nude, with her hair pulled back into a tight bun on top of her head. “Everyone except my poor Richard,” she said turning to her husband, who stood near the open kitchen doorway with a raging hard-on tenting his white cooking apron. Turning her back to the group of spent people, she headed out of the room saying, “Time to wash up.”

The couples abandoned whatever they were doing, and raced after the Governess.

Jason and Kate, never having been to one of her parties before, were the only ones not rushing out of the room.

Jason stood from his chair stretching his legs. As he moved, the dried cum on his cock and balls pulled, not unpleasantly on his tender skin. Approaching Kate, he found himself aroused by the state she was in; her skin was soaked from other people’s sweat and juices, and she looked rosy. Noticing that her eyes were closed, he reached out and gently stroked her shoulder.

“Uhh?” she moaned, softly catching a snore that was on the tip of her lips. Opening her eyes she saw Jason standing beside her, and smiled. “Hey.”

“Hey, yourself,” he leaned in and kissed her sticky lips, “let’s go see what they’re up to.”

She yawned, exhausted after her ordeal. Her bare pussy lips throbbed from the pounding, and the feeling was actually pleasing. She could use a soft tongue tenderly caressing her abused hole. Too tired to speak, she nodded her assent. Jason slid his hands underneath her wet body and lifted her off the hard table.

Moving through the house, Jason followed the voices outside to the back yard. He had not seen this part of the house the last time they were over, and the beauty of it amazed him. They had a large pool that was lit up with blue spotlights, a fountain gently dribbling somewhere off in the darkness, and a steaming Jacuzzi bubbling by a well-stocked bar. Everyone was out here now, people were splashing in the pool, sitting at the bar sipping drinks or soaking in the hot tub.

“Come on in, the water’s great!” A man waved them over.

Jason walked closer to the pool, setting Kate upright on her own two feet. “Go in there, honey, that’ll help wake you up.”

Kate wobbled in his arms, and held onto a rail that led down three steps into the refreshing water. It was cold against her hot flesh, and her nipples hardened to the sensation. When the cold water reached her pussy she sighed with relief, and dunked under the water to swim. Jason followed her into the water.

A beautiful blonde woman with bright blue eyes, and large pouty lips swam closer to them. “We might as well introduce ourselves now,” she said, her huge fake boobs floating near her face as her pink nipples pointed at them. “I’m Debra, and my husband is the hairy guy at the bar.” She reached her hand up and waved to her husband. “His name is Brian, the redhead in his lap is Jane, and her husband Bob is the guy behind the bar. The two girls in the Jacuzzi necking are Kendra, whom you’ve met well,” she winked at Jason, “and the smaller one is Lil. Their husbands are Matt and Charlie, down there in the deep end doing god knows what.” She rolled her eyes then held out her hand.

Kate shook it, thinking how weird it was to make introductions, and shake a woman’s hand, not ten minutes after having her pussy riding your face. She was trying to think of something witty to say when the Governess clapped her hands for their attention.

She stood before them in a white lace body suit, which held her large breasts close together, causing the tops of them to spill out over the soft lace. While down below, it curved high on her hips, then came to a v between her legs. The thin material rode up between her spread legs, causing her outer labia to protrude sexily. She stood with an easy, open stance, her right arm pulled back as she held Richard’s hard cock behind her back. “It appears that my loyal servant,” she squeezed his member tightly, “did not receive any of the pleasures to be had tonight.” Bringing her arm forth, she pulled him to stand beside her. “I can’t decide if he deserves to be rewarded for his willpower,” the Governess let go of his cock, reached under him, and wrap her long fingers around his hairless ball sack, “or if he should be punished for not taking the initiative and getting some pussy while it was right there for the taking. What do you all think?” she asked of her guests.

“Ah, let him get fucked.”

“I’ll suck his cock,” a voice from the pool said.

“Yeah, let him have fun.”

“Come on, let’s get him.”

The voices all mingled as everyone, except Jason and Kate, put in their two cents’ worth of sexual advice.

The Governess smiled. “You’re a lucky boy, they want to help you out.” She continued to squeeze and caress his hairless balls.

Everyone else abandoned what he or she had been doing, and gathered around Richard, waiting for the Governess to tell them what she wanted of them. Kate and Jason, still unsure of themselves, hung back watching the scene as it played out.

Kissing the tip of Richard’s nose the Governess said “You have been such a good boy that you may now take your pleasure… you have control.” That said, she released his balls, took a step closer to the group and waited.

Kate couldn’t believe what she was seeing; the Mistress of them all was stepping down and letting her slave have complete control. What a weird situation. Obviously she had a lot to learn still.

Richard bowed his head slightly in thanks to his Mistress, then his demeanor visibly changed, his back stood straighter, his shoulders widened, and his chin held higher. “Charlie, you go lie face up on the sun bed,” he pointed at the flat chair near the Jacuzzi.

Without question Charlie left the group. Grabbing up a towel that lay nearby he tossed it onto the wicker bed, and then lay down flat on his back. Richard moved forward, taking his wife’s hand in his, and took her towards Charlie. “Everyone else, gather around here and wait” he instructed the group.

Doing as they were bid, the group of nine circled the sun bed where Charlie lay naked, his flaccid cock beginning to stir with anticipation.

Stopping at Charlie’s dangling legs; Richard reached down and took the other man’s soft cock into his large hand, and began to stroke it awake. Charlie groaned, bucking his hips upwards to meet the pumping hand, his eyes open watching the naked bodies that surrounded him, enjoying the angle of the wet pussies and limp cocks hovering above him.

As soon as the cock in his hand was hard enough, Richard bent forward, and sucked the cock into his mouth. He gave the supine man a hard suck, and then pulled his mouth away, leaving it moist with his spittle. Standing up, he took the Governess by her arms, and swiveled her so her back was facing Charlie. Her eyes gleamed in the low poolside light, as her pussy juices ran down her thighs. Richard kissed her hard on the lips, his darting tongue probing her mouth, his own cock throbbing red against her tender belly. He then walked her slowly backwards. As her legs bumped into Charlie she spread her feet wide to straddle his body. Keeping their eyes locked together, Richard slowly helped the Governess lower her body. As her cunt neared Charlie’s upright cock Richard reached one hand between her sopping thighs and pushed his cock back.

“Charlie,” he said into his wife’s face.


“In her ass.”

Charlie said nothing in return; he grasped his cock in his fist, and with the other hand pulled one of the woman’s pale ass cheeks so her pink puckered asshole was visible. “Ohhh,” he sighed as her wet ass opened over the head of his cock.

The Governess growled low in her throat as the hard cock invaded her hot rear opening. Her clit was hardening by the second as the cock pushed deeper; her pussy juices had Charlie’s balls soaked already.

As soon as the Governess was planted all the way down on Charlie’s member, Richard held her shoulders and helped her to lay down flat on top of Charlie’s muscular chest. Stepping back, Richard surveyed his work proudly. Seeing his wife’s ass full of cock, and her cunt wide open ready for anything was almost enough to make him cum. He held back, knowing the best was yet to come. “Kate and Jason, you’re new, so you get over here too,” he directed them.

They both moved out of the group, still a bit uncomfortable being naked in front of all the strangers. Richard took Kate’s arm. “Get down on your knees,” he instructed her gently. “Closer,” he said as she knelt near Charlie’s leg on his left side. “You are going to get your lips around the Governess’ clit,” he told her. He reached out and spread his wife’s outer labia apart, so her hard wet clit jutted up. “You are going to suck it like a tiny cock until I tell you to stop. Is that clear?”

Kate said nothing, only nodded, and moved in until her lips brushed Richard’s fingers. As he pulled away, she gently sucked the governess’s big hard clit between her lips, and then tried to hold the slippery position as everyone else got into place. Above her the Governess groaned, and more juices seeped from her hot cunt.

Richard had Jason crouch over Charlie’s face, with his balls dangling against the man’s lips, and his cock angled in the Governess’ eager mouth. He told the rest that they were free to do whatever - or whomever - they pleased. Then Richard put his hand on the back of Kate’s head, and pressed her face hard into the Governess’ dripping cunt. He moved between the Governess’ legs, awkwardly near Kate’s face, and slipped his cock into his wife’s hot pussy.

As Richard began fucking his wife, the cock buried in her ass worked in and out, causing the Governess to moan loudly around Jason’s cock.

“Oh yeah,” Richard growled, grinding Kate’s face harder over the wet pussy as his groin pummeled her nose, “eat the bitch’s cunt! Do you like getting FUCKED in all your holes you SLUT! Yeah I know you do, I can feel how wet your cunt is, dripping all over my cock and balls! I’m gonna make you suck it all off when I’m done fucking you raw!” Richard rammed his cock in furiously, as he yelled obscenities at his wife.

The Governess moaned and rocked, lifting her pelvis higher the more he talked. Katie was confused at first by the anger in Richard’s voice, as he ground her face into the Governess’ pubic mound. But then as she felt the woman’s excitement, and tasted the flowing cum, she realized that it was all a part of the game. Her own pussy began to seep, as Richard called his wife a slut bitch whore. Kate gripped the slippery clit tight between her teeth, and let the natural motions of the other people bring the Governess off, time and again.

Jason too was thrilled by the new twist; the Governess was sucking his cock wildly, as her husband abused her cunt and her ass. Reaching down, he put his hand under the Governess’ head, and pulled her up to take in more of his burning rod. Finding himself off balance, he gripped one of her firm tits and squeezed it tightly in his fist. The sudden sensation of his balls being sucked into what only could be Charlie’s mouth caused him to buck, and to spew his hot seed down the Governess’ throat.

As though setting off a chain reaction, Richard dug his fingers into the Governess’ hips and came deep inside her pussy, then Charlie grabbed her hips from below, and came deep into her ass. The only one left out of the cumfest was Kate, who had been too busy holding the Governess’ clit to take the time to cum.

With the pressure finally released from her head, Kate sat back taking in the scene around her. The other couples were on blankets near the pool busy lapping and sucking each other; she wasn’t sure how they could keep going, for she was exhausted. Looking up at Jason, who stood near the Governess’ head, his flaccid cock dangling between his legs, she saw that he too appeared tired. Catching his eye, she nodded her head towards the door. Seeing her intention Jason nodded yes, although neither one of them were sure how to going about leaving.

The Governess, an extremely good judge of character, shooed Richard from between her legs, and slowly rose from Charlie’s cock. As she stood, the men’s cum ran from her burning cracks and mingled together. Holding out her hands, smiling, she took Jason and Kate, and led them back into the house. The others were too busy to notice them leaving. She told them to gather their things and go. She would call them when they were needed, and then turned her back and left them to get dressed and see themselves out of the house.

Kate was confused by the mixed messages, the hot sex, and then being dismissed, but she was too tired to think about it. All she wanted to do was get home and rest.

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